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China has tried to intimidate Hong Kong activists in Germany, Berlin said | Instant News

FILE PHOTO: Hong Kong and Chinese national flags flying behind a pair of surveillance cameras outside the Central Government Office in Hong Kong, China July 20, 2020. REUTERS / Tyrone Siu

BERLIN (Reuters) – China has been trying to intimidate Hong Kong residents living in Germany since pro-democracy protests erupted in the city two years ago, the German interior ministry said in a letter to a lawmaker published on Tuesday.

The letter sent to the chairman of parliament’s human rights committee, Gyde Jensen, in response to requests for information on the matter, could add to the pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel to take a firm line on China’s human rights.

“Since the start of the protests in Hong Kong, increased efforts by Chinese state actors in Germany to influence public opinion supporting the Chinese government as well as actions against protest supporters have been identified,” the ministry said in the letter, first published in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and reviewed on Monday. Tuesday by Reuters.

The letter cites a protest in support of Hong Kong activists in Hamburg on 17 August 2019 in which Chinese counter-government demonstrators filmed and photographed participants “possibly for purposes of intimidation”.

About 720 people from Hong Kong have residence permits in Germany, he said.

Jensen, a member of the liberal FDP party, told Reuters: “It is time for the German government to realize that Chinese government actors can pose a threat to Hong Kong’s exiled citizens.”

“Unfortunately I am skeptical that the mechanisms used by our security agencies are sufficient to protect those affected effectively,” he said.

The Chinese Embassy in Berlin did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment. A spokesman for the German interior ministry said he was not aware of the letter.


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Xi Jinping’s WEF speech on China’s global leadership failed; The Italian PM resigned because of the stimulus | Instant News

Ian Bremmer shares his perspective on global politics at this week’s World In (More Than) 60 Seconds:

What do you think of Xi Jinping’s speech at the virtual World Economic Forum?

Now, his last speech at the actual World Economic Forum in Davos, I remember being there four years ago, and given that Trump was just elected, Xi Jinping made a statement of this magnitude, “We want to stand up and be leaders while America does America first. “And in general, perhaps the most important speech of the week. People love it. It is a very different environment, not because Trump has left, but because support and trust in Xi Jinping is quite low. I would say one thing that has generally been responded well to are calls not to enter the new Cold War. Everyone in the business community generally supports that. There is so much integration and interdependence between the US and the Chinese economy that when Xi Jinping says, “We need to find ways to continue working together,” I mean, this is the pro-globalization audience he’s talking to. They generally agree. But instead, the message turned flat. So, the idea that China will be useful globally in matters of leadership, especially in any case that might threaten Beijing’s sovereignty, they check global norms at the door. And in some instances, when Xi calls for support for a rules-based international order, it stands in stark contrast to China’s violation of one country, the two systems framework in Hong Kong. And they say, “That’s a household problem.” In fact, that’s not your deal with British surrender. And just because you’re stronger doesn’t mean those norms don’t matter anymore.

A call to abandon ideological prejudice in the West, sounds like, “But outside of our business, we can do whatever we want for the Uighurs when there are millions of concentration camps and re-education in our country.” And we will shut down journalists for even mentioning that if they try to operate in China for that. The idea that the strong shouldn’t bully the weak sounds like, “Don’t blame the United States. The US, you better behave yourself.” But what about the way the Chinese treat Australia today, or some other small country that crosses China’s political, economic or national security interests? I mean, Beijing’s willingness to actually make you pay when you engage in behavior they don’t like grows very fast along with their international capacity to flex muscle.

And then regarding the pandemic, I mean, China is calling for greater global cooperation, but that also means that they need to work together on transparency on what is happening with the coronavirus. And let’s remember that there are, from my point of view, two big profanities in terms of the world, in terms of the coronavirus itself and the pandemic. One is that the United States is leaving the WHO in the midst of a pandemic, just the overwhelming antithesis of what a country should do, a country like the United States. But more fundamentally, China lied to the World Health Organization about the lack of human-to-human spread for a month when we could stop this early, could contain it, especially given the capacity we now see that China should engage in contact tracing, quarantine and locking. And they chose not to. And that’s a serious problem. For all these reasons, this speech was not very well received by those who watched.

Why did the Italian Prime Minister resign?

I mean, a large part of this is disagreement about how money should be spent in terms of massive coronavirus stimulus, such as the disagreements, major strife, between Democrats and Republicans at $ 1.9 trillion now. I mean, how green, how sustainable should it be? How much money is spent on health care? How much money is spent on new technology? How much for the workers? Former Prime Minister Renzi basically withdrew from the governing coalition due to disagreements over it. And they can’t get a solid majority in a vote of confidence. It makes governance more difficult. And that’s why Conte resigned. He is the 29th Prime Minister since World War II. If he is not re-elected, if they cannot form a new coalition, they will take 30th place in Italy. Italian kind of like the Doritos government of the G20. Crush everything you want, they will produce more. That’s what we saw in Italy. The good news is that it’s not very exciting.

Where is the international outrage over what is happening in the Tigray region of Ethiopia?

And no doubt there is a lot of violence. There are clear human rights violations across the board. There is a danger of starvation. There are tens of thousands of refugees. And this is in the hands of the Ethiopian Prime Minister who has won the Nobel Peace Prize, and some say he must return the prize, as they say about Aung San Suu Kyi for some of his nationalist calls to help support the oppression of minorities in Myanmar after doing a lot to fight the government authoritarian. A few points here. One of them is Ethiopia, talking about the level of this conflict at a time when everyone is focused on the coronavirus, everything small and local is lost in the scrum. But also, Prime Minister Abiy in Ethiopia has led allegations of trying to move away from an ethnic-led federal government, where different groups control political power, to one that is more than the traditional political party system, or I should say the modern political party system. And Tigray in Ethiopia is the most losing party, a minority group that effectively holds the majority of patronage and power. So, willingness to blame Abiy for the violence we are seeing now, even though he has Ethiopian troops, there is an Eritrean military involved. That’s his ally. I mean, obviously he has more power. But some of the initial violence clearly came at the hands of local Tigray as well who refused to recognize Ethiopia’s electoral process and suspension due to the pandemic, and instead held its own elections, becoming a breakaway province. So in this situation, there are so many conflicting narratives in the historical context, and it is very difficult to put responsibility and blame firmly on one side of the conflict. These two things together give you the reason why we are not paying as much attention as we should to a country of more than 100 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa, and one of the strongest economic growth trajectories worldwide.


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Hong Kong will ban flights from the UK from 22 December | Instant News

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong will ban all flights arriving from Britain from midnight local time on Monday, becoming the first city in Asia to announce the shutdown after a new, highly virulent strain of coronavirus was identified in Britain. .

With authorities in the congested financial hub trying to curb the already rising number of cases, Health Minister Sophia Chan said on Monday there was a need to launch stronger and targeted measures to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in Hong Kong.

Asian countries including Japan and South Korea said they were closely monitoring the new breed, but did not immediately cancel British flights.

The new strain could be up to 70% more contagious, Britain said, prompting European neighbors and several other countries including Canada and Iran to close their doors to travelers from the country.

“We are now at a very critical stage,” Chan said at a news conference. “During the fourth wave, we have seen that the virus is highly contagious and the patient’s condition is more severe than before.”

People arriving in Hong Kong from the UK before December 22 will have to be quarantined for a total of 21 days, compared to the 14 days previously mandated. Chan said the government was monitoring whether to extend the duration of the quarantine for all arrivals.

Hong Kong saw a spike in the number of cases in late November prompting authorities to once again shut down dining at restaurants after 6 p.m. and closed gyms and beauty salons. The measures will be in effect until at least January 6, Chan said.

Reporting by Farah Master; Edited by Kenneth Maxwell


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British Home Minister Patel meets Hong Kong activist Nathan Law | Instant News

FILE PHOTOS: British Home Secretary Priti Patel speaking, October 1, 2019. REUTERS / Henry Nicholls

LONDON (ANTARA) – British Home Minister Priti Patel met Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Nathan Law in London on Wednesday, pledging to protect and enforce freedoms for the former British colony.

The meeting was described as the first between the British government and Law since he arrived in Britain in July, after leaving Hong Kong after China introduced new national security laws in a region that has been widely criticized by the West.

“Britain will support the people of Hong Kong and keep our promise to protect and uphold their freedoms,” Patel said in a statement accompanied by a picture of the round table meeting.

Britain accuses China of multiple breaches of a deal to return the territory to China in 1997. It says China’s security laws and measures to disqualify legislators have undermined high levels of autonomy in Hong Kong.

Law thanked Patel for his work in opening up new pathways to British citizenship for nearly three million people in Hong Kong.

Reporting by William James; Edited by Kate Holton


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Hong Kong fashion retailer IT founder offered to take the company private | Instant News

HONG KONG, December 6 (Reuters) – Hong Kong fashion retailer IT Ltd said on Sunday that founder and chairman Sham Kar Wai had teamed up with private equity group CVC to make a bid to make the company private for HK $ 1.305 billion ($ 168 , 37 million).

The consortium is offering HK $ 3 per share, representing a 54.6% premium over the latest closing price of HK $ 1.94 before trading in IT shares ceased on November 30, the company said in a filing with the Hong Kong stock exchange.

IT said it plans to transform business amid challenging market conditions and the proposal provides shareholders with the opportunity to realize their investments without taking on the risks posed by the restructuring plan.

The retail group will create an application to withdraw the listing from the Hong Kong stock exchange upon finalizing the deal.

Sham’s stake in IT will drop to 50.65% from 63.61% after the take-private deal, while CVC will hold 49.35%.

Stock trading will resume on Monday. IT shares fell about 55% in 2019 but are up 3.7% so far this year, according to Refinitiv data.

$ 1 = 7,7507 Hong Kong dollars Report by Donny Kwok; Edited by Jane Merriman


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