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Swiss- Covid: Feeling of losing control exacerbates mental illness | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Two-thirds of mentally ill women and half of mentally ill men report symptoms that worsened during the first wave of Covid-19, according to a global study with participation from the University of Zurich.

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The feeling of losing control during a pandemic becomes a burden for patients. They are also deeply affected by a lack of social interaction and dissatisfaction with government actions regarding the coronavirus, the researchers wrote in the journal. Frontiers in Psychiatry .

In the spring, an international team led by Ali Jawaid, who works at the University of Zurich and is now conducting research at the Polish Braincity Institute, conducted an online survey of 2,734 existing mental illness patients from 12 countries.



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Aleem Khan attacks India because of the deteriorating border situation | Instant News

Lahore: Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said on Thursday that all Indian conspiracy against Pakistan will fail miserably because the main aim of the Modi government is to bring Pakistan under its control one way or another but there will be no success by any means.

Speaking about India’s attitude and the worsening border situation, Abdul Aleem Khan said that if the enemy did wrong then retaliation would be carried out. He said that the Pakistani Army remained vigilant and ready to face any situation. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has always firmly opposed Modi’s mentality and revealed the true nature of Hindu policies to the world. He said that in fact India was not digesting Pakistan’s development and prosperity at any cost and therefore wanted to divert attention from the world Kashmir problem under the guise of its evil activities. He added that shooting of unarmed civilians at the border had become the norm of the Indian Army but Modi had to bear the consequences of his actions.


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Ghani worries that law and order will deteriorate with massive layoffs | Instant News

Laying off thousands of jobs from industry would exacerbate law and order problems and the federal government would be blamed for this.

Minister of Education and Labor Sindh Saeed Ghani said this on Sunday while speaking with The News. He added that the gas and electricity crisis had also been created by the federal government and all these factors made people’s lives miserable.

When asked to comment on the dismissal of Pakistan Steel Mills employees, he said thousands of workers would lose their jobs in the coming months. He claims that the ‘elected’ government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) raised K-Electric’s tariffs, which the Karachi industrialists, already dealing with gas shortages, were unable to do. compete with the world because industrialists in other countries have access to cheaper electricity.

Ghani lamented that industrialists were forced to close their units and that workers lost their jobs as a result. He added that the federal government was least concerned with increasing unemployment.

He went on to say that the Center did not provide funding for Karachi and did not provide a full share of

National Financial Commission Award for Sindh. The minister of labor said that laying off work for hours has affected the cottage industry as most of the workers are women. Businesses such as wedding halls, beauty salons and hotels have reduced their working hours and their workers on daily wages are unable to meet both needs, he added.

Ghani said the federal government did not sympathize with the poor and middle class.

Commenting on the education situation during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ghani said many schools and students did not have access to computers and were unable to continue online educational activities. He appealed to the federal government to fix things before it’s too late.


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PDM has been criticized for holding demonstrations in the midst of the worsening Covid-19 situation | Instant News

Criticizing component parties of the Pakistan Democratic Movement for organizing rallies amid the country’s worsening coronavirus pandemic situation, Pakistani leaders Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Sunday said opposition parties wanted to kill people because they insisted on detaining. . big political meeting.

Speaking at a press conference at the Insaf Building, PTI President Karachi and members of the Sindh Khurrum Assembly Sher Zaman said Covid-19 had spread again across the country and that the whole world was severely affected by the virus. “But the opposition in Pakistan has created drama and wants people to die,” he said.

Former MPA MQM Arif Bhatti, other leaders Iftikhar Zaidi, Zia Ahmed and dozens of workers joined PTI at the press conference, which was also attended by PTI MPA Jamal Siddiqui and Karachi senior vice president Mahmood Maulvi.

Zaman said that to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government in Azad Jammu and Kashmir has imposed a two-week lockdown in the valley while the Pakistan People’s Party-led Sindh government has also imposed a smart lockdown on Karachi. But these parties have held a rally in Peshawar that shows their hypocrisy.

He said PTI truly represents the residents of Peshawar and has won all seats from the metropolitan city. He added that the opposition parties are worried because of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s successful policies. “Prime Minister Imran Khan’s performance has been appreciated by the world,” he said and claimed that the country’s economy and foreign relations had improved.

Zaman blamed the opposition’s political goal to get an NRO. He said the chairman of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl Fazlur Rehman had become a coronavirus ambassador. “These people want to kill people through demonstrations. If Maulana Fazlur Rehman becomes chairman of the Kashmir Committee today, he will give up all movement. Maulana only emphasizes privileges, “he said.

The PTI leadership said that since the next PDM show was scheduled for Larkana on November 26, Fazl had to remember that Bilawal won the election in Larkana by defeating JUI-F. Siddiqui said he welcomed the political activists who had joined Imran Khan’s convoy. “Public trust in Imran Khan is getting stronger. Imran Khan made it from Karachi to Gilgit-Baltistan, ”he said. “Bilawal was defeated for making Gilgit-Baltistan like Sindh. In this difficult situation, the economic situation is getting better. Pakistan is rapidly moving in the right direction, ”said the MPA.


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The economic situation is deteriorating, said Ishtiaq Baig | Instant News

KARACHI: PML-N’s President Business Forum, Ishtiaq Baig, held a dinner in honor of former Sindh governor Muhammad Zubair, attended by board members and members of the business forum as well as prominent entrepreneurs.

In his welcome speech, Ishtiaq Baig acknowledged PML-N’s contribution to improving the law and order situation in Karachi, ending burden blackouts and achieving better economic performance and high GDP growth. Pointing to the worsening of the unsustainable debt situation according to a Bank Negara report, he said there was an alarming rise in debt of Rs45 trillion. The former governor, Muhammad Zubair, said in his speech that the PTI government had failed miserably in economic and foreign policy due to bad governance and had not yet produced a single project despite the huge debt that the PTI government had in history. from Pakistan.

Also attending the dinner were KATI President Saleem-uz-Zaman, Omar Rehan, Anwar Qureshi, Dr. Farhan Essa, Rotary District Governor, Suleman Mehdi, Saleem Chamdia, Asad Fecto, Farukh Mazhar, Ali Haider, Asif Nisar, Rizwan Adhia, Zeeshan Salim Zaki, Ansar Javed, and others.


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