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Why do I no longer call Australia home | Instant News

Ian Lloyd Neubauer is a freelance journalist based in Southeast Asia.

One of Australia’s most senior legal officers, New South Wales police commissioner Mick Fuller, proposed an application last month that allows consenting couples to officially record their consent before engaging in sexual activity.

“Just like we have to check in at a coffee shop to keep people safe [from COVID-19], is there a way for consent to be confirmed or documented? “Fuller wrote in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, adding that the tool could help courts prosecute increased allegations of sexual harassment.” That app could be a bad idea, but maybe within 10 years. , it will look like normal. “

While the idea has been rejected by women’s rights groups who say the application could make it difficult for women to prove rape, to me, it is another reminder of why I left Australia years ago and happily remained abroad during the pandemic. although I will. probably much safer at home.

You can no longer get drunk in pubs in Australia. You cannot bring your dog into a car without a special seat belt. You can’t ride a bicycle without a helmet or lights on – even during the day. Australian police rarely resort to the violence common to other countries, but they have a much more dangerous method of destroying human souls: crippling fines.

A Sydney man was recently fined Australian dollars ($ 87) for accidentally leaving a car window past the set 20mm threshold. In the state of Queensland, you can be fined AU $ 112 for leaving your car door unlocked. Honking a car horn for no apparent reason – illegal use of a warning device – is subject to a fine of AU $ 298 in NSW.

According to Wheels magazine, Australians pay AU $ 1 billion in fines annually thanks to the many speed cameras hidden behind unmarked police vehicles, often strategically parked under hills to catch drivers in the right places. speed limit.

Before running away from so-called Lucky Country, I stopped driving altogether to avoid all these fines. But one day, riding my bike 200 meters to the corner shop, I was stopped by a police officer and fined AU $ 330 for failing to secure the chin strap to my bicycle helmet. I was then fined another AU $ 106 for failing to bring identification.

There’s a joke about over-regulation in Australia, that “One day, you need permission to fart.” But after Commissioner Fuller proposed regulating sex, I believe it was only a matter of time before this crazy idea and others like it, cut straight from the Netflix social media horror series. Dark Mirror, Passed into law.

Think I’m being paranoid? Well, consider the way Australian authorities distort the subject of rebels during the pandemic.

In December, nine people were fined AU $ 349 for using their cell phones while waiting in their car in line for hours to be tested for COVID-19 at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. “I feel like [telling the police officer to go] filled in. I am trying to do the right thing, “one woman in the queue told The New Daily. Had she done so, she would have been fined an additional AU $ 660 or sentenced to up to six months in prison for violating the state’s controversial offensive language law.

During Melbourne’s second lockdown last year, nearly 20,000 fines of up to AU $ 5,000 were issued for not wearing a mask in public, failure to self-isolate and other health protocols. This included fines for 3,000 people for violating the dubious 9:00 p.m. curfew, and a Indigenous man who was run over by police on charges of crime riding his bicycle to work half an hour after the curfew ended at 5:30 am

Melbourne police officer, photographed in September 2020: nearly 20,000 fines of up to AU $ 5,000 issued. © Getty Images

Freedom of speech is even a crime in Victoria, as evidenced by the case of a pregnant woman who was handcuffed to her home in front of her children and charged with sedition after she organized an anti-lockdown protest event on Facebook.

Another pregnant woman was given a move by police when she tried to sit on a park bench to rest, while the small number of people who actually attended the demonstration were greeted by Victorian police with the same kind of uncontrollable violence as us. used to see in Russia. “Rights must be upheld and strengthened during a pandemic, not abandoned,” said Elaine Person, Australia director of Human Rights Watch.

In the face of such paternalism, is it no surprise that every time a new COVID lockdown is announced Down Under, panicked shoppers strip supermarket shelves despite repeated demands from politicians that there is absolutely no need to stockpile food in a producing country. so much so that three-quarters of them were sent overseas?

In one incident, two women hit a supermarket for a packet of toilet paper. As toilet paper hoarding continued, supermarkets were forced to enforce their own laws, limiting purchases to two packs per customer. The lesson for me is clear: treat people like angry children and they will act like that when you turn away.

Australia may still be the luckiest country in the world. But for me and the tens of thousands of expats who have flown together and chosen freedom over security, Australia is also the most over-regulated – and least obliged – country on Earth.


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‘It’s great to be in a game like this’: Jazz fell to the Suns in a contest that felt like a playoff | Instant News

SALT LAKE CITY – Members of the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns didn’t want to overstate their bout on Wednesday. They claim they don’t pay much attention to the standings and claim that it’s just another game.

They lie.

Chris Paul checked the game with two minutes remaining in the third quarter, and he never returned to the bench. If anyone shows how Wednesday night’s game is different, it is. It’s not a regular season rotation; no, that’s what he’s going to do when the postseason starts.

The playoffs feel like they come a little early on Wednesday. It was a heavyweight fight between the top two teams in the league – and they played like that.

Donovan Mitchell might have had the biggest shot of the night, but the Suns won.

Phoenix survived Mitchell’s 41-point night, including a 3-point effort that tied the match at the end of the rules, to a 117-113 overtime win at the Phoenix Suns Arena.

“It’s good to be in a match like this, of course, you hope it will be the other way around,” said Jazz coach Quin Snyder. “But I think this is the kind of game you want, you want to feel what it’s like to be in it, you want to find out how you can win it.”

Call it a training ground for the postseason. Every mistake is magnified – poor read, missed rebound, missed shot. But neither did each game – and nothing more than Mitchell’s late-game shot.

With the Jazz three behind in regulation, Mitchell pushed the ball in transition and made a 25-foot 3-pointer with 10 seconds remaining. It was a shot that nearly completed a major turnaround.

The Jazz were bad enough in the first half and only collected 40 points in the first half, shooting 17 of 49 overall, including 3 of 21 from 3 points range. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder the Jazz was only able to score four assists in the first 24 minutes.

This is a testament to how good Jazz can be because they weren’t completely out of the game at that point. They were only 11 behind in the first half thanks to a superb defensive performance.

Utah Jazz guard Mike Conley shoots as Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton (22) defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, April 7, 2021, in Phoenix.
Utah Jazz guard Mike Conley shoots as Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton (22) defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, April 7, 2021, in Phoenix. (Photo: Matt York, Associated Press)

The second half provided the playoff atmosphere everyone was expecting.

Utah scored 38 points in the quarter as the Jazz bounced back to take the lead in record time. Primary catalyst: Mitchell.

Mitchell scored 28 points after halftime as he wanted the Jazz back in the game.

“He’s competitive and he’s confident,” said Snyder.

3 didn’t fall, so MItchell used a variety of moves to get to the ring. He was 6 out of 8 in the paint after halftime. The Jazz shooters provided more range, making room for Mitchell to operate inside. That finally opened up the rest of Jazz’s offense, with Utah doing 8-of-19 in the second half (the Jazz cooled down again in the extra-time period, though).

But the Suns have an answer: Paul has 29 points and nine assists and Devin Booker has 35 points. And it was both of them who took over the game in extra time as the Jazz were once again struggling to score.

It helps because Phoenix is ​​also taller than Jazz.

The Suns overtook Utah 61-45 – and one possession late in the fourth quarter highlighted Utah’s struggles.

The Jazz went one up with less than three minutes remaining, and had three offensive rebounds. Booker missed; Jae Crowder gets the offensive rebound. Booker fails again; Deandre Ayton gets the offensive board. Paul missed; Ayton tips. Jazz will never lead again.

“It hurts us, especially when we play a good defense,” said Rudy Gobert, who had 18 rebounds to leave 16 points. “We can force it to miss, and then they get possession again. Those guys are pretty good if you give them extra treasure, they’ll make the most of it.”

In a game akin to a playoff, the Jazz learn a few things about themselves. Offenses can be a little too dependent on the 3s and can get stuck in the isolation game and they give up too many offensive boards.

“We treat this match like a playoff game. We are doing everything we want to do,” said Ayton.

But it also expresses goodness for Utah: Jazz can take a hit and crawl back – even when they don’t burn the nets from the inside. Bojan Bogdanovic only scored 1 of 8 from deep but found a way to score 20 points. But, as he points out, it is difficult to win the game when a team known for their 3-point shots achieves a 25% clip.

Oh, and the Mitchell guy is pretty good.

“He’s had another great game so I’m sorry that we as a team didn’t do better, and got that W for him,” said Bogdanovic.


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Siraj asked the PTI government to apologize to the masses and go home | Instant News

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Sirajul Haq has asked the PTI government to admit that they have made false promises to the masses for three years, apologize to them and go home if they still cannot fulfill it. Speaking at a meeting of the JI central leadership in Mansoora Wednesday, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan must understand that making false promises and hiding the masses is not the way to run the country. He also reminded the PTI government that privatization of state entities at the direction of the IMF is not the solution to strengthening the economy. He said JI would launch a “Go-IMF-Go” movement if the rulers continued with pro-IMF and anti-mass policies. The government, he said, has failed terribly to show any performance on any files in half of his tenure.


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Five Pakistani sailors finally made it home | Instant News

KARACHI: Five of the six Pakistanis stranded on a tugboat in the Red Sea finally reached Karachi on Tuesday morning after a month-long ordeal of floating in the sea mostly without food and water. “The good news is that five of the six Pakistanis rescued by the Egyptian Navy have been brought back by Qatar Airways from Egypt,” social worker Ansar Burney said while speaking to The News. “But the sixth, Mohammad Shafi, died on the tugboat Mehr drifting in the Red Sea and his body will arrive with cargo in a day or two.”

Heartwarming scenes are witnessed as the family meets their father and other elders at the airport, after a long and torturous wait. “We almost lost all hope but because of the efforts of Burney Sahib and others, they returned home,” Asadullah Khan, son of one of five rescued Pakistanis, told The News. “On Sunday evening, I was notified by the Pakistani Embassy in Egypt that the five of them would return to Karachi on Qatar Airways on Monday evening.”

Although the five of them eventually returned to their homeland, however, Shafi’i was not that lucky and now his remains will arrive in Karachi in a day or two. Six Pakistani nationals, including laborers and crew, have been stranded on a Tanzanian tugboat floating in the Red Sea since the first week of March when its engines broke down. The News highlighted the plight of Pakistanis recruited to carry tugboats to Iran from Oman. Following up on The News report, Maritime Minister Ali Zaidi initially ordered PNSC ships to serve them food and medicine, but they were allowed to drift in the Red Sea. Later, Minister Ali Zaidi abruptly changed his stance and “flatly refused to help Pakistani nationals again, saying that they were going overboard illegally”. The News continues to highlight the problem of saving the lives of Pakistanis on humanitarian grounds while pointing out the need for them to be prosecuted if they have committed an illegal act. Ironically, none of the Pakistani Government is trying to save them. It was in this condition that one of the crew of the Mehr tug, Mohammad Shafi, died. But it was purely a matter of fate and maintenance that the tugboats continued to drift and reached Egyptian territorial waters on March 27, from which the Egyptian Navy out of genuine humanitarian care and empathy rescued them and handed them over to the Pakistani Embassy.

The tragedy is not over as only five have been successfully discharged. There are three more ships with nearly a dozen Pakistani sailors stranded near the UAE (Ajman) and Africa and the Government of Pakistan has done little to reach them.


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Phoenix’s Mora Italian restaurant will reopen, having a recruiting event | Instant News

(Photo courtesy / Mora Italia)

PHOENIX – Phoenix’s Mora Italian will reopen on Friday with a fresh look and new dishes after being closed since last summer for renovations, the restaurant announced.

In preparation for the re-opening, a recruiting event will be held at The Americano (17797 N. Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale) for Mora Italian and The Americano Tuesday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Positions include hostesses, servers, bartenders, support staff, cooks and prep cooks.

Restaurant – located at 5651 N. 7th St. – will be open Wednesday to Sunday from 4 pm to 9 pm

“We are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after a very challenging year and we think now is the time to welcome the community back to Mora in a safe and responsible manner,” said Chef Scott Conant in his press release. .

“Guests can expect the same level of soulful delicacy that has made Mora a favorite in the neighborhood, but they’ll also experience some of the new dishes I’m working on.”

More than half of the dishes on the menu are new offerings, according to the release, including a grilled Branzino Alla “Livornese” with tomatoes, capers and black olives; Wood-fired Porchetta Spice Chop with orange, fennel confit, and green apple; Black Gemelli with cuttlefish, chili fresno and pickled shallots and Stuffed Sweet Peppers, with salumi, fontina, carnaroli and Pomodoro.

The menu also features reimagined classics and familiar Mora favorites such as Pasta Al Pomodoro, Polenta “Cremosa” with seasonal mushrooms and truffles, along with Wood-Fired Octopus with smoked potato crema, concentrated tomatoes and capers.

Those in the mood for wood-fired pizza can choose from a variety of options including Margherita, with a choice of burrata or fior in the latter, tomato or basil; Soppressata, with Calabrian chilies, tomatoes, fennel sausage or truffles with truffle fontina fonduta and duck eggs.

People can also enjoy new craft cocktails and Italian dessert offerings.

Apart from Mora Italian and The Americano in the Valley, Conant also has a restaurant in the Catskill Mountains, New York.


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