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PPP describes itself as a supporter of democracy but issues a maximum rule: Murad Saeed – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 12 January 2021 11:15 p.m.

The PPP describes itself as a champion of democracy but issues a maximum rule: Murad Saeed

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Communications and Postal Service Minister Murad Saeed said the Pakistan People’s Party described itself as a fighter for democracy but issued maximum regulations during his own rule.

Speaking in the Senate about motions under Rule 218 sponsored by Opposition Leaders and other opposition lawmakers, he said the PPP government had passed a total of 150 regulations, adding that 74 were passed by the PPP in the first two years of its rule.

He said the PPP government had issued a no objection certificate (NOC) to the federal government for the development of Bundal Island.

He said, before giving his remarks, the opposition must also understand the articles of the Constitution regarding property ownership.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had paid special attention to the development of South Balochistan and an amount of Rs. 600 billion is allocated for the development and prosperity of this region. He said that the previous government was responsible for poverty in Balochistan.

The Minister said that with the development of the Islands, local youth would have job opportunities. He said that the opposition did politics by using different cards on the basis of regions such as the Sindh Card, Baloch Card etc.

He said former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif offered a bribe to British law firm Broadsheet investigating his foreign assets. On the other hand, he said that the whole world recognized Imran Khan as a sincere and honest leader.

He said in the Panama case, the ‘Qatri letter’ was given because they did not hide their corruption. She said that when Nawaz Sharif’s sons couldn’t get an ID card, they bought a flat in London.

The minister also quoted a BBC report on Nawaz Sharif’s property and accused the former PML-N Minister of printing money by acquiring Iqama.

He said the former PML-N minister accused the PPP of being involved in money laundering and remittances on board, but they had now forgotten all the charges against each other. He said fake accounts were dug up and fake companies were given loans while Ayan Ali was found in a money laundering case.

He said that PPP and PML-N are currently trying to protect each other but Prime Minister Imran Khan will not give them the NRO from their corruption.

Murad Saeed said that Nawaz Sharif was holding meetings with various lobbies and conducting politics in London. He said that Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar were fugitives.

He demanded the Chairman of the Senate to hold a debate on London property and all other important issues related to the corrupt practices of his previous tenure.

He said that no dams had been built since the Ayub Khan era and the economy had collapsed in the previous tenure.

The only agenda of the Opposition is to target state institutions and punish the NRO for its corrupt practices.

He said Pakistan was on the FATF gray list during the previous government’s tenure, but that the opposition tried to blackmail the government into FATF-related legislation.

The minister said the head of JUI-F had assets in all cities in the country and he was trying to save them.

The minister said that 172 textile units were closed during the last year of PML-N’s service but are now fully operational due to the efforts of the incumbent government.

He said the 6147 kilometers long road project would start in the near future, adding that 3,000 kilometers and 1,800 kilometers of roads had been built over the tenure of PPP and PML-N respectively.


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The poet Naseer Turabi dies | Instant News

KARACHI: Famous poet, writer and intellectual Naseer Turabi passed away in Karachi on Sunday. He is 75. Naseer Turabi was born on 15 January 1945 in Hyderabad, which was then called the Deccan. His father Allama Rasheed Turabi was also a well-known religious scholar in the Indian Continent.

Turabi completed his MA in Mass Communication from Karachi University in 1968. He suffered from respiratory problems for some time. He left four books, including Aks-e-Faryadi (Ghazliyat), Shairyaat, Laraib and Lughatul Awam (Urdu dictionary).

Turabi’s funeral prayers will be held today (Monday) after Zohrain at Imambargah Shuhada-e-Karbala in Ancholi, after which he will be buried in Wadi-e-Hussain cemetery.

The poet’s brotherhood, including Dr Shadab Ahsani, Zaib Azkar, Rehana Roohi, Khalid Moin, Fatima Zehra Jabeen, Dr Hina Ambreen, Shagufta Shafiq, Injila Hamesh, Ishrat Moin Seema, Prof. Shahnaz Perveen, Masood Qamar, Ehtesham Anwar and others expressed their deep feelings in. condolences to the bereaved family and the Urdu world for her loss. It is said that Naseer Turabi was one of the great poets and masters of Urdu. Majlis leaders Wahdat-e-Muslimeen also expressed sorrow over the poet’s death.


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Cricket: Black national team captain Kane Williamson scores a test score of the 23rd century | Instant News


Captain Kane Williamson secures 23th century tests. Video / Spark Sport

Hitting expert, Kane Williamson, added to his canon this morning as he passed 100 for the 23rd time in tests.

He now has four centuries more than the next best Ross Taylor, who scored 70 on the first day of this test. The late Martin Crowe has 17 while Brendon McCullum and John Wright complete the top five with 12 each.

The New Zealand captain started the day in the 94th minute and it took 25 minutes to score his first goal, a scuffed leg pull for twice.

He went to the three figures with tick marks driving through the cover of Naseem Shah.

His century brought him 261 balls, very slow by his standards, but very necessary.

Henry Nicholls, who recently got his highest test score in the second test against the West Indies, was with him in the 52nd fold, the 10th half-century test which he plans to convert to the seventh tonne test.

The pair put up 106 for the fourth goal and New Zealand is well placed at 239-3.

It was Williamson’s first test round and first century as a father, with wife Sarah giving birth earlier this month, an event which saw him miss his second test against the West Indies.

This is the second time he has scored in back-to-back innings in centuries.

The only other time he did was when he scored 242 not against Sri Lanka in the Reserve Basin in January 2015, then backed him up with 132 high-class at Lord’s in May of that year.

In many ways, this reflects the 22nd century where he hit the stump on the first day in one shot of a milestone after spending most of the day in attrition battles with bowlers.

Kane Williamson (L) and Ross Taylor (R) of New Zealand on the first day of the First Test match in the series between New Zealand and Pakistan.  Photo / Getty Images.
Kane Williamson (L) and Ross Taylor (R) of New Zealand on the first day of the First Test match in the series between New Zealand and Pakistan. Photo / Getty Images.

If anything, the struggle here was greater than that against the West Indies in Hamilton. Although the field conditions are not favorable enough for a bowler like at Seddon Park, here the attack led by 20-year-old leftist Shaheen Shah Afridi is more skilled and relentless.

“It’s just Kane, right? He’s fighting really well. It’s great to play with him and get through that early stage,” said Taylor when asked to analyze Williamson’s performance on the first day.

“He fought all day, apart from three balls. His temperament, timing, obviously you need a little bit of luck here and there but I think he fights really well.”

Williamson left playing legends Wally Hammond, Colin Cowdrey, Geoff Boycott, Ian Bell, AB de Villiers and Mohammad Azharuddin behind on the 22nd and joined a select group that included Javed Miandad, Justin Langer, Kevin Pietersen and Virender Sehwag.

The difference is that all these players have reached 100 tests. This is Williamson’s 82nd.

Kane Williamson of bat New Zealand on the first day of the First Test match in the series between New Zealand and Pakistan.  Photo / Getty Images.
Kane Williamson of bat New Zealand on the first day of the First Test match in the series between New Zealand and Pakistan. Photo / Getty Images.

Only 26 players in cricket’s 143-year trial history have scored three more than Williamson.

He’s scored 16.2 percent a century from the time he came into the fold, good enough for a 13th best. Of the current players, only Steve Smith (19.5) and Virat Kohli (18.4) have turned their more innings into the 100s.

Unchallenged Don Bradman led with 36.25 percent.


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Journalist Mazhar Abbas’ wife passed away | Instant News

KARACHI: Erum Abbas, wife of senior journalist Mazhar Abbas, died on Thursday after being sick briefly. His Namaz-e-Janaza will be held at the Imambargah Yasrab in DHA, Stage 4, after the Jumma prayer.

“My wife Erum is my strength. I lost that power, today. Absolutely devastated, ”Mazhar Abbas tweeted on Thursday. The Pakistan Federal Journalists Union (PFUJ) has offered its condolences for the sad death of Mazhar Abbas’ wife.

In messages of condolences, PFUJ President Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary General Nasir Zaidi extended their deepest condolences to Abbas on behalf of all PFUJ administrators and said they were saddened to hear of the personal loss of our colleagues and with whom we all stand at this difficult time. They also pray for the souls of the deceased and sympathy for the bereaved families.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz expressed deep sorrow and sorrow over the death of Mazhar’s wife. The minister, in a tweet, prayed to Allah SWT to rest the deceased’s soul in eternal peace and give him the highest place in heaven, apart from giving perseverance to the bereaved family to endure losses.


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NZX said the costs of increasing security will likely be passed on to clients | Instant News

NZX said it will continue to improve its IT systems and cybersecurity over the coming months – and that the associated costs “are likely” to be passed on to its clients.

This comes after another year saw some hot prospects for local IPOs, including Laybuy and Aroa Biosurgery, finally choose to apply across Tasman.

In a statement this morning, the exchange did not provide figures on the ongoing security enhancements, but offered that “no impact on the FY2020 earnings guide”.

In the December 2 update, NZX said it expects ETC for the 2020 financial year (which coincides with the calendar year) to be “above the $ 30 million to $ 33.5 million guidance range”.

The exchange will not comment on any impact on its FY2021 guidance until it submits its full year FY2020 report on 17 February.

Today’s statement comes following the completion of a series of independent reviews of clearing and settlement incidents during March and April this year, and multi-day outages caused by DDoS (distributed denial of service attacks) in late August and early September.

The review by EY and local InPhySec security officers has looked at some of the steps being taken to tighten security.

But the bourse said it was still in the process of approving a formal action plan for the coming months with the Financial Markets Authority. Once that’s done, it will be in a position to break down costs.

This morning’s statement indicates that great work is at hand.

“NZX recognizes the need for further technology investment in 2021, particularly in the business market, to enhance the stability and resilience of its technology framework,” the exchange said.

“This includes enhancing the Securities IT team and cybersecurity countermeasures, taking into account the prices associated with market participants. NZX is very advanced, along with market ecosystem participants, to a massive upgrade to its core trading system around the end of March 2021,” he added.

“The board has yet to consider the consequences of pricing for NZX services, but some cost recovery process is possible.”

NZX is also looking to implement a series of changes recommended by its new Technology subcommittee, made in November, including better crisis management, better communication “with the ecosystem”, and “strengthening NZX’s IT organizational structure with a set of specialized expertise.” .

The head of information exchange, David Godfrey, Stop on September 28, a day after the big daylight saving blunder that occurred after the previous DDoS attack and outage cleanup. No reason was given for his departure. A spokesman said it was not related to various IT issues. NZX has not yet named the new CIO.

Although no costs were disclosed today for IT and cyber security enhancements on the train, NZX provides a reference point for its latest major upgrade, saying: “NZX started its technology infrastructure modernization program in 2017, with $ 12 million invested over a four-term. years to 2020, in projects focused on clearing, upgrading of trade infrastructure and systems, modernization and capacity building. “

This morning, a spokesperson said NZX had shared the full EY and InPhySec reports with law enforcement and regulatory authorities, but would not publish them due to safety concerns, in line with GCSB advice.

The general summary released on December 4 provides no detail on the big questions surrounding DDoS attacks including whether the attackers are politically or commercially motivated, where they are or what ransom, if any, they demand to stop smothering exchanges with automated bot attacks.

Today, the exchange said: “NZX accepts that it does not meet its own high standards in certain areas of its technological systems.”

Despite little detail offered in the December 4 summary of the EY and InPhySec report, the exchange said: “InPhySec says the severity of cyberattacks is beyond anything that has been seen before or can reasonably estimate – the volume, sophistication and persistence of attacks that have never been before. happened before in the New Zealand context, and was one of the most severe we are aware we have experienced internationally. It is said that the attack fundamentally changed expectations about this kind of attack for the industry. “

It said NZX had “assisted in managing attacks by getting very advanced with a significant network upgrade starting in 2019”. Work on these improvements with Spark, “creating a ‘fit-for-‘ team which means NZX can respond quickly and effectively”.

The decision “to engage Akamai, a leading global cybersecurity company, was also highlighted as being at the core of NZX in responding to threats”, in an independent report, according to an exchange summary.

Akamai’s content network delivery specialist last made headlines in New Zealand at some point in time rocky partnership with Spark during the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

GCSB is also bound to help.

During the DDoS attack, NZX emphasized that only its website, not its trading system, was attacked. However, it had to suspend trading for the first few days of cyberattacks because, with its site down, its ongoing disclosure obligations were not fulfilled.

The exchange is turning to alternative means of getting market participants to information as DDoS attacks continue.

On September 18, after the dust settled, NZX launched alternative site for market announcements, accessible if the main site is taken offline by another DDoS attack – apery tactic adopted many years ago by MetService.

NZX Ltd shares rose 1 percent to $ 1.98 in midday trading.

Its stock is up 47 percent for the year.


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