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Movie review: From the Vine, a film about finding yourself in Italy | Instant News

Joe Pantoliano starred in From the Vine. Photo / Provided

Joe Pantoliano has been taken to the meadow, literally, in a film about finding yourself in the Italian countryside. Pantoliano, who changed our minds in Christopher Nolan’s Memento, copied us in The Matrix, and ran with the masses in The Sopranos, now making wine in the beautiful Italian city of Acerenza.

Yes, Pantoliano’s career path is distinctive; Quality actors reach retirement age and horned shoes become “twilight films”. Think Diane Keaton, Bill Nighy, and, well, pretty much all of the Marigold Hotel cast. However, there is something interesting about the film “find yourself in retirement” that has caught the eye of its viewers – so much so that it has become a genre in itself and From the Vine has become firmly rooted in its center.

Based on Kenneth C. Cancellara’s book, Finding Marco, this film tells the story of Marco Gentile, a famous executive from Toronto who suddenly moves and moves to Italy to look after his late grandfather’s abandoned vineyard. Driven by the nostalgia for his upbringing and the heartless nature of his job, Marco’s late-life crisis reaches a climax where, among the sunbathing vines, he tries to make up for the environmentally destructive nature of the company he once worked for. revive the old vineyard.

From the Vine is in selected theaters now.  Photo / Provided
From the Vine is in selected theaters now. Photo / Provided

With its local centric plot and testing the moral consequences, I would expect to be treated to some raw Italian neo-realism (I think some film marketing even suggests this). But From the Vine couldn’t be further away from it, instead opting for an easy-to-digest comfortable feeling vibe that accidentally drops like a cheap red hue.

Cunning cinematography flaunts rural Italian landscapes with all the dream travel brochures – maybe not what we need in this non-tourist era, but it’s undeniably beautiful to look at.

Director Sean Cisterna, whose back catalog includes other sweet sentimental films like Kiss and Cry, looks right at home here. And while it never fully explores the theme and contains more of a cliché than cheap wine labels, From the Vine does have its essence in the right place. It also provides the perfect opportunity for Pantoliano (which is easily the best thing about the film) to dip his toes in the pool of an acting retired village. Come on, Joe, the water’s warm.

Reviewer: Toby Woollaston
Director: Sean Cisterna
Cast: Joe Pantoliano, Paula Brancati, Wendy Crewson
Runtime: 97 minutes
Censorship: M, Offensive language
Verdict: Very far from a full bodied drop but still quaffable in an inoffensive manner


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Virginia women’s basketball team postponed two more games due to persistent COVID-19 issues | Sports | Instant News

The season full of challenges for the Virginia women’s basketball team is getting tougher.

ACC announced Tuesday that UVa’s match with NC State, scheduled for Thursday, had been postponed. Both Virginia and NC State stick to the COVID-19 protocol as they tackle virus issues in their respective programs.

The Cavaliers’ fixture with Georgia Tech on Sunday was also postponed.

With a delay, UVa’s next scheduled game will be the January 21 home game against North Carolina. The Cavaliers have not played a single game since December 13, and their last six scheduled matches were postponed.

At the start of the season, Virginia’s game was also canceled due to injury problems in the program.

Tina Thompson’s side are 0-5 when able to safely take over the pitch for this season’s game. The Cavaliers have struggled, as the players have missed time through injury. Virginia is entering a youthful and inexperienced season, and the lack of depth has led to struggles on the field through the game’s small sample size this season.

It has been a very difficult year for Wahoo, who is not alone in tackling the COVID-19 problem. Duke opted out of this season in December due to COVID-19 concerns. The states of Florida, NC State, and Syracuse are all addressing their own COVID-19 issues as well, leading to schedule changes.


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VinVie breathes life (and sari) into Matsukawa | Instant News

Nobuko Takemura, co-founder and president VinVie Wineries & Wineries in Matsukawa, Nagano Prefecture, knows for more than 20 years working in his family’s third generation apple orchard that farming is hard work. However, looking out of the cidery steps and tap VinVie’s room, above the orchards and farms that filled the snow-capped mountains, he too was convinced that there could be no better place.

“Matsukawa is great fun,” said Takemura of the town and area that has been his home since 1990. “Beautiful. It’s a great place to live and work. “

Pastoral and beautiful perhaps, Matsukawa is in trouble. Like many rural areas, the population of Matsukawa is decreasing, reflecting a larger demographic shift in Japan and an overall exodus to larger urban areas. This means not only fewer local customers for their farms, but also fewer farmers continuing the region’s centuries-old tradition of growing apples – in 2018, Nagano Prefecture produced nearly 19% of the national apple crop, second only to Aomori Prefecture’s defeat 58 %.

In 2014, Takemura attended a cider seminar organized by International Apple Cider Association in the nearby town of Iida. An idea started to emerge when he took a sip of apple cider for the first time. An alcoholic drink enjoyed for centuries in Great Britain, Ireland, and France, apple cider is still relatively unknown in Japan. Takemura saw a double potential.

Something is being made: Located in Matsukawa, Nagano Prefecture, VinVie is opening a new cidery and tap room in place in April 2020. | THE VINVIE WINERY & AMP COURT; CIDERY

First, there is the drink itself. “It tastes good and is very enjoyable to drink,” he said. “Cider usually has an alcohol content of 6 to 8%, about half that of wine. This is a type of alcohol that you can actually enjoy with your friends and have a good time without getting drunk. I think we can use our apples to make cider. “

Then there is the encouragement that can be given to the region. “If we make saris, it will be a way for people to learn about Matsukawa and how interesting it is,” continued Takemura. “They can also learn about agriculture and maybe be involved in both.”

The two-hectare family garden has begun to convert part of its apple harvest into cider. They take their apples to the Mashino Winery to turn them into Marry, an apple cider that combines apples from local farmers. The bottles are tucked into a shop shelf on their farm next to their apple bag to see how much they cost.

The cider sold well enough that in 2017 the family planted 30 apple cider trees, such as Dabinett, Cox’s Orange Pippin and Yarlington Mill, and made plans for an on-site cidery and tap room. In 2018, they brewed a beer under the name VinVie. Combining French words for “wine” and “life,” the moniker captures what Takemura expects from his apple cider to his customers and community. “Wine and cider make people’s lives richer,” he said, “and my hope is to reactivate this community and this region.”

VinVie currently produces seven types of cider and five types of grapes, and Takemura hopes that the completion of the cidery and taproom by April 2020 will increase production. But after being closed during the first emergency, a series of unexpected frosts, followed by an unusually long rainy season, resulted in a harvest of apples with cracked skin that could not be sold fresh.

Team efforts: (From left) Atsushi Sato, sales and marketing;  the Tsuyoshi Takemura brewer;  Nobuko Takemura;  and farmer Takashi Takemura |  THE VINVIE WINERY & AMP;  CIDERY
Team efforts: (From left) Atsushi Sato, sales and marketing; the Tsuyoshi Takemura brewer; Nobuko Takemura; and farmer Takashi Takemura | THE VINVIE WINERY & AMP COURT; CIDERY

Instead, Takemura and his crew came up with two new options. One of them is iced cider which freezes the drink before fermentation to concentrate the taste. The second was a campaign dubbed “Everyone’s Sari, ”Yang combines VinVie apples with apples belonging to other farmers in the area who are also struggling this season. Fifty members buy a share of the sari, and in April 2021 they will be able to enjoy the results of this unique experiment.

“It’s important to focus on what we can do,” said Takemura. “We just need to continue to adapt to the situation.”

Takemura’s quick thinking means VinVie’s online sales remain steady. He also started a series of YouTube videos which allows people to learn more about the cider process and have a look at the brewery – there are even occasional staff push-up competitions. The emphasis is on having fun, something that Takemura also believes is an essential element for success.

“I have a field and apples waiting for us to take care of it,” he said. “We have to face the future for apples and trees. The trick to being optimistic is to enjoy what you are doing in the moment. “

For more information, visit vinvie.jp. Women of Taste is a monthly series about famous women in the Japanese food industry.

In line with the COVID-19 guidelines, the government urges citizens and visitors to be careful when choosing to visit bars, restaurants, music venues and other public spaces.

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The 7 Best Chest Freezers of 2021, According to Reviews | Instant News

One of Home Depot’s best chest freezers, this one Accessaries from Frigidaire perfect if you’re looking for a larger option. It has a capacity of 24.8 cubic feet, so it’s spacious enough to store all the frozen food you can dream of. In fact, one customer said they could load about 700 pounds of meat with “plenty of room to spare.” Another wrote: “This freezer is awesome! There’s no frost in it, plenty of room to organize my frozen stuff, and it’s on six caster wheels, which I love! I can move my freezer from one place to another even if it’s more than half of the contents. I’m still working on organizing my garage, so the ability to move it is a big plus. Apart from that, it comes with many other smart features, such as a built-in safety lock, detachable castor wheels for easy transportation, and interior LED lighting.

To buy: $ 854 (initially $ 949); homedepot.com


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VMI male, UVa women’s game postponed | College | Instant News

The Southern Conference Friday announced that Saturday’s VMI basketball team match at Furman had been postponed due to “positive COVID testing” and quarantine.

Also Friday, ACC announced that Tuesday’s Virginia women’s basketball team’s match with Wake Forest had been postponed due to UVa’s COVID-19 issue. This is the fourth consecutive UVa women’s match that has been postponed. The team last played on December 13.

In other ACC news Friday, Clemson’s men’s basketball team announced they were stopping activities and postponing two games due to positive testing and subsequent contact tracing and quarantine in its program. Clemson won’t play in North Carolina on Saturday or Syracuse on Tuesday.

Clemson is the third ACC men’s team currently unable to play due to COVID-19 issues in its program, along with Florida State and Georgia Tech.


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