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The Minister gave a deadline for hospital completion | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid gave a deadline until 2022 for completion of the Mother and Child Hospital in Ganga Ram here, Tuesday.

The minister visited the location of the Mother and Child Hospital under construction at Ganga Ram Hospital. Deputy Chancellor of FJMU Prof. Amir Zaman Khan, Ganga Ram Hospital MS Dr. Ehtesham ul Haq, Project Director Ejaz Shaikh and officers from the Building Department were present at the occasion. The Project Director briefs the minister on the latest progress of the project.

The minister said the Mother and Child Hospital would be completed in June 2022. In 2022, the state-of-the-art hospital will be open to the public. There is no shortage of funds for this project. We can save the lives of thousands of mothers and children with this facility, he said. The hospital’s completion is in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s commitment to public health. The Mother and Child Hospital will help us achieve our global health strategy targets. Deputy Chancellor of Fatima Jinnah Medical University Prof. Amir Zaman Khan is personally monitoring the progress. Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar was regularly updated on the speed of work at various mother and child hospitals, he added.

doctors join PINS: Department of Health Care & Special Medical Education has appointed assistant professors and Punjab Public Service Commission selected four senior applicants and sent them to Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences (PINS). They have joined their service and taken over the responsibilities in their respective departments. Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood, Executive Director, Punjab Institute of Neuroscience welcomes the new doctors appointed through the PPSC. Newly appointed doctors include Assistant Professor Dr Hassan Raza while Senior Registrars include Dr Hassan Ali Khosa, Dr M Ashfaq, Dr Imran Ali and Dr Hassaan Hashmi.


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The callous suspicion at Karachi hospital leaves a woman injured in a traffic accident in her life | Instant News

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  • A hospital in Sachal Goth allegedly asked for an advance from a patient who was taken to the emergency room in a critical condition
  • Nazia was seriously injured after her dupatta got caught in a moving motorcycle tire, father said
  • Doctors at Ruth KM Pfau Karachi Civil Hospital said she could survive if she was given timely medical attention

KARACHI: A callous allegation at a hospital here in the southern port city of Pakistan cost a young woman injured in a traffic accident after the facility allegedly refused her medical treatment until an upfront payment of Rs500,000 was paid.

The victim, Nazia, was seriously injured after her dupatta, or scarf, got stuck on a moving motorbike tire, her father said, adding that her brother rushed her to a private hospital in Sachal Goth in critical condition but the facility, not providing medical assistance, asked him to deposit Rs500,000 as a down payment.

According to Nazia’s brother, the hospital staff refused treatment without payment of Rs500,000 even after he informed the administration that he came in an emergency and had no money at the time.

He further stated that when he decided to take his injured sister to another medical facility after receiving no medical treatment for an hour, the hospital gave him a bill of Rs15,000, saying he “could only leave after paying some money.”

Nazia later died from delays in her treatment although she was later taken to the trauma center of Ruth KM Pfau Civil Hospital in Karachi, where doctors said she could “survive if she was given timely medical attention.”

Recent incidents highlight the fact that some private hospitals appear to be ignoring the Sindh government’s Compulsory Treatment of the Injured (Amal Umer) Bill, 2019.


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Miracle baby gets a 5% chance of survival to celebrate the change | Instant News

A miraculous baby has a 5% chance of survival after 23 weeks of birth. He fights the odds and celebrates his first birthday.

The terrified mother Leah Rogers was worried that on January 5 last year, when she took this little idiot to give birth prematurely, she had a miscarriage.

She was told that the baby Jase-James weighed only 20 ounces after birth and might not survive within a day-about the equivalent of a small piece of butter or a can of soup. Manchester Evening News report.

Young Arthur James (James-James) also suffered two brain hemorrhages and a heart hole and was sent to a special neonatal intensive care unit, where he was placed on a life-support machine.

Community caregiver Leah believed that she had a miscarriage when she started bleeding, until the doctor revealed that her son had come early.

She gave birth at Blackpool Victoria Hospital at 10.21pm, and the medical staff there broke the shocking news that they did not expect him to survive.

He was then sent to the Preston Royal Hospital for specialized neonatal care. It has been two weeks since Leah hugged her baby boy.

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The doctor gave this difficult child a 5% chance of survival
Picture: SWNS.com)

But a year later, he weighed a healthy 17 pounds and 3 ounces, and became the newest “fashionable” and “happy” member of Lancs’s Blackpool family residence.

Earlier this month, the child celebrated his first birthday. This was when he underwent two rounds of life-saving surgery, which repaired his lung blockage.

Despite the serious predictions made by medical experts, Leah and his father William McCready praised their “child” son for achieving this milestone.

Little Jase-James has now undergone two life-saving lung surgeries and has reached a healthy weight
Picture: SWNS.com)

Leah, 21, said: “His performance is outstanding and we are proud of him. He is healthy and always smiles and laughs. He is a happy, cheeky little boy.

“I never thought we could do this far, but we were very happy to take him home. It was amazing.”

When Leah was finally able to hug him, he was still small and his whole body fit her hands.

She said: “It’s horrible to see him struggling and there are many wires and wires coming out of him.”

“It’s horrible to be told that I am going to give birth, but he may not have given birth, and I can’t hold him. I can’t speak out.

Arthur James Jr. (James-James) and his happy father William McCready (William McCready), 19 years old
Picture: SWNS.com)

“It took him about 10-15 minutes to breathe for the first time. It was a frightening moment.

“My mother begs them to do all they can to keep him alive.”

The brave Brave Jase-James worked in Preston’s professional force for two months before being transferred back to Blackpool Victoria in March.

A machine helped him breathe because his lungs could not breathe.

However, after taking steroids and undergoing two surgeries, he was finally allowed to go home on May 9 and is now at home with his 19-year-old parents Leah and William.

Jase-James had to undergo surgery at Liverpool Hospital to preserve his vision, and later underwent hernia repair at Manchester Children’s Hospital.

He also had to receive oxygen at home until August, and his family had to wait for a hug due to the lockdown.

Leah said she was very “cautious” with Jace James because he was so vulnerable.

But she said that since she ran out of oxygen, the difficult experience was “on the fly” and celebrated his birthday with gifts, balloons and cakes.

She added: “Due to the lockdown, everyone has to wait for a hug. For my niece, this is especially difficult because her niece is only 10 years old and doesn’t understand all this.

The young man overcame difficulties and celebrated his first birthday with cakes and gifts
Picture: SWNS.com)

“When he was discharged from the hospital, he was still taking oxygen for a month or two. I didn’t even sleep. I just sat up all night and watched his breathing.

“We have a apnea machine to monitor his breathing and keep breathing all day.

He said: “Since oxygen inhalation, he has made rapid progress.

“He is trying to sit down alone recently. Considering his experience, I have never seen such a happy child in my life.”

Leah said: “He is a happy little boy, considering his very young age, now he is very healthy.” Leah said.

“When he was born, the diaper he was wearing was only as big as a display, but now he has become a size 5.

His ecstatic parents praised their “bat husband” son, whose weight was equivalent to a block of butter when he was born.
Picture: SWNS.com)

“We feel very lucky, it is really amazing. He started to say’Dadda’, he is turning over and in very good condition.

“Sometimes I just look at him and think I am proud to be his mother. He is so strong and a fighter.”


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The sander in the hat lost seven stones | Instant News

A commentator made her lose her confidence and was asked if she lost a 7 stone while wearing the scrub on “Hope”.

Hannah Stewart, 42 years old, was encouraged because her belly was bulging out of the XXL scrub, and then colleagues and patients asked “when will she expire?”

The mother of two children pushed the scales to 21 stones and admitted that she had eaten surgical cereals and biscuits for breakfast, a buttered sandwich for lunch, and a bowl of sauce for dinner.

After Hannah’s daughters Evi (12) and Lottie (8 years old) were born, the balloon inflated to 24 yards.

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When people started asking if Hannah was pregnant, Hannah was shocked
Picture: Hannah Stewart / SWNS)

As a full-time mother, her work at Birmingham University Hospital kept her balance, which made her tired, and she turned to convenience food-but her unhealthy meals made her even more tired.

After Hanna fell asleep at her desk, she knew that she had to make changes and set a good example for the children and patients-so she undertook a comprehensive inspection of her diet in May 2017.

A super slim diet can eat nutritious foods, such as fruit and yogurt for breakfast, rice and couscous and vegetables for lunch and dinner-now, she weighs 13 pounds (9 pounds) healthy and can be relaxed Lean to 12 pounds.

After losing weight, 42-year-old Hannah Stewart (Hannah Stewart)
Hannah is now healthy at 13 pounds, weighing 9 pounds, slim, and 12
Picture: Hannah Stewart / SWNS)

Hannah, a senior clinical photographer from Birmingham, West Midlands, said: “My patients and colleagues used to ask me if I was pregnant and when.

“I used to laugh at it, but deep down I definitely feel ashamed.

“I would say’No, I’m just a fat man’, but it makes me feel bad.

“At work, I have to wear scrubs often, and I always have to wear XXL size.

“When I became very big, my paper roll overflowed with the largest paper roll, which made me cry.

After losing weight, 42-year-old Hannah Stewart (Hannah Stewart)
Mom can’t wait to become healthier for her daughters
Picture: Hannah Stewart / SWNS)

“Sometimes there won’t be anything, and I have to compress it to a smaller size-it’s horrible.

“It’s frustrating inside, it really upsets me mentally, and it happened many times.”

Hannah also wants to make her daughter healthier-to keep up with them-because she may feel that her body shape is putting pressure on her body and making asthma and sleep apnea worse.

Hannah said: “I didn’t realize how old I was, but before I knew it was 21 stones and was denied.

After losing weight, 42-year-old Hannah Stewart (Hannah Stewart)
Hannah admits unhealthy food before deciding to change her eating habits
Picture: Hannah Stewart / SWNS)

“My girls and I were in the Drayton Manor theme park, and I rode a draft because they couldn’t sit well in the place of my stomach.

“The lady had to ask me to get out of the car politely. Everyone was watching. I knew they were thinking:’That’s because she is too fat.’

“That was the moment I just hoped the earth would swallow me.

“This is a full journey. It’s so embarrassing. I have to leave my eight-year-old daughter on it alone and look around.

Hannah Stewart compares before and after
Hannah had health problems before losing weight
Picture: Hannah Stewart / SWNS)

“I also suffered from a chest infection, which made my asthma worse, and because of being overweight, I had sleep apnea, so I didn’t sleep.

“I got hurt everywhere, I just thought:’Enough.’

“I need to keep my children healthy.”

In May 2017, Hannah joined Slimming World and found that it could help her eat better and encouraged her to start Pilates and walk as best she could-and lost weight.

Hannah said: “I have eaten so many potato chips, they are my real regret.

“I put full-fat butter on my sandwiches, put on condiments for lunch, and convenient greasy meals for dinner.

“Then at night, I will eat some salty, sweet, salty, sweet chocolate and potato chips.

“So Slimming World is great, like a small family. I went through all the highs and lows with them. This gave each family a Tuesday night.

“The things I can eat are amazing. I’m never hungry and I still add carbohydrates.

“This is any meat without fat, rice, couscous, pasta, potatoes, and then you have to eat salads and vegetables to speed up your metabolism.

“I always eat yogurt and fruit for breakfast, because it is so important. I make a lot of homemade soup for lunch.

“Then in the evening, I can have a snack to stop any cravings.

“I also do Pilates, which greatly strengthened my core strength and walked as best I could at the beginning of the first lock.

“I used to struggle even to get from the car to the front of the hospital.

“I feel good now.

“I asked the staff to ask,’Where have you been?’ Accepting these compliments is new to me, so it’s really cute.

“Now I can slip in a medium-sized scrub-fortunately, no patient or colleague now mistakenly thinks I am pregnant.”


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The most modern SKMT Karachi Hospital facility: PM | Instant News

BEIJING / ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (SKMT) cancer hospital in Karachi would be one of the most modern medical facilities in the country.

In a tweet, the prime minister expressed his satisfaction that construction work at SKMT Karachi is proceeding at full speed. “Work on the SKMT Karachi basement is progressing at a good pace after a slowdown during the COVID crisis,” he tweeted. Imran Khan also shared some photos of construction work.

“God willing, this will be the largest and most modern SKMT Hospital in Pakistan,” he said. Meanwhile, Cheng Xizhong, visiting professor at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, said Saturday that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to set up markets along the western border region was an important step towards fully opening up border trade with Afghanistan and Iran. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed the relevant authorities to accelerate the establishment of markets in the country’s border areas with Afghanistan and Iran.

They were also asked for the initial formulation of a comprehensive border economic development strategy in this regard. “I believe the Pakistani government’s decision to establish a market along the western border region is an important step towards fully opening up border trade with Afghanistan and Iran,” he said in a statement.

This reflects at least three points. First, Pakistan has made substantial progress in its efforts to improve relations with its western neighbors Afghanistan and Iran over the years. Second, the security situation in the western border region has significantly improved by strengthening the fight against terrorism and extremism together with regional countries.

Third, Pakistan is committed to regional connectivity, development and prosperity. He said the fast-track market decision in the border area was also a concrete reflection of the government of Imran Khan’s geo-economic strategy which was conducive to curbing the smuggling of commodities in the border area, strengthening the regional economy, creating more job opportunities for local people and bringing prosperity to the community. who live in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa border area and Balochistan.

People in the border areas of Afghanistan and Iran will also benefit. Over the years, Pakistan has taken a firm stance on the issue of anti-terrorism and has carried out a series of security operations in the western border area to crack down on terrorist activity.


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