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Iftikhar says faith in his ability helps him | Instant News

KARACHI: Experienced Islamabad United midfielder Iftikhar Ahmed is thrilled with his superb strike which allowed Islamabad United to beat Karachi Kings by five goals in Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2021 HBL second round match here at the National Stadium on Wednesday.

‘Alhamdulillah, I appeared on the stage which helped my team win the match,’ said Iftikhar.

Iftikhar broke a 37-ball 49 out of the way, hitting three-sixs and two-four which allowed United to pursue a terrifying target in 197.

Asked how he deals with pressure, Iftikhar said it all depends on faith. ‘If you believe in yourself in a match like that, you lead your team to victory. I had faith in myself and finished the game, ‘said Iftikhar, also a regular part of the Pakistan T20 team.

‘Yes, people know that I finished the game. I always try to finish the game because it’s the role of the mid-level batsmen to finish the game, ” said Iftikhar.

He hopes United will annex another title. “ When I was with Karachi Kings they won titles and when I was with United they also won crowns. I’m sure United will win the title again, ‘said Iftikhar.

United won the title in 2016 and 2018.

“It’s difficult for the team to take a second shot because there is a twist. The award goes to our top level batsmen who score sprint goals to make the chasing easier for us, ‘said Iftikhar.


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Kevin Durant (hamstring) The Nets missed the next two games Sportsxchange | Instant News

Kevin Durant remains struggling to keep up with his new Brooklyn Nets appearance.

The Nets announced Sunday that Durant would miss “at least” the next two games with a left hamstring injury.

The team characterized the injury as “minor” but said in a statement that Durant would be best on Monday’s game in Sacramento and Tuesday’s game in Phoenix while undergoing treatment.

Durant was out of a week-long break on Saturday and played 33 minutes in the Nets’ away win at the Golden State Warriors. Durant was put into NBA health and safety protocol on February 5 after close contact with a team employee who tested positive for COVID-19.

Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving gave the Nets a stellar trio that only a handful of teams in the NBA have been able to match, but the group has been limited so far this season. This trio, formed after Harden was acquired via trade in mid-January, recorded only seven games together.

According to ESPN, the Nets have used 17 different starting lineups this season, the most in the NBA.

Durant has missed nine of the Nets’ 28 games this season, and Brooklyn 2-3 without Durant since being swapped for Harden last month. Durant has averaged 29 points, 7.3 rebounds and 5.3 assists per game this season after being sidelined throughout 2019-20 due to recovery from a torn Achilles injury in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals.

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Weather: Wet weather provides relief in parts of the North Island | Instant News

Much-needed rain is expected to hit Auckland in the coming days. Photos / Files

As parts of the North Island continue to experience water restrictions, some much-needed rain is about to fall.

The sub-tropical low is expected to bring wet and windy weather to the North Island in the coming days.

Rainfall is expected to fall on Northland, Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula, with possible local flooding.

However, the rain will bring some relief for those with water restrictions, with weatherwatch.co.nz saying this week’s forecast for rain could “make a big difference”.

“Auckland could be 40mm and, at the higher end, some sections could be as high as 100mm. The Coromandel Peninsula, which is even more open, may see a chance of more than 150mm of rain.”

Rain is not expected for those in the west as there are lower numbers of the Bombay Hills to the south.

As of February 13, the total storage for the Auckland dam was 60.66 percent.

Dam rates are down 23 percent so far this year, but it appears that Aucklanders are doing well with their water consumption.

Yesterday’s Watercare figures show that the Auckland area consumes 459 million liters of water.

Strong winds are also expected to cross the North Island from overnight and into Monday, possibly persisting for the next several days.

The wind and clouds have spread around the northern part of the country and will continue.


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New Zealand police assist in the search for Paul Mora, the New Zealand banker wanted by Interpol | Instant News

Paul Robert Mora is wanted by Interpol. Photo / Provided

New Zealand police are assisting German authorities with their investigation of a wanted kiwi man

Interpol, based in Lyon, France, posted a “red notice” on its website seeking information on the whereabouts of 53-year-old Paul Robert Mora, who is suspected of facilitating and concealing fraudulent transactions worth more than € 113 million ($ 190 million).

The 53-year-old is known to be in New Zealand, where he owns property in Christchurch.

A police spokesman said they were fully aware of the Red Notice issued for New Zealand.

He said they had been working with German authorities for some time on this issue.

Property records indicate Mora also owns shared property in the Christchurch suburb of Scarborough.

He allegedly acted on the investor’s behalf when he worked at a large bank between 2006 and 2008.

The Frankfurt prosecutor, who is handling the investigation, said Mora had “many contacts overseas, including in New Zealand, Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia and Spain”.

The case against Mora is part of a broader investigation into a so-called cum-ex transaction in which participants would loan each other shares to collect unpaid tax reimbursements.

European countries are thought to have lost tens of billions of euros from these and similar transactions over the years, until bank reporters alerted the media and forced the authorities to stop the practice.

Trials against Mora and other suspects before a court in Wiesbaden, Germany, will start March 25. It has been repeatedly postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A related court in Bonn last year produced suspended sentences for two British bankers after they agreed to provide detailed information about the fraudulent scheme.

The Company’s offices indicate that Mora still has a number of business interests in New Zealand, and is listed as a director of several Christchurch-based companies.

He attended St Bede’s College and Canterbury University.


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German ‘action plan’ to support opposition in Belarus | Europe | Latest news and events from all continents | DW | Instant News

Belarus remains under President Alexander Lukashenko’s rule six months after controversial elections, because public protests against the results persist.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is trying to bring the issue back into the spotlight this week on his video podcast, outlines “his government’s plan of action [for the] Belarusian civil society. “

Merkel said she came to admire the “unwavering” nature of opposition protesters in the face of sometimes violent government oppression. Providing protection for politicians or activists fleeing the country will be a core component of Germany’s action plan, he said.

“With that, the persecuted opposition and people who need humanity will more easily receive visas and asylum with us,” said Merkel. “We want to help victims of torture who are traumatized, but also provide scholarships or grants and to support independent media.”

The scope of activities is not clear

Speaking to DW about the extent of the plan, a junior minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin, Michael Berger, said it was too early to discuss how many people from Belarus might hope to take refuge in Germany.

“We have just agreed within the federal government to initiate such a program. And of course we will pay special attention to people affected by acute distress, who no longer see their own future in Belarus because of state repression. initially, it’s going to be the focus, “said Berger.

The chancellor also touched on the front lines of the Belarusian opposition in his comments, mentioning both his recent meeting with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya in Berlin and the fact that fellow activist Maria Kolesnikova was “locked up in prison like so many others” and unable to leave the country.

Opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya visited Berlin in October, also having an audience with Chancellor Merkel away from the camera

Berger points to wider opportunities to show support for civil society, for example by highlighting the difficulties at hand prominent athlete from Belarus who spoke out against the government in Minsk. He said there were similar stories of oppression in art and theater, between actors and actors journalist.

A little extra beyond EU sanctions

Although progress was quite slow at first, with the first real response emerging from Brussels on only 1 October, The European Union has imposed three rounds of sanctions against Belarus and officials in Minsk since the August elections last year.

It targets a total of 88 individuals and seven entities in the country, including Lukashenko and his sons, with restrictions including travel bans within the EU and asset freezes where possible. EU citizens and companies are also prohibited from providing funds to registered persons and entities.

Merkel admitted in her video podcast that the extra German effort in addition to EU action “will not resolve the conflict between justice and oppression in Belarus,” saying that “this is simply not possible from the outside.”

But he hopes it will “show the brave people over there that we are by their side and hearing their voices – today, just like six months ago.”

Looking for ‘legal consequences’ someday

In their last meeting with the opposition Minsk “Coordinating Council”, German government representatives also agreed to help document and record the regime’s repression of peaceful protesters.

Berger of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin said that the effort to trace crimes committed in Belarus was designed to “give the necessary teeth” to the three existing rounds of EU sanctions – “to show those responsible for the crackdown who were responsible responsible for these violations, in human rights law, that they can be held accountable. “

He stressed that this idea did not belong to Germany; instead, it was done in conjunction with a “series” of NGOs and European partner countries.

“We want to document – and in a way that will stand up in court – which crimes and violations of liberty have been committed. And in principle there are two possibilities how to achieve that,” said Berger. “It can be done through the United Nations, through the Human Rights Commission in Geneva. And another possibility that we are also looking at is that we are assigning various NGOs to do this task so that this evidence is gathered.”

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya at a prayer for Belarusians at the Berliner Dom cathedral.

Tsikhanouskaya’s time in Berlin was steeped in symbolism, including ecumenical prayer sessions, trips to art exhibitions on Belarusian politics, and visits to the Berlin Wall site.

The minister said it was too early to think of some kind of international tribunal dedicated to crimes committed in Belarus, saying that the “first step” remains to collect evidence in such a way that it can later be used in several forums.

“We have seen repression by the police. Meanwhile, thirty thousand people have been arrested. There are more than 200 political prisoners and there is still not a single legal case against a member of the security forces, “said Berger.

For now, six months after the last dubious re-election of Minsk’s “last European dictator”, seeking justice for Alexander Lukashenko’s allies or even victims still seems a somewhat distant goal.


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