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The government will deal with Covid-19, said CM Usman Buzdar | Instant News

LAHORE: Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has expressed confidence that the government will tackle the recent wave of the Covid-19 outbreak with public support.

In a statement here on Saturday, CM said the rulers of the previous regime neglected the health sector because the same was never their priority. Usman Buzdar described the opposition’s stance as a huge disappointment and said they only made meaningless and absurd statements to score points. He said issuing statements could not serve sick mankind but needed to stand by the people at their trial. He said the PTI government supported the people in their difficult times. Usman Buzdar said the government was taking steps to control the corona pandemic. On the other hand, PDM by holding public meetings is endangering people’s lives. He said every step the government took was to protect people’s lives.

OPP leaders: MNA Muhammad Khan Laghari, Umer Aslam and PTI ticket holder Ibrar-ul-Haq visited Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar at the CM office here on Saturday and informed him of the problems in their respective areas. CM convinced them to solve their problems and said that the journey of development and progress will continue under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said development work in underdeveloped areas and in his constituency would be completed on a priority basis.

He said elected representatives should forge close relations with people from their constituencies and solve their problems. He said the PDM was an alliance of elements that were rejected and they had no agenda. This gang fabricates a conspiracy for power. The public meeting will have no impact on the government but legal action will be taken for violations of the Corona SOP. The government will continue to take every step necessary to protect people’s lives. Opposition leaders only care about their negative politics, but the government will not let them mess with people’s lives.

Rural roads: On special instructions from Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, the second phase of the “Naya Pakistan-Manzalien Asaan Program” has been launched to build 1,076 km of carpeted roads in remote rural areas at a cost of Rs14 billion. A total of 154 rural roads will be constructed and repaired under this project. The main minister said that the construction of roads in rural areas will help farmers get their products to market easily and in a timely manner. Road construction will not only improve transportation facilities for people living in rural areas but will also encourage trade and economic activities. CM said the “Naya Pakistan-Manzalien Asaan Program” is the flagship project of the PTI government. He said the past rulers believed in pomp and show off, while the PTI government had given birth and worked for the people’s welfare and progress.

He said that in the first phase of the Naya Pakistan-Manzalien Asaan Program, 1,236 km of roads were built and repaired at a cost of Rs15 billion. Special funds will also be allocated for the program in the following fiscal year, he concluded.

Greet Sikhs: Chief Minister Usman Buzdar while congratulating the Sikhs on the anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak Dav Ji welcoming them to Punjab. He said that according to Islamic teachings, the PTI government believes in religious tolerance. He said the establishment of the Kartarpur Corridor was a historic achievement of the PTI government. He said Baba Guru Nanak Dav Ji’s birthday was a traditional and fun festival of the Sikh community.

He said participating in each other’s joys would enhance brotherhood and harmony. He emphasized that Baba Guru Nanak Dav Ji is the best example of religious tolerance and interreligious harmony. He said Baba Guru Nanak was one of the personalities who spread the message of love for humanity and brotherhood. It is an honor for the PTI government to serve the Sikh community every year. All facilities have been provided for the Sikh community to carry out their religious rituals. The Sikh community is free to live their lives according to their religious beliefs. The government is paying special attention to maintaining, renovating and safety of Gurdwaras. The PTI government has guaranteed the protection of minority rights, he added.


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The government is trying to promote a healthy lifestyle among the masses: Zulfi Bukhari – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in November 25, 2020 5:48

Govt pursues a healthy lifestyle among the masses: Zulfi Bukhari

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Pakistanis Abroad and Human Resources Development Syed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari said that the government is trying to promote a healthy lifestyle among the masses, especially young people through the promotion of sports and games in all over the country. .

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony for the ‘Global Active Cities’ project, launched by the Rawalpindi district administration, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan attaches great importance to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the country through games and sports.

Division captain (Ret.) Commissioner Rawalpindi (Ret.) Muhammad Mahmood congratulated the project launch, he said the officer had set an example for the whole country by taking this initiative,

added “It is an honor for the country that the three districts of Rawalpindi Division have become part of an international framework in which sport and a healthy lifestyle will be promoted in society.”

He said sports will be promoted in the Rawalpindi division under the Global Active Cities project and people will be encouraged towards healthy living. “Our religion also teaches us to live healthy.

Obesity, overeating and lethargy are bad habits that have no place in our religion, ”he stressed.

Former test cricketer and fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar said Captain (ret.) Muhammad Mahmood was an officer who admired sports and a healthy lifestyle, adding that he was Rawalpindi’s first commissioner to invite him to the commissioner’s office for physical exercise.

He said he used to walk from Dhok Kala Khan to Kachehri Chowk, apart from riding the bike on the same route for physical fitness.

Commissioner Rawalpindi said that with the help of the Global Active Project, they wanted to introduce a culture that could promote a healthy lifestyle in the community.

He said that there are many playgrounds in Rawalpindi and will be further upgraded and equipped with more facilities under this project.


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The change in law is aimed at public safety, said PM Imran Khan | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday approved a chemical castration regulation for rapists. The decision was made at a federal cabinet meeting where the law ministry presented a draft anti-rape bill.

The Cabinet, in principle, approved the Anti-Rape Act (Investigation and Trials) 2020 and the Pakistan Criminal Code (Amendments) 2020. The draft regulations include an increased role of women in the police, rapid tracking of rape cases and witness protection.

Emphasizing that this was a serious problem, the prime minister said no civilized society would tolerate such crimes. He said no delay would be tolerated, because “We need to ensure a safe environment for our citizens.”

Imran said the law would be clear and transparent with strict law enforcement. He said rape victims would be able to file complaints without fear, adding that the government would protect their identities.

Cabinet witnessed live deliberations before approval of the proposed law, as some members insisted on public hanging those convicted of gang rape or found to be involved in sexual crimes against children. However, the prime minister said castration would be a start.

However, when Minister of Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz was questioned at a post-cabinet press conference, he said the law was being finalized and it was too early to share details at this stage.

The government is yes to desex rapists: Changes in law are aimed at public safety, said Prime Minister Imran Khan. -PID

He said after giving in-principle approval of the anti-rape regulation, the cabinet asked the Legal Division and other relevant departments to finalize the draft at the earliest by removing all legal void that could be exploited by offenders.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan, after taking seriously the recent rape incident of a mother and daughter in Sindh, directed Law Minister Farogh Naseem to prepare comprehensive regulations, which include fast-track trials of the accused, a comprehensive definition of rape, inclusion new offenses and stricter penalties for convicted rapists.

The minister said because the regulation was very important and involved punitive action against rapists, it was forwarded to the Legal Division for further amendments. He hopes the initiative will significantly reduce the number of rape incidents in the country by creating a deterrent against such offenses.

He said the cabinet gave approval to establish IT parks in Karachi and Quetta on the recommendation of the Ministers of Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications, and Panning, Special Development and Initiatives Syed Aminul Haque and Asad Umar, respectively.

The minister noted that the initiative was intended to increase the exports of the IT sector by exploiting its full potential. The Cabinet approved the creation of a Special Technology Zone Authority. Initially, the zones will be defined in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Haripur. The Cabinet also approved such a zone for Karachi and Quetta.

The Prime Minister observed that Pakistan enjoys great potential in information technology (IT) which must be exploited.

He said IT was a step forward in modern times and directed the establishment of 50 technology zones across the country. The Cabinet allowed Attorney Farogh Naseem to submit a case to the top court for guidance on two issues relating to the inclusion of the MNA and senators on the board of directors of national institutions on a pro bono basis and post-appointment approval of a post in the light of Mustafa’s case ruling.

Federal Minister for Law and Justice Farogh Naseem gave the meeting an assessment of the legislation relevant to the appointment of MPs to the board of directors of government entities.

The Cabinet decided to seek direction from the Supreme Court in this regard. The Cabinet also ratified decisions taken at meetings of the Cabinet Committee for Institutional Reform which were held on 29 October and 12 November, respectively.

Progress reports regarding the vacancies of the chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director at various government agencies were also submitted. The prime minister directed the early completion of the process and the appointment of the DG of National Archives under Clause 3 (2) of the National Archives Law.

The Economic Affairs Division notified the cabinet that the G-20 countries had suspended the payment of loans worth 1.7 to 2 billion dollars granted to the country during the period May to December this year.

The decision to postpone the payment of these loans and facilities was taken in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, which will remain in effect until June 2021. The Cabinet gave approval to the secretary of the Economic Affairs Division to sign a loan rescheduling agreement with the 16 G-20 countries.

The Cabinet also gave approval to the Ministry of Commerce to issue a certificate without objection (NOC) for payments to various international channels in connection with sports transmissions on Pakistani Television.

It also directed the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to carry out an effective campaign for public awareness of the corona virus pandemic as directed by the Lahore High Court on a petition.

The Cabinet approved the appointment of the managing director and board of governors of the National Book Foundation. The Cabinet also gave approval to refer amendments to the 1991 Civil Aviation Regulations to the Cabinet Committee on Law.

The Cabinet also ratified decisions taken by the Economic Coordination Committee at its meeting on November 16 and decisions of the Cabinet Committee on Energy at its meeting on November 19. Planning Minister Asad Umar gave a brief explanation of important economic indicators.


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The PTI government is full of sugar, flour, gasoline scandals: Gilani | Instant News

MULTAN: Former Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said PTI is the government of sugar, flour, gasoline scandal and the masses are pulling back his government and Shaheed Benazir Bhtto.

Speaking at a workers’ convention on Jalan Bosan, Gilani said Imran Khan was humiliating the Prime Minister’s office by repeating the word “NRO” every day. “Imran’s daily repetition of“ NRO ”is unethical and goes against the courtesy of the Prime Minister’s office. Imran actually reduces his stature by repeating the same thing every day. “

Gilani said the PDM Multan meeting was organized by PPP whose activists had sacrificed their lives for democracy. “The Constitution and Parliament must win in this country. PDM meetings are a fight for people’s rights. The farmers were happy in the PPP era. If the farmers are happy then Pakistan will be stable. “

PPP financially supports women through the Benazir Support Program, she said. “The current rulers promise jobs and homes for the people, but the PTI-led government is only promoting the sugar, flour and gasoline scandals. People are fed up with it ”.

He said PTI had promised southern Punjab province in 90 days but had set up a helpless secretariat divided into Multan and Bahawalpur where all officers just sat and decisions were being made in Lahore. “South Punjab is an underdeveloped and underdeveloped area but the PTI is deceiving its people.”

He says Imran once said that he will give food and container for opposition. “Khan Sahib don’t give me containers and food, just allow a meeting”, he asked. “Imran has to let us have a meeting and he has to sit at home and watch. The media have been banned from our rallies while Imran Khan’s march has received full coverage in state-run media and private media. “Gilani said economic stability cannot be maintained without political stability.” Providing security at meetings is the responsibility of the government. If there is a threat of terrorism during a demonstration, what will government agencies do, “he asked.


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‘Government is trying to provide aid to people’ | Instant News

FAISALABAD: Federal Parliament Secretary for Railways Mian Farrukh Habib said Monday that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s top priority is to strengthen the economy and provide assistance to ordinary people.

In his press statement, he said the government is making all efforts to provide assistance to the community. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent visit to Afghanistan was very successful, adding that it would have a positive impact on the regional situation. He said the second wave of coronavirus in winter was very serious and citizens had to take precautions.

He also urged the opposition to show seriousness for people’s safety from the coronavirus rather than threatening people’s lives by holding public gatherings. 13 more people tested positive for coronavirus in Faisalabad: In the second wave of coronavirus, 13 more people were tested for coronavirus. positive in town on Monday.

According to Deputy District Health Officer Dr Asif Shahzad, a total of 819 tests were carried out in one day, of which 13 were found positive. He said the District Health Office had arranged the sampling of suspected patients by visiting residents’ homes. He said a total of 635 beds, including 550 at the Allied Hospital and 85 at the DHQ Hospital, had been reserved for coronavirus patients.

He said that currently, 71 patients, including 22 confirmed patients, were being treated at Allied Hospitals while others including 15 at Allied Hospitals and 34 at DHQ Hospitals were suspected.

62 police officers, officers changed: City Police Officer (CPO) Sohail Chaudhry remodeled 62 police officers, including 10 officers, to improve the department’s performance.

Providing details, the police spokesman said Monday that Sub-Inspector Ejaz Ahmad was transferred from the Tandlianwala City Police and was appointed as Investigator Incharge at the Kotwali Police while SI Sohail Akhtar was transferred from the Kotwali Police and appointed at the Tandlianwala City Police.

Likewise with the Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Trainee Khawar Rafiq who was transferred from the Batala Colony to the Sandal Bar Police, ASI Trainee M Hasnain from Sandal Bar to the Batala Colony Polsek, ASI Zahid Aleem from the Police to the SOP General Duty SOP, ASI Tariq Saeed from SOP Assignment to Nishatabad Police Killing Unit, ASI Qaim Deen, Rung Ali police post to Mandan Pura Police Post, ASI Muhammad Farooq Nazeer from Thikriwala Police to Rung Ali as Incharge Police Post, ASI Rana Fazal Mehran from Mureedwala Police Station and ASI Zahid Hussain from the Kotwali Police to the Polsek.

Two COPS suspended: CPO Sohail Chaudhry suspends two police officers, including the People’s Colony Police Station House Officer (SHO), for torturing an arrested accused Police sources said on Monday that the People’s Colony SHO Sub-Inspector Rizwan Shaukat was with the Assistant Sub-Inspector ( ASI) Hammad Yousuf allegedly tortured a defendant who was arrested in a case of embezzlement and fraud to recover case material. CPO Faisalabad, however, took seriously the abuse of power and tortured the accused, immediately suspended the two officials and directed Operation SSP to carry out an investigation into the matter.


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