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The government will implement the ECP report in Daska: Basharat | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat in stern reply to opposition in the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday said Pakistan’s Election Commission had been watching Daska’s by-election.

“Imran Khan will never speak out against the principles and whatever the Election Commission finds out, we will ensure the application of his report,” he said, adding that during Maryam Nawaz’s press conference in Daska, her workers confessed to murdering a PTI worker, so Maryam Nawaz must have the courage to bring a confessed killer before the law. Basharat said the difference between PTI and PML-N was that Imran Khan was unable to open four constituencies despite a long-sitting election, but he offered to re-elect in a disputed constituency in Daska the following day.

Answering Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan’s question, he said none of the leaders were certified thieves and fugitives. In fact, those who are thieves themselves see others as thieves. Speaking to PML-N workers, he said: “You have to rethink while following the leadership that sells eggs in kilos and potatoes in dozens.” Responding to Awais Leghari, Basharat said Usman Buzdar was the first visible public leader among Ditjen Khan’s community. “Look, he will continue to serve his people for five years. If anyone has a stomachache, it will continue to happen.” He said many PML-N leaders had defaulted in tens of millions over the past two and a half years. A notice was also posted at a leader’s house but he has not returned Rs 10 million so far. The Minister of Law regrets that N-Leagures is addicted to extorting money from the state and the people. “I will return to present the list of those in the DPR tomorrow, who have devoured millions.”

The law minister said it was unfair to pressure government officials, including the chief secretary, over the Daska elections. He said maintaining order in the provinces was the government’s responsibility which would be fulfilled at all costs. He asked the PDM whether Dr Nazir and Kasuri were killed by PTI. “I guarantee the DPR that in our time, murderers will be punished and the law will not be ridiculed as in the past,” he said.


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People showed distrust of the PTI government: PML-N | Instant News

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Punjab spokeswoman Azma Bukhari said that people across the country have shown distrust of Imran Khan.

He said this while speaking to media outside the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday. He said when Imran Khan called Jehangir Tareen to help him in the Senate election, the price of sugar was past Rs100 per kg.

Azma Bukhari stated that the confusion of the Punjab government after the elections of Daska and Wazirabad can be gauged from a statement by a government spokesperson. He said the N-League was gaining a thousand lead in Daska when several polling stations closed. He said how can we accept a result where the voting is not done. He asked Firdous Ashiq Awan and the Punjab government why those who opened fire were not caught by the police. He alleges that it was members of the Tiger Force led by Usman Dar who opened fire on voting day.

“The habit of stealing votes in the 2118 Election will no longer disappear. We will not allow voice theft, “he said. He said all the defaced 45 forms had been submitted to the General Election Commission. “The only solution is a re-election across the NA-75 constituency,” he said.

Talking about the PDM strategy going forward, he said, “For now we will stay in the assembly and expose the government.” He said in Daska thousands of voters were barred from casting their votes under a planned conspiracy. Answering a question, he said Maryam Nawaz would not go abroad and he himself had said this many times.


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The government is asked to help recover missing people | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Families of the disappeared from Swat on Tuesday asked the government to help restore their near and dear ones and present them in court.

Speaking at a press conference here, Syed Qamar Ali Shah, Ibrahim, Shamim Bibi, Hazrat Said and others asked Prime Minister Imran Khan, Army Chief of Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and chairman of the Supreme Court to provide them with justice by helping restore their brethren. . , Father and son, who were picked up from their homes, offices and other places without committing any crime.

They alleged that security forces picked up their relatives in 2009 and 2010 but they were not presented to court and their families were not notified of their whereabouts. They regretted that the 270 missing people were released by the court but many of them are still in troop custody.


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The Sindh government repatriated 32 Karachi DMC officials to the parent department | Instant News

KARACHI: In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court (SC) Pakistan, the Sindh Local Government Department repatriated around 32 officials from lower levels working at the top level illegally at the West District Municipal Corporation (DMC), Karachi, to their former positions to their parents department.

These employees were illegally promoted to the upper class against the top service laws and court orders, and without approval from the administration department of the Sindh Local Government Department.

The officials mentioned above, originally computer operators, drivers, teacher assistants, clerks, guards, coolies, class assistants 1 to 11, were illegally promoted as director, deputy director, purchasing officer, supervisor, administrative officer and deputy classroom district education officer 16, 17 and 18. The Sindh Local Government Department Authority directs the city administrators and commissioners of the West District City Corporation (DMC), Karachi to return them to their former positions to their parent department, not to relinquish their salaries and benefits from these employees.

According to official correspondence, a copy is available with The News, M. Javed Qamar, originally a Class 11 computer operator of the Department of Rural Development, was transferred and later promoted to Class 18 Director at DMC West. Muhammad Khaliq, originally a driver from the DMC Class 5 Central Education Department, was transferred and then illegally promoted as an education officer in class 18 in the West DMC. Zahid Iqbal, originally an 11th grade employee of the South DMC, was illegally transferred to DMC, West and then promoted to director in the 18th grade. Sanjeeda Khatoon, formerly Assistant Teacher for Class 1, was promoted to director of 18th grade education. Muneer Ahmad, originally an 11th grader, was promoted to assistant town officer in grade 16.

Faheem Jamal, originally a class 5 pump driver, was promoted to deputy city officer class 17. Naik Muhammad, originally a grade 5 driver was promoted to deputy director of Class 17 Computer Education.Shakeel Ahmed, originally a class 5 driver, was promoted to Librarian in grade 17 , Muhammad Rashid, originally a grade 7 teacher from the Ministry of Education, was absorbed in the DMC, West and was promoted to Deputy Town Officer (DTO) in grade 17 and others were promoted illegally and against the rules of service and without the approval of the Administration Department, Sindh Regional Government Department .


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Sindh government scholarships remain out of reach of many | Instant News


Recent investigations into the provision of higher education in the province have opened a new Pandora box, highlighting the unfair distribution of the billions of annual scholarships, by Sindh government.

The Sindh Education Endowment Fund (SEEF) was launched in 2002 to facilitate Sindh students who cannot afford higher education fees, gain merit-based admission at both public and private universities.

Despite the government’s goodwill, it appears that thousands of financially underprivileged students from several universities, including Karachi University – the largest public sector institution in the province – have been unable to avail scholarships for 19 consecutive years!

Karachi University will finally be granted access to scholarships in 2020, while the endowment fund is also expanding its reach with the addition of new disciplines including Pharmacy, Law, Accounting, Finance and Education. However, the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology, has not been added to the scholarship list. Because of this, some undergraduate and master’s degree students from Karachi and other Sindh districts, who are enrolled in the university, will once again be excluded from the scholarship network even though the program has been upgraded.

It is important to mention that the SEEF scholarship is awarded through the Sindh Higher Education Department and its supervisory board including the education of the school secretaries, secretaries of other departments including the finance department of secretaries and general administration departments of secretarial services, in addition to the managing director of the Sindh Education Foundation.

This time Karachi University has also been granted membership in this committee, while the Sindh Minister of Education chairs the scholarship decision-making board.

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According to related documents available on The Express Tribune, the scholarship program has recently opened its doors to a number of universities attended by students from lower middle class socioeconomic backgrounds.

With the upgrade to the program, the total number of scholarships has increased to over 1,500 in theory, but the decision for final approval is still pending the decision of the Sindh Minister of Education for the past two months. Due to this factor, SEEF cannot award these scholarships to students.

Interestingly, where it took SEEF more than 19 years to consider including the largest public sector university in the province in the scholarship program, there are several public and private universities that have had the luxury of being awarded separate scholarships for their respective campuses.

It is worth mentioning that the Sindh government has also selected several public and private universities for students studying outside the province for the Sindh Education Waqf Fund.

Federal Urdu University could not be found on the list of eligible institutions.

Related to this, the Secretary for Additional Waqf Funds of the Department of Higher Education, Faqir Muhammad Lakho, said that SEEF scholarships are only given to institutions that apply for them. “Federal Urdu University has not applied for the scholarship,” he commented.

When asked about the exclusion of Karachi University and other universities from scholarships, the additional secretary said that these scholarships are only awarded to professional institutions. “That is why the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) was chosen in Karachi, and given scholarships in certain subjects,” said Lakho.

It should however be noted that the subjects that are awarded scholarships to IBA are also taught at Karachi University, Sindh Madrasa-Tul-Islam and Lyari University

Responding to the program increase, Faqir Mohammad Lakhoo said that the scholarship advertisement will be published in the same month after obtaining approval from the Minister of Education. “An amount of Rs 3.5 billion has been reserved for grants until 2029, while scholarships have now been increased from 1,100 to 1,800 in total,” he told The Express Tribune.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 22nd, 2021.


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