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The Beginner’s Guide to “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”: Must-attend All October Events | Instant News

Harry Potter: Wizards Now it has begun to celebrate October in a magical way.If you love Harry Potter And dreaming of joining the House of Representatives, this is the perfect time to join the team and have your sorting cap measure the real Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Gryffindor.

Harry Potter: Wizarding Unity Need your help!

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Harry Potter: A Beginner’s Guide to The Wizarding League: All October Events Must Be Participated

Since it is October, the whole Harry Potter: Wizarding Unity Will also change, slightly inclined to dark magic. If you think you are a Slytherin, you must participate in the October challenge throughout the game.

As of now, the first week of the Harry Potter Challenge has begun, initially starting on October 2 and ending on Monday, October 5.

If you still plan to participate in this event, then the challenge will take you with The Dark Arts Foundables on the weekend, including Thestrals, Percival Graves and Tom Riddle.

Players can also get dark art runestones after returning to the event trail.

Tasks and rewards:

  • Complete 10 magic challenges with 3 or more teammates-1 dragon claw fan
  • Defeat 25 enemies in the wizard challenge-6 snowdrops
  • Earn 2000 Dark Arts Family XP-2 powerful stimulating potions
  • Return 25 Portrait of Voldemort Builder-3 Dark Art Level 5 Runestones
  • Return 20 founders of Percival Graves -10 spell energy
  • Return 15 Tom Riddle’s founders-10 spell power

Going back to the third task, for many players, the Dark Arts Family XP earned at least 2,000 may be too big. However, the Wizarding Unity Center provides you with a quick reminder.

“In the next few days, return to every Dark Arts Foundable you find! This will help you get more Dark Arts XP now, which will help you get more Dark Arts Runestones. Once you are ready to place the image, stop. Start the weekend, and then put dark art images in the registry.” page.

All October events!

Harry Potter: A Beginner's Guide to The Wizarding League: All October Events Must Be Participated

(Photo: Harry Potter: Wizards)
Harry Potter: A Beginner’s Guide to The Wizarding League: All October Events Must Be Participated

Just in case you are no longer interested in participating in weekend activities, here is a complete list of other activities Harry Potter: Wizarding Unity October events you definitely want to try Game frenzy.

The first week of the Dark Rise and Glorious Event

Date and time: October 6th at 11:00 am Pacific Time to October 13th at 11:00 am Pacific Time

What you need to do: Help return the brilliant foundation from Knockturn Alley (including poachers and snatchers).

September Makeup Community Day

Date and time: 12:01am-11:59pm local time, October 17

What you need to do is: make sure your paperwork is in order, and step into the atrium of the ministries and commissions, where you can meet ministries and commissions, flock memos, etc.

October Community Day

Time: October 18th, 12:01am-11:59pm

What you need to do is: prepare for pranks and pranks and visit Weasley’s Wizarding Wind.

Rise of Darkness, Brilliant Event (Week 2)

Date and time: October 20, 11:00 AM, Pacific Time, U.S. to 11:00 AM, October 27, U.S. Pacific Time

What you need to do: Help Borgin and Burkes (including Dark Witches and Wizards) return Brilliant Foundables.

As of now, the full announcement of these events is still awaiting.

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What is fun to watch: ‘Ramy’ Hulu wrestles with God; Celebrities Read ‘Harry Potter’ | Instant News

The big news on streaming this week is the arrival of HBO Max, a new service that brings together HBO’s prestige offerings with a broader catalog of WarnerMedia Entertainment. There are new series, such as a craft competition series for children called “Craftopia,” old replay “Friends,” and hundreds of films from the WarnerMedia vault, Criterion Collection, and Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli. To read more about what is watched on HBO Max, see our work here.

Looking ahead this week, celebrities …


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J.K. Rowling Debunks ‘Claims of Harry Potter Inspiration’ | Instant News

J.K. Rowling Harry Potter the story is at the heart of many literary and film tours around the UK, and various landmarks are now almost legendary because of the claim that it is the inspiration behind Rowling’s work. This week, the writer takes it to Indonesia to clear some of the myths around the place claimed to be the “birthplace” of Harry Potter, and share the true inspiration behind the story.

The Elephant House Cafe in Edinburgh has long been known as a source of inspiration for Rowling, who “sat writing many novels initially in the back room overlooking Edinburgh Castle”, according to the cafe website, and a sign outside the store that claims to be the “place of birth” of Harry Potter. Rowling, however, the word he actually wrote this series for several years before he started writing in cafes.

Rowling shared earlier that she spent a lot of time writing at the former Nicholson cafe in Edinburgh. Now a Chinese restaurant, Rowling the word “I once wrote a full chapter there in one sitting and barely changed the words afterwards. Those are the days you remember. “

Other Edinburgh locations appear on the thread, including claims that Hogwarts is based on various Edinburgh schools, which he is claimed went wrong because he hadn’t seen the school before Hogwarts was made. A fan shares a strange claim they heard during the tour about a parking meter in the Scottish capital that Rowling used when writing Deathly Hallows: “I can’t drive,” Rowling said in a tweet that called the claim “a favorite bit of crap”.

Another myth about the subway near the University of Edinburgh inspired the scene Order of the Phoenix, and George Heriot in Edinburgh who was the inspiration for Hogwarts was removed by the author:

“An honest tour from HP ‘inspirations’ will involve a stationery guide pointing a stick at the image of my head, which will be zero pleasure and no one will buy a ticket. If I’m truly inspired by every old building, creepy alley, pub, grave and 1/2

the claimed underpass, I have spent my late 20s on endless road trips between locations and I promise not to. I mostly sit in places where I can get cheap coffee / can afford to pay rent & make it up. 2/2 “

Other places claim to be a source of inspiration for Rowling, perhaps because of its proximity to the location. Rowling is known to have lived before or visited. One of them is Livraria Lello – a bookstore in Oporto, Portugal. This shop has an impressive history, and has long speculated to be an inspiration for the Hogwarts library because of the time the writer lived in the city. Rowling said that although she wished she had visited the library, she knew nothing of her whereabouts, and confirmed “it has nothing to do with Hogwarts!”

Diagon Alley is another location with many rumors attached to it. The Gandy Way was an inspiration for Diagon Alley, and the Old Firehouse in Exeter became the inspiration for The Leaky Cauldron are two famous legends at Exeter, where Rowling went to the University. Rowling, however, the word on rumors: “I don’t remember ever going to the Old Firehouse when I was a student and the Gandy Street was not like the Diagon Gang in my head.”

Shambles in York, and Victoria Street in Edinburgh are two more locations that are said to be – by tour and Harry Potter merchandise shops in the area – to be a source of inspiration for Diagon Alley, however Rowling confirmed he had never seen or visited Shambles. Another popular one Harry Potter Stopping on a walking tour in London are Goodwin’s Court, and Cecil Court at Covent Garden, said to be an inspiration behind Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley. Another myth, according to Rowling:

“I’m laughing here. Before I begin this thread, I don’t know how many different paths that claim to be ‘inspiration’ for Diagon Alley, but this is the first time I’ve seen Knockturn Alley! Nothing is based on a real place.”

However, in several places, Rowling confirmed that she was the true inspiration behind her works, as well as the location that she remembered writing an important part of Harry Potter series. The Bourneville Hotel in Manchester is where Rowling discovered Quidditch for one night stay in 1991 and Rowling together a particular tree that he remembers sitting down when writing a scene where Harry buys his wand at Ollivanders. She also the word the “most beautiful cafe” he had sat in to write Harry Potter the series is The Majestic Cafe in Rua Santa Catarina. Another important landmark for Rowling is a sign for Severus Road in London, which, years later, he realized must have been an inspiration for the name Severus Snape.

Finally, Rowling together “place of birth” actually Harry Potter (not including when he originally had an idea for a series on the train from Manchester to London): a Clapham Junction Rowling flat was rented at the time, above an old sports shop.

Rowling has a specific area on her website dedicated to cleaning a rumor, and the word He has considered adding the section about inspiration behind the series to the site.


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J.K. Rowling revealed the truth about the origins of ‘Harry Potter,’ fans who lull Entertainment | Instant News

The fan asked Rowling to explain “the truth about Harry Potter’s ‘birthplace’.”

Rowling, who is known to drop bombs and unidentified news about franchises on Twitter, explains that the actual “pen-to-paper” birth of Harry Potter happened in his flat.

However, he said, the moment he had an idea for the series itself was when he got on the train.

“If you define the birthplace of Harry Potter as a moment when I have an initial idea, then that is the Manchester-London train,” Rowling tweeted.

“But I’m always entertained by the idea that Hogwarts is directly inspired by the beautiful places I see or visit, because it’s far from the truth.”

As for the high-flying game, the Quidditch bludger, Rowling the word it was born in 1991 after staying one night at the Bourneville Hotel in Manchester.

Rowling continues to dispel a number of other rumors about her inspiration for key icons from the world of Harry Potter.

For example, a fan tweeted a picture from the bookstore Livraria Lello, in Porto, Portugal, which is said to inspire the Hogwarts library. The only problem is, Rowling said she had never been there.


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J.K. Rowling Honors ‘Commemoration of the Battle of Hogwarts’ With a Charity Donation of $ 1.2 Million | Instant News

J.K. Rowling donated $ 1.2 million to charity, to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, the last dispute that took place in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

That Harry Potter the writer decides to give up the tradition of apologizing for murder Harry Potter characters on May 2, and vice versa write a heartfelt message on the current global COVID-19 crisis, and announced that he would contribute £ 1 million ($ 1.2 million), sharing this contribution between the Crisis homeless charity, and the domestic violence charity, Refuge:

“Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, but I will be honest and say that it seems inappropriate to talk about fictional death today. Too many people lose loved ones in the real world. 1/4

So on the anniversary of this great magician’s victory, I think of the people out there doing their work to protect us and our way of life. I have 3 key workers in my immediate family, and like all relatives like that, I am torn between pride and anxiety. 2/4

“As usual in a crisis of this kind, the poorest and most vulnerable are the worst affected, so in honor of the Battle of Hogwarts, I will make a contribution of £ 1 million, half of which will be given to crisis.org.uk, who helped the homeless during the 3/4 pandemic

“And half will go to refuge.org.uk, because we know that domestic violence has, unfortunately, increased greatly during locking. 4/4 “

May 2 was the day Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort and his followers on Harry Potter book. The final battle at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry resulted in the death of many of the fans’ favorite characters, and in previous years, Rowling visited Twitter every May 2 to apologize for one of these deaths:

Even last year, many thought Rowling had forgotten to send an apology, but eagle-eyed fans saw a change in the cover photo, which supposedly symbolized an apology for Sirius Black’s death in. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

Fans reacted to Rowling’s break from tradition with gratitude, with many saying that they also planned to donate after seeing the announcement.

In December 2019, Rowling was awarded a Ripple of Hope R.F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. To help fans, family and teacher through the COVID-19 crisis, Rowling announced its launch Harry Potter at Home hub, which is dedicated to providing free resources for those who read Harry Potter series, including the first offer Harry Potter eBooks and audio book free.


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