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The Suns focus on a one-match mentality for 8 games, running 14 days | Instant News

Head coach Monty Williams of the Phoenix Suns spoke with Devin Booker # 1 during the second half of the NBA game against Orlando Magic at the Talking Stick Resort Arena on January 10, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Sun beats Magic 98-94. (Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images)

Phoenix Suns have just reached three weeks of practice in Orlando, and that is appropriate because now they have to move on to more approaches in the season.

That must be specifically mentioned for the Suns because they have gone through intense and challenging training, something that has reflected their game in three scrimmage matches.

With eight games in 14 days and a physical toll game put into the body, head coach Monty Williams will not be able to adjust to the types of training anymore. They have one day off between matches until the last regular season match on August 13, except for back-to-back before the finals.

“We really had to lock down film sessions and search and take pictures at night when we got the chance,” Williams said.

“The schedule is as it is. We can complain about that or we can see what we have to do. “

Wing Mikal Bridges said it could be seen as a tournament from college, where they knew the race needed but could not peer too far ahead.

“You don’t think of the end,” Bridges said. “You only think of one step at a time.”

The All-Star guard, Devin Booker, did not change his mentality.

“I don’t think we see anything different at all. We will play one by one, “he said. “We came with one goal at a time and now these are Witches.”

But Bridges realized that other teams could change their approach.

“Some teams have already won and like 1, 2 of their seeds, they can do what they have to do,” Bridges said. “For us, every game has meaning for us. So we have to go there, set the tone and bring that energy to the first regular season match. “

That’s what the Suns have done in soccer practice, and Booker wants the same happy energy he got from his team in the last few weeks.

“Our communication must remain in place,” he said. “You cannot have communication and positive energy only when you win the game. You need that in the most difficult times possible – when the team keeps running, that’s when we need each other the most. “


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US Takes 6,400 Troops Back From Germany, Moves 5,600 Others | Instant News

WASHINGTON (AP) – Forced by President Donald Trump’s request to pull troops out of GermanyThe United States will bring about 6,400 troops home and shift around 5,600 to other countries in Europe, US defense leaders said Wednesday, detailing Pentagon plans that would cost billions of dollars and take years to complete.

The decision fulfilled Trump’s desire to withdraw troops from Germany, largely because of his failure to spend enough money on defense. A number of troops will go to Italy, and a major step will shift the headquarters of the US European Command and European Special Operations Command from Stuttgart, Germany, to Belgium.

Defense Minister Mark Esper said that steps would begin in a few months and would leave around 24,000 troops in Germany. He said that while the decision was “accelerated” by Trump’s orders, the move also promoted greater strategic objectives to prevent Russia, reassure European allies and shift troops further east into the Black Sea and the Baltic region.

Trump, however, reiterated his very narrow reason on Wednesday morning, telling reporters, “we reduced strength because they did not pay their bills. This is very simple. They are delinquents. “He added that he might rethink the decision to pull troops out of Germany” if they start paying their bills. “

Trump has repeatedly accused Germany of failing to pay bills, which is a misstatement of the problem. NATO countries have pledged to dedicate 2% of their gross domestic product to defense spending by 2024, and Germany still lacks that goal, around 1.4%.

Esper said the military move would cost “one digit” billions of dollars. Most of that will require congressional approval to increase or reallocate funds, something that might be difficult because many MPs have expressed opposition to some measures. And it is also unclear whether the plan will survive if Trump is not reelected in November.

Members of Trump’s own political party criticized the force as a gift to Russia and a threat to US national security. Twenty-two Republicans at the House House Armed Forces Committee responded with a letter to Trump saying the reduced US commitment to European defense would encourage Russian aggression and opportunism.

The German Ministry of Defense declined to comment on the move, saying the plan needed to be discussed internally first. Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended German defense spending, saying that it has increased and that the country will continue to work towards a 2% NATO defense spending benchmark.

Following the announcement, a lawmaker with the opposition Left Party, which is rooted in the former East German communist party and has long urged the withdrawal of American troops, said the plan was “still far from enough.”

“The war was waged throughout the world through the US base in Germany, including drone strikes that violated international law,” said Tobias Pflueger, deputy party leader with Kiri.

The Pentagon announcement is closely related to a plan to increase the presence of US forces in Poland, a shift that was long desired by Warsaw and Polish President Andrzej Duda. Officials said the move would require construction at bases in the US to accommodate additional troops. They say that in the future other troops will enter and exit Europe.

Germany is the center of US operations in the Middle East and Africa. The decision to retain nearly half of the troops in Europe is a clear step by the Pentagon to defuse allies by avoiding a total withdrawal of 12,000 troops from the region. And by spreading power to the east, he sent a message to Russia that the US did not reduce its commitment to the region and remained prepared to protect Eastern Europe from Moscow aggression.

Senator Jim Inhofe, Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has voiced support for the plan and also acknowledged that it would take “months to plan and years to be executed.”

Trump announced last month that he wanted to cut the number of active duty US troops in Germany from around 36,000 to less than 25,000. Shifting troops abroad has long been rumored and in line with the Pentagon’s efforts to place more troops in the Indo-Pacific. But Trump’s comments indicate that the move is more directly related to his anger over Germany’s failure to meet NATO defense expenditure target.

Trump has branded Germany “naughty” as it failed to meet NATO goals set in 2014. And he stressed that Germany had long demeaned the United States to trade and defense.

At the Rose Garden event last month with Widower, Trump said that some troops from Germany would go to Poland and some would go “somewhere else.” On Wednesday, officials suggested that Poland might get some additional rotational power that would enter and exit Europe.

Based on the agreement announced last year, the US has said that send about 1,000 more troops to Poland, and progress is being made, officials say, to lay the groundwork for the movement. Under the agreement, the US will add division headquarters, combat training centers, drone squadrons and structures to support Army brigades that can spin in and out of the country.

In all, the US has around 47,000 troops and civilian personnel in Germany. Most of the 36,000 active duty are in several larger Army and Air Force bases including the Ramstein Air Base, a center in the region. There are also 2,600 National Guard and Reserve troops in Germany and nearly 12,000 civilians working for the service or the Department of Defense.

After Trump’s meeting with Duda, Esper in early July traveled abroad rarely to NATO for a brief visit, trying to convince the allies that Washington was still committed to the region and that he would consult with them about troop movements. Because coronavirus threat, international travel is very limited.


Associated Press writers Zeke Miller in Washington, DC, and David Rising in Berlin contributed to this report.


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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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Four Ways Travel Habits Can Help You Organize Your Home Life | Instant News

Due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic or the resulting free fall in the transportation, hospitality and tourism industries, it may be some time before many people feel comfortable to resume their travel habits from previous years. However, those who travel regularly for work or leisure may have developed behaviors and best practices to make life on the road a little more tolerable – and there is no need to let these hard-learned lessons go to waste. Even when locked within the confines of your own home, these travel tips can help organize yourself and your loved ones, as well as break some of the steadfast daily nature of your current routine. You don’t have to travel to use some of these organizational habits at home. getty Dress Like Packing For The Road For seasoned road warriors, planning outfits in advance (and streamlining your wardrobe to fit in a tote) is a compulsory step. Lest your pandemic lockdown clad sweatshirt laugh at itself, this method also keeps you motivated for those last minute Zoom calls. It’s time to put aside dry cleaning only, easily wrinkled items or other items that require special repair or handling, and develop a seven-day wardrobe of easy-care essentials. This credo also applies to toiletries: getting that coveted cosmetic or specialty face cream can be a bit trickier with increased demand (and packaging shortages causing disruption throughout the supply chain. ). The TSA-compatible clear bag is optional, but reducing your daily routine and keeping just the basics rotating will help you track how much you use of each item on a daily basis. Assign wake-up calls and track your day When working away from home, part of keeping you in tune with your usual rhythms is a series of alarms and checks (anyone who’s ever run for a flight after spending time in a lounge may be familiar with the need for this rule). Life in a hotel, for example, feels very different due to being tuned in to other schedules – even those that are relatively low-key, such as housekeeping and turndown service, night shift hours. check-in and check-out or slots for breakfast delivery or happy hour in the bar downstairs. Stick to a morning routine and have fun giving a different family member a set list of waking times so that they can take turns waking each person each day. Coffee, juice or newspaper are optional touches. Throughout the day, set timers or regular reminders on devices to “check in” in a new part of the house, move to another room, or just stop work and move on to a new task. While it may seem regulated at first, setting a schedule with others will save you the trouble of endless scrolling Netflix, spending all day virtually overloading yourself with work, or even just struggling with the odd timelessness of life. pandemic. Back It All Up When traveling, it’s usually a good idea to have copies of your documents – passport, social insurance and health coverage, photo ID, and credit cards – archived and securely stored in another location . Take the time to assess what is important or irreplaceable and spend time armed with a good camera, scanner, copier and computer backup storage and designating a safe place in the house to put copies. Make sure, however, that the place is not too safe: it must be accessible in the event of an emergency evacuation. Allow yourself small indulgences every time I pass through an airport, I allow myself a full-price, non-judgmental book purchase (as long as I’m not embarrassed to read it in public, that’s fair). When you’re on the road, even for work, giving yourself permission to buy a ridiculous item can be momentary happiness. Budget and stick to it – there’s a difference between buying a new boat-neck shirt online and making a payment on a brand new yacht, after all – but affordable luxury every now and then can help shake up a mood. dark. Use this new purchase to inspire you to get rid of something cluttering up the house with the one-in, one-out method. It’s a lovely irony that we spend a lot of our time traveling trying to recreate the comforts of home in hotels and amenities, but when we are told to stay home, whatever we want. , it’s a change of routine. Try a new habit to see if your routine at home can be as effective as life on the road. .

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Roads, streets, houses are flooded when heavy rains come back to Karachi | Instant News


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Building your own home from a low income group has become a reality: Murad – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 26, 2020 19:14

Building your own home from a low income group has become a reality: Murad

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Minister of Communication and Postal Services Murad Saeed on Sunday said that building one’s own house is no longer a dream, because it has become a reality.

In a tweet, he said that for low-income people, building a house through the Prime Minister’s construction assistance package is now very easy. He thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for launching this historic initiative.

He said they even criticized this history for promising “Bread, Capra and Eating” for 50 years but plundering and plundering national resources.


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Here is the latest Pac-12 conference sports news from the associated Press | Instant News

Undated (AP) — the Association Council of governors to postpone the decision about whether to hold events in the fall championship sports. The decision comes after a request to wait from the Association of commissioners for the College and the division I Football oversight Committee. NCAA President mark Emmert said for Now to monitor the health status throughout the country and focus on the latest COVID-19 guidelines for its members.

New York (AP) — the new York jets have signed safety Ashtyn Davis in his rookie deal. Davis is the last of nine teams of players selected in the draft to get a contract. Davis was the third round selection from cal. The deal was signed on Thursday for four years and in the amount of $ 4.9 million. Davis plans to join the rest of the jets rookies, defenders and injured players on Friday at the group’s establishments in Florham Park, new Jersey, for COVID-19 testing. These players will again be tested Monday, according to the rules of the NFL coronavirus, and will be able to enter the building on Tuesday, if both tests are negative.

Undated (AP) — leaders in College football in the process of gluing the plans to try to play a regular season during a pandemic COVID-19. If it is possible to play, everyone expects that there will be disruptions, additional expenses and loads just through it. As the motivation of schools will tack on postseason games after this? Especially one that does not determine the national title? There are still bowl games scheduled for the upcoming season than ever before in major College football: 42, not including the College football playoff championship. In less than five months before the bowl season, most of them don’t even have a date locked in yet. If the regular season can be saved, maybe in the playoffs too younger?

Undated (AP) — the Committee for NCAA football requests that the oversight Board of the Association managers to avoid making a decision later this week on whether to hold a fall sports Championships. The Commission plans to meet on Friday the leaders of College sports trying to find a way to play during a pandemic. It was suggested that the Council may take the decision to call the event the NCAA Championships in the fall sports such as football, volleyball and lower divisions of the football. This may increase pressure on the conference to cancel their seasons.

Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Architect DF_DC joins the Wallpaper Directory * | Instant News

Directory of Architects 2020: DF_DC, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

With offices in Lugano and London and ongoing projects in Britain, Switzerland, Mexico, France, Italy and Mozambique, this architectural practice prefers an interdisciplinary approach. Founders Dario Franchini and Diego Calderon recently completed a concrete villa in Comano, on an elongated plot, previously occupied by vineyards, which informed the trapezoidal shape of the structure.


In an effort to capitalize on the potential opportunities created by Britain’s exit from the European Union, Swiss architects Dario Franchini and Diego Calderon recently moved the DF_DC practice from Lugano to London. But with ongoing projects, including a 324 house scheme in the city of Bellinzona, most of the work of young partners is still at home in Switzerland.

The Concrete Villa, located in the hills of Comano, a small village north of Lugano on a site that was previously occupied by vineyards. All sci-fi pillars, in-situ cast fins and strokes, Eileen Gray-esque stairs, this house, said the architect, ‘are marked by elongated trapezoidal shapes that determine volume’.

“With the constraint of having adjacent houses in close proximity to the north and south, the house is considered a habitable wall,” they explained. “To avoid the volume effect that is too long and closed but also ensures a degree of privacy, wing height is articulated by a series of deep rectangular fins.”

Which specific aggregates are employed by elegant and complex Concrete construction? Franchini and Calderon chose the old ‘strollato’ technique, tried and tested as used in traditional Lombardian villas: a mixture of gravel and cement, applied by hand, splash style with a trowel and then sanded and graded smooth using modern industrial machinery. §


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Pakistan’s first virtual hospital was launched to treat patients at home | Instant News

KARACHI: Pakistan’s first virtual hospital has begun to function in Karachi to treat all patients who do not want to visit any health care facilities, worried that they might contract an infectious disease.

“We have launched the first and only virtual health facility in Pakistan that offers teleconsultation with the help of nurses, home laboratory collection, radiological procedures at the bedside of patients in their homes and delivery of drugs to them at their doorsteps”, said Dr. . Anam Daayem, Chief Operating Officer (CCO) of Ehad Virtual Health, when speaking with reporters in Karachi on Friday.

Some health experts refer to the establishment of virtual hospitals as a blessing for patients, especially those who have to travel frequently to meet their consultants, wait for hours and face difficulties in utilizing medical services in clinics and hospitals, saying this facility will save thousands of patients. patient from discomfort.

So far, around two dozen COVID-19 people have utilized nurse-assisted teleconsultation services from Ehad Virtual Health, Pakistan’s first virtual health platform where the country’s leading consulting team treats patients who are bed-bound in their homes with trained assistance. nurses and paramedics, providing laboratory services at their residence and all medicines, supplies including oxygen and equipment needed for therapy delivered at their doorstep.

“With the help of portable X-rays and an ECG machine, this test is done at the patient’s home, all their blood and secretion samples are taken at their home and the results sent online. With the help of online gadgets, a nurse or paramedic who is trained to deliver the patient’s condition to a prominent doctor, who prescribes medicines and medicines and supplies is supplied to patients from the Ehad pharmacy on the same day at a discounted price, “Anam Daayem said in his briefing. to a group of reporters in Karachi.

Dr. Anam, who has worked for many online teleconciliation platforms in the country, said they have now come up with virtual hospitals that provide the majority of health facilities to bed-bound patients except for surgery and typical interventions, adding that they have treated several patients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in Karachi.

“We have treated about two dozen COVID-19 patients in their homes and all have survived. Some of them need hospitalization and they are convinced to move to tertiary care hospitals because they cannot provide some nursing care facilities at home, “said Dr. Daayem, added that they started their operations in June and now both their teams and networks are developing in Karachi.

He stated that in addition to COVID-19 patients, they also treated critically ill patients who needed care and care at their home, especially those suffering from chronic illness, had surgery and needed treatment at home or were suffering from non-communicable diseases including hypertension, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, kidney problems and other problems.

“This facility is becoming very popular with people because they are saved from the hassle of traveling to the hospital during rush hour, waiting for hours for doctors and going to laboratories and pharmacies for tests and medicines. This service not only saves time, energy, but also saves costs compared to traditional health services, “claims Dr. Daayem


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COVID-19 takes a bite out of West Nile virus testing | Instant News

Salt lake city — testing for West Nile virus in Utah this season has been at times less than it was last year because COVID-19 pandemic.

The mosquito control districts and health departments said they switched resources from the West Nile virus from the need to help in response to a coronavirus.

“Fortunately, this year, we just don’t see as many positive mosquito pools out there,” said Ary lightness, Executive Director and entomologist in salt lake city for mosquito control district.

Ease also the current President of the American Association of mosquito control.

“Mosquitoes do not have at home, and we can’t kill mosquitoes at home,” he said.

This is one of the reason West Nile virus is a test of this season.

Seasonal staffing they depend on for field work because of the virus.

Ease suspect many people who would have otherwise applied for work, don’t apply this year because they don’t want to work during a pandemic.

“It was very difficult for us to make adjustments at the beginning of the season,” he said. “We just did not have enough staff.”

What caused the test to keep up.

“Unfortunately, until last week, we have only tested on the state level about five percent of what we did last year in 2019,” said the ease.

Testing for West Nile virus in Utah this season has been at times less than it was last year because COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo: Stuart Johnson, KSL)

Some mosquito control districts as in salt lake city, failed after they donated equipment to hospitals.

“For example, we sacrificed our extractor machine to Intermountain healthcare. So, we can help with the testing state of the coronavirus,” said the ease.

It is vitally important machines that they use in their laboratory work. Intermountain replace it with a new one last week, and the ease expected, the extractor will be available for West Nile virus in the near future.

The mosquito control district also donated N95 masks and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers.

“We gave a lot of those in our County health Department, for example,” – commented on the ease. “So they can distribute them to health workers at the forefront.”

Ary lightness, Executive Director and entomologist in salt lake city for mosquito control district. (Photo: Stuart Johnson, KSL)

Collection and testing of mosquitoes does not stop.

Said, ease the mosquito control districts in the state will increase the test this week as West Nile virus occurs.

“We are very fortunate that all of our mosquito control districts to full capacity right now. We have the appropriate staff in place. So that they can carry out their operations on the ground,” he said.

While no human cases with West Nile fever were registered and reported in the Uintah basin only one positive mosquito pool.

“The good news is, our observations do not flinch at all this season,” said the ease. “We still continue to place traps in the field. We are still collecting those mosquitoes”.

He reminded everyone to use insect repellents when outdoors from dusk to dawn, and eliminating standing water in the yard to clean up breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

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