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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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LDA major operations against the private community | Instant News

LAHORE: In a major operation against illegal construction in private housing communities, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) destroyed several structures on Wednesday.

In addition, the office of the NESPAK Housing Society, Izmer City, PASSCO Community, Muhafiz City and Lahore Baru City were sealed for various violations. The operation began under the direction of the LDA DG, officials said, adding that the Wing Management Estate team destroyed illegal structures built on green belts, disposal sites, school sites and public building sites in various communities including New Lahore City, University of Punjab (Phase II) and Government Superior Service Communities.


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Coronavirus cases in Pakistan increased to 18806, the death rate reached 432 | Instant News

Islamabad [Pakistan]May 3 (ANI): The number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has risen to 18,806 while the number of deaths has increased to 432.

According to the latest data on Dawn, 6854 cases have been reported from Punjab, 7102 cases from Sindh, 2907 from KP and 1172 from Balochistan.

In Sindh, 20 percent of all samples tested were positive again in one day.

Doctors from the Grand Health Alliance (GHA) ended their visit 16 days after successful talks with the Punjab Health Department.

The Department of Health and Special Medical Education (SHCME) and the Large Health Alliance (GHA), on Friday, reached an agreement on the latest demands and consequently announced the end of their visit to the Health Secretariat, reported The News International.

In the past 24 hours, 18 health workers, including 15 doctors, have tested positive.

In another important development, according to the report, MPA PPP Surendar Valasai accused the federal government of discriminating against the Dalit / Registered Caste community, which approached half of Pakistan’s total non-Muslim population by completely ignoring them in the proposed nominations. for the National Commission for Minority Rights (NCMR). (ANI)


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The Grand Health Alliance ended sitting after accepting the demands | Instant News

LAHORE: The Department of Health and Special Medical Education (SHC & ME) and the Great Health Alliance (GHA), reached an agreement on Friday about the latest demands and consequently announced the end of their visit at the Health Secretariat. The Secretary of the SHC & ME Department Nabeel A. Awan held a conclusive negotiation with the GHA Friday night and both of them signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). Additional Secretary (D&F) of SHC & ME Dr. Asif Tufail and GHA representatives including the Association of Young Doctors (YDA) Punjab Senior Vice President (SVP) Dr. Shoaib Niazi, Association of Young Nurses (YNA) Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) President Ms. Shazia, Punjab Paramedical Staff Association (PPSA) President Lahore Arshad Butt participated in the meeting.

Under the agreement, the department will examine closely the death of the nursing staff, Ms Sadaf Jamil, who served in the DHQ teaching hospital, Gujrat, in Corona Ward and died while on duty and after being examined, she will be declared Shaheed if the cause of death is proven to be a Covid-19 infection .

The department will design a mechanism to ensure gradual screening of doctors and other health providers.

To ensure the availability of fair Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all health service providers according to World Health Organization (WHO) criteria, a committee at the hospital level will be formed and representatives will be ensured from doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to monitor the optimal distribution of PPE. The GHA will nominate three people for each hospital and one of them will be nominated by the Chief Medical Inspector.

Hospitals / special facilities will be provided for doctors affected positively without symptoms and other health care providers at the division level or wherever needed.

Double basic payments will be given to all health professionals, who deal with positive corona patients who are determined according to the roster, attendance list and clinical record, issued by the head of the department (HoD) and related institutions. A detailed methodology will be issued by the department to ensure a fair, easy and transparent method.

Life insurance for Covid-19 disease for all health professionals working in hospitals has been approved by the cabinet and will be implemented.

A committee consisting of retired professors / principals, a department official and a GHA representative will be formed to examine cases of termination of designated ad-hoc doctors, cause-effect notifications from doctors and nurses, paramedic suspensions and extension of ad-hoc appointments , and notify the department. The cases of Dr. Mahmood Asad, Dr. Asad Shah, Dr. Atif Majeed, Ms. Rozina and Ms. Khalida (nursing staff) will, in particular, be discussed and decided on priorities within two weeks.


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Crickets are great for interacting with online teams | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Great Pakistani cricket players including Javed Miandad and Wasim Akram will hold online sessions with current and emerging red and white ball cricket to help them stay focused and make optimal use of time during locking.

The session was organized by the national management team in collaboration with PCB (International Cricket Operations) as they sought new ways to ensure elite players and future prospects remained connected to the game during this testing period. Besides Javed and Wasim, Mohammad Yousuf, Moin Khan, Mushtaq Ahmed, Rashid Latif, Shoaib Akhtar and Younis Khan will also share their insights about the game.

Sessions will be run by category with Javed, Yousuf and Younis talking with about 21 batsmen in three different sessions while Wasim and Shoaib will give talks to 13 fast bowlers. Six spinners will attend a session to be run by Mushtaq while Moin and Rashid will hold a session for five goalkeepers.

Javed will arrange the ball rolling when he gives his lecture today (Monday) afternoon. Wasim will be connected to fast bowler on Tuesday, followed by Rashid and Mushtaq sessions with goalkeepers and spinners respectively on Wednesday and Thursday.

Pakistan’s head coach and chief voter Misbahul Haq said: “I thank the leading cricket players who agreed to share their experiences with young and emerging stars. These supporters have many inspirational stories and motivations to share with this young group and I want the players today to absorb what they take from these world-class players. “

“We have to plan with the mindset that the British series will advance. A number of these greats have been part of the series winning team in England and, therefore, their insight into how to plan and prepare for the series will be very valuable. “Online lectures will not be limited to this cricket and we hope to ask for a few more, depending on availability and our requirements.”

Javed Miandad said: “I hope to get involved with these players and hope I will be able to give them another perspective that can improve the performance of individuals and their teams.”

Rashid Latif said: “Wicketkeepers have an enhanced role in modern cricket. Now, they are expected to contribute with bats too, something that me and Moin succeeded in the 90s. “Naseem Shah, the youngest to take the Test hat-trick, said:” This is an interesting initiative. I can spend all week listening to these greats. They have become role models for most of us and sharing their success stories with us is a brilliant idea. “


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