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Lakki DPO takes over | Instant News

MARWAT LAKKI: District Police Officer Muhammad Imran Khan visited National Police Headquarters after he took over his responsibilities here on Wednesday.

Accompanying the DPO on this occasion were SP Investigation Gul Naseeb Khan, DSP Headquarters Azmat Bangash and other officials.

During an introductory meeting with office staff, DPO Imran Khan visited Polsek, Police Barracks, Kot, Malkhana, Police Mess, MT Staff Office, Department of Investigation, PAL, PASS, FIR Online and DRC Computer Lab and other departments.

On this occasion, the DSH Headquarters gave briefings to DPOs related to various departments. DPO Imran Khan said according to the instructions of Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr Sanaullah Abbasi, the morale of the Police Department should be raised.


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Time No Chance Against the Baker Boy Hat | Instant News

Today, the rise of baker boy hats in fashion is no surprise. Originally created for men, this style has appeared on a number of women’s clothing runways over the past few years, from Prada in 2017 to Dior in 2018. And today, street style stars like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Katie Holmes return it one more time.

It goes without saying that the baker’s hat is back. Here are some of the latest celebrity looks that prove it:


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10 Fashion Trends You Need to Know in 2021 | Life | Instant News

After months of sitting inside in just your sweatpants and dirty, comfortable T-shirt, you will likely want to show when you finally have a chance to socialize again.

But while the world may be silent, fashion trends are continuing and what was once popular pre-quarantine may seem lost now. Here are 10 trends, new and old, you should know about for your next social distancing event.

Gender neutral clothing

Style on the cover of December’s Vogue. Source

Harry Styles is making waves with his December Fashion cover photo of singer-songwriter in a light dress and blazer.

Twitter has a field day with many Styles praised for challenging social expectations surrounding gender-specific clothing.

In the Guardian interview, Styles laments the idea that fashion somehow denotes one’s sexuality or gender.

“I want things to look a certain way,” Styles said in the interview. “Not because it makes me look gay, or makes me look straight, or makes me look bisexual, but because I think it looks cool.”

“Gender neutral” can be anything, but this trend is determined largely by its rejection of strong masculine or feminine features, often opting for less fit and more flexible suits.

Y2K Fashion

Fashion is notoriously cyclical and often nostalgic, so it only makes sense that ’90s fashion trends should return to play.

Staples like pleated skirts, denim-on-denim, cropped t-shirts, and baggy sweaters can be seen in abundance TikTok, Twitter, and DePop.

Beanies, skid dresses, and beloved bucket hat has also returned to popularity over time.

While college students today mostly don’t personally remember the 90’s, many of us probably grew up wearing secondhand clothes from older siblings who embody the Y2K style.

Visit your local thrift store or raid your family’s wardrobe and find some quirky retro items that take you back to the days of CRT television and beanie babies.

Layers and Layers

The more layers, the better.

Normally, we’d like to coat more in the colder months, but summer coat shouldn’t be neglected.

Tuck the dress over the tight top deep, a look you can look further with a denim or corduroy jacket.

Scarves are also a great way to add layers, and lighter fabrics allow you to dress cooler without sacrificing style.

The t-shirt under the button-down top also offers a light layering option, with the opportunity to add a coat comfortably over it.

Bright colour


Pyer Moss SS20. Source

Bright colors help grab the attention of those around you and make you stand out. While dressing boldly may be scary, there is no denying that doing it right makes you feel very confident.

Consider different bright shades red, blue, yellow and greenwhether it includes a complete garment or just a cut.

Brightly colored jackets and hats are also great and fun accessories to consider adding to your collection.




If you are still not bored with your quarantine outfit, consider keep it from the loungewear very popular nowadays.

Fluffy clothes and sandals, sweatpants and loose t-shirts and hoodies are great, casual options for when you want to look stylish and comfortable.

You might consider adding some comfy daddy sneakers, like LINE or Air Force 1s.

Sustainable Clothing

Consumers become increasingly aware of the impact of the fashion industry in developing countries and the environment. Many people choose to choose recycled or sustainable clothing brands to feel better about their shopping habits.

Patagonia, Fair Trade Winds, and Able are three brands that are widely recognized as affordable and sustainable, but brands the options are endless when companies discover the opportunities that sustainable design presents.

Websites like Etsy and DePop also allow easy access to handmade or recycled clothing. Also, search social media for boutique stores and wardrobe sales.




The tunic is comfortable, unique option for those who want to dress fashionable while standing out.

The tunic is constantly on the move and driven by gender neutral trends and when paired with bright colors and layering offers a strong look for both masculine and feminine figures.

Tunic in endless styles and combinations, featuring buttons, lace, tassels and a variety of lengths to suit any outfit you want.

Nail art

If you own TikTok and paint your nails, you must have seen some interesting and beautiful ones tutorials on the page for you.

Nail art is a fun (and sometimes challenging) way to express yourself. Some people like to paint their nails for a holiday or themed party, like Christmas Day and Halloween inspired design.

Nail art and painting are also starting to be applied in men’s fashion, again demonstrating the increasing gender neutrality of style.

Long coat

The long coat has been a recurring theme in fashion over the centuries in one form or another.

Trench coats, Chesterfields and wrap coats offer versatile and pragmatic styling options, letting you do just that dress in a professional or casual manner in the same coat.

Consider pairing a long coat with a stylish hoodie or sweater for warm, casual wear, or a tank top and jeans for a good early spring option.




Patchwork goes hand in hand with recycled clothing, with many wearers customizing their own clothing to suit the style.

Patchwork offers a friendly and fun choice for casual wear, featuring bright colors and designs that add character and grab attention.

If you are good at sewing machines, you might consider making your own custom outfit in this style. The “homemade” look is sure to attract compliments.

Or, check local boutique stores and online retailers for options you might like.

Michael J. Collins can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @mjcollinsnews.


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Jennifer was forced to leave her 15-year-old son in London, now she worries she might be stuck in England. | Instant News

Jennifer Guy spent the duration of her flight back to Australia in tears after being confronted by what she said was the most difficult decision of her life.

On his way back to Townsville from England, he was forced to leave his 15-year-old son, Dan, at London Heathrow Airport after he became too unwell to board the plane.

Speaking to ABC in quarantine of the Hilton Sydney hotel, Guy said he and his daughter Cailyn, 11, were unable to eat or sleep on the return flight.

In her desperate state, Ms. Guy felt comfortable knowing that Dan would be taken care of by her friend who took them to the airport and offered to have her stay with him temporarily.

“I felt nauseous. It was really horrendous. I couldn’t eat. I had no appetite. I just sat on the floor at the departure gate crying,” he said.

Dan feels “really bad” when he can’t get on the plane home with his mother and sister.(Supplied)

The Federal Government recently announced these restrictions International passengers arriving in Australia will be halved on January 15 news that worries Guy, fearing he won’t be able to reunite with his son, whom he hasn’t been apart for in a long time.

“He [Dan] felt really bad about not getting on the plane. I feel bad for leaving him. It was truly devastating and heartbreaking, “he said.

She said she had to make a decision for her daughter, who would apply to school.

Dan (left) and his mother sat on a black chair.
Smart Traveler has warned that the new restrictions could affect flights arriving to Australia.(Supplied)

“If we don’t get on the plane, we have clearly arranged a quarantine and [would have lost] the thousands of pounds we have put aside for this flight and the 11 months it took us to finally fly, “he said.

Scary journey home for underage teenagers

While Guy tries to rebook his son’s flights as soon as he has internet access, the earliest he can afford is on February 12, meaning Dan. who is traveling as an unaccompanied minor will be separated from mother and sister for six weeks.

But even with his flight rebooked, there is no guarantee that the next flight will not be canceled. Smart Traveler has warned against the new hat may affect flights, with the possibility of cancellation.

Ms Guy, who recently canceled her flight from Sydney back to Townsville, said she felt stuck and was has spent most of his time in quarantine seeking help.

She has contacted the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and her airline, Qatar Airways, which have made no guarantees about her son’s flight.

Ms Guy said DFAT told her to update her details on her DFAT registration account and then contacted the Australian embassy in London, who had contacted her.

The ABC has contacted Qatar Airways and the Australian High Commission in London, but has not received a reply.

DFAT told the ABC that “the highest priority right now is assisting vulnerable Australians abroad”, but said it was unable to comment on individual cases due to privacy obligations.

The government has helped more than 38,800 Australians return since March last year, DFAT added.

Having to pay an extra 4,000 pounds ($ 7,050) to reschedule his son’s flight was already a major blow to his budget.

A man in hazmat equipment sprays disinfectant on the plane cabin
Business class passengers often get priority on the return flight because it is more profitable for the airline.(Reuters: Kham)

Had she booked her son to fly early, she would have paid up to 8,000 pounds ($ 14,101) for a one-way ticket. the price he said he couldn’t afford.

Ms Guy and her children were originally booked to fly back to Australia permanently on March 22, five days after DFAT urged Australians overseas to return home.

He rented out his house and left his job in England, where he has lived for the past 25 years, to move back.

But the return journey was far from easy.

He has faced up to eight flights canceled and changed since then and has been sidelined by airlines that prioritize higher paying business class passengers, leaving his family living in temporary accommodation in Guilford, southwest London, staying from week to week.

Even though charter flights may offer an opportunity to get home early, he says he doesn’t have extra money to cover expenses, although DFAT does offer grants and loans to help communities cover some of the costs one way flights to Australia.

Calls for airline accountability for skyrocketing ticket prices

Travel expert Craig Fyfe, who has more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry, said airlines tend to prioritize passengers who “deliver the best results”.

“If you can only carry one passenger and you have a choice between a business class passenger who flies regularly, or the only passenger who has purchased a promotional economy fare at a deep discount, then the airline will take care of business class passengers,” he said.

He said when airlines are notified by the Government how many passengers they can carry, they will then offer seats to business class passengers, high-income economy class passengers and then whoever is left.

The new closures mean there are fewer seats available for Australians returning from overseas, he said.

But Simon Westaway of the Australian Tourism Industry Council said airlines had not taken advantage of customers during the new coronavirus action.

He said airlines still serving Australia have very limited seat capacities, meaning their ticket prices could be higher to cover their operating costs, as the market is already operating about 99 percent below its normal capacity.

He said travel will be affected for some time, but there will likely be a return of flights and a steady flow of passengers in 2022 and 2023.

“This will be in line with IATA predictions or more normal international flight arrangements in the 2023 or 2024 timeframe,” Westaway said.

But Ms Guy said she was fed up of chasing airlines and wanted accountability.

Photo of Dan, Jennifer and Cailyn in the US.
Ms Guy said she really hopes she and her family don’t have to return to England.(Supplied)

If his son’s flight back home in February was canceled this time, Guy said he might have to travel back to London to be with him.

“We should probably go back. What might happen is we just end up here [in Australia] for a while, and we have to go back to England, “he said.

“I really hope that won’t be the case and that I will get my son well.”


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Limits on international arrivals to Australia have been cut. Then what does this mean for those who are still abroad? | Instant News

Under the recent changes to the rules surrounding international arrivals, the number of flights returning to Australia has been reduced.

Until next month, number of international arrivals to New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia will be halved “to manage the flow of returning Australians and other travelers potentially exposed to the new variant” of the coronavirus.

So what does this mean for those trying to go home? And what should you do if you have already booked a flight?

What has changed?

Until February 15th, NSW will be allowed to take the maximum time 1,505 people a week to the hotel quarantine.

Queensland will be allowed the maximum 500 people every week, whereas Western Australia will limit the number at 512.

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Scott Morrison announced restrictions on international arrivals.

In contrast, the Northern Territory has announced that it will increase its intake to 850 international arrivals two weeks (up from 600), after the Federal Government agreed to pay for a capacity increase at the Howard Springs quarantine center near Darwin.

The Commonwealth will make individual agreements with ACT and Tasmania, while nothing will change in Victoria or South Australia.

Returning Australians and other tourists to Australia should too back a negative COVID-19 test before departure.

“Exceptions will only be applied in mitigating circumstances, such as seasonal workers with limited access to testing,” said the Federal Government.

What if I have to go home this week?

The Federal Government says international passenger limits will be halved no later than January 15.

But on January 8, when the announcement was made, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said so expected to take about a week so that the number of arrivals is reduced.

“Regarding reducing the ceiling … a period of four, five weeks, it will take about a week because flights that are already in the pipeline, to lower it,” Morrison said.

Can I still book a return flight?

Yes, but Smart Travelers have warned of that it’s up to the airlines – not the Federal Government – to decide who tickets are sold to, and this may affect your flights to Australia.

“We understand you may have to wait longer than you plan to access this flight, and the costs may be high,” it said.

A man at the airport with a suitcase.
Smart Traveler has warned that it is up to airlines – not the Federal Government – to decide who they sell tickets to.(AAP: Bianca De Marchi)

For those still stranded overseas, the relevant Australian embassy has provided information on what operators are operating, and whether government-facilitated flights are available from these locations.

(See: great Britain, United States of America and Hong Kong).

Can my flight be canceled?


While noting that international arrival restrictions are temporary, Smart Traveler has warned that “can affect your flights to Australia“.

A Qantas plane sped along the runway in cloudy conditions, while passengers sat inside, keeping watch.
Smart Traveler advises returning travelers to confirm their itinerary and itinerary with their airline or travel agent.(ABC News: Natasha Johnson)

For those trying to return home, it is recommended:

  • For inquiries about visas and other entry and exit requirements, contact the relevant foreign embassy or consulate.
  • For the latest advice on local conditions and information on available flights to Australia, check the website nearest you Australian embassy or high commission and follow them closely social media.
  • Customer for Smart Traveler travel advice and news.
  • Make sure you have considered all available options, and be prepared to implement alternative arrangements in case your flight is canceled on short notice, or is on the way.
  • If you receive an Australian Government payment, you may be entitled to request an extension so that you continue to receive your payment. Contact Australian Service to discuss your situation.

When will the lid be removed?

The lid will stay in place until February 15th.

“Arrangements for international passenger boundaries will be reviewed by the National Cabinet in early February,” said the Federal Government.

If you are overseas and have attempted to return to Australia, you can register your details with Smart Traveler via its website registration portal.

However, Smart Traveler has warned that “registering your details with DFAT not guarantee ” so as to facilitate your return to Australia.


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