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Newry.ie – Newry is like being at home in Italy | Instant News

Mario Siotto comes from Sardinia in Italy and came to Newry in 2002. He is here now 19 years old and is happy to be here, because he loves Newry. Mario came to Northern Ireland in 1998 to meet a beautiful woman from Belfast, whom he now calls his wife. When Mario retired from his engineering job in Italy, he lived in Ireland. The reason for choosing Newry was because in 1998 there were many tensions in the North. He and his wife traveled around Northern Ireland looking for a place to live. Mario said, “I thought Newry had a lot to offer and we decided to move to this beautiful city. I can feel that the Newry community is growing together and I know it’s a place for me and my wife. “

At first he was trying to find a job that would contribute to Newry’s fun community. He ended up finding a job at one of the best organizations, St. Vincent de Paul. Who served him very well as it helped those around him.

Mario Siotto. Photo: Columba O’Hare / Newry.ie

Mario was born in Iglesias in Italy and is the ‘baby’ of 8 families! He still has relatives back home. In his early days he worked as a Mining engineer, spending 26 years of his life in Iglesias, but due to an industrial crisis he had to emigrate and retire from his trade.

One of the biggest reasons why Mario loves Newry is that the communities here and behind the house are very similar, to him there is absolutely no difference. Being here feels like home in Italy.

In 2009, he joined the association of St. Vincent de Paul where he worked full time until now. Mario is the Drop in Center Manager at Newry. The Drop in Center in Newry opened in 2010 and through the economic crisis in 2010 the doors were always open, until March 2020 when they closed due to Covid 19. It is with great regret that she can no longer serve hot food for now and makes this a helpful atmosphere. However, he still helps people in need by sending food parcels. Mario is very proud to say that since March 2020 until now they have distributed nearly 9 thousand parcels of food. Mario added “Thank you very much to the fantastic community in Newry who have raised and provided enormous support when it is most needed, for me this is very useful because I love helping others”

Mario is a very kind and helpful man who has a hobby of walking the countryside. Apart from that he had no time or interest in anything other than helping those in need because that was a lie to his heart. He dedicated most of his time to the needy as much as he could. In his spare time, he collects donations for shops.

Being a member of the Newry community, he deeply felt that the city should build shelters for the homeless by saying that “Homeless people are not only people who live on the streets, but also people who face many challenges due to difficult circumstances. I’ve seen a lot of homeless people and that will be very important to me and it will be a very important improvement for Newry. “

Reflecting on Newry if he could change anything it would see more tolerance in the city, because this is so important. There are many people who come to Newry to improve themselves and improve their lives. Mario commented “If we could be more accommodating and more tolerant of each other that would be a huge advantage. Prior to Covid 19 at the Drop in Center, we held English classes for non-English speakers to help them integrate into our society. I believe we have a great community and everyone should respect each other. I would like to see more tolerance and respect in Newry “

Mario concludes “It is very important for me to give something back to this beautiful community because of the way I am treated. I am always welcomed and treated as a member of the community. I call myself” Newry’s adopted son. “I am very happy to be here and just wanted to take advantage of Newry’s abilities for me. “

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Italy Introduces Covid-Free Island To Save Summer Tourism | Instant News

Curious about traveling to a tiny Italian island this summer? In an effort to deal with the impact of the corona virus in the summer, the country is now trying to immunize a number of holiday destinations from Covid-19, starting from its small islands.

Follow the example Greece – which has vaccinated the entire population of most of the island – Italy has only recently started dialogue with the mayor to ensure that the conditions for a fully functional and safe summer are met.

The first region to start working on enhanced Covid-19 action on the tourist islands is Naples Campania. In particular, at Procida (Italian Capital of Culture by 2022), Capri and Ischia, special priority protocols – which require mass vaccination of local residents, regardless of age – are put in place so that the islands can start welcoming tourists as soon as possible.

The national expansion plan is already in the minds of the government. According to the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia, working in this way makes it possible to launch the tourist season in early June. “President Biden and President Macron said they are arranging a reopening based on their national holidays, July 4 and July 14. Our Republic Day falls on June 2, ”he said in an interview with the daily newspaper Messenger.

Francesco Forgione, mayor of the Egadi Islands (comprising the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo) commented: “I think we need courage and foresight. Italy must behave like Greece, and Sicily must take action. “Forgione was also the first mayor write a letter to the head of national vaccination strategy Francesco Figliuolo, asking him to prioritize small islands in the vaccination campaign. “Here, Federalberghi [the national hotels’ association] asking tourism workers to be the first to get the vaccine. However, on small islands there is no difference between tourism workers and other residents. This applies to the islands of Egadi, but also to the Aeolian Islands, Pantelleria, Lampedusa, Linosa and Ustica. I believe that all the small islands in Italy have this belief, “he added.

While news of potential immunity has been welcomed by those directly involved at the local level, in reality the idea of ​​a vaccination campaign differentiated by tourist value has also drawn criticism. In Campania, for example, residents and mayors from various tourist areas pointy fingers on the Regional Government’s decision to implement a strategy that prioritizes certain destinations over others. Luigi de Magistris, The Mayor of Naples, commented: “It is the government that has to tell us what people’s priorities are with regard to vaccination. It can’t be a Regional Governor to decide whether Capri, Ischia and Procida should leave first, then followed by Amalfi and Sorrento, then maybe Pozzuoli and Napoli. ”

Responding to the controversy, Fulvio Bonavitacola, Vice President of Campania, explained: “Capri, Ischia, Procida and the entire Campania coast means working for tens of thousands of workers who are among the hardest hit. [categories] during this year. “But while this problem is far from being resolved, the government appears serious in its intention of finding sustainable solutions for tourism during the summer.” Tourism, like any economic activity, is dependent on expectations as well as planning. Reopening bars, hotels or tourist resorts is a must. “That’s why we need to set a date as soon as possible, depending on how the pandemic happened,” said Tourism Minister Garavaglia.

In Italy, tourism represents 13% of the national GDP, a very important percentage in specific tourism destinations, where summer is essential for economic survival. After the winter’s gone and a new lock in the early spring that had increasingly suppressed commercial activity, many were now pressing the government to open up. Over the past few days, cities like Milan and Rome have seen it protest by restaurant owners and sellers, who in some cases turn violent. But while bad taste over the prolonged closure is evident in the country, the government has no intention of speeding up the process in vain: “[For reopenings] We don’t have a date yet, we are considering it, it all depends on how the transmission trend and vaccines are, “the prime minister Mario Draghi said in the press conference.

With an average of 18,000 new cases per day and 500 deaths, Italy’s conditions of contagion are improving, even though the country is still not out of danger. According to national authorities, the coming months will be critical to getting enough people vaccinated and raising public opinion. While the holiday period has been established, the country also aims to be able to welcome tourists from abroad. Garavaglia concluded: “I hope with the steps we are taking and when we will get a re-opening date, foreign tourists will come too. For now, I know that Americans are ordering for August. I also know that from England they are watching the vaccination campaign on the islands. May we return to hearing languages ​​from around the world soon ”.


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Italy enters a 3-day Easter lockdown amid vaccination constraints | World | Instant News


ROME (AP) – Italy entered a three-day national coronavirus lockdown on Saturday to prevent Easter trips and get-togethers even as the spike in new infections sparked by that country’s variant begins to wane.

The government announced last month that it would place all regions into the strictest “red zone” over the Easter weekend to limit the possibility of transmission, taking the same precautions enacted over Christmas and New Year.

Travel between regions and visits to relatives is limited to Monday. Non-essential shops were closed and restaurants and bars were only open for take-out.

“People are tired, but they realize that protecting health is very important in these times,” said Major Fabio Palletta, a Carabinieri military police officer guarding a checkpoint in Rome on Saturday, one of many established across the country. this weekend to make sure people on the street are allowed to travel.

The Interior Ministry also ordered extra police patrols to break up large gatherings in squares and parks, which are usually packed with picnicgoers during Easter.

“I’m glad they did the checks. It means something is at work throughout this mess, ”said Amato Monatanari, who was drawn for questioning in Rome.

Italy, where the European outbreak began, has recorded more than 110,000 COVID-19 deaths, more than any other European country apart from Britain. Another 21,000 infections were reported Saturday in Italy, along with 376 people dying.


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Italy may be in the close of Easter, but the party takes place at sea Resorter | Instant News

Additional cabins are set aside to isolate suspected virus cases. Because of the contact tracing bracelet, if a passenger tests positive, medics can identify anyone they have come in contact with. Once the situation is clear, anyone who is positive is transferred to the beach.

According to an independent consulting firm, Bermello Ajamii & Partners, only 23 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on board since the industry started a temporary relaunch last summer, with a passenger infection rate of 0.006%.

But shipping industry critics said the risk was not worth it and added that shipping companies should take the pandemic’s waiting time to tackle the industry’s longstanding environmental and labor problems.

“All big cruise ships burn huge volumes of the dirtiest and cheapest fuel available,” said Jim Ace of environmental group Stand Earth, a member of the Global Network of Sailing Activists. “Cruise lines can use the COVID-19 shutdown to address their impact on public health and the environment. Instead, they canceled some of their oldest ships and raised money to stay alive. “

On board, however, passengers enjoy the opportunity to enjoy mostly closed activities in Italy and much of Europe during the year: theater, dining in restaurants, duty-free shopping and live music in bars.

The rest of Italy will return to full lockdown over the Easter weekend, with shops closed and restaurants and bars open to take-home just to try to minimize the holiday outbreak. In addition, the Italian government imposed a five-day quarantine on people entering from other EU countries in an attempt to block the Easter holiday.


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Easter holiday road victims: Three killed, 12 injured in New Zealand crashes | Instant News

An ambulance was under lights and sirens en route to emergency work when it was involved in a collision with an ute towing a ship in Auckland yesterday. Photo / Hayden Woodward

The weekend getaway has turned into tragedy for the loved ones of the three who have died on New Zealand’s streets so far this Easter.

Nobody died on our streets last Easter, when the country was at level 4 lockdown to stop the spread of Covid-19.

But with freedom coming back to risk death and injury behind the wheel, as the Kiwis travel across the country for a four-day weekend getaway.

The first person to die was the person who died in an accident involving a truck and a car just before 8pm on Thursday on State Highway 27 in Kaihere, in Hauraki.

Three other people suffered minor injuries, police said.

Eighty minutes later someone died in another accident on SH2 in Mangatāwhiri, north of Hamilton.

And today, someone died at the scene of a two-vehicle crash near Whakamaru, about 50 km north of Taupō, police said.

After the midday accident that occurred at the intersection of SH30 and SH32, one of the vehicles experienced a fire.

The person who died was the driver of one of the vehicles.

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No one else was hurt.

An 80-year-old woman also died on Thursday after she was hit by a car on the outskirts of Forrest Hill on North Shore, dying from her injuries hours after the 8:20 a.m. incident.

That means his death is not included on the Easter toll because the official holiday period starts at 4 p.m. on Thursday and ends at 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

Four people were injured after accidents involving the ambulance and ambulance towing the ship in Auckland yesterday.  Photo / Hayden Woodward
Four people were injured after accidents involving the ambulance and ambulance towing the ship in Auckland yesterday. Photo / Hayden Woodward

Other road users have escaped weekend getaway accidents with their lives, but are now recovering from their injuries.

Among them were three ambulance officers and a fourth person following the accident between the ambulance and the ute which was towing a ship off Auckland’s North Coast today.

An ambulance was on its way to the patient and was under lights and sirens at the time of the accident, said St John’s Area Manager Andrew Everiss.

It was left wedged in the air by the ute, which hit the driver’s side of the emergency vehicle.

Three ambulance officers were taken to North Shore Hospital with moderate and minor injuries, and people in the cabin sustained minor injuries, after the four of them were examined by an additional ambulance crew, Everiss said.

A second ambulance was also dispatched to the initial patient after the incident, which took place at Constellation Drive in Rosedale at 12:15 p.m.

Support was provided to those involved, and the organization is working closely with the police and has also launched its own investigation into the incident.

Five people were also injured, one in critical condition, following an accident involving two vehicles in Athenree Gorge, north of Tauranga, just before 11am today.

The seriously injured man was taken to the Thames Hospital by helicopter. The other four suffered only minor injuries.

In the hours leading up to the long weekend, police warned motorists going on vacation to “take it easy”.

“We urge motorists to be patient, and not take unnecessary risks.”


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