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Zaheer, Wasim, Waqar were happy with the inauguration of the Hall of Fame | Instant News

LAHORE: Pakistani cricket legends Zaheer Abbas, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis have expressed their joy at their inauguration at the PCB Hall of Fame. Former Pakistan captains Hanif Mohammad, Imran Khan and Javed Miandad were the three who were sworn in.

Zaheer, who played 78 Tests and 62 ODI, said: “I feel very humbled and at the same time happy to be included in the PCB Hall of Fame. Every sportsman dreams of recognition and recognition for his hard work. “

Wasim, who played 104 Tests and 356 ODI, said: “The induction at the PCB Hall of Fame is a great honor. I am sure that in time all Pakistani cricket legends will be included and will earn recognition for their service to the country and the game. “


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SC took the decision on the demolition of the wedding hall | Instant News


The Supreme Court upheld its ruling on Friday on a petition filed by the Korangi Wedding Room Association against the demolition of the wedding hall at Korangi Crossing.

A three-member bench, chaired by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed and consisting of Judge Ijazul Hassan and Judge Mazhar Alam, is hearing the defense at the SC Karachi registry.

Former Pakistani Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan, who debated the case on behalf of the association, argued that Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) rules allowed the status of residential plots to be commercialized. Because of that, according to him, the marriage room at Korangi Crossing was legal.

Hearing this, Judge Hassan said that anywhere in the world a master plan for a city is made only once and the city remains the same.

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“Not changing the status of residential lots will create problems of water scarcity and errors in the sewerage system of residential areas,” the court asked.

“All of the Defense Housing Authorities have been converted into commercial areas,” said CJP Ahmed. Entire cities will be turned into commercial areas if this continues, he added.

Judge Hassan said that the city had been completely transformed by changing the status of the settlement. The court directed the applicant’s counsel to present his arguments in writing and defend its decision on the defense.

Comfort plot

Hearing of another case, the top court issued a notice to the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Association (PECHS) and other relevant authorities of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s petition regarding the illegal occupation of an amenity plot near Jheel Park.

During the trial, KMC advisors argued that the amenity plots near Jheel Park were being used for residential purposes. This, according to him, violates the law because the status of the convenience plot cannot be changed.

The lawyer informed the judge that the Sindh High Court had accepted the petition submitted by the alot. He moved the court to declare the use of facility plots for housing purposes as illegal.

The court issued notices to PECHS and other relevant bodies, directing them to keep theme park status as is.

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Discharged railroad employees

Meanwhile, the judge rejected the application of a former railway department employee to his dismissal due to allegations of corruption.

The petitioner, Khan Bahadur, admitted to not having committed fraud worth Rs20 million and the charges against him were false. He said that train tickets had been transferred to Lahore but he was responsible for it.

However, Judge Hassan said that Bahadur was found guilty when the investigation was carried out and the investigating officers had determined that he was responsible for the irregularity.

The court rejected the defense and adjourned the trial.


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The SC ordered the removal of wedding halls from residential areas in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday observed that the Revenue Department, the Sindh Building Control Authority and the sub-registrar’s office in Karachi had become the place to print billions of rupees.

Hearing the petition against illegal encroachment on public parks and amenities in Karachi, the three-member Supreme Court judges, led by Supreme Court Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, took exception to Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah for not taking appropriate action to improve the country. Karachi’s affair despite court directions.

The court observed that the chief minister of Sindh was directed to submit a report regarding steps being taken to improve the situation in Karachi due to the complete collapse of all civilian bodies in the city, however, the CM report provided clear information. to the Revenue Council, SBCA and Karachi Water and Wastewater Council stating that “all is well” in the department.

The court observed that the Sindh Building Control Authority was acting on behalf of the builders and that they could permit the construction of buildings even in the Chief Minister’s House and the Supreme Court building.

The court observed that the SBCA offices and sub-registrars in the city had become the top places to print money and billions of rupees were accumulated by these departments.

The court took exception to the construction of a high-rise building in Shahra-e-Faisal near the Sindhi Muslim Housing Community by breaching a service road and asking the SCBA director general how multi-storey buildings were allowed to be built on it. manipulated and fake documents.

The court observed that there were other people involved in SBCA affairs behind the scenes and the role of DG SBCA was nothing but a stamp. The Court observed that DG SBCA should be aware that all its negligence in connection with the unauthorized construction award will lead to the registration of a National Accountability Bureau case. The court observed that it is time for high-ranking government officials to raise eyebrows as has happened in cities.

The court also ordered the Karachi commissioner to remove all wedding halls in residential areas regardless of jurisdiction and submit a compliance report. The court was notified that 158 ​​wedding halls on the facility grounds had been removed.

The court directed the marriage hall counselor in the Korangi area to debate how the status of the residential land could be converted into commercial purposes under the Sindh Building statutory regulations.

The court also took exception to the behavior of the Karachi commissioner in filing a compliance report on the court order and ordered the Sindh government to replace the commissioner with several capable officers, who had knowledge of Karachi affairs.

The court was notified that the illegal building had been removed from Bagh-e-Ibn Qasim and the YMCA area. The court directed the commissioners to restore parks and playgrounds in Bagh-e-Ibne Qasim and the YMCA and submitted a report in this regard.

The chief judge expressed surprise at the appointment of Mukhtiarkar Ferozabad in the East district by the Sindh Revenue Department for maintaining land records relating to the federal government and observing that he learned for the first time that Mukhtiarkar of the Revenue Department was operating. for land relating to federal territory. The Court observed that it was hoped that Mukthiarkar would be appointed to administer the DHA land.

Advocate General Sindh tries to defend Mukhtiarkar’s appointment under the Land Revenue Law because of land transfers. The court observed that the advocate general tried to defend the law, which did not apply on federal territory land.

The court observed that no one knew what was going on in the city and how much trouble residents faced when the courts themselves faced difficulties in resolving problems. The court directed the advocate general of Sindh, SBCA, to file a report regarding the approval of multi-storey buildings on the service road encroached on in the area as well as Mukhtiarkar BOR’s role on land associated with federal territory.

Regarding the operation of the Karachi Loop Railway, the court ordered the Border Works Organization to complete the underpass and flyovers for the smooth running of the Karachi Circular Railway within nine months. The Court was notified by the Railways Secretary that the circular rail was operating on a 30 kilometer line from Pipri to Kota Orangi while other services would operate upon completion of underpasses at 14 different places for the smooth running of the KCR.

The transportation secretary conveyed that the provincial government has released Rs25 million to the FWO for the underpass pre-design feasibility and a meeting is also scheduled for April 10 to discuss the construction of the underpass and overhead bridge.

The FWO representative stated that the organization will try to complete the project within the time given by the Supreme Court and in any case the FWO will hand over the construction project to Pakistan Railways within nine months. The advocate general, Sindh, said that the Sindh government would fencing the KCR line in a timely manner.


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Chesterfield’s first virtual food hall is ready to order | Instant News

“March 9, 2020 is a day I will never forget, I received a call from Chesterfield County Parks & Recreation and was told the Jefferson Cup Tournament was canceled at River City Sportsplex because of Covid-19, where we are managing a food concession contract for Chesterfield County, at under Curtmont’s Global Concessions division. It was the first of many important calls I will receive in the following weeks. The final call I will receive will end five years of successful operation of our Curtmont Concession business for a wide range of Sports, Business and Government entities. Like many other food service operations in the Richmond market and across the US, our business was closed due to the impact of Covid-19. We are in the middle of a pandemic; money slows down and the world as we once knew it will never be the same again. We had to spin to survive and that is how AM Kitchen was born, ”Stancil said in the release.


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The first ‘Karachi Marigold Festival’ kicks off at Frere Hall today | Instant News

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Garden & Horticulture Department held the first Karachi Marigold Festival at Frere Hall from Friday (today) to Sunday. Between 40,000 and 50,000 marigolds will be on display during the event.

A large number of nurseries as well as other related departments take part in this festival. Various stalls will also be set up for the event.

KMC administrator Laeeq Ahmed has asked people to attend the festival with their families and make it a success. He said a large number of marigolds had never been exhibited before at any festival in the city.

More than 40 parks in Karachi are under the administrative control of KMC. Garden & Horticulture Director Taha Saleem explains that in order to make the right decisions for city parks, he needs horticultural experts, so after serving as park director, he formed the Baghban Advisory Committee, “which is our core committee, our brain.”

He said the committee had horticultural experts, ecologists, soil experts and architects. “Every Monday we meet and discuss our long-term and short-term goals. Through this committee, the concept of this festival emerged. “The committee consists of media consultant Sheharyar Ali, member of the Pakistan Horticulture board Rafiul Haq, horticultural expert Tofiq Pasha, soil expert Dr Tahir, architects Faiz Qidwai and Tariq Alexander, UN representatives and other members.

Saleem gave an example that since the city was hit by a heat wave several years ago, residents were planting carelessly. “There is no planning; everyone had started planting wherever they wanted. We want to guide the public on how to do sustainable and long-lasting planting. “

He said through this festival they wanted to encourage seasonal planting. “We want people to realize that winter may not be the best time to plant, but it is the time to plant flowers like marigolds.”

He mentioned that after winter they plan to have another seasonal festival. Previously, he gave an example, because there were no mature decisions, the planting results were not good.

Saleem said preparations for the festival had started in October, but due to climate change, the timing of flowers fluctuated. “We’re telling people about planting this, and the private sector is getting on too. We hope to decorate the whole Frere Hall with marigolds.”

According to Ali from the supervisory committee, this festival is a revival of the KMC Department of Parks & Horticulture. “This will spread awareness about seasonal planting among the community.”

He explained that they had originally planned to plant trees, but after expert opinion decided to hold a marigold festival. He said the trees will be planted in the spring after consulting their technical committee.

He said that this year they had selected six main Karachi roads for planting, which students have also been involved in, adding that Sharea Faisal, Shahrah-e-Pakistan, Rashid Minhas Road, Malir Halt Road, University Road and Korangi Industrial Road had been surveyed. by students.

Ali said the survey results had been passed on to experts, and in April they planned to turn them green, adding that a list of about 100 native trees to be planted in different parts of the city had been prepared. “We moved from monoculture to tree planting.”

He also mentioned that there is a park ownership problem in the city, so to solve the problem they formed nine Baghban neighborhood committees.

He explained that their concept is to involve people from the neighborhood and community or regular park visitors. “Everything is voluntary. These committees are doing a wonderful job; they help us maintain the garden. “

He pointed out that park staff attendance and the performance of gardeners are also improving, saying that their target is to have a Baghban Environment Committee for each KMC park. “Anyone can be part of the committee; we have a WhatsApp group for each committee and I am also in the group. “

Meanwhile, Administrator Ahmed said that various companies and organizations are also taking part in the marigold festival. He has ordered his subordinates to provide all possible facilities to those who visit the program.

He said yellow and gold marigolds were winter gifts, adding that information about the flowers would also be provided to visitors to attract their interest.

He indicated that people’s interest would lead them to grow this flower in their homes and gardens. He hopes that this festival will become a role model and will be remembered by the public for a long time. KMC will hold this festival every year.


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