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5 Holiday Gifts Every Fashion Lover Will Appreciate | Instant News

While this holiday season is a little like previous years, we remain committed to fun and style. Our gift-giving spirit? Intact. And for party style, festive essential style is key. This year, think of home party wear like matching sets and sleek accessories to replace the tight range of cocktail dresses and heels. Don’t worry – twisted details like sequins and rhinestones are still there, but in a simple way that suits the season. Up ahead, find the five most luxurious gifts from Guess for fashion lovers on your list. From denim adorned with rhinestone to bags and boots with crocodile embossed, these elegant gifts will make a name for themselves, guaranteed.

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Rhinestone Trucker Denim Jacket

$ 128, guess.com

Give it some casual glamor this season with this rhinestone denim jacket. Style it up with your favorite jeans for a casual-chic look, double denim, or pop the dazzling factor by wearing a satin slip dress or midi skirt and turtleneck combo.

Stephi Top-Handle Flap Bag

$ 98, guess.com

With its timeless top handle silhouette, this crocodile embossed handbag is the definition of luxe. With polished hardware details and a sleek “G” emblem, it pairs beautifully with party pieces as well as a cozy winter staple.

Over The Knee Boots Bonis Croc Stiletto

$ 169, guess.com

The style buffs on your list will agree: These boots are made for walking, sure. But they’re even nicer for home party photos on Instagram. Whether styled in a ball gown or paired with jeans and a fun top, they all look great for any winter occasion.

Watches are Silver

$ 225, guess.com

You will dazzle a fashion fanatic with this massive timepiece, embellished with shimmering rhinestones. Styled alone or with a jewelery mix, this is a timeless way to enhance the glamor factor of any outfit.

Star Sequins Top & Flare Pants

$ 89, guess.com; $ 118, guess.com

From cashmere coordinates to tie-dye sweat sets, every fashionista knows that a two-piece look to match is a must this season. This glitter sequin set is the perfect choice for any time of the day. For the best holiday ensemble, pair it with a pair of stiletto boots (like the crocodile boots above). All that was left was a bubble flute in hand.

Laura Lajiness is a freelance writer and editor covering fine fashion, accessories and jewelery (she also writes beauty puzzles and travel essays occasionally).

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Ortery Launches StylePad to Support Fashion E-Commerce | Instant News

Ortery StylePad photo: Ortery Technologies

Photography is an important aspect of selling any product in digital commerce, and Ortery Technology, which runs offices in Irvine, California, and Taiwan, has focused on developing automated photography tools such as desktop photo booths, camera control software, and other items that allow digital commerce entrepreneurs to take pictures of their inventory. Enterprise fashion clients included Guess, O’Neill and Bloomingdale’s.

Ortery has recently announced a release StylePad to support digital mode trading, according to Ortery’s statement. StylePad focuses on creating a flat image of clothing – an image that is displayed on a neutral background without a model. Nevertheless, the StylePad shooting frames help create the kind of photo that looks like clothes floating in the air, said Sam Shearer, Ortery’s managing director. “By letting clothes hang naturally, StylePad allows users to photograph clothes in their best condition,” he said.

In order to operate the StylePad, Ortery recommends placing the garment or accessory on the background cloth, adjusting the StylePad to the desired angle and then taking the picture. The 53-by-75-inch StylePad shooting frame is large enough to shoot full-sized clothing, Shearer said.

Ortery also recommends using the StylePad in conjunction with the company’s LiveStudio LED lights to control lighting.


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6 Cowboys games will most likely be in primetime if played throughout the season | Instant News

There is still a big question whether the NFL 2020 season has a big chance to start on the kickoff weekend. The Covid-19 pandemic is still at the forefront and centered on thought and safety must remain a top priority because the nation is looking for ways to return to normalcy. Schedule Discharge Day, set for Thursday night at 7:00 at night. Central, is likely to be the last major event on the NFL calendar for a while, so it must be celebrated as a bastion of hope that it conveys.

Hope it has a greater impact than usual. Most teams look at their schedule and hope to identify their way to the playoffs. Now the team and fans will see the schedule and hope they will get the full 16 matches in rather normal conditions because that means the country has defeated its biggest enemy.

The highlight of this release is almost always the most exciting fight that is placed in the primetime slot on Sunday and Monday nights, and Cowboys are no strangers to such recognition, routinely reaching the maximum number of games a team can display, five.

We take the time to review the 2020 Cowboys opponents list to make an educated guess about the fight that is most appropriate for primetime television.

House: Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Cardinals, 49ers, Browns, Steelers and Falcons

Far: Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Seahawks, Rams, Vikings, Bengals and Ravens

Dallas vs Giants New York

Clear choice. The Cowboys and Giants have started season six of the last eight years, yes, but they have played at primetime time at least once every season every year since 2006.

The director of social media Giants, of course, is ready for what seems inevitable.

The natural tendency is to predict the Cowboys and Giants in the opening match on Sunday or Monday night, but there is a real possibility that the schedule is full of NFC vs. AFC battles, which means it has to wait until the end of the season. If the NFL has a schedule ready to cancel up to the first seven matches of the season, this match will be scheduled for December. With the possibility of a game scheduled for contingencies, like The California and New York teams must move home matches, can the league consider trying to arrange an end-of-season match in cities with warm weather?

Maybe fans should plan for the December primetime match at AT&T Stadium according to schedule.


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The Alton Spouse Shares a Look in Service and Business in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | Instant News

Alton Spouse Shares Look in Services and Businesses in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | RiverBender.com


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