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Phoenix Sky Harbor offers tips for Thanksgiving travel amid pandemic | Instant News

(Photo Facebook / Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport) PHOENIX – While fewer people are expected to travel this holiday season, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is gearing up for the Thanksgiving vacation to still have some of its busiest days. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday issued an advisory urging people not to travel on Thanksgiving amid outbreaks of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. For those still planning to travel out of town, the airport says travelers should arrive at least two hours before their departure time and be sure to bring a face mask. Masks are mandatory at all Sky Harbor facilities. Personal protective equipment is available for purchase at vending machines and retail stores if passengers forget to bring a face mask. The airport says masks are also available near security checkpoints. In order to avoid the drop-off and pick-up areas on the sidewalks, the airport recommends using the free PHX Sky Train to access all terminals. Each train car is limited to 15 people per vehicle due to coronavirus restrictions. Travelers are also advised to watch overhead highway signs to report accidents or alternative routes to avoid delays when traveling to the airport. Sky Harbor offers a prepaid parking reduction for all garages if travelers reserve a parking spot in advance on the airport’s website. Wait times for security checkpoints and flight status information are also available online. Passengers can once again access the PHX Escape Lounge, which reopened on November 20. The lounge offers freshly prepared food and drinks, as well as access to over 7,000 digital publications. Payment is required to enter. There is a fee to enter the lounge, which is open daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Terminal 4, Hall B. The Centurion lounge at PHX is expected to reopen soon, but no specific date has yet been set. . Sky Harbor says it has stepped up its sanitation efforts over the past eight months and installed social distancing markers, Plexiglas barriers and hand sanitizer dispensers at all terminals. Follow @ KTAR923.

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Fewer people expected to travel for Thanksgiving amid coronavirus | Instant News

(Photo Facebook / Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport) PHOENIX – Airports in late November will be very different in 2020, a year that has been dominated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. AAA Arizona, in a press release Thursday, forecasted a 10% drop in nationwide travel on Thanksgiving this year, with air travel to Arizona expected to fall 48.1% from 2019. Other Ways transportation, such as buses, trains and cruises, are expected to see an even greater decrease in day trips from turkey to Arizona, the release said, with a 75.7% decrease from year-on-year last. “The trend of wait-and-see travel continues to impact travel decisions,” Aldo Vazquez, AAA Arizona spokesperson, said in the statement. About 940,000 travelers from Arizona are predicted to hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday in 2020, which is a 0.3% increase. Air travel and other transportation are expected to have just under 60,000 travelers combined. “The decision to travel is a personal one,” said Vazquez. “For those who plan to take a trip, the majority will go by car, which provides the flexibility to change vacation travel plans until the day of departure.” Coronavirus cases continue to rise in Arizona as the holidays approach. Arizona health officials for the third time this week on Saturday raised a daily report of coronavirus cases above 3,000, a mark that previously had not been exceeded since July 31. the state’s documented totals at 273,053 COVID-19 infections. The 10% decline in nationwide travel on Thanksgiving is the largest one-year drop since the Great Recession of 2008, the statement said. According to AAA forecasts, Arizona’s trip to Thanksgiving as a whole will be 7.8% lower in 2020 than in 2019. AAA Arizona advises vacationing travelers to follow public health guidelines and plan ahead. in advance. Follow @TaDunham For all articles, information and updates on the coronavirus from KTAR News, visit ktar.com/coronavirus. .

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Visit Seattle in favor of governor’s travel advisory, encourages safety | Instant News

Normally busy downtown streets are virtually empty during rush hour due to coronavirus fears on March 12, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by John Moore / Getty Images) It’s an organization that exists to promote tourism in Seattle and the surrounding area, but Visit Seattle supports the travel advisory issued by Governor Inslee, along with the governors of Oregon and California. The recommendation asks residents not to travel or self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the state. “I think the governor’s recommended quarantine is a smart and wise move… it’s a good first step,” said Tom Norwalk, President and CEO of Visit Seattle. “We built this, unfortunately, over the last month.” If you have to travel for the holidays, “ be aware of the risks involved. ” He said Visit Seattle and the industry realize infection control is the only way to work towards a light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel . Norwalk believes another lockdown is “one way, if at all,” but if science deems it necessary, it will back it as well. Throughout the duration of the pandemic, Visit Seattle has stepped back from its normal marketing activities and taken the same stance as the governor. “It’s the hardest thing we’ve had to do – we’re basically a marketing and promotion entity, cheerleaders for this area, for travel, at all costs, and so we spent eight months not to encourage non-essential travel, to cancel national conventions that were to be held in our city and region, ”said Norwalk. “It’s the opposite of what we normally do… we agree with the leaders at the city, county and state level, so we haven’t been promoting travel.” Helping Support Seattle Businesses It was a devastating decision, Norwalk said, because the organization exists to encourage people to visit Seattle and its businesses. Instead, they strongly encourage residents to head downtown, shop locally, and support small businesses that are struggling to survive. “We have gone through eight and a half months painfully of really seeing travel and tourism completely disappear,” Norwalk said. “There are a number of us who didn’t think we would be in quite the same situation eight months later, so the financial difficulties and the impact are definitely there.” The hotels, restaurants and shops that depend on visitors have had an uphill battle throughout the spring, summer and fall. With international travel at a standstill, cruises non-existent, and people all over the world staying at home, there has been very little tourism in Seattle. Norwalk reported that as of last week, downtown hotels were at 17% occupancy; a year ago at the same time, they were at 90%. $ 3.4 billion drop The Washington Hospitality Association reported that hospitality fell more than 50% statewide from April to June, a drop of $ 3.4 billion. Hotels were hit the hardest during this period, dropping nearly 80%. The association estimates that more than a third of the state’s restaurants will have to close their doors – even without another lockdown. The new virtual vacation thinking line this year is a change from the more optimistic look some people may have had two months ago when new cases were on the decline, Norwalk said. “A lot of us grew up here and did holiday shows or roasted chestnuts outside the Olympic hotel, or gingerbread houses, and I think that changes a lot this year,” he said. he declares. This adjustment to the holidays is a very difficult reality for small businesses who were hoping that the holiday season, with Christmas shopping and out of town parents, could bring much needed commerce. “It’s going to be a different year – and that’s a very difficult thing to understand if you’re a trading trader who waits and patiently tries to find a way to survive eight and a half months of what we spent, for some type of sign. recovery, ”Norwalk said. Hope for Seattle in 2021 In the meantime, he hopes for another stimulus package from Congress. “It would be extremely helpful for our industry in particular,” he said. “I think travel and tourism have been affected disproportionately, in terms of unemployment and business closures.” Still, the outlook for the post-pandemic future is bright. Norwalk said Seattle has grown at an extremely rapid pace as an international tourist destination over the past decade. Visit Seattle is optimistic that next year, as people are eager to resume travel, Seattle will see a surge in tourism. “As we become more secure, that need and desire to travel will be there… Travel will not go away forever,” Norwalk said. .

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Best Places To Visit In Canterbury New Zealand In 2021 | Instant News

We’re not sure what a travel-centric event like Bravo is Below deck With the itchiness that continues to grow, we have to look at the world since the COVID lockdown began or just make it stronger. In fact, it’s a little column A and a little column B. But we’re glad we could at least live in a representative manner through the antics of overworked waiters and (let’s be honest) too many parties forming Below deck ship’s crew.

The latest season of the reality show premiered last Friday, with the crew sailing to the Caribbean. To mark the occasion, we’ve hooked up with fan-beloved sailor and travel influencer, Izzy Wouters, to ask him where he’s going after officially. safe for traveling again.

Izzy choices with every corner of the world being played? Canterbury, New Zealand – supporters of Rohan, Edoras, Mount Sunday, and Helms Deep from Lord of The Rings Trilogy. But if you nerdy thinks Izzy is a hardcore LotR head … that’s not a good reason.

“I have a commitment problem,” he said. “I love change, and I can’t possibly visit the same place twice. But New Zealand’s Canterbury region is the only place to challenge it. I just want to come back again, and again, and again. And before you ask, Yes, I am biased because I was born there. But it is perfectly justified. “

Could there be a better guide to Canterbury’s diverse wonders than a hometown hero like Izzy? A hobbit, maybe. But if you can’t ask Samwise to guide you, this is great entertainment.

Best place for coffee or smoothie?

Lyttelton Coffee Co..

Just one jump, a leap and … maybe not a leap, but at least a leap, up the hill from the city of Christchurch is Lyttelton Harbor, home to Lyttelton Coffee CO. The cafe is eclectic in design, featuring local artists on its walls. We support #SupportSmallBusiness.

In my not so humble opinion it also offers one of the best views of any cafe in the region. Pair it with some live ambient tunes, from one of the local musicians showcasing their talents here, and you’ve got one hell of a place.

Favorite Beach or Outdoor Area?

Lake Tekapo

Izzy Wouters

If you are in this region and yearn for this, you will never forgive yourself, and I will never forgive you. The turquoise glacial waters of Lake Tekapo originate from the Southern Alps. It flows through the braided river system, it’s very cold. If you play for swimming, you are in serious paralysis or shrinkage… or both.

I couldn’t pick the best season to visit because they all have their own magic. Spring brings bright and blooming Lupine that surrounds the lake. In autumn, the leaves are bright red and a fresh morning arrives. Winter blankets the coastline and surrounding mountains with snow, so you’re basically in a real-life Christmas snowball … but it’s not Christmas. Summer offers warm breezes and a perfect climate for a soothing swim.

I also really like Lake Pukaki. Another, “if you miss you will not be forgiven.”

Best Bar To Take A Drink?


One-stop micro-brewery, boutique cinema and super cute and cozy restaurant. Perfect for warm summer evenings on the grassy knoll, while a local live band buzzes in the background, or a balmy winter night with your whanau!

The hand-cut hot chips are the best (fries for America’s friendly long-distance neighbor) and the wood-baked pizza rivals Napoli, Italy’s pizza. I’m not a beer drinker myself, but beer enthusiasts in my family highly value the selection of NZ home beer available from the bar.

Best Places To Hike / See?

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park

Izzy Wouters

There are tons of amazing hiking locations throughout the Canterbury region and everyone you ask will have a different favorite, but mine is undoubtedly Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. There are a plethora of hikes, for all abilities, that twist and turn through the majestic Alps as you hike into views so out of this world you won’t know how to face them all.

I love the tried and tested Hooker Valley track. It’s a relatively easy ride that has you meandering through valley floors, over swinging bridges and glacial rivers. Once you exit the end of the trail, you’ll have stunning views over Lake Hooker, speckled with icebergs, and up to Mount Cook… depending on the weather of course. Sometimes he likes to tease you with fog!

One Thing Anyone Visiting Canterbury Should Do?

Visit Banks Peninsula

Akaroa in particular. Stroll along the trails and check out local boutiques and art galleries. Stop by the pier and order fish and chips for lunch. The fish is always fresh and caught that day. No trip to Akaroa would be complete without a dolphin watching tour to see Hector’s dolphins as they swirl and play in your bow waves!

I always stay at the Criterion Motel when I visit. The rooms are beautiful, affordable and have amazing views. Also, it is owned by the most beautiful Kiwi couple. What’s not to love ?!

Favorite thing to do in Canterbury?


Izzy Wouters

Rent a car, put on a few tunes – my personal choice for a scenic roady is Hans Zimmer – and just drive, and keep driving. Canterbury’s natural beauty is out of this world, stunning, beyond description… all its adjectives.


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Here are the best (and worst) days to travel for Thanksgiving | Instant News

Although flight booking experts predict Thanksgiving travel will be half as much as before the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still a few days that are expected to be busier than others. Passengers are returning to airports, with TSA reporting its first day with more than a million passengers in a single day since mid-March. While it has always been a priority to book flights on days when there are fewer customers, this year it’s even more common. “Avoiding the busiest travel days has always been a priority around Thanksgiving, but this year there’s extra push to it,” Liana Corwin, consumer travel expert, told the Washington Post. Busiest Travel Days With the pandemic, more travelers are expected to leave earlier for their destinations and stay a little longer – which is a change in normal travel habits from the past. However, even with these changes, there are days when airlines expect to see more passengers than others. Flight data suggests airports will see an increase in foot traffic on the Wednesday (November 25) before Thanksgiving and on the Sunday (November 29) after the holidays. This Sunday is expected to contain about 15% of all searches for domestic flights for Thanksgiving, according to the Washington Post. So if you are looking to bypass the crowds, these are the two days to avoid. Least Busy Travel Days In contrast, flight data shows that fewer travelers book flights on the Monday (November 23) and Tuesday (November 24) before Thanksgiving. If weekdays aren’t ideal, some booking apps predict that the Sunday (November 22) before the holidays will be half as popular as the day before (November 21). Return dates for Saturday (November 28) and Sunday (November 29) after the holidays remain high in terms of passenger numbers. However, with the options of working from home amid the pandemic, reservation experts say it could allow travelers to extend their stay and avoid busy airports. Fewer travelers could mean fewer flights. Despite the best efforts to avoid the crowds, these plans can still be thwarted. Airlines are warning travelers that with less air travel, some flights could be canceled or consolidated. According to the Official Aviation Guide (OAG), several airlines have started consolidating empty flights into fuller flights to offset declining ticket revenues. As a result, airlines have reduced the number of flights they handle each week. Flight data shows that November and December flight bookings are down from last year. According to OAG, ticket bookings have fallen by as much as 84% ​​for American Airlines, 94% for Delta Air Lines and 81% for United Airlines. These groupings are more likely to occur for flights to small towns. But airlines are reporting that if changes are made to flights, they will notify passengers in advance. .

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