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Famous Pakistani TikTok star Muskan and 3 friends were shot dead in a brazen attack in Karachi | Instant News

The screengrab is taken from the last TikTok Muskan and Amir videos.

Gulf Today report

Four Pakistani TikTokers, including famous social media stars Muskan Sheikh and Amir Khan were shot dead in the Karachi Park neighborhood, police officials said.

According to police, the four were on their way by car when unidentified people opened fire on them, killing Muskan Sheikh on the spot while three others, Syed Rehan Shah, Amir Khan and Saddam Hussein, died of their later wounds.

Police believe that the attackers followed the car and attacked them near the Ankalsaria Hospital with a 9mm pistol. The tragic incident occurred at around 4:50 a.m., police said, adding that the killers first shot and killed Muskan in a car and then chased and shot the three.


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Police said Muskan died on the spot while the rest died from their wounds at a hospital in Karachi.

The Sarfaraz Nawaz District Municipal SSP told media that it appeared to be a case of personal hostility as they were chased and killed by gunmen, but nothing can be conclusively said until the investigation is over.

The officer said police were analyzing footage from a nearby CCTV camera, and claimed to have found about nine empty bullets from a 9mm pistol from the crime scene and sent them to the forensics division for ballistic cross-matching.

A police source said that all those who died were Tikokers. They had left hours after Muskan and Amir Khan recorded and uploaded a TikTok video at Saddam Hussain’s house.

Police have also obtained another video showing Muskan and Amir who were shot before the attack but has not yet been uploaded on the social media platform.

Muskan is a divorced mother from a small child and lives in the Landhi neighborhood, Saddam is from Gulshan-e-Ghazi, while Amir is a resident of Nayabad, and Rehan is from Rashidabad.

The police said that Muskan and Amir were good friends while they were also friends with Rehan and Saddam. The police added that Amir was also attacked five months ago by Rehman alias Shahji, a friend of Muskan.

The gruesome CCTV footage from the crime scene circulating on social media shows the injured victims cowering in pain, desperate for help, while the on-site police display their traditional indifference and recklessness for emergency situations and continue to speak to each of them at the crime scene waiting for an ambulance, instead of taking them to the hospital with their cell phones.


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News of end of travel ban leads Saudis to search for flight options | Instant News

JEDDAH: Saudis leaving the Kingdom after March 31 will not need a COVID-19 vaccine to travel, a spokesperson for the Saudi Ministry of Health said on Saturday. “There is no requirement that you have to be vaccinated to travel. Studies on this subject are still in progress. This question is related to the Kingdom. Other countries could apply it, but there is no condition in the Kingdom so far, ”said Dr Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly. The Health Passport is a unique service delivered by the Ministry of Health’s “Twakkalna” app in cooperation with the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence and other entities. It is important that vaccine recipients have their appointments documented. The ministry on Saturday registered 110 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Saudi Arabia, bringing the total number of infections to 363,692. recorded the highest number of cases with 40 cases, while Mecca reported 31, and the Eastern Province and Medina region saw 12 each. Hail, the northern border region and Al-Jouf recorded no cases. FASTFACTS • The ministry recorded 110 new cases of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia on Saturday. • The Kingdom has recorded one of its lowest death rates in weeks. • There are now 2,024 active cases, of which 308 are in intensive care. There are now 2,024 active cases, of which 308 are in intensive care, and 174 new cases have been registered, bringing the total number of healings to 355,382. The Kingdom’s recovery rate remains steady at 97.7%. recorded one of its lowest death rates in weeks after just four new coronavirus-related deaths were reported, bringing the death toll to 6,286. More than 11.3 million chain reaction tests per polymerase have been conducted in the Kingdom since the start of the pandemic, with 37,043 completed in the past 24 hours. .

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Flights to Saudi Arabia Resume as Kingdom Ends Temporary Travel Ban | Instant News

JEDDAH: For the second year in a row, Dakar Rally drivers are expected to cover 8,000 km of Saudi land in a race not for the faint-hearted. Cities in Saudi Arabia are expected to welcome over 300 riders by bike, quad, car, UTV , trucks and this year’s new category, classic vehicles. The race will start and end at the Red Sea, with the first leg kick off from Jeddah on January 3 and the final leg from Yanbu to Jeddah on January 15. Organized by the Ministry of Sports in coordination with the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (SAMF), the pilots will be absent for 13 days and will go through 12 different stages before reaching the finish line.Among the participants, the veteran of the rally Yazeed Al-Rajhi and fourth in last year’s rally set off with co-driver Dirk Von Zitzewitz, a Dakar legend who has taken part in more than 10 Dakar events. A number of Saudi rally drivers will also participate, with names such as Mishal Alghunaim, Abdulmajeed Alkhulaifi and Fawaz Altoaimi. In his second year of participation, Yasir Alseaidan will join fellow rally drivers Mohammed and Waleed Al-Tuwaijri, Faisal Mohammed Ftyh and Abdul Aziz Al-Yaeesh. Toyota driver Yazeed Al-Rajhi from Saudi Arabia and co-driver Dirk von Zitzewitz from Germany compete in the prologue near Jeddah on the eve of the rally. (AFP) In its first leg, drivers will set off from Jeddah heading south to Bisha, passing through valleys and rocky and rugged roads for a distance of 622 km, with a special distance estimated at 277 km. The second stage will start from Bisha and head east towards Wadi Ad-Dawasir through the sand dunes, covering a total distance of 685 km, including a special distance of 457 km. Competitors have to face rough roads before reaching sandy terrain near the valley. Wadi Ad-Dawasir, the third stage and a stage considered as a “loop” (start and end at the same bivouac site) will prepare the ground for the pilots face to face the high sand dunes of the empty district. Drivers must navigate through what is considered the largest sea of ​​sand in the world, covering 630 km, with a special distance of 403 km. Drivers returning to Wadi Ad-Dawasir will head due north on the fourth stage, towards the capital of the Kingdom. , Riyadh, for the longest stage of the Dakar Rally, with a total distance of 813 km and a special distance of 337 km. The variety of routes included in this stage will not allow participants to rest. Additionally, mistakes during this stage can lead to major setbacks as these routes are considered a transitional stage. HIGHLIGHTS • From NEOM to AlUla, the pilots leaving for the tenth stage will head for the hills, crossing some of the most beautiful panoramas in the Kingdom. • From the majestic AlUla terrain, heading towards the Red Sea coast, the pilots will chart their course towards Yanbu before heading to Jeddah in their final and final confrontation on January 15th. In the fifth stage of the race, the riders will set off on a long and arduous journey from Riyadh to Al-Qaisumah in the northeast of the Kingdom on January 7 with an estimated distance of 622 km and a special distance of 456 km. . The sixth stage will start towards Hail, covering 618 km and a special distance of 448 km. The drivers will cross a sandy road in Hail, testing their driving skills and abilities, in the various categories of the race. At the end of this stage, the competitors will be able to enjoy a day of rest in the city, the seventh stage will leave Hail on January 10 towards Sakaka, one of the northernmost cities of the Kingdom, for a total distance of 737 km. special distance of 471 km. The eighth stage will see the riders depart from Sakaka towards NEOM on January 11, with a total distance of 709 km and a special distance of 375 km. In the second “loop” stage of the rally, and for one of the most difficult stages due to the diversity of the terrain, the pilots will start from NEOM and will go around the various mountainous terrains to the shores of the Sea of ​​Rea, with a total distance of 579 km and a special distance of 456 km. from NEOM to AlUla, the pilots leaving for the tenth stage will head up the hills, crossing some of the most beautiful views of the Kingdom. From the majestic terrain of AlUla, returning to the coast of the Red Sea, the drivers will establish their route towards Yanbu before heading to Jeddah on their last and final clean showd on January 15th.

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VIDEO: Brother saves young sister from being hit by a pickup truck in Brazil | Instant News

Screenshot taken from video.

Gulf Today report

In an incident that causes the heart to stop beating, a teenager saves his younger sister from being hit by a pickup truck in Brazil.

The incident took place in Rondonopolis. The boy runs across the road, risking his life, to save his sister from being hit by a vehicle. The boy was praised as a hero among the local population for his courageous actions.

Video footage shows the young girl exiting the supermarket running across to the other side of the road. Her brother came out. An older woman is also seen in the frame. The young girl tries to cross the road to her brother but a sedan passes by.

Brazil-Crash-2Screenshot taken from video.

The girl tried a second time thinking the way was clear, but in an instant a pickup slid into the frame prompting her brother to run across the street and lead him to safety. The truck stopped one meter apart from the scene.

A shop camera recorded the entire incident. The shop owner says what the man is doing is heroic.

He gave her a second live. Good thing no one was hurt. Authorities urged residents to remain extra careful around children and not let them roam alone.

Social media users praised the teenager for his quick thinking.


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92 percent of survey respondents said Karachi City was the best place to live | Instant News

Aerial view of the City of Light (Karachi).

Tariq Butt, Correspondent

A survey found 9 out of every 10 Karachi residents said the large city was conducive to living but expressed strong concern over a lack of sanitation and high crime rates.

More than 500 people from all over Karachi took part in the poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan which was held from 27 October to 17 November 2020.

Regarding the standard of living question, 94 percent of respondents considered the city ideal for neighbors and 92 percent expressed their own preference for the City of Light.

Screen Shot 20201220 at 42130pm

On the question of overall living standards, 87 percent of Karachi people said the city was conducive, 84 percent said the same for educating their children. As many as 75 percent indicated their preference for spending their life after retiring in the city, while 73 percent expressed their preference for Karachi because of better job opportunities.

KarachiSeaview17% said Ocean View was their favorite spot in the City of Lights.

Nearly every nine out of ten residents of Karachi, ie 91 percent of respondents, expressed deep concern over sanitation and the lack of adequate arrangements for waste disposal and related problems.

As many as 81 percent of respondents complained about the high crime rate. 64 percent of survey agencies complained about the lack of adequate street lights, 62 percent because of poor traffic management, 53 percent complained about the unavailability of public transportation, 47 percent complained about inadequate health infrastructure, 46 percent worried about the lack of adequate number of parks in the area. cities, 40 percent complained of an inadequate number of fire tenders with firefighters, 37 percent expressed deep concern over the lack of proper academic infrastructure.

Screen Shot 20201220 at 42121 PM

As many as 27 percent of Karachi residents cited the lack of availability of drinking water as a major problem. Of these 16 percent of respondents thought unemployment was worrying, 11 percent were dissatisfied with the electricity supply, 8 percent complained about poor road conditions, 4 percent complained about inflation, 4 percent complained about overpopulation, 1 percent expressed concern over fuel shortages and 8 percent of respondents offered opinions vary.

For questions about the three good and bad aspects of the country’s largest metropolitan city, 17 percent of the poll expressed a preference for Sea View, 15 percent cited job opportunities, 10 percent found the city for a number of other reasons.

Regarding the negative aspects of Karachi, 19 percent of respondents don’t like anything in the city at all. As many as 32 percent said they were very uncomfortable with the lack of sanitation and garbage disposal. Likewise, 17 percent felt that they did not like the inadequate supply of electricity, 13 percent felt that poor infrastructure was a source of inconvenience.

KarachiaerialviewView from above the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi.

Responding to a question about feeling safe and insecure in Karachi in certain scenarios, every 8 out of ten respondents i.e. 82 percent of respondents declared themselves safe in their environment during the day, while 18 percent felt insecure. But at night, 63 percent found themselves safe in their environment, while only 37 percent felt that they were not.

Against a backdrop of violent crime, 60 percent declared themselves unsafe, but 40 percent considered them “safe and protected.” On the issue of crimes against property, 59 percent of pollsters consider themselves unsafe and 41 percent have no such complaint.


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