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Sony plans to increase its efforts to bring PlayStation series products to the iPhone | Instant News

Sony hopes to expand its mobile game workload and publish a job advertisement, indicating its intention to enable many PlayStation franchises to be played on it iPhone And the future iPad.

jobs advertising Looking for someone to serve as the “Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation Studios” in California. The list states that the candidate will “lead all aspects of game development, from consoles and PCs to mobile and real-time services”, but the focus is on “successfully adapting the development of PlayStation’s most popular mobile game.”

The successful applicant will also be responsible for “building and expanding the mobile leader team” and will serve as the “head of the new business unit of PlayStation Studios.”

Judging from the job advertisement, Sony is eager to accelerate the development of its mobile games, but it may take some time to appear. European games Report roadmap The mobile business roadmap will last three to five years.

The PlayStation Mobile release tag already exists and works, and has produced some mobile games, including “Run Sackboy! Run!” with “Unknown: Fortune Hunter” among them. It has also served as the publisher of certain PC ports of PlayStation games, including “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “Everyone Struggles for Running”.

Sony used to have an important position in the field of mobile games, such as the Xperia Play smartphone and its handheld game consoles PlayStation Portable and PS Vita. You can also use the following devices to play PlayStation games on your iPhone or iPad: Remote playback application Stream from the console over the network.

Sony is also rereading the path that Nintendo has already taken. In 2017, Nintendo began to release iPhone games based on major franchises, such as “Super Mario Run” and “Fire Emblem Heroes.” Well received By the public.


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Google prohibits words related to hate speech from being used as advertising keywords on YouTube | Instant News

Tech giant Google Said it has been blocked A few words Related Hate speech From being used as Ad keywords On YouTube video.

according to edgeThis move is based on The Markup’s report, which found that advertisers can search for terms such as “white life is essential” and “white power” when deciding where to place ads on YouTube.

The report also found that Google prohibits advertisers from using words such as “Black Lives Matter” to find videos and channels for advertising.

After The Markup asked YouTube’s parent company Google for comment, the company said it actually blocked more racial and social justice provisions, including “black excellence” and “civil rights.”

The Verge quoted a Google spokesperson as saying: “We take hatred and harassment very seriously and condemn them in the strongest terms.”

“Although there are no ads targeting this content on our YouTube, we have adopted a multi-layered law enforcement strategy during our investigation, so we fully acknowledge that the terms identified are offensive. harmful And should not be searched. Our team has resolved the issue and blocked the terms that violated our law enforcement policies. We will continue to be vigilant in this regard. ”


YouTube said it has taken several layers of protection to prevent offensive or harmful ads on its platform and regularly deletes videos containing hate speech.

Last year, the company stated that it blocked or deleted 867 million advertisements as a result of trying to evade its detection system, for a total of 3 billion undesirable advertisements.

In 2019, it banned content from white supremacists, and the company said it would restrict channels from monetizing videos that “repeatedly violate our hate speech policy,” thereby preventing them from advertising.

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The San Jose restaurant moves half a mile to Little Italy, taking over businesses and buildings | Instant News

SAN JOSE, California (KGO) – At the end of the year, Poor House Bistro plans to have the beignet, the business, and the building ready for use.

The beloved New Orleans-inspired restaurant will go half a mile Little Italy, and was renamed the Famiglia Meduri Poor House Bistro.

“I call this Poor House Bistro, part two,” owner Jay Meduri told ABC7 News. “Only one more round to go into. And I really believe it will get better.”

Meduri opened its doors along Autumn Street in 2005. She turned her grandparents’ house into a popular pre-game hangout, just steps from the SAP hub.

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Poor House Bistro is currently on land purchased by Google. The technology giant is preparing for a massive development of the “Downtown West”.

“I have an idea, maybe be in ‘Google Village’. But realistically, 10 years built here,” he explained. “Do I really want to be in a development zone like this?”

Meduri said he was still going through what he called an “architectural stage”.

“We haven’t really gone through the licensing stage. So, we are still in the early stages, “he continued. “But, we hope that by the end of this year, our house will be moved and ready to operate in 2022.”

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Scott Knies, Executive Director San Jose City Center Association says looking after the area’s 100-year-old homes and businesses, upholding the city’s heritage.

“If you think about what makes the heart and soul of a city, a business like the Poor House Bistro has a unique character,” Knies told ABC7 News. “They employ local workers, local artists, and musicians and bands. And that’s what people remember.”

His journey will be a spectacle very similar to Moving Pallesen Apartments at the end of March.

Meduri hopes that the move will remind Mardi Gras.

“The direction we’re going to be going is from Montgomery to Santa Clara, to Autumn to St. John,” he said.

The building will land between Hi-Life Henry and the Italian Cultural Center and Museum, still under construction, at St. Petersburg. John Street.

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This will mark the second step for the historic home.

Meduri said, “In the 50’s, my grandfather moved this house from 11th Street, as a student union in the State of San Jose, to its current location.”

Pointing to her Italian heritage, she added, “It’s kind of cool that my Italian grandparents’ house is going to Little Italy. It’s like this great trip to a place where, in my opinion, it might be.”

“So it will be fun once we get there,” he said.

Meduri said Poor House Bistro will continue to serve customers during the move.

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Outstanding Google Brain manager Samy Bengio resigned months after 2 AI researchers were fired | Instant News

  • An outstanding manager of Google’s artificial intelligence research department, Google Brain, Has exited.
  • Samy Bengio’s resignation comes before ethical AI researchers are ousted Timnit Gebru And Margaret Mitchell.
  • Bengio said in an email to colleagues that he has learned that promoting diversity is “difficult and important.”

An outstanding manager Google After months of internal discord, Brain, the artificial intelligence research arm of the tech giant, withdrew from the company.

Samy Bengio, the company’s AI research manager and a world-class scholar in the field, announced his departure on Tuesday. In the email obtained by Bloomberg.

His resignation came after Timnit Gebru, a well-known black ethics AI researcher, proposed. Evicted by Google, Sparked a series of debates About AI research and racism.Gebru used to be Dismissed in December 2020After an apparent conflict with the researcher’s management, she co-authored the risk of algorithm deviation.

Samy Bengio.Google

Another researcher of the team, Margaret Mitchell (Margaret Mitchell) Subsequently fired Google called its rules “repeatedly violated.” Before being fired, Mitchell said on Twitter that she had tried to “raise concerns about race and gender inequality and talk loudly about Google’s firing of Dr. Gebru.”

Both women had previously reported to Bengio before being fired, and Its department was subsequently reorganized By Mariam Croak (Mariam Croak).

Are you a current or former Google employee, do you have more information to share? You can use the encrypted messaging application Signal (+447801985586) or email ([email protected]) to contact this reporter securely. Use non-working equipment to reach out.


Bengio wrote in an email to his colleagues: “Although I am looking forward to the next challenge, it is undoubtedly very difficult to leave this excellent team.” He did not directly mention the recent incidents with Gebru and Mitchell.

He added: “In terms of machine learning research, I have learned a lot from everyone, and also organized a large team of researchers to promote long-term ambitious research, exploration and rigor. How difficult and important it is. Diversity and inclusion.” At the time of Gebru’s dismissal, Bengio once wrote On Facebook, he was “stunned” by what happened.

Soon after the news of Bengio’s departure, Mitchell wrote on Twitter: “Now the resignation is coming, because shortly after we were fired, the people of British Columbia began to be interviewed.

“In addition to Google, people have a strong interest in responsible/ethical AI, so the people we work with have many options. The job opportunities are just beginning; more resignations are possible.”

Anyone who must answer the question contact Google to post a comment.


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Google WebXR brings VR and AR to web browsers | Instant News

Google has started integrating VR and AR into other applications on Tuesday, April 6. The company hopes to add these mixed reality features to the Internet so that smartphones can access it. This new form of programming is called Google WebXR and aims to make daily life more interesting.

What is WebXR?

(Photo: Daria Nepriakhina’s photo on Unsplash​​)
Google WebXR brings VR and AR to web browsers

Take a few steps, Google has integrated itself into many of your devices, Including your smartphone.

Virtual reality and augmented reality always have the potential to make life more enjoyable and productive. This is called mixed reality, or more recently “extended reality” or XR. However, most applications focus too much on the “fun” aspect, leading most people to think that these technologies are mainly used for entertainment. These experiences can certainly be fascinating. However, Google’s latest WebXR experiment for smartphones is also aimed at making it educational.

according to helical gearWebXR refers to the technology being developed so that virtual reality and augmented reality can be accessed in a web browser. Although the use of web browsers now allows everyone to access the extended reality experience, these still require appropriate hardware (such as cameras and sensors) to function properly. In addition to the smartphone in the pocket, what other portable devices can hold all these things in a portable package?

The goal of the Google WebXR project is to bring these digitally enhanced experiences that you can use on mobile devices to your device so that you can use them anywhere.

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How to use WebXR

Google WebXR brings VR and AR to web browsers

(Photo: Patrick Tomasso on “Unsplash”)
Google WebXR brings VR and AR to web browsers

9to5google Said that the practice of putting augmented virtual reality (which has “opened the possibility of interacting with the world and the information around us”) on the Internet will greatly expand its reach.

Google’s first applications include applications that can help you work and personal life, and entertainment activities:

  • soda Visualize social distance. By installing a personal augmented reality radar in a web browser, you can see 6 feet (or 2 meters) in any environment.

  • achieve Allows you to calculate the area, length and volume of surrounding objects without using a tape measure.

  • sewing machine It is an innovative way to explore the planet built using WebXR and Google Maps. Just open a browser to travel across the globe and see what is on the other side.

The fourth WebXR experiment called Picturescape allows you to explore memories in augmented reality by converting your Google Photos library into an interactive gallery. This experiment will be launched soon, and it looks interesting.

The Google WebXR platform requires a Google Android device and the latest Chrome browser. Google is currently accepting submissions for its WebXR collection.

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