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UFC: Dispute between Rugby and UFC New Zealand over image of silver fern deemed a ‘miscommunication’ | Instant News


Eugene Bareman and Israel Adesanya speak to the media. Photos / Photosport

The dispute between UFC and New Zealand Rugby over the use of silver fern in Kiwi fighters kits has been resolved quickly, with miscommunication at its heart.

Eugene Bareman, who coaches six UFC fighters including Israeli middleweight champion Adesanya at City Kickboxing in Auckland, said the UFC had been contacted over trademark issues surrounding the use of a silver fern design that appeared on UFC fighters’ pre-fight sleeves and hoodies.

“The UFC banned us from using silver ferns because they had been contacted by the All Blacks and asked not to use them because they had a trademark,” said Bareman.

“The UFC called me and said we were changing the symbol,” said Bareman. “They said ‘how are you, Eugene?’ It’s a great day, we’ll just change the symbol on your sleeve that you wear to battle ‘.

“We wear it on our uniform, we wear it with great pride, and it doesn’t matter whether you were born in Nigeria or Samoa, no matter where you are from.

“This is very important to us. It is something we represent.”

Rugby New Zealand denied the claims in a brief statement, saying they had no contact with the UFC regarding the use of the logo, while representatives from All Blacks contacted City Kickboxing to clear things up after Bareman and UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya commented on the matter.

There has been a dispute over the image of the silver fern being used in battle gear by the UFC.  Photo / Getty Images
There has been a dispute over the image of the silver fern being used in battle gear by the UFC. Photo / Getty Images

The matter was quickly resolved, with City Kickboxing releasing another statement in the afternoon.

“The problem has been resolved,” the statement confirmed. “All Blacks management were contacted this afternoon to let them know that no one on their legal or management team has had any contact with the UFC.

“It appears there has been a miscommunication between the UFC and the attorney from the same law firm that safeguarded the All Blacks trademark rights.

“The All Blacks have been very friendly in this situation and assured us that they are very supportive of our UFC New Zealand team and other New Zealand sports teams that go abroad and that is exciting for us.

“We also want to reiterate that we are staunch supporters of the All Blacks and what they are doing for our country.

“We are pleased to say that we will walk into the stables as proud Kiwis with silver ferns on our shoulders, as we have for the last five years.”

Bareman has previously acknowledged that the image the UFC used was probably a copy and paste of the All Blacks, but said if that was the case, the image could be redesigned rather than replaced.

The timing of the complaint is odd, considering the UFC has been using the image on their New Zealand fighting kit since 2015.

The UFC has yet to comment on the situation.


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Why a junk food diet can increase the risk of heart disease | Instant News

Hamburgers, French fries, sugary sodas, and other unhealthy foods can cause inflammation, a key player in the formation of artery-clogging plaque.

Eating foods like red meat and sugary foods can trigger inflammation, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. But a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and other anti-inflammatory foods reduces that risk, according to a large Harvard study.

“These new findings help explain why certain foods that we consider unhealthy can contribute to plaque buildup in the arteries,” said Dr. Kathryn Rexrode, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and co-author of the study, published last year in Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Inflammation is characterized by the release of molecules called cytokines into the bloodstream. This attracts immune cells to the artery walls, contributing to plaque development, he explained.

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Gleaners Gleaners Community Food Bank Provides Free Groceries For Families – CBS Detroit | Instant News


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Descendants of the bikie gang brothers Tom and Perry Mackie will be deported back to New Zealand | Instant News

Bikie gang leader of Tom Mackie descent (front left) at a gang meeting at Descendants’ Adelaide headquarters in 2009. Photo / Advertiser

The two founding members of Descendants will be expelled from Australia in a crackdown being carried out in the heart of the Adelaide bikie scene.

Tom and Perry Mackie, two of the most senior office holders in the Descent motorcycle gang, were arrested at their home in Adelaide on Tuesday morning.

The couple is being held at an unnamed immigration facility pending the cancellation of their Australian visas and transfer to New Zealand.

The move would paralyze the ruling gang, whose elements are involved in the multi-million dollar methamphetamine trade in South Australia.

The two brothers, 64 and 65, were arrested at their Ingle Farm and Prospect home and are expected to move to New Zealand in the coming days.

The arrests are the result of a joint effort by the Department of Home Affairs, Border Force, SA Police, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Taxation Office.

AFP Acting Detective Inspector Gavin Stone said the two men posed a significant risk to the community because of their extensive criminal records and links to the Descendants motorcycle gang.

“The criminal biker gangs exist for only one reason – to make as much money as possible, at all costs,” he said.

“They are a sophisticated, ruthless, organized criminal network that doesn’t respect the law and thinks of themselves as above it, and Heredity is no different.

“The AFP-led National Anti-Gang Force will use all the strength we have to keep Australians safe from these criminal gangs.”

SA Police Detective Inspector Steve Taylor said motorcyclists believed they were acting outside the law “but they couldn’t, and this is a clear example”.

The commander of the Border Force’s special investigations, Greg Linsdell, said the government had the power to revoke anyone’s visa on character grounds.

“Any non-citizen with an extensive criminal history and involvement with criminal organizations, such as the OMCG, can expect their Australian visa to be canceled and removed from our country.”

The Mackie brothers will join more than 300 bike and organized crime figures to be expelled from Australia on the basis of characters including failed bikie boss Vince Focarelli and senior Mongol member Andrew Peter Stevens.

The Mackie brothers were arrested earlier this year along with nine other members of the lineage for a brawl in the driveway of Blair Athol.

It was a rare display of strength from the club’s most senior members, who remained relatively free from the courts as they got older.

Tom Mackie, a senior member of Descendants, along with his brother Perry have been detained by Border Force officials before they are expected to be transferred to New Zealand.  Photo / Advertiser
Tom Mackie, a senior member of Descendants, along with his brother Perry have been detained by Border Force officers ahead of their transfer to New Zealand. Photo / Advertiser

The brothers co-founded the gang in 1974.

Recently the gang was the target of a multi-agency task force called Operation Jarmo.

Federal Police believe Descendants members were working with the Hells Angels to gain market share in the crystal meth import trade.

The catalyst for the initiation of Jarmo was the increasing number of detected large-scale drug transports into Australia.

The operation resulted in several arrests, including that of a gang member and confiscation of kilograms of drugs and a 9mm pistol.

In 2013, the gang members were linked to a $ 151 million drug syndicate that the police dismantled as part of Operation Divulge.

The crackdown resulted in the arrest of 25 people including members, colleagues and prospective Descendants.


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PM wins hearts by ensuring transparency: Shibli | Instant News

Our correspondents

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz Saturday said Prime Minister Imran Khan won people’s hearts by giving them access to transparency and redress for their grievances. The minister tweeted that the Pakistan Citizen Portal, which links people to public institutions, is a gift from Prime Minister Imran Khan to the nation. “Every citizen can discuss his problem with the relevant department without visiting the office. Imran Khan won people’s hearts by giving them access to transparency and redress, ”he said. Empowering the people is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s goal and for the first time in history, he noted, 170,000 Pakistanis were registered on an overseas portal. “For the first time, they have the facilities to solve their problems at home. The prime minister himself oversees the petition and complaints process, ”said Shibli Faraz.


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