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The Google Play Store introduced a new icon showing popular apps | Instant News

Google Play has introduced new icons that allow people to see which apps are trending and which apps are declining on the Play Store leaderboard. Now, developers, publishers and users will be able to see a new ranking change icon in the list of popular apps on Google Play. According to reports, the Android App Store is trying a new feature to compare two or more apps by function. A recent Sensor Tower report also showed that app spending during the Christmas period increased by 35% globally.

The “Top Leaderboards” tab under the Google Play Store search bar shows a new icon.

It’s worth noting that there is a lack of contextual time in the new ranking icons. This means that we don’t know how often we track download frequency and how many slots the app moves at a time. Only the arrow mark shows whether the application is rising or falling.

According to reports, in October 2020, Google Play new function Compare the functions of two or more applications. The “Compare apps” section is displayed in the list of individual apps at the bottom of the page and displays other similar popular apps.

With the lifestyle changes brought about by the pandemic, people have already spent more money on apps.A kind Sensor Tower Report According to data released in December 2020, on Christmas Day, global spending on mobile applications on Google Play and Apple’s App Store reached US$407.6 million (approximately Rs 29.9 billion). This record expenditure showed a year-on-year increase of 34.5%, which was higher than the US$303 million (approximately Rs 22.21 billion) in 2019.

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The US asked Australia to overturn a proposed law to make Facebook, Google pay for news | Instant News

SYDNEY (Reuters) – The US government has asked Australia to overturn a proposed law that would make it the first country in the world to coerce Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc. Google to pay for news that is sourced from local media.

In a submission calling for the government to “suspend” the plan, assistant US trade representatives Daniel Bahar and Karl Ehlers advised Australia to “learn more about the market and, where appropriate, develop a voluntary code”.

Under the law, which has broad political support and currently stands before a senate committee, Google and Facebook will be subject to mandatory price arbitration if a commercial agreement on payments to Australian media cannot be reached.

“The US government is concerned that attempts, through legislation, to regulate the competitive position of certain players … clearly detrimental to two US companies, could lead to dangerous results,” the document said, under the letterhead of the Executive Office of the President.

Such a move could also “raise concerns regarding Australia’s international trade obligations,” he said.

The Australian government announced the legislation last month after an investigation found the tech giant wields too much market power in the media industry, a situation it says poses a potential threat to a well-functioning democracy.

Asked for response to the US submission, Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in a statement that the government was “committed to proceeding with a mandatory code” that would address “the imbalance of bargaining power with digital platforms and media companies.”

The code follows an 18-month review by the Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission (ACCC) and “extensive consultations” covering the views of Google and Facebook, he added.

An ACCC investigation found that for every A $ 100 spent on online advertising, A $ 53 goes to Google, A $ 28 goes to Facebook and A $ 19 goes to other media companies.

Following intense but unsuccessful lobbying by the Australian governments of the two tech giants to overturn proposed laws, which they deem unfair, Google and Facebook suggested they may be forced to limit their offerings in the country.

($ 1 = 1.3014 Australian dollars)

Reporting by Paulina Duran in Sydney; Edited by Richard Pullin


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Why cloud computing will become more and more important in Sven Sommerfeld in 2021 | Instant News

Before discussing why cloud computing is so important, let’s review the actual meaning of cloud computing. In the case of outsourcing basic tools and services to traditional local IT deployment, many people still think of “cloud”. Cloud computing is much more than that. For me, one of the best definitions of “cloud” is put forward on the Microsoft Azure website: “In simple terms, cloud computing is the provision of computing services-including servers, storage, databases, networks, software, analysis and intelligence. -Provide faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale through the Internet (“cloud”).”

Cloud computing is not a new concept, but unlike many similar “destructive” ideas, it has withstood the test of time. In the past decade, cloud computing has become the backbone of the current IT ecosystem. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lock-in actions have highlighted the agility, flexibility and innovation capabilities that cloud brings to the desktop. From household productivity to food delivery to more important areas (such as contact tracking), every area benefits from cloud services and becomes more effective.

The global lock-in has transformed cloud services, and because its strong credentials have been established, the importance of cloud computing will only grow in the coming year. Cloud computing has multiple advantages, each of which is important at any given time, but this is especially true in the face of the new normal in the post-COVID world.

One of them is cost-effectiveness. For a long time, this has been considered one of its main advantages, and as IT budgets are subject to more and more scrutiny and CIOs need to take shortcuts, this will become even more critical in the coming months. Rackspace’s latest research found that 88% of cloud users recorded cost savings, while 56% of users pointed to substantial increases in profits. In addition, the facts prove that cloud computing has the advantages of scalability and flexibility.

Another reason cloud computing will continue to remain attractive in the coming year is that large cloud providers, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are quickly realizing the huge potential of getting rid of the barrier garden approach. This collaborative approach can greatly contribute to the entire ecosystem-helping to increase the adoption rate of new users and create opportunities for new startups to bridge this gap. The possibilities are endless!

However, not only in the enterprise field, cloud computing has proved its value. Take a look at modern smartphones, an application-intensive culture-without cloud computing it would not exist. Market leaders such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon, and Google are increasingly turning to on-demand consumer services such as games, music, etc. When people don’t need to spend money for expensive game consoles, enjoy the latest games! Instead, people can access all their entertainment needs through an online library for monthly subscriptions. It has already begun to happen and may accelerate its development in the near future.

Finally, changes in work habits are also becoming a driving factor for cloud computing. In 2020, the remote working and working at home models will be more widely accepted. In the coming year, more and more organizations will witness extended working hours for employees at home. In this case, how do you provide a secure, scalable environment? Why is the answer in the cloud!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above articles are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the publisher. Unless otherwise stated, the author writes in his personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be considered to represent the official views, attitudes or policies of any institution or organization.


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Completed the acquisition of Google-Fitbit, MacBook Pro, WhatsApp privacy policy, etc. | Instant News

This is an interesting day in the tech world. We saw Microsoft showed off a list of all exclusive games for Xbox, experts were talking about bypassing Android and iOS encryption, and WhatsApp made a major decision. So this is the company that made the headlines in the past 24 hours.

Google will continue to protect the privacy of Fitbit users, Fitbit CEO sends an open letter

Google’s $2.1 billion Acquired Fitbit Has been completed. Although investigations into this acquisition are still being conducted in Australia and the United States, Europe has eliminated it. The main concern for Google’s acquisition of Fitbit is that through this acquisition, Google may prevent Fitbit competitors from connecting to mobile phones running Android.

WhatsApp delays its new privacy policy update and will not delete your account on February 8

Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp is delaying After users worried about the messaging platform’s weakening of its privacy policy in the process, it attracted the attention of users, and the update was designed to increase business transactions on the platform.

This is the way to bypass encryption, locked Android and Apple phones

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University Published a report It highlights all the vulnerabilities in the encryption of Android and iOS smartphones and explains how law enforcement agencies use these vulnerabilities to gain access to locked devices.

Apple analysts said the upcoming MacBook Pro, MagSafe support and tablet case design without Touch Bar

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Reveal some new Detailed information about the upcoming MacBook Pro laptop. In his latest report, he claimed that the next generation MacBook Pro will be the first major redesign of a laptop in five years. It will represent a major upgrade to the 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019.

Microsoft announces full list of Xbox exclusive games in 2021

Microsoft has Reveals the whole This year will be a list of games released exclusively on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One X and One S consoles. Microsoft’s Will Tuttle said in a blog post: “Of course, no matter how long it is, it is related to games.” This is the list.


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Australia’s competition watchdog warned Google that the Facebook laws were only the beginning | Instant News

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s competition regulator has warned that a bill planned to make the country the first in the world to force Google and Facebook to pay for news content is likely only the beginning of more regulation for digital platforms.

The Australian government announced the legislation last month after an investigation it said showed the tech giants wield too much market power in the media industry, a situation it says poses a potential threat to a well-functioning democracy.

Under the code, Google and Facebook will be subject to mandatory price arbitration if a commercial agreement on payments for Australian media cannot be reached.

“This bargaining code is a journey, if we look at market forces elsewhere, we can add them to the code,” said Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) chairman Rod Sims in an interview for Reuters Next.

Digital platforms face fines of up to A $ 10 million ($ 7.7 million) if they do not comply with the decision.

Central to the planned Australian rule is a “two-way exchange of values” that an arbitrator will use to make binding decisions. To that end, Facebook and Google must consider the value they receive from using Australian media content. Local media companies should also consider the value they receive from Facebook and Google users who view their content.

Some Australian media organizations are unhappy with the two-way aspect of the code, and critics have noted that other players such as Instagram’s Facebook and Google’s Youtube are not part of the law.

Google, meanwhile, has declared the code unworkable, citing specifically a requirement to provide publishers with two weeks’ notice of certain changes to internal algorithms and practices.

Sims said regulatory codes were the best approach to ensure an equal playing field, noting that competition laws around the world had failed to stop Facebook and Google from gaining significant market power.

“Let’s see how it goes; there’s no point trying to optimize now, “Sims said in an interview on Dec.21 which was broadcast at the event on Tuesday.

The Australian law, which has broad political support and is expected to be elected to parliament earlier this year, was formulated after an ACCC inquiry found for every A $ 100 of online advertising spend, $ 53 to Google, $ 28 to Facebook and A $ 19 to other media companies.

The ACCC is increasingly focused on the fast growing market forces of Google and Facebook. It has two open-ended questions about advertising technology and mobile app stores, with reports in January and March, respectively.

Sims, who expressed concern about excessive prices and self-preference by app stores, said the report would show the state of the game and added that regulators will continue to focus on data issues in 2021.

“I hope not only Australia, but companies overseas will benefit from what we found,” said Sims.

For more coverage of the Reuters Next conference, please click here or here

($ 1 = 1.2870 Australian dollars)

Reporting by Jane Wardell. Edited by Gerry Doyle


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