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What is fun to watch: ‘Ramy’ Hulu wrestles with God; Celebrities Read ‘Harry Potter’ | Instant News

The big news on streaming this week is the arrival of HBO Max, a new service that brings together HBO’s prestige offerings with a broader catalog of WarnerMedia Entertainment. There are new series, such as a craft competition series for children called “Craftopia,” old replay “Friends,” and hundreds of films from the WarnerMedia vault, Criterion Collection, and Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli. To read more about what is watched on HBO Max, see our work here.

Looking ahead this week, celebrities …


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Guide to Tony Soprano’s Many Robes | Instant News

As an Italian-American, I am required by law to talk to you about telling pop culture from our mafia history. There is a clear touch stone: Goodfellas and Godfather. I even sat for three and a half hours The Irishman in the narrow Broadway theater. (Remember when we could do something like that?)

But The Sopranos is a program that changes not only television, but the whole storyline of the mafia. It was also famous for making millions of fans screaming in their living rooms when the final show aired – it ended so suddenly, I clearly remember my own family thinking the cable was broken. But this is not a story about mafioso figures of speech. It’s about quarantine fashion inspiration that I found in an unlikely source: Tony Soprano’s cloak.

There are many great fashions in the six seasons of HBO drama: fantastic button shirts, perfect Silvio suits, women’s wardrobe that perfectly embraces the New Jersey style of the early 2000s. But with corona virus pandemics force us into new realities as a home, nothing is more important than casual clothing. Take it from someone who has worked from home for more than two years, nothing beats lazing in your house all day in a robe.

Tony’s robe collection is very broad, so here are some of the best he wears The Sopranos, along with a link to where you can buy a similar version. If you are not sure what to use, remember what said the man himself: “More are lost due to confusion than wrong decisions.”

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Strong, Silent Type

You can’t go wrong with classics, like white and soft gray cotton robe Tony uses the most throughout the six season performances.

Brooklinen’s Super-Luxurious Robe, which comes in white, dark gray and light gray, is a perfect foray into the race. The thick material and deep pockets make me feel like living in a luxury hotel instead of my own apartment for weeks. It’s great to relax on the couch at night with a glass of wine, as well as to wear after bathing.

One day last week, I wore this when I finally emerged from the depths of my apartment to bring trash to the trash can on the sidewalk. When I look down at my furry slippers, I really feel like Tony twist in the entrance to get the paper in his donkey slippers, robes open to the world.

Suitable for Bosses

There are many famous scenes from Sopranos that may come to mind, such as the end of the series, or Christopher and Paulie eating tomato sauce packages when lost in the forest. But there is nothing like the pilot episode where Tony walked into the pool in his robe to feed the duck. I mean, besides killing, you have to love men who love animals, right?

The cloak in question is a slim tan number trimmed with lavender and a monogram with S; really a luxurious piece of bedroom clothes. The real one is auctioned off, but you can get your own family initials on embroidery Pottery Barn Piped Trim Hotel Robe. It has waffle knits that are soft and easy to care for.

Oh, madone

Tony large checkered cloak like a time capsule. It’s not like anything I’ve seen before, as if 90’s glass design reimagined as clothing. A deep internet search has led me to believe it’s Bill Blass chenille bathrobe like this vintage ones which was sold on Etsy in 2019. Although I don’t think anyone can copy it exactly, you have several options.


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This free Chrome extension lets you watch HBO with friends – BGR | Instant News

  • Scener is a free extension for Google Chrome that turns your browser into a virtual theater and lets you watch shows and movies while chatting with your friends remotely.
  • Scener previously only supported Netflix, but added support for HBO Go and HBO Now this week.
  • To watch shows and movies on HBO with Scener, everyone needs to have an account.
  • Visit the BGR homepage for more stories.

One of the saddest side effects of a coronavirus pandemic is our inability to spend time with family and friends. As a result, people have found clever ways to meet, from Zoom night game for online watch party facilitated by apps and extensions that allow us to watch shows and films together. One application that allows this watch party is called Scener, and this week, now supports HBO.

Scener is Free browser extension for Chrome which originally only supported Netflix, but now can be used with HBO Go and HBO Now. After you install the extension, you can synchronize playback at each show or movie on a supported platform and watch in sync with your friends while you chat via audio, video or text.

Based on Verge, WarnerMedia reaches Scener shortly after orders to stay home start being issued throughout the US. The two companies started working together in March, and besides adding support for HBO Go and HBO Now, Scener also updated its own website and application. The application update resolves several major stability issues, making it run better in Chrome than before.

“To participate, each theater member must log in to a service that you watch together, e.g. Netflix or HBO NOW / HBO GO (HBO NOW users can watch together with HBO GO users),” the Scener team explained on their Chrome Web Store page. “Every visitor must (1) have a valid account, in good standing, with participating streaming service providers, (2) log in to their official accounts, and (3) if it does not comply with the applicable streaming service provider Terms. Use.”

In other words, you cannot start streaming Game of Thrones on your laptop and share with a group of friends who don’t subscribe to HBO Go or HBO Now. Also need to be considered at that time Scener plans to expand to more platforms in the future, they “have no specifics to share today about HBO Max.”

“There was an important moment in history where the black swan event changed human behavior; it could not be more true for America today, “said Scener co-founder Joe Braidwood Verge. “This is one of the first milestones to start tracking new paths of watching together to be more than just a trend. We think the sky is the limit. “

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Jacob began covering video games and technology on campus as a hobby, but it quickly became clear to him that this was what he wanted to do to make a living. He currently lives in New York writing for BGR. His previously published work can be found on TechHive, VentureBeat and Game Rant.


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Worth Watching: Mark Ruffalo Doubling Down on HBO’s ‘True,’ Another ‘Disney Singalong,’ ‘Call Your Mother’ | Television | Instant News

Kill Eve (Sunday, 9 / 8c, BBC America and AMC): In an episode of speed change after last week’s surprise, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) returns to his roots in Mother Russia, reconnects to a family that he thinks has been lost forever – and who thinks he died in an orphanage fire (which he manages). Will this be an opportunity for a fresh new beginning, the cleansing of the ghost’s redemption from the past? Or just a detour in the insane history of the killer?

On TV Weekend: Join the mini trend, Nickelodeon’s direct action Dangerous Strength (Saturday, 8 / 7c) presents a special episode that is almost produced in which children’s heroes are quarantined at home, giving a good example during the mysterious gas leak at Swellview. Frankie Grande, as a fan favorite villain, Frankini, performed the music number at the house “This Gas Shall Pass.” … As part of a film marathon over the weekend at Hallmark Channel, where network stars share Mother’s Day messages, the original- film highlights are Love, Romance and Chocolate (Saturday, 8 / 7c), starring favorite channels Lacey Chabert as a heart-broken accountant who found new love, and a delicious treat, with a chocolatier (Will Kemp) during a Belgian vacation … NBC’s Saturday Night Live (11: 30/10: 30c) closes the landmark, and is now historic, 45th season with the third edition at home. Will they be back at Studio 8H for 46th? … in the finals of the fifth season of the historic drama Starz Outsider (Sunday, 8/7), Jamie (Sam Heughan) gathered some local youths to help him save Claire (Caitriona Balfe) from the brutal kidnapper … Finally it’s time for the block party on HBO Not safe (10/9), but Issa (Issa Rae) there were a few surprises along the path to what he hoped would be a great success … Fleabagthis Phoebe Waller-Bridge giving an impressive cameo on HBO Run (Sunday, 10: 30/9: 30), where he became executive producer. He plays a friendly but friendly taxidermy who crosses the Ruby road (Merritt Wever) and Billy (Domhnall Gleeson) at a terrible time for a couple who ran away … ABC Rookie (Sunday, 10 / 9c) closed the book in its second season with Nolan (Nathan Fillion) make discoveries that can endanger his career and life.


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‘A short but vibrant life’: revisiting the life and death of Natalie Wood | Film | Instant News

Natasha Gregson Wagner was 11 years old when his mother, actor Natalie Wood, sank in Catalina Island on Thanksgiving weekend, 1981. Wagner’s memories heard the news of her mother’s death that a rainy morning was Natalie Wood’s first scene: What Remains Behind, A HBO documentary that reflects Wood’s multilevel life and career. Wood’s death at the age of 43 was a public spectacle – a life full of enthusiasm and famously dismembered, compounded by a mysterious state that was ready for speculation: drowning at night, without witnesses.

But the tragedy – and speculation about what, exactly, happened that night at Catalina – had “overshadowed his life’s work and who he was as a person,” Wagner said at the start of the film. And he did leave behind many things: two biological children and a stepchild family; her husband, actor Robert Wagner, who was with him on their cruise ship, Grandeur, on the night she died; many A-lister friends and beloved confidants; and legacy as a medieval American film titan, a rare model of muscular child stars through an old studio system to mature success.

The film talks about elephants in the room – Natasha interviewing her stepfather about media interest and law enforcement renewed in her role in the death of her mother – but it is understandably vigilant to draw too hard the shadow. Instead, he dug deep into the archives, as well as interviews with friends like Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, to present evidence of a woman who was very agile and disgusting in Hollywood, movie stars such as West Side Story and Miracle on 34th . Street. “My goal is to pay attention to his life, period,” Natasha told the Guardian. “Not the night he died.”

Wood, born in Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko to parents of Russian immigrants in San Francisco in 1938, began acting at the age of five, after he discovered a film shoot in Santa Rosa and was chosen for a small part. Her enterprising and dominant mother, Maria, a classic mother before there was such a term, immediately moved the family to Los Angeles to pursue Natalie’s acting career. In his teenage years, Natalie was a studio star, full of emotion on the screen and an experienced professional. At 15, she was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress as a depressed love interest, reckless to James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.

In old clips, it’s easy to see why Wood is a star. He wears emotions like a sarong – anxiety, sadness and resilience rippling along his skin and brown eyes that well up. At the age of 25, he has collected two more nominations, for Splendor in the Grass and Love With a Proper Stranger. His marriage to Robert Wagner in 1957, when he was 19 and he was 24 years old, made him a tool for the Hollywood gossip press (both divorced in 1962 and remarried a decade later, after his divorce from Richard Gregson).

Natalie Wood and James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Photo: Allstar / WARNER BROS.

However, for all luxury – and Wood, who is often photographed throughout his life, inhabited with luxury – home videos capture a persona that is much more lax but still magnetic. “We were not raised by someone who looked like a movie star,” Natasha said in the film. “All he seems is is bigger than life, but not because he is famous. More because he is fair his.“This film, along with Farrow and Redford, recalls a woman of strong will behind the scenes who fought for higher pay, a better film role from the studio and provisions for actors to block time for therapy.

Old photographs capture Wood with a fresh face, sitting at the end of a suitable man’s table, holding hers. “I always knew that he was his world boss. He is the boss of his films, in many ways, and our family boss, “said Natasha. “He believes in equal pay for men and women, he believes in equal rights for the LGBTQ community.” The film highlights Wood’s loyalty to his friends, such as playwright Mart Crowley, who in 1968 played The Boys in the Band – a depiction of gay life revived in 2018 – made possible by Wood’s financial support. (Crowley, who was interviewed in the film, died in March 2020 at the age of 84). If Wood is alive, Natasha speculates, “he will be at the forefront of all those movements … He will be truly excited about the progress he has made.”

Natasha Gregson Wagner

Natasha Gregson Wagner. Photo: REX / Shutterstock

Wood’s death still overshadows this shining retrospective, especially given the attractiveness of new media and accusations of fraud. In 2011, 30 years after his death, the case was reopened by the Los Angeles county sheriff’s department for “new information”; a year later, the cause death certificate changed from “drowning accidentally” to “drowning and other unspecified factors”. Natalie’s younger sister, Lana Wood, was estranged from the Wagner family and was painted as untrustworthy by the film long been called Natalie’s death was “murder” and call Robert to “tell the truth once and for all”. In 2018, the LA sheriff’s office named Robert is an “interesting person” after 48 Hours CBS News airs specifically on this case. (He always maintains that Wood’s death was a tragic accident.)

The purpose of this film is not to repeat the cloud of accusations and explanations. “We know we don’t want to do investigative coverage of the tragedy,” the director, Laurent Bouzereau, told the Guardian. “We don’t operate under the guise of finding out ‘what happened?’, Because we know what happened.” Natasha and Robert, now 90 years old, maintained a similar explanation given at the time, in 1981, by Los Angeles County medical examiner Thomas Noguchi, who describe his death as “a tragic accident when a little drunk”.

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. Photo: Rex feature

Asked directly to tell the side of the story by Natasha, Robert recalled the wine-fueled argument with actor Christopher Walken, opposite Wood’s play in the 1983 film Brainstorm. The couple struggled at the time with the balance of Natalie’s work and motherhood. Robert said the fight with Walken was resolved (he called Walken “a man standing”) and that when he went to sleep, Natalie was gone. Robert and Natasha assumed that Natalie was out to tie a yacht dugout – she was sensitive to noise, Natasha noted, and often complained about a dugout that crashed into a boat at night – and might slip and hit her head.

The interview serves as a statement on behalf of Wagners, thus blocking all interview requests or comments, which have been happening for many years. “We belong [the interview] because we know that’s part of the story, “said Natasha. “But this is more about the effects of toxic media on the family.” In the years since, the film’s record, Wood’s descendants have grappled with the shadow of his fame and the sudden disappearance of his beloved family members, compounded with cameras huddled in his funeral and the tabloid cover which drew attention back to Robert, with whom Wood’s daughters, Natasha and Courtney Wagner, remained close.

This documentary film marked the reclamation of Wood’s narrative from a tragic question mark to a story of agility, an opportunity to show film-goers that Wood had “extraordinary joy, that he was a devoted mother and wife, that he was a very extraordinary friend to him. friends, fight for them and their careers and their mental health “, said Natasha.

“He has a short life, but he has a lively life.”


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