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Messi is back! The Barcelona captain smiled again after scoring four goals in two games | Instant News

The Argentine became increasingly clear at the top of the Liga goalscorers list with the other two goals in Saturday’s impressive 4-0 win in Granada.

Recent events in the United States suggest 2021 could be as surreal as 2020 but it seems normal parallels could return to League. Together with the real Lionel Messi.

After trying to start the season, after the most traumatic summer of his career, the seven-time winner Pichichi topped the goalscoring charts at Spanish once again.

The two goals in Bilbao on Wednesday night were followed by two against Granada on Saturday night, as third-placed Barcelona advanced with a 4-0 win that leaves them four points adrift of leaders Atletico Madrid.

Diego Simeone’s side have three games in hand in the Catalan but that doesn’t matter, at least for now. Barca will only be supported by the fact that Messi’s smile has returned.

After struggling to get out of Camp Nou last summer, the captain actually looks happy with his current position. He must be enjoying his football again.

Messi never really left, of course. He remained Barca’s best player even during their worst form.

But he was definitely looking down during the first half of the 2020-21 campaign. He also lacks precision, which is remarkable for a player long known for placing – instead of firing – the ball behind the goal.

There has never been less effort on his part. He still peppered the goal with shots; it’s just that not many of them entered.

Messi relies on penalties to break into the net. But not anymore.

He scored twice at San Mames and repeated the feat at Nuevo Los Carmenes to bring his tally of goals in the League season to 11, which is not bad for a player deemed disinterested in a struggling team.

Barca, however, looked like an impressive unit against Granada, a team that finally found their feet under Ronald Koeman.

It is exciting for the Dutch coach, Antoine Griezmann has one of his best games with Barca.

Deployed alongside Messi and Ousmane Dembele in what was, on paper, a formidable front line, Griezmann opened the scoring with a calm 12-minute finish, after Sergio Busquets’ pass accidentally deflected into its path.

That France The international then latched onto Messi to make it 2-0 before getting his second game midway through the second half, when he fired another frenzied shot after being brought down in the penalty area by Dembele.

If Griezmann leaves late, Barca will truly believe they can overhaul Atletico and second place. Real Madrid at the top of the League standings.

Messi, however, will, as always, be decisive. His state of mind will be key during the second half of the season and he is beaming after scoring his second goal of the match: a clever free-kick into the bottom left corner of the Granada goal, after the hosts defended the right. side of the hand by placing a man behind the wall.

Cynics might suggest that it is no coincidence that the No.10 is reinventing his boots now that he is free to talk to other clubs regarding what is likely to be the biggest contract in football history.

Maybe he already decided his future. Maybe the weight on his shoulders had lifted. Or maybe thanks to an increase in recent results, and an attractive young talent like Pedri, he believes Barcelona finally moving in the right direction again.

Whatever the truth, he’s clearly enjoying his football again, and that’s good news for the Blaugrana.

But bad news for those hoping to reject the fifth Pichichi in a row!


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Manchester target area for COVID-19 plasma donations | Granada | Instant News

Manchester has been identified by the NHS Blood and Transplant as one of the three main target areas for plasma recovery donations from people who have recovered from COVID-19.

Blood donation centers in Plymouth Grove and Norfolk House have been renovated to increase plasma donation capacity.

Over the next two weeks, there are 42 plasma donation appointment slots at Norfolk House and 66 in Plymouth Grove.
Nationally, there is a special need for people to appear as donors in Manchester, London and Birmingham.

The NHSBT is collecting convalescent plasma for trials of major coronavirus treatments, and if the trial is successful, it is widely used in hospitals. Antibody-rich plasma from people who have recovered can be transfused into people who are struggling to develop their own immune response.

The number of appointments in Manchester will increase when the national plasma program is expanded.

The NHS Blood and Transplant requests that people from Manchester recover from COVID-19 after undergoing tests or isolating due to symptoms offered to donate by calling 0300 123 23 23 or visiting www.nhsbt.nhs.uk

People who are male, over the age of 35, or need treatment in hospital, most likely have the highest level of antibodies. Their plasma is most likely to save lives.

Prof. David Roberts, Medical Director of Blood Associations and NHS Blood Transplants and Donations said:


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Mother warns of inflammatory conditions ‘linked to coronavirus’ | Granada | Instant News

The doctors were obviously locked up so we couldn’t go, we just talked on the phone.

“That was the first Kane and they said to continue with paracetamol and
remove his mouth with warm salt water.

“It’s pretty much now, but Quin started a week ago. He left
to bed and said she felt rather niggly and when she woke up on Thursday
he has rashes on his face and neck. “

Suzanne was asked to send photos to her medical center and was notified
most likely chickenpox and treated with calamine lotion.

But when it seems to get worse than better – and with
the absence of watery spots that you get with chicken pox – he calls
111 for further advice.

“I thought it was impossible chickenpox when we entered
isolation a week earlier than anyone else because my youngest child has
a severe cough, so we haven’t gone anywhere to catch it, “said
45 years old, also mother of Demi-Leigh aged 15 years and four years

“Only on Monday when I saw news about this rash and
think it’s similar to Quin. When I called, they said that
the most liked Kawasaki.

“With themselves fine in themselves, they just said I needed to watch over him
to get temperature, cough, ache, or chest pain, which is
he has not been displayed. “

Quin, a student at Gorsefield Elementary School in Radcliffe, is
prescribe chlorpheniramine antihistamines to reduce itching and
her mother was told to seek further help if her condition worsened.

Suzanne said she would not be surprised if associated with covid-19 as
he was bad for the first two weeks locked up because of fever, dry
cough and loss of taste – the main symptoms of the disease.

“I was not tested but I have all the symptoms,” he said.
“We have to be very careful because my husband Craig is at high risk because of this
he had a heart attack and had cardiovascular disease.

“I just need to watch the other two and make sure they don’t
get anything. “


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