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Germany’s Greens go mainstream | Germany | News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | Instant News

The Greens aim high. The main message from their party’s conference at the weekend: “We’ve been at odds for a long time. It’s time to move into the driver’s seat.”

Germany goes to the polls in September and the Greens remain steady at around 20% in opinion polls, despite having to hand over most of the publicity to the government in the COVID-19 crisis.

Their main priority now is not to lose hard-earned results with voters. They aim to be part of the next German government, either with the conservative CDU and CSU as partners or, in a much less likely scenario, in a coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Left Party.

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The Greens have softened their stance on a number of issues for the latest manifesto, a process that previously would have resulted in lengthy and divisive debate.

For example, parties no longer reject ideas genetically modified crops out of control, despite his skeptical position.

He also found ways to streamline his policies on its core issue, the climate. It continues support demand by the Fridays for Future movement so that the planet does not heat up by more than one and a half degrees Celsius. But also explained that he could live with two degrees, the maximum allowed in the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The message is clear: The Party will no longer cut its own loose negotiations by imposing fundamental demands. Because if the trend continues, the Greens will emerge from the September polls stronger than ever … though not strong enough to do it alone.

Compromise without controversy

These measures were adopted at the weekend without major debate. One reason for this is the number of young people who have joined the party in recent years. They don’t want a truck with the old and often absurd trench wars between fundamentalists and realists, between dreamers and pragmatists. There is no industry resistance, no massive demands for an end to the automotive society.

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Instead, the party has taken a step toward elements of society that are often skeptical of it: “Our new manifesto is an offer for you, us, for everyone,” said co-leader Annalena Baerbock. That thought was echoed by the other co-leaders,Robert Habeck, when he says that the most important task is to find a common language and set goals that will win the approval of as many people as possible.

While the CDU’s search for a new leader, and therefore to become Germany’s new chancellor, descends into public squabbles, the Greens have found a new sense of unity.

But the election year 2021 still poses a risk for the Greens, who must quickly commit to one leader or another. Robert Habeck is better known and more popular among voters however Annalena Baerbock is a party darling.If the party can settle this argument without destroying itself, very little will stand between that and a role in government.

A survey in September 2020 saw Robert Habeck gaining a lot of support to become the Green Party’s top candidate for next year’s election

Can the party prove its courage in a crisis?

Times have changed since the last party in government, between 1998 and 2005. Back then, the SPD’s junior partners and were seen as left-wing breakers who almost always had to operate from a minority position.

Today, it holds the reins of power in several federal states and has credible experts in all areas of politics. His instincts felt confirmed by the COVID-19 crisis. When the emergency subsides, the need to reform our business, society and culture, in general, will top the list.

The party must hold back its courage in these difficult times, as Europe sees a revival of nationalism and populism, the pandemic underscores a growing chasm between rich and poor, and the European Union threatens to collapse under its feet. Restless governance is the last thing that is needed.

It seems the party leadership has caught on. Whether that could turn those findings into reality was anyone’s guess. But organizations that were once considered the “anti-party party” have never had a better chance.

This article was translated from German.


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The New Zealand government has rejected calls to increase welfare payments | Instant News

In the first month since New Zealand’s October 17 election, the reformed Labor-Green government has shown its pro-business color, as it implements corporate elite demands for deeper austerity measures against the working class.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last week flatly rejected requests from 59 organizations, including trade unions, charities and poverty action groups, to raise welfare payments before Christmas to tackle mass unemployment and impoverishment.

Through the Aotearoa ActionStation umbrella group [New Zealand], the group published an open letter saying the situation was “urgent.” Families are “pushed into poverty” by job loss under COVID-19, coupled with long-term stagnant salaries and high housing costs. The low level of welfare benefits means that “today, hundreds of thousands of children are limited by poverty, despite the best efforts of parents.”

Jacinda Ardern (AP Photo)

The letter did not come from opponents of the coalition government but from allies who have campaigned for its re-election – and donated tens of thousands of dollars to Labor, in the case of trade unions – on the false premise that a “progressive” government would be open to pressure from the “left”. In the most amiable terms, the letter pleads for action to “help achieve your vision of making Aotearoa the best place to be a child.”

Ardern responded by ruling out increasing the core benefits. At a post-cabinet press conference on November 9, he stated: “It will not be a problem that is resolved in one week or one month or even one term.” Ardern had promised during the 2017 election campaign that he would lead a “transformative” government dedicated to eliminating child poverty and the housing affordability crisis.

The government’s Welfare Advisory Group in 2019 recommended an additional $ 5.2 billion a year for social welfare, with an immediate increase in main benefits ranging from 17 to 47 percent, and indexing benefits to average wages. The government supports indexation and increases benefits by just $ 25 a week, but rules out further increases as “not fiscally sustainable.”

Labor and Greens, now without NZ First as government partners, were reinstated after Labor won a majority of seats, including many in wealthy areas previously held by the conservative National Party. After two weeks of coalition negotiations, a deal with the Greens was secured to put a false “progressive” face onto the government’s agenda.


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The Socialist Equality Group webinar discusses the New Zealand and US elections | Instant News

The Socialist Equality Group (SEG), a supporter of New Zealand’s Fourth International Committee, held a public webinar on November 8 entitled “For a socialist program against the right-wing agenda of the New Zealand Labor government.” The meeting debunked propaganda portraying Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government as a compassionate and progressive government, and highlighted New Zealand’s growing integration into the US war plan.

For a socialist program against the far-right agenda of the Labor Party

Its chairman, SEG member Matthew Carrington, began by pointing out that the meeting was held during the historic crisis of democracy in the United States. Earlier in the day Joe Biden finally announced victory in the US presidential election four days earlier. Seated President Donald Trump refuses to give up and has made the unsubstantiated claim that he lost to “voter fraud.”

Cheryl Crisp, national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) stressed that, contrary to the claims made by Jacobin and another pseudo-left organization, Democrats do not represent lesser crime. Biden is preparing a “form of national unity administration” with direct Republican involvement. Crisp points to the outburst of anger by leading Democrats against socialism, highlighting the party’s ruthless hostility to any policy to tackle social inequality.

Crisp explained that Democrats underestimated Trump’s threat of a coup and his push for fascist militias, because “they are so much more afraid of the movement of workers and young people than of carrying out Trump’s fascist coup.”

Cheryl Crisp

The two sides “approached the pandemic from the point of view not of saving lives but of saving profits,” said Crisp. Democrats support the Trump administration’s multi-trillion dollar bailout for big business – its main response to the pandemic – while rejecting serious steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Nearly a quarter of a million people in the US alone have died from COVID-19 and poverty and inequality are rising as a result of this bipartisan policy.

SEG member John Braddock explained that, contrary to Ardern’s description of New Zealand as “an oasis of calm in a chaotic and difficult world”, the country is not isolated from the worsening global economic, social and geopolitical crisis. In the past three years, the Ardern government has increasingly integrated New Zealand into US preparations for war against China.

International headlines glorify Jacinda Ardern

The Trump administration openly intervened after the 2017 New Zealand election, through its ambassador, to support the formation of a Labor-led coalition that includes the NZ First Party, right-wing nationalists. Washington prefers the Labor-NZ First government because both sides have opposed strengthening business ties with China previously led by the National Party.


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The New Zealand government promised stronger US ties after Biden was elected | Instant News

On Sunday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joined her Australian counterpart and other members of the US-led Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance to congratulate Democrat Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris on her victory in the US presidential election.

Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden meets Kenosha residents at the Grace Lutheran Church in Kenosha, Wis., Thursday, September 3, 2020. (AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster)

An unprecedented political crisis continues in the US, where President Donald Trump makes the baseless claim that he lost because of “fraud”. His legal team, backed by prominent figures in the Republican Party, is pursuing court action aimed at disqualifying the vote for Biden in a state where he won a narrow majority.

Ardern stated: “The relationship between our two countries is strong, and I look forward to developing closer ties with the future Biden administration.” New Zealand will work with the US on a range of issues “including prosperity, security and sustainability in the Indo-Pacific and Pacific Islands”.

Significantly, Ardern also said New Zealand “enjoyed positive and cooperative relations with the United States during the Trump administration period, particularly in the Indo-Pacific and Pacific Islands region.”

New foreign minister Ardern Nanaia Mahuta also told the media: “New Zealand has enjoyed very strong relations with America and under the Trump administration we enjoy the ability to reinforce our common interests.”

Ardern, whose Labor Party was re-elected on October 17 with a majority of seats in parliament, is still falsely portrayed in the world media as a progressive and compassionate leader – the antithesis of Donald Trump.

Asked by Radio NZ on Monday if he was concerned about Trump’s refusal to give up, Ardern replied: “No.” He downplayed the crisis in the US, flatly arguing that “every democracy will have its own process” and that post-election litigation was “unusual”.


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The Green Party supports a New Zealand charity call to strip benefits ahead of Christmas | Instant News

Aotearoa New Zealand Green Feast

The Green Party supports calls by 40 welfare and poverty organizations to increase income support payments to help lift families out of poverty before Christmas.

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson said today:

“The Christmas period should be a happy time for families in New Zealand, not a time of aggravating stress for many.

“With the Greens in Government last season, we managed to achieve significant improvements to the social safety net. This includes building a blueprint for ensuring a compassionate support system, increasing profits by $ 25 a week, and ending cruel and unnecessary sanctions.

“But we know that if we want to meet the scale of poverty in this country, we need to do more.

“With rents rising, more and more people are losing their jobs, and because additional support provided through schools is not available during the holiday period, the Government needs to act immediately to ensure that people can meet their basic needs.

“This is a public health issue and, in the same way that we all come together to fight COVID-19, we must come together to fight debilitating poverty.

“That’s why during elections we proposed a Guaranteed Minimum Income of at least $ 325 a week, paid for by a small contribution by the richest 6% of New Zealand’s people.

“We support the call to Labor to increase benefits. Everyone should live with dignity in this country. The Green Party will continue to push for poverty alleviation, so that we can all move forward ”.

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