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Microsoft increases OneDrive file size limit for all Microsoft 365 customers to 250GB | Instant News

New Delhi, Microsoft came up with File size limit its A drive The file storage platform for all Microsoft 365 customers has been increased from the previous 100GB limit to 250GB.

Supports 250 GB file size upload SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive will be launched at the end of January and will be fully available at the end of the quarter.

“Our latest improvements will help increase the upload file size limit for Microsoft 365 from 100 GB to 250 GB, including file Enter SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive,” the company said in a statement.

Users can take advantage of the new restrictions. Looking to the future, people can share 4K or even 8K video files between teams and customers.

Zip files containing a large number of high-quality photos can also be shared with customers and even family members. Use cases of large file sizes may continue to occur.

According to the company, it has managed to increase the upload limit by dividing each file into multiple blocks, each file being encrypted with a unique key.


“All files have been backed up to Azure storage to ensure high Availability and performance. You can easily upload and download large files where you need them,” Microsoft said.

If you use OneDrive for personal use, you can easily upload or share home video albums with relatives, or upload zip files containing large PC games with friends.

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High level meeting to determine the fate of the SA Games today | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The fate of the 14th Asian Games, which Pakistan was to host in 2021 but postponed for a year due to Covid-19, will be decided at a summit to be chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan here today. (Monday).

A well-placed source at the Inter-Provincial Coordinating Ministry (IPC) told ‘The News’ that Prime Minister Imran Khan, subject to availability, will chair an important meeting which is expected to be held in the afternoon. and all stakeholders have been invited for advice and consultation before giving the green light for Olympic preparations.

Pakistan previously hosted the Olympics in 1989 and again in 2004. This is the third time organizing Olympic rights have been granted to the country.

The 14th edition of the Olympics, which was allocated to Pakistan in 2019, was scheduled to be held in April 2021 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all major international events including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed for a year. While there have been no official announcements from either side so far, it is believed that the Olympics have also been postponed for a year – meaning they will now be held in the first half of 2022.

The government has allocated around Rs3.6 billion for upgrading the sports infrastructure in Islamabad and Peshawar in preparation for the Olympics.

The summit will be attended by all stakeholders including the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA), the IPC Ministry, top officials of the Pakistan Sports Council (PSB) and representatives of the Army Sports Council.

When Pakistan hosted regional events on the previous two occasions, the Olympic secretariat began work nearly two years before the final date. This fall there has been no progress so far. The federal government has not yet sent a letter of intent to the SA Olympic Committee – which is considered a prerequisite before organizing the event.

POA in consultation with the government has not set a date and more importantly a place for the 14th edition. While POA insists on holding the Olympics in the three major cities in Punjab as well as Peshawar, the IPC ministry seems more interested in limiting the event to Islamabad and Peshawar and that is why the infrastructure budget has been limited to those two cities. Then comes the disciplines to be contested during the major regional sports extravaganza and athletes’ preparation for the upcoming show.

“The meeting has a one-point agenda and it is to decide the main issue regarding the Olympics which has been allocated to Pakistan after nearly two decades,” said a ministry official.

The official also emphasized that the place, date and the government’s determination to support the extravaganza were the main issues. Sri Lanka has shown interest in hosting the Olympics if Pakistan fails in its endeavors. In that case, it is unlikely that the country continues to host the Olympics anytime soon, but that would be the worst case scenario.


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America’s Cup graphic: Sir Russell Coutts and Sir Ian Taylor of Animation Research in a copyright dispute | Instant News

Graphics used by Sir Ian Taylor Animation Research’s company during a pre-Christmas racing broadcast.

Sir Russell Coutts’ sailing interests have warned that if the graphics used by Sir Ian Taylor’s Animation Research for the pre-Christmas races were used in broadcasting the 36th America’s Cup, the High Court alleges copyright infringement would be filed.

The warning shots fired by two companies led by Coutts – Oracle Racing and F50 League LLC traded as SailGP – had consequences for how the upcoming Prada Cup and America’s Cup were broadcast.

A legal notice alleging copyright infringement during a pre-Christmas race over the graphics used in what is known as the LiveLine system of the augmented reality broadcast was sent to Animation Research Limited (ARL) and two other parties on December 23.

Taylor – most recently knighted for his work including pioneering the development of the world’s leading real-time 3D visualization for major sports broadcasts starting with Virtual Eyes for the America’s Cup – said he was “deeply disappointed” that his New Zealand counterparts served his company in a way violates copyright notices that could “seriously impact coverage of the upcoming Prada Cup and the Copa America itself”.

Sir Russell Coutts.
Sir Russell Coutts.

In response to the Herald’s question, Sir Russell Coutts said, “We are only trying to protect IP [intellectual property] which we’ve invested millions of dollars in developing over the last decade.

“We prefer not to be forced to protect our rights through legal process, but like all copyrighted material, it must be licensed for use by commercial entities.

“We have asked that the current Copa America organizers avoid breaches by revising their charts, or paying a license fee accordingly.”

Taylor claims the two Coutts-led companies claim copyrights based on the ARL image created in 1992 and which has been used at every Copa America since then – including in 1995 when Coutts famously created the “Cup of America, Cup of New Zealand”.

“We have submitted the chart for events where he also raced against New Zealand, starting with him winning the Cup from New Zealand with Alinghi (Switzerland) in 2003 and then winning it from Alinghi for BMW Oracle (USA) in 2010,” said Taylor.

Oracle Racing and SailGP believe that the intellectual property associated with Animation Research’s graphics has been transferred to event organizers at previous America’s Cup regattas.

Oracle Racing and SailGP are at the center of rival high-tech screen series, spearheaded by billionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Coutts, the most successful helmsman in America’s Cup history.

Their goal is to use the LiveLine graphics – whose copyright they claim – during the series.

Sir Ian Taylor, founder of Animation Research.  Photo / Provided
Sir Ian Taylor, founder of Animation Research. Photo / Provided

Taylor confirmed to the Herald that he wrote to Coutts on December 7 last year detailing Animation Research technology that had been contracted to provide broadcasting of the 36th America’s Cup.

Taylor said he approached Coutts late last year offering to share the new technology ARL had developed. He said he didn’t hear back until shortly before the first pre-Christmas regatta began, during which Coutts advised he had some concerns about ARL’s plans, but didn’t share what those concerns were.

“Next we heard from him was an official letter arriving on December 23, just as we closed for Christmas, with a January 5 deadline for our response. It would be fair to say that made our plans a bit of a mess.”

Earlier, the record contender began talks with Coutts, asking about securing a license to use the LiveLine system in an upcoming American Cup series.

It was finally rejected by the challenger.

The Coutts-led company said that if Animation Research wants to continue using what it claims is a copied image, they are willing to discuss the appropriate license terms.

Taylor admits the LiveLine chart is a significant step forward.

Taylor claims what Coutts creates is based entirely on the universally acclaimed 3D ARL Virtual Eye graphic display as ultimately making sense for cruising.

“We were really surprised because it was one step forward in telling the story of the Copa America.”

Taylor said for the 36th America’s Cup, ARL is adapting its own package of augmented reality graphics that it uses in other sports, including golf and cricket, to bring the technology to screen as well.

“Technology has advanced significantly since 2017 in Bermuda.”

Taylor said the outcome of the action under threat was that ARL would now put forward the ideas they plan to launch around the Copa America defense and apply them to the Prada Cup, which takes place this weekend in Auckland.

“That means having to bring some of the team off their vacation but there is no way we want this Kiwi show in Waitematā to be compromised in any way,” said Taylor.

“My real hope is that we can forget about this and do something together that will benefit this sport that Russell has contributed so much to.”

Taylor and two others sent a lengthy response to Oracle Racing and SailGP on Friday evening after the original January 5 deadline was extended, but at this stage the matter has not been resolved.

What the Sir Russell Coutts company claims
LiveLine is an augmented reality system in the scope of racing, which involves the use of a field graphic overlaid on live footage of racing action on water, complemented by real-time data obtained from multiple sources including onboard sensors.
The system is protected by a US patent and the company led by Coutts has claimed copyright on a related graphics package that has the key elements: Off-track borders; ability to display written material within borders; a ladder or frame and a number placed under the parallel line to reflect the boat’s direction and distance to the next mark.

Sir Ian Taylor’s response
The company led by Coutts claims copyright to the three elements we use in our Virtual Eye graphics pack.
The first is a closed border, basically a playing field governed by the rules, the second is a grid of parallel lines showing where the boats are connected to each other and the buoy markers, and finally the sponsor’s name is lying on the water.

Sir Ian Taylor says the concept that Sir Russell Coutts claims to copyright claims is a concept that Animation Research shared with him in March 2010. Image / Supplied
Sir Ian Taylor says the concept that Sir Russell Coutts claims to copyright claims is a concept that Animation Research shared with him in March 2010. Image / Supplied

We’ve been doing most of this since 1992 and have done it at every Copa America since then.
Due to this threat we had to take our staff on a day off to implement a new package to be used for the Games. [the America’s Cup defence], but now we will introduce it for the Prada Cup so that the fans are not harmed by this action.


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Cotton prices hit a 10-year high of Rs11,000 / maund | Instant News

KARACHI: Cotton prices on the local market hit a 10-year high of Rs11,000 per maund (40kg) in a week, largely due to reduced production and increased demand, while import orders for 4.2 million bales have also been completed, traders said This Saturday.

Dealers said that due to lower production, factories continued to buy in the market, while ginners remained interested in selling due to favorable prices. The cotton rate increased by Rs400 to Rs500 / maund. In addition, the prices for cotton and polyester yarn are also increasing in the market.

The tariff for high quality cotton increased to Rs11,000 per maund, which was the highest level in the last 10 years. Previously, the price had crossed this level in 2010-11 when there was a big demand from China and the tariff reached Rs14,000 per maund. Prices around the world had also risen to abnormal levels that year.

Some analysts predict that prices will continue to increase by 20 to 50 percent in the coming days. However, they will follow the trend in the New York Cotton futures market which is trending around the world, they added.

Traders said the textile sector was in a winning position and received large export orders despite the Covid-19 pandemic causing a slowdown in economic activity.

“Cotton production has fallen dramatically at home but farmers cannot benefit from the higher prices, because spinners remain the beneficiaries and prices increase when the cotton seeds are sold by farmers,” the trader added.

“To meet the needs of the domestic industry, it is necessary to import around 7.0 million bales. However, the import order for 4.2 million bales has been completed. “

In the local market, Sindh cotton is selling for Rs9,500 to Rs10,700 / maund, Punjab for Rs10,000 to Rs11,100 per maund, while Balochistan fiber sells for Rs10,200 to Rs11,000 per maund.

The Karachi Cotton Association tariff committee raised the spot rate by Rs300 per maund to a season high of Rs10,500 per maund.

Chairman of the Karachi Cotton Brokerage Forum, Naseem Usman, said that cotton prices in the international market also increased.

New York Cotton Futures rose to 82 cents per pound during the week but as exports fell by 47 percent, they fell to 79.50 cents per pound, according to the USDA weekly report.

Prices have also increased in Brazil, Argentina and Central Asia. Tariffs have also risen in India as the Indian government provides incentives to farmers and industry.

However, farmers in Pakistan switched to other crops because the cotton seed was below standard and there was no government incentive. In fact, support prices for cotton do not exist in Pakistan.

The local industry is suffering amid higher cotton yarn prices and they are demanding the elimination of a five percent import duty on imported yarn.

The Karachi Cotton Brokers Forum and the Karachi Cotton Association Brokers Advisory Committee have jointly begun advertising a campaign to increase cotton production.

They appealed to the government to take emergency steps to increase domestic cotton production.


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Demand for traveling nurses grows as hospitals record record number of COVID-19 cases | Instant News

With the demand for nurses traveling through the roof, recruiting agencies and nurses are feeling the pressure. “I have been a nurse for 10 years, I have never seen anything like this before,” said emergency nurse Abigael Kaszar. “And it’s, I mean, it’s just something for the books.” It’s just crazy. Kaszar works by Aya Healthcare and she has been in three hospitals over the past year, including one in New York at the height of the virus outbreak in the region. Kaszar says she always keeps an eye out for open positions in the ER. By the end of spring, there were a few hundred. Today, there are more than 4,000. Another recruiting agency, Travel Nurse Across America, tells us that facility requests are up 175% year over year. The agency says it’s because hospitals want staff who can intervene directly. hospital to hospital, and understanding and learning the different policies and procedures very, very quickly is difficult. And so these nurses are very talented and can come in and start working in no time, ”said Jill Eliassen, vice president of clinical services at Travel Nurse Across America. Kaszar is now in a hospital in California, where she says the emergency is simply overwhelmed. COVID-19 patients who are discharged cannot always return home, but the other facilities they would normally go to are full, they therefore stay longer in the hospital. The intensive care unit is also filling up: patients with nowhere to go end up in the emergency room, where ambulances and other new patients are still arriving, all of this happening while hospitals attempt to isolate them. COVID-19 patients from others. “It’s just really busy and these people are so sick, and it’s really a big challenge to keep up. It’s an emotional challenge, it’s sad and it’s scary and it’s, I mean, so many of these infections were preventable. You feel so much regret and you feel sad for these people, “Kaszar said. Travel Nurse Across America encourages short breaks between contracts because their nurses are exhausted.” These nurses must also be psychiatrists and counselors and support the family members who are hospitalized with COVID and who cannot be with loved ones, ”said Kathy Kerstiens, senior vice president of client services at Travel Nurse Across America. at least until midsummer, when they can finally get more relief. .

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