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PM Imran Khan is criticized for asking troops to clean up the rain in the city of Karachi | Instant News

New Delhi: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan faces the anger of social media trolls after he announced that the country’s troops had been mobilized to clean up the rains that hit Karachi. Heavy rains destroyed the city on Monday by causing severe standing water. According to media reports, the streets are flooded with waist-high water and rainwater is also mixed with dirt. Three people also died due to electric shock.

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As soon as Khan tweeted about the steps taken to bring aid to the population and said that the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan has been notified of the situation. In addition, he wrote that even the Army had been asked to do the cleanup. Netizens criticized him for deploying the military to do work in which city and aid authorities lacked skills.

Troll has replied to the minister’s statement and asked what is the duty of the army to clean up?

Some say that the Prime Minister must make a personal visit to his own city.

Karachi citizens blame civilian bodies and weak government approaches to the problems faced by the city every year. According to a report by IANS, on Monday rain caused accidents, floods, flooded roads, overflowing gutters, power outages and traffic jams. A report by the Pakistani newspaper Dawn said that residents took to social media to express anger over the conditions of the city. The report also said that the Minister of Information and the Sindh Regional Government, Nasir Hussain Shah, defended the provincial government by calling the situation a result of ‘natural disasters’ and saying ‘no human can control it’.


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Roads, streets, houses are flooded when heavy rains come back to Karachi | Instant News


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Heavy rains are making a mess in Karachi – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 26, 2020 3:35 p.m.

Heavy rains have caused traffic jams on various roads, creating problems for residents in traveling

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The third mantra of heavy rain in Karachi has inundated various regions and struck more than 300 feeders today (Sunday).

According to the details, heavy rains had flooded Surjani City, Clifton City, Gadap City, Garden City, Federal Area B and Jamshed Road while local residents in Gulshan Iqbal, Liaquatabad, North Karachi, Landhi and the Buffer Zone faced an electric load.

Heavy rain also caused traffic jams on different roads, creating problems for residents while traveling.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), rainstorms are expected in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Upper Punjab, Lower Balochistan, Lower Sindh, Baltistan Gilgit, Kashmir, and adjacent hilly areas.

Hot and humid weather is estimated in most countries.


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The third mantra of heavy rain, a storm that hit Karachi | Instant News

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Thursday predicted a third rainstorm spell in Karachi where heavy rain and thunderstorms were anticipated in the port city between July 26 and July 27.

According to the head of the office met by Sardar Sarfaraz, a low pressure range was anticipated in Gujrat India on July 24 which will enter Pakistan via Rann from Kutch India which affects the northwestern wind. Earlier on July 7, the main mantra of heavy rain had devastated destruction inside the city, bringing about a fearful load shedding in a different environment apart from claims from a single control provider, K-Electric, which had made an increase. in the framework in front of the lightning figures.

According to information provided by specialists, the highest rainfall is recorded in Saddar, at 43 millimeters (mm), while 26 mm is registered in Pakistan. Discuss Constrain (PAF) Faisal Base, 22 mm in Nazimabad, 12 mm at PAF Masroor Base, 8.8 mm at Jinnah Worldwide Air terminal, Karachi, 3.1 mm in Lahore. In any case, in the middle of the monsoon season on July 17, two people, who counted a police officer, continued the electric shock inside the city when it rained. battered city, cleaning the city’s main streets and waterlogged lanes.

Police Irshad Ali served at the Water Pump in the Ibrahim Hyderi zone of the city when he died as a result of electric shock.

Another individual within the reach of the city of Clifton succumbed to electric shock. Areas that get precipitation include Jamshed Street, Demonstrate Colony, Saddar, Clifton, Malir, Gulistan-e-Johar, Dhoraji, Bahadurabad, PECHS, Trooper Bazaar, College Street, Gulshan-e-Hadid, Abdullah Haroon Street, Shah Faisal Colony, Shahrah -e-Faisal, Fawwara Chowk, MA Jinnah Street, and Plant.


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MET predicted a third heavy rain spell, thunder | Instant News

KARACHI – The Pakistan Meteorological Department (MET) has predicted that the third season of monsoon rains tends to hit the city between July 26 and 27. The new monsoon rain system is likely to enter the city starting July 26, said MET Director Sardar Sarfraz. As per the details, Karachi might experience heavy rain and thunder between July 26-27 in the third spell of the season, head of the Pakistan Meteorological Department Sardar Sarfaraz said on Thursday.

Low pressure areas are expected in Gujrat India on July 24 and, like the two previous spells, will enter Pakistan via the Indian Rann Kutch. Rain can also affect the northwestern wind, he said.

Karachi has received heavy rains in recent weeks, wreaking havoc on the city’s shaky infrastructure and causing the deaths of at least eight residents. The victims also included a 30-year-old policeman.

The first rainy season spell hit Karachi on July 7, disrupting electricity for hours and causing traffic jams on almost every major highway. At least six people died in rain-related incidents and several roads and buildings suffered severe damage from flooding.

According to the Met Office, Karachi receives a maximum of 40mm of rain, or 1.57 inches, in Saddar, Nazimabad (22mm), Faisal Base (26mm), Masroor Base (12mm), Goth Pehalwan (10mm), Jinnah Terminal (8.8mm), Landhi (3.1), Surjani City (1.2mm), University Road (0.6mm), Gulshan-i-Hadeed (trail) and North Karachi (trail).

On July 18, Karachi saw the second spell heavy rain which caused the death of at least two people, including a police officer. The city suffered similar losses, including traffic jams, road floods, and damage to infrastructure.

According to the Met Office, Karachi receives a maximum of 63.5mm of rain at PAF Faisal Base, Saddar (41.0mm), Gulshan-i-Hadeed (40.0mm), Landhi (40.0mm), Karachi MOS (28.0mm), University Road (16.0mm) ), Jinnah Terminal (15.0mm), Nazimabad (9.0mm), Masroor Base (5.7mm) and North Karachi (trail).

The weather is partly cloudy and humid with the possibility of light rain today

The Meteorology Department on Thursday estimated the weather to be partly cloudy and humid with the possibility of light rain or light rain at night or early morning in the metropolitan city for the next 24 hours.

The maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to remain in the range of 34 to 36 and 28 to 30, respectively, degrees Celsius, with humidity of 70 to 80 percent, for the next 24 hours.

Hot or very hot and humid weather tends to occur in most areas of the Province. But some are cloudy to cloudy and humid conditions with the possibility of light rain / rain at night / morning along the beach in the next 24 hours.


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