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Helena Zengel: 12 year old Hollywood star in Germany | Culture | Art, music and lifestyle report from Germany | DW | Instant News

“Look what he can do with his eyes!” actress Helene Zengel remembers director Paul Greengrass saying when he played her in his film World News, now released on Netflix.

He is looking for a child actress with enough depth to play the role of a traumatized orphan. She found the talent she needed in Zengel, who had seen success in previous roles in German films System Shredder, who won more than 30 film awards. He was only 9 years old at that time. His character, Benni, is an aggressive child who experiences uncontrollable outbursts of violence, upsetting his caregiver. The young actress’s poignant appearance can be painful to watch.

Off camera, Zengel looks cheerful and confident. He said acting was easy for him. “I am good at showing my emotions, I am insolent,” he told the television crew of German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk.

On a promotional tour for his latest film, the Berlin native appears casual and articulate in various TV interviews and talk shows. At just 12 years old, he has got what many German actors can only dream of: a role in a Hollywood film.

The 12 year old actress won various awards for playing the lead role in the 2019 film ‘System Crasher’.

Who is Tom Hanks?

In western movies World News, he once again played the role of an abandoned child. Her character, Johanna, is an orphan of German immigrants who grew up with the Native American Kiowa tribe and was eventually taken over by Captain Kidd, played by Tom Hanks.

“I can’t stress enough how much power little Helena has,” said Tom Hanks of his film co-stars. “This girl is always nice to surprise you. Just because she is herself.”

For Helena, it’s a dream role. Horseback riding – her favorite pastime – is part of her job description, and she also enjoys learning Kiowa language. His mother, as usual, accompanied him during filming in New Mexico.

He initially didn’t know who Tom Hanks was. But after accepting the role, he watched some of his films to speed things up. Today, Hollywood stars have become his mentors. There were hardly any interviews where she had no compliments about how well she got along with Tom and that they kept in touch. He also tells her some trading tricks, like how to cry on orders.

Zengel shouted aggressively in a scene from 'System Crasher.'

Zengel won the German Film Award for best actress 2020 thanks to her performance in ‘System Crasher’

Start working at the age of five

He has no problem playing an abandoned and traumatized character: “I feel good about it,” the 12-year-old told the Berlin tabloid. BZ. “Sure, I’d love to make a children’s film someday, I’m sure it will. But I don’t think it’s bad to be pigeonholed like this, because it suits me and I really like it.”

Born in Berlin in 2008, Helena was already in front of the camera acting in television films at the age of five. When he was eight years old, he appeared in the film Girl, which premiered onBerlinale 2017. Here, too, she plays a strong willed girl who disappoints her parents.

Two years later, he once again walked the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival for System Shredder, which screened in 2019. She was selected from 150 girls who were competing for the role. For director Nora Fingscheidt, however, she was the only child who could play aggressively alongside adversity. “There was never anything purely spoiled or naughty about it, it was always associated with vulnerability and vulnerability,” said Fingscheidt in the film’s press material.

Helena Zengel and Tom Hanks prarie in the US in footage from 'News of the World.'

After the pair played together with each other on ‘News of the World,’ Hanks became Zengel’s mentor on showbiz.

A young professional

“I’m just a normal kid,” said Helena Zengel, stressing that she had a protected childhood. Although hard to believe as a spectator, he was able to distinguish and distinguish precisely between the role he played and his life – he was a professional.

But despite her mature attitude towards her profession, Helena is still very young. You can hear this especially on her fresh and very childish podcast “Big Z and Little Angel.” In it, seventh graders talk about her new school and her family’s trip to Bavaria.

“Wow, the mountains are amazing,” he said enthusiastically, laughing at his Bavarian accent. “I’ve been to many beautiful places through filming, but I’ve really never seen a mountain like this before.” Tom Hanks is also on the podcast. He politely greets listeners in German spoken with a strong American accent.

Helena Zengel is sitting in the forest on a skateboard, smiling.

Zengel may be a professional actress, but she’s still a kid who likes to talk about her new school and family vacations on her podcast

Will he win big in the US?

Unfortunately, the two actors will not be seeing each other again anytime soon. World News, shot in 2019, and originally slated to hit theaters. Instead, Netflix bought the film, eliminating the possibility of a promotional tour in the US.

However, Zengel still received praise. She was recently nominated for a Golden Globe award, Screen Actors Guild Award for best supporting actress and also for Best Newcomer from the Critics Choice Association (CCA). However, there won’t be a red carpet to go through this year. Luckily, the Berlin actress already knows what a virtual award ceremony feels like. She found her won the German Film Award for best leading actress System Shredder on line.

This article was translated from German by Sarah Hucal.


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Marilyn Manson Metoo Singer Phoebe Bridgers Allegations of Claiming She Owned the Rape Room | Instant News

Singer Phoebe Bridgers on Friday claimed that rock musician Marilyn Manson owned what she described as a rape room in her home.

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“I went to Marilyn Manson’s house when I was a teenager with some friends. I was a huge fan. She called a room in her house the ‘r * pe room’, I thought it was just her fraternal feeling of terrible humor. Me. stop being a fan. I support everyone who comes forward, “tweet Bridgers.

He has also criticized the music labels and management who are now distancing themselves from Manson.

“Labels know, management knows, bands know. To distance themselves now, feigning shock and horror is very sad,” Bridgers tweeted further.

His claim came after several allegations of sexual harassment emerged against Manson, including one by his ex-fiancé Evan Rachel Wood who said the rock musician had treated and abused him.

Marilyn Manson also took to her social media and denied all claims. She released a statement that read, “Obviously, art and my life have long been magnets for controversy, but recent claims about me are a terrible distortion of reality. My intimate relationships have always been completely consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how it is. – and why – other people now choose to misrepresent the past, that is the truth. “

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Voice of Music Star Christopher Plummer Dies At 91 In Connecticut | Instant News

New Delhi: Oscar-winning actor Christopher Plummer, popular for his role in the musical ‘The Sound Of Music’, has died at the age of 91. Reportedly, the actor of ‘The Last Station’ died peacefully at his home in Connecticut with his wife Elaine Taylor by his side.

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Lou Pitt confirmed the news to Deadline Hollywood and revealed in a statement, “Chris is a wonderful man who loves and respects his profession with great old-fashioned manners, self-deprecating humor, and a music of words.”

“He is a national treasure who enjoys his Canadian roots immensely. Through her art and humanity, she touched all our hearts and her legendary life will last for all generations to come. He will be with us forever, ”added Plummer’s old friend and manager of 46 years, Lou Pitt.

As news of his death spread, Hollywood celebrities began to remember the great actor and pay tribute to him.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted, “We have lost one of our most iconic and beloved actors. From the Stratford Festival to “The Sound of Music” to “Star Trek”, and countless other shows, Christopher Plummer brings to life the many characters we love and value – and always perform with sincerity and heart. “

Co-star Christopher Julie Andrews mourned the loss in a statement, “The world has lost the perfect actor today and I have lost a friend I love. I cherish the memories from our collaboration and all the humor and fun we’ve shared over the years. “

Chris Evans tweeted, “It’s really heartbreaking. What a tremendous loss. Some careers have such longevity and impact. One of my favorite memories from Knives Out is playing the piano together at the Thrombey house between arrangements. He is a kind man and a legendary talent. “

Take a look at the other celebrity tweets here:

The ‘Star Trek’ actor is the recipient of an Academy Award, 2 Emmy Awards and more.

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Farmers Protest Picture of Rihanna with Imran Khan Aide of Zulfi Bukhari Goes Viral Netizens Call She Spy in Pakistan | Instant News

New Delhi: Amid the ongoing farmer protests, Hollywood singer Rihanna made headlines when she tweeted in support of the restless farmers. While some criticized the singer for calling this propaganda against the state, some praised his comments.

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While all this is happening, Rihanna’s photo is setting off a storm online. Allegedly, the photo is of Rihanna and Zulfi Bukhari. See how netizens react to this image:

Meanwhile, peasant protests that began peacefully changed course on India’s 72nd Independence Day as the protests turned violent. Protests clashed with Delhi Police personnel during the Tractor Rally as hundreds of farmers strayed from the route decided by Delhi Police for a rally and entered the majestic Red Fort. This event shook the entire nation when a flag other than the Indian National Flag was raised by a group of people at Red Fort, India.

In addition, actors Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Karan Johar and other Bollywood celebrities have lent support to the government and asked their followers not to fall for ‘fake propaganda’ against Indian policies. They shared the post on social media hours after Rihanna and Greta Thunberg highlighted farmer protests against India’s agricultural laws.

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Kim Kardashian reminisced about her fashion style, sharing throwback images from the 90s | Instant News

31 Jan 2021 00:56 I S

Washington [US], January 31 (ANI): American reality TV star Kim Kardashian walk down memory lane on Saturday (local time) and share a throw back a photo of her from 1996, showing her “feminine” fashion style.
KUWTKThe star shared a photo from her album on Instagram where she is depicted in a dark blue pleated skirt and complementary T-shirt and looks very different from what she does now.
Along with the post that garnered more than 1 million likes on Instagram, she wrote, “1996! Here’s Judy’s necklace and candy pin outfit for me.”

That throw back Snap shows her a short bob haircut she accessories with a pair of bobby pins.
Shortly after the mother of four posted the photo, fans began to comment with mixed reactions. Many of them love the 90s vibe while many joke that she looks like a cartoon character.
One social media user wrote, “She looks like Tina from Bob’s Burgers”, prompting a flood of comments from like-minded fans.
On the other hand, fans who liked the image started pouring love for Kardashian in the comments column. “Babyface !!” one fan replied, while another posted, “You look like a doll,” and another wrote, “Younger than before.” (ANI)


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