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More than a dozen registered cases, 90 criminals are being held in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Law enforcement officials continue to crack down on protesters creating a law and order situation in the city following the arrest of the head of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) Saad Hussain Rizvi.

Police began cracking down on protesters, sit-in and criminals and arresting those involved in disturbing the law and order situation in the city.

In the East district, five different FIRs at four different police stations, including Soldier Bazaar, New Town, PIB Colony and Jamshed Quarters, were registered against 30 criminals, of which two FIRs were registered under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

According to SSP Malir Subdistrict Irfan Bahadur, who was also injured after protesters pelted the police with stones, the Gerbang Bintang area was badly affected in Malir Regency. However, a heavy contingent of law enforcement took control of the situation and arrested 16 criminals and registered cases at the Airport Police Station.

In the Southern district, the Kharadar police registered a case against criminals while the police also detained one Arshad Qadri under the MPO. Qadri is affiliated with TLP.

In the Central district, 35 criminals were arrested by Bilal Colony and New Karachi police and registered cases against them. In the West district, as many as 25 criminals were arrested by the city police of Mominabad, Baldia and Orangi.

Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) workers and supporters continued protests in parts of Karachi for the second day in a row against the arrest of Saad Hussain Rizvi. The protests continued to halt traffic as commuters faced difficulty reaching their destinations on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, vehicle traffic was also halted. However, vehicle traffic recovered after negotiations between protesters and the relevant authorities.

According to the Karachi Traffic Police, the sit-in continued at Hub River Road and Korangi No 2.5 while a large contingent of law enforcement remained present at Star Gate, Sharae Faisal, where protesters attempted to stop vehicle traffic.


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Exploring the latent aggression that exists in people and objects | Instant News

The Canvas Gallery in Karachi hosts an art exhibition showcasing Suleman Faisal’s works until April 16. ‘Orange Sisyphus’ is the solo performance of the Vasl-Khurram Kasim Art Foundation (KKAF) Research Grants.

“There are certain types of instinctive affiliation with regard to tools and how we use them; each tool has a specific function that changes the way it is used, ”the exhibition catalog released by the gallery quoted the artist as saying.

“As an artist and former laborer, I have experience ranging from working on assembly lines making mass-produced products to assisting in visual merchandising for popular conglomerates. My experience has shifted from being an individual worker working on a commission to an artist reaching out within myself to the depths of creative expression.

“This shift is a catalyst in the evolution of my worldview, one that changes drastically as I reflect on different perspectives on what tools mean and how these meanings change from person to person, and what they say about the individual himself.

“As artists, most of us are kind of workers, but our experience tends to be one of love work and not marriage for convenience. “When we look at the experience of a child working in a factory or mine, it is very different from the kind of work that is born of passion and dedication.

“It’s an idea I have tried to tease through my practice, recently and in my learning experiences over the last few years. “When I have exposed different aspects of this experience, I have realized that there is an inherent fallacy in the way these tools are understood by different classes of society.

“Someone in my position has the luxury and ability to use it at my discretion, and maybe even celebrate this drama. The object created for this storefront is one piece, a tribute to the tools that have made me what I am. “In this case, these items also really tell the experience of workers who make a living through them. One of them is compulsion and the other is a form of catharsis. The inherently transparent material has been cheerfully printed into different objects all created to commemorate these different perspectives.

“The orange hue radiates a sense of warmth and happiness in the mind of the viewer, which, in addition to ribbons and wrapping paper, helps form a strong association with the act of gift-giving, behind which is a much more sinister context that introduces a darker side of labor practices.

“I can’t help but highlight how these tools mean so different to someone trained to use them in reward and remuneration, and I am amazed by their aesthetic potential.

“Whether you see the playful nature of these objects that arouses the viewer ‘s imagination in some, or the fallacy in how they are constructed and presented as a means of mobility and hard work, there is much to say about how their connotations shift.

“The display of these objects as interactive and fun aims to dissect the level of representation that each of these objects gives us all. Like Sisyphus who works hard over and over again, through my work I invite viewers on a journey towards a capitalist attitude of constant productivity. “

Faisal is an artist based in Lahore whose work includes sculpture, video and performance. Her multidisciplinary artwork explores the latent aggression that occurs within people and objects, and the petty violence perpetrated through socially acceptable activities such as cooking, hosting, or manufacturing.

His interest in power and equipment balance is influenced by his personal history of working in the toy and plastics manufacturing industry, as well as exploring the various socioeconomic conditions in the city where he lives.

He graduated in 2017 with outstanding honors in fine arts from Lahore’s National College of Arts (NCA), Pakistan’s leading arts university, where he currently teaches. She has taken part in the artist residency at the Vasl Artists’ Association in Karachi (2020) and the Pioneer Cement Residency curated by the Canvas Gallery (2017).

He has also exhibited his work in group exhibitions, including ‘For the Wicked and the Valiant’ at Lahore’s O Art Space (2021), ‘A Site for the Sight’ at the Lahore Biennale (2020), ‘Microcosm II’ at Karachi’s Aan Gandhara Art Space (2018), ‘Transition in Time’ at NCA’s Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery (2018), ‘Four Rooms’ at the Lahore Biennale at the Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture (2018), and ‘Beneath the Surface’ on the Canvas Gallery (2017) ).

He has been tasked with producing public works and monumental projects for Coca-Cola, Fazaia Housing Scheme and Wapda Town in Sargodha, Bahria Town Karachi, Lahore Shadman Junction and Alkaram Studio. In 2020 he received the Vasl-KKAF Research Grants Fund, the peak of which was exhibited in the Canvas Gallery.

Faisal is the third recipient of the 2020-2021 Vasl-KKAF Research Grant, selected from his 12th residency at Taaza Tareen Vasl ‘Echoes of the Walls’. The panel of judges for the selection of grantees consisted of Naiza Khan, Rabeya Jalil, Risham Syed and Sameera Raja.

Taaza Tareen is the flagship artist residency program of the Vasl Artists Association. Four new artists and an art writer were selected from more than 80 applicants from all over Pakistan. Founded in 2005, Taaza Tareen is designed as a stepping stone for recent graduates from Pakistan’s arts institute to build their careers.

Over the years Taaza Tareen has supported more than 75 artists at the formative stages of their professional life. Every year one outstanding resident of Taaza Tareen is awarded a Vasl-KKAF Research Grant, which is selected by a panel of experienced arts professionals.

The Vasl-KKAF Research Grants are awarded to new artists who are not only diligent in their respective work but also committed to their practice by showing a strong dedication and interest in building close relationships within the arts community.

Recipients receive the opportunity to build relationships with a wide variety of creative practitioners and the Vasl network, in addition to solo exhibitions at the prestigious Canvas Gallery.

KKAF was founded to provide a platform that supports all modes of artistic expression from and within Pakistan. From 2018 to 2024, KKAF commits to sponsor a year-long research grant for eligible Taaza Tareen artists. Since 2018 the Canvas Gallery has hosted the culmination exhibition of the Vasl-KKAF Research Grant.


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Three pickpockets who have robbed bus passengers for years are in detention | Instant News

Karachi’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) personnel on Saturday announced the arrest of three pickpockets allegedly involved in robbing residents on public transport.

SIU head Haider Raza said that according to information shared by law enforcement agencies, a group of three pickpockets had been operating in different parts of the city for several years and seizing cash, cell phones and other valuables from passengers. They are also suspected of being involved in drug trafficking and robbery.

Pickpockets carry weapons and explosives when committing crimes.

Raza said all SUI teams were directed to order these people through informants and technical assistance.

As directed, SIU CIA Karachi personnel carried out raids based on intelligence and technical information and managed to capture Yousuf Masih, his son Habeel Masih alias Adil from Surjani City and Naseer from New Karachi with explosives and banned weapons.

The case has been registered at the SIU Police Station. The suspects revealed that they had been pickpocketing for years on Bilal, X-23, Khan Coach, N-4 and F-11 buses in Liaquatabad, Shafiq Morr, Lyari and other areas. Yousuf Masih used to steal cell phones from passenger pockets and his son would open them. After unlocking the phone, Yousuf sold it on the open market / Sunday market. Four stolen cell phones were also found on the suspects.


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The national women’s hockey championship will be held in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: The national women’s hockey championship will be held in Karachi at the Abdul Sattar Edhi stadium after Ramadan, and the third phase of the Pakistani youth team training camp will also be held in Karachi, ‘The News’ has learned.

Informed sources said that the national level women’s championship will most likely be held in Karachi in the May-June period. All PHF women’s wing units are expected to participate in the championship.

It is also known that the third phase of the Pakistani youth team training camp will also be held in Karachi, but a schedule will be determined later.

The source said there were only two months left before the Junior Asian Cup, which is scheduled to be held in Bangladesh from June 1-10.

The source said that PHF regularly hosts domestic events and the majority of Pakistan’s senior and junior team members participate in this competition. These days the senior and junior players represent their departments in the Gold Cup of Baluchistan Main Minister.

In the month of Ramadan, another big domestic event will be held in Gojra in the spotlight.

Sources say that due to the third wave of Covid-19, it is impossible to arrange a junior team match against any foreign team.

The PHF has decided that after the Gojra tournament, seven to nine matches will be held between Pakistan’s senior and junior teams so that junior boys learn by playing against seniors. They have to compete with strong teams such as Japan, India, Korea, Malaysia and China in the Junior Aisa Cup.

These sources indicate that several junior players have joined the senior team. Therefore, they are not used to strenuous exercise.

After competing against Pakistani seniors, the youth team’s training program will be completed and it is hoped that they will perform excellently at the Junior Asian Cup and qualify for the 2022 Junior World Cup, an official said.

Pakistan did not play the 2016 Junior World Cup in India due to the intrigue of the Indian government.


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Protests were held to show solidarity with Bannu’s sit-in | Instant News

A large number of Pashtun political and civil society activists in Karachi gathered outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday to show solidarity with the ongoing protest against the brutal killing of four teenage boys in the Bannu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

They condemned the incident and said it had caused insecurity among residents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They demanded the immediate arrest of the killers of the four teenagers. They also said the government led by Tehreek-e-Insaf Pakistan in Central and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had failed to protect the lives of its citizens.

They say that for more than a week, the Janikhel tribe in Bannu has been placing the bodies of the boys in front of the local police station to protest their brutal killings. “But the government doesn’t send higher officials to listen to their complaints. When they announced their march towards Islamabad, the government became active in negotiating with the elders, ”said Abbas Wazir, one of the protest organizers in Karachi.

Although there are law enforcement agencies and operations against criminals and terrorists in the region, tribal people receive the bodies of their closest and dearest on a daily basis, they said. Leaders and supporters of other ethnic Pashtun parties, including the Awami National Party, also attended the protests outside the KPC.


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