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Eppley Airfield vacation trip in 2020 | Instant News

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Fewer people are passing through Eppley Airfield during this year’s holiday period, which begins December 18 and ends January 3. to go through Omaha airport during this time. That’s a 56% drop from 235,000 passengers during the holiday season last year. From the spread of COVID-19 across the country, Eppley Airfield is keeping its COVID security measures in place to promote a safe and healthy travel environment. Some of the measures include increased cleaning of common points of contact, non-contact technology, hand sanitizing stations, promotion of social distancing, and the requirement to cover the face. “We want to make sure travelers know that the airport provides a safe and healthy environment and to make sure they have confidence in the flying experience,” McCoy said. Health experts once again urge people to stay home and celebrate only with their immediate family. But with millions of Americans still expected to fly this holiday season, they’re imploring travelers to follow health guidelines at airports. diseases at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. “Standing in line at security or getting on the plane, these are places where people continue to congregate close to each other and this is where we are most concerned.” He says you should also take into consideration who is going to be at your vacation gathering. If a friend or family member is at higher risk of COVID-19, you should reconsider your own presence. Said Dr Rupp. He also mentioned that a COVID vaccine is being rolled out across the country, we hope next year’s Christmas will be very different from this one. Steve McCoy also reminds travelers, as it is winter, travelers should always check the weather and stay in contact with their airline to check the status of their flight. Copyright 2020 WOWT. All rights reserved. .

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Hands of Mercy serves through mobile soup kitchens, 02 Oct | News | Instant News

Food insecurity and hunger are ongoing social and public health problems affecting millions of people across the country. In recent months, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have turned to food banks to help feed their families.

Locally, Hands of Mercy believes in meeting the Lincoln Countians’ real needs by providing food aid and utility bills. There are income guidelines to qualify for this assistance. The center previously helped people who needed clothing; however, Tina Hudson, president and director of the Outreach Center, said they were moving clothes to make room for more food.

Another outreach program offered by Hands of Mercy is the Mobile Food Pantry, which enables elderly people to live on a steady income, working poor people who have difficulty making ends meet even if they are working, etc. To receive food.

“Our Mobile Food Pantry allows us to help people who don’t normally qualify,” said Hudson, adding that this outreach was covered by funds through the Second Harvest Food Bank.

The next Mobile Food Pantry will be offered on Friday, October 2. In-person pre-registration is set for September 22, 24 and 29 from 9am to 3pm at 101 Easy Street in Fayetteville. Proof of Lincoln County residence (FPU or water bill) and ID must be presented.

Pre-registration allows workers to distribute food evenly, which will include fruits, vegetables and perishable products as well as items that are not perishable. Then, on that Friday, the client won’t have to queue; they just go through and receive food.

The Hands of Mercy Center is located at Hope Assembly Church and is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 3pm. It is not part of a single church in Lincoln County but is a community non-profit organization supported by many churches, different organizations, businesses and individuals. They rely on volunteers, and according to Hudson, are always looking for people to help. He said the center was a great service project for students or for those who enjoy helping others. For additional information or to volunteer, call 931-433-4263.


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Security will be tightened for Grand Island High School’s home football game Grand Island Local News | Instant News

As a result, those who do not have tickets will be asked to leave.

The Islanders host Omaha Westside at 7pm Friday. GIPS official Jennifer Worthington indicated there will only be one other home game after Friday.

GISH hosts a match against Lincoln Pius X on September 4. At that match, several fans watched from outside the stadium, looking through the fence.

In the next two home games, it will not be allowed “due to added safety. Due to the social media posts we see, no one is allowed on our property outside the stadium. So basically, nothing is allowed on GISH properties unless they have tickets, ”said Worthington, who is head of strategic partnerships and stakeholder engagement.

According to comments online, fans seated outside the stadium are charged $ 5 at the September 4 match.

Worthington did not want to mention which game.

“But we did have a soccer game where some of the parents outside the fence were sued by GIPS employees without permission,” Worthington said. And that person has apologized and sent the money back.

In Wednesday’s announcement, titled “An open letter to the Grand Island community,” the district stated, “Our top priority this school year at Grand Island Public Schools is to keep the school open and safe so students can study in person. Due to the hard work of our teachers, school leaders, families and students, we have succeeded through six weeks of learning in the school. We want to continue building on this important momentum.


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Travel baseball team successfully plays season while following COVID-19 guidelines | Instant News

CLEVELAND – With the Major League Baseball a few days before its official return, other levels of the sport are also progressing, including travel baseball. A league in the Cleveland area has flourished, despite the uncertainties of playing in the midst of a pandemic. The Stingrays travel baseball team and 11 other league teams used guidelines issued by Governor Mike DeWine and found a way By wearing masks to and from matches, taking social distances in the shelter, so far, things have worked well for the team. It has been almost two months since the league resumed play and there has not been a single positive case of COVID-19 on the Stingrays. Parents of itinerant baseball team players said they believed that as long as precautions were taken – such as wearing a mask, washing your hands regularly and staying home when sick -, sports and the public. , can cross the pandemic. .

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Tank issues 15 guidelines for cases of sexual violence | Instant News

The judge issues directives for the collection, packaging and transportation of evidence


Lahore: The Lahore high court (LHC) justice with Tariq Saleem Sheikh, in his verdict he gave, issued 15 guidelines for collecting, packaging and transporting evidence in cases of sexual violence.

He heard after his arrest, the matter of bail of the accused in the alleged rape of a ten-year minor son of the Complainant. The FIR was registered on 2 Aug 2019, in police station Dijkot, Faisalabad district.

In the first guideline, the results of the evaluation of evidence of sexual violence kit (SAECK) was developed for the efficient collection of evidence from victims of sexual violence. Evaluation results SAECKs should always be used for the collection and packaging of physical evidence in rape cases.

Second, the clothing the victim wore during the assault should be collected and packaged in a sleeve that is represented in sexual assault evidence.

Third, evidence should be collected only after careful evaluation of the assault and after it was obtained if possible. Documentation, usually referred to forensic medical examination or certificate (Doc) must contain specific information about the assault, what items were collected during the exam, and personal information of the victim. Before collecting physical evidence, forensic experts must consider several factors to help guide their collection and treatment. These factors may include the attack activity, the time elapsed after the attack, after the attack activities, age and sex of the victim. In addition, the collection of evidence should be guided by the background of the story, paying particular attention to the actions of the suspect during the assault. If the victim couldn’t remember the full story as a result of injury or pre-existing mental incapacity, a full range of samples should be collected with the assistance of the physical assessment.

Additional considerations before collecting the sample should include the victim after the attack. Activities that may affect the collection of evidence includes bathing, brushing your teeth, rinse mouth, vomiting, douching, urination and defecation. Careful consideration of activities assault and post-assault activities before collecting the specimen is vital.

Furthermore, the internal tampons, for example, of the intimate parts of the body or breath can still be viable to collect even after the soul of the victim depends on the duration and thoroughness of cleaning and the attack.

Meanwhile, clothes and napkins should always be collected and submitted for DNA analysis, regardless of the time elapsed since the rape.

Elements of evidence were collected from the point of view of recovery, so foreign to the victim as DNA during the collection process. Therefore, measures should be taken to concentrate foreign material, using the least number of sticks needed for family web sites.

Published in the Express Tribune, 27 Juneth, 2020.


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