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Leave + alone | Instant News

By the way, Discovery+ is very enjoyable.

By the way, Discovery+ is very enjoyable.
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Why does something seem to have become synonymous with streaming media controversy?

Of course I’m talking about the “+” in the service name, the last time I was New York Times. Of course, the number of services that we have added a “+” to the title of its content streaming service is absurd. Now, we have AMC +, Apple TV +, BET + Discovery +, Disney +, Documentary +, ESPN +, Hulu + Live TV (although since normal Hulu, this is worth discussing Officially dropped “Plus” (whose name dates back to 2015), Paramount (Paramount +), and of course other things I’m ignoring here. This doesn’t even consider other non-entertainment services using “+”, especially services from Apple’s premium subscription ecosystem.

However, please listen to me: I think “+” is very good and even helpful for overcoming the chaos of our streaming media environment.

Obviously, my colleagues disagree with this view. Consumer technology reporter Victoria Song absolutely eliminated “+” (and me) Blog about trends As early as September. At the time, I argued that “+” is a simple expression of what a product is or what to do for consumers, although some applications of “+” are not completely consistent with streaming media.

Victoria cited Apple News+ as an example because it is not a streaming service.but it Yes An extended experience that adds more value to users than the standard Apple News provides, and can be easily inferred from the “+” in the more advanced names of the two options.Actually, I think HBO Max losing “Max” and adding “+” will make the company have a headache when communicating how the new service is different from H&O, H&O Go (RIP) and H&O Now (AT&T) Sucks Spectacularly. If AT&T executives choose to name the service HBO+, it may be easier for consumers to understand, which means HBO not only has more value.

I think the biggest reason “+” is useful to consumers actually comes down to how many services currently exist, all of which are striving for loyal users. Too many choices, “+” seems to be an easy way to remind consumers what the product might do, especially where it is suitable for streaming services. Someone may be able to easily infer the functions of BET+ or Paramount+ without spending too much time thinking, just as consumers intuitively understand the functions of YouTube TV, Pluto TV, Sling TV and FuboTV. The “+” eliminates most guesswork, especially when it is associated with a brand that consumers already know.

What I want to say is that I found that there is a “+” application that is crazy, but it has little to do with the inclusion of “+” itself, but has to do with the additional hardware and software ecosystem. Apple TV+ streaming services are available on the Apple TV app, and both can be found on the Apple TV set-top box.this is Extraordinaryÿ Bad brand-crazy. Apple TV+ is good and understandable.But we really have to call it and two Existing products, one of them is an application and the other is hardware? Come on, Apple.

Listen, is it annoying for so many services to name their services in the same format? of course. Is it boring? Absolutely. But I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing-at least not when we have many options. Do not add “+”.


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Sony launches national PlayStation 5 media remote control beyond gaming | Instant News

(FOXBUSINESS)-Sony released the official PlayStation 5 media remote control on TV Thursday’s blog post, Enabling players to seamlessly transition between games and other entertainment content.

The remote control will allow gamers to turn on the power of the PS5 console and easily browse the entertainment applications of the system through the built-in play/pause, fast forward and rewind controls. In addition, the remote control allows users to adjust the volume and power settings on a compatible TV.

Sony’s latest PlayStation accessories will have dedicated buttons for Netflix, Disney+, Spotify and Youtube, where users can watch favorite movies and TV shows, play music, play and share the best game moments.

Sony said that Apple TV’s content will also be provided when it is released, and there will be the opportunity to watch or participate in the game live broadcast through Twitch.

Other streaming platforms, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Peacock, will launch PS5 later. HBO Max, which is still working on a deal with Amazon Fire TV and Roku, does not appear to be on the list.

As PS5’s new user interface, The entertainment application will be available immediately after launching on its independent home screen, without waiting to download content from the PlayStation Store, and the new control center will allow users to play, pause, skip and switch stations in their favorite music.

Although the remote control will not be provided with PS5 when in the console Launched on November 12, Can now be purchased separately at major retailers for $30, including aims, Amazon, Best Buy and Game stop, Although some places are out of stock.

The standard edition price of PS5 is 499.99 dollars, the digital edition price is 399.99 dollars.

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Heat Advisory remains in effect; more heat and humidity today | weather | Instant News

Springfield, mA (WGGB/WSHM) — the heat and humidity will continue today with another Scorcher expected! This is the warmest morning of the summer so far with temperatures ranging from 70-ies, and we will be back in the ‘ 90s times in the day with heat indices between 97-103 degrees.

Warm Tips remain in effect for the Central and Eastern parts of Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin County until 8 PM. In addition to the Air Quality to unhealthy levels of ground-level ozone remain in force for all in the County of Hampden and Central and East Hampshire County until 11 PM tonight.

We may see a few showers this morning, then a weak front will bring in this day an isolated shower or thunderstorm, but most will stay dry during the day. Best chance to see the storm will be Springfield and points East as the front will be a bit more active in Eastern Massachusetts that day.

The front will bring a little relief tomorrow. It will be a little less humid, but still warm tomorrow with highs in the upper 80’s to nearly 90. There is a chance for showers and thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday with highs in the mid to upper 80’s. Drier air should move in the end of the week to go to next weekend.

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Winter in April? Snow in the North; Cold, Rainy in New England – NECN | Instant News

The howling wind in East New England made it loud outside the homes of people Sunday night to Monday.

North winds blowing up to 45 mph within 30 miles of the coast will take place throughout Monday, taking temperatures that have cooled down in the lower 40s and pushing temperatures “noticeably” to lower temperatures throughout the 30s!

The rain will not be a very heavy Monday through the night, but it will fall steadily and lightly throughout the day, continue to grow and bring the total rain to near an inch all said on Tuesday morning, when only a rush or initial spark occurs. expected to remain.

In the northern mountains, snow continues to accumulate above a height of 1,500 feet by a few inches, and a few inches above 2,000 feet.

Although drier air pockets are moving east to New England from the Great Lakes on Tuesday, turning off rainfall is one thing – getting a decent cleanup is another achievement that will be slower to produce results. There will be some openings on Tuesday in the north and west of New England, but it is likely to bring sunlight in the afternoon farther southeast.

Wednesday must be a brighter day because the high pressure bubble – sunny weather – strengthens above Nova Scotia. This flow of sunny weather from our east will create a land wind that will keep the coastline cool while inland communities rise to 60 degrees.

A storm system that has strengthened through the Ohio Valley Thursday will cross New England on Friday. All this will produce strong winds south Thursday, especially late, transporting lighter air to New England. This system will eventually produce rain or rain with the possibility of thunder embedded on Friday when the temperature is working at a temperature of 60 degrees.

Although this part of the system doesn’t really spell warm weekends after a storm comes in and by itself, there seems to be a shortage of cold air available behind it, so we might be able to reach the 60s this weekend because the weather is improving and enlightening.

At this point, despite the chance of rain growing towards the middle of next week, our First Standby Weather Team looks at the seasonable temperatures in the first half of next week, and we have reflected this in our exclusive 10-day forecast.


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