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BERNADETTE Is a Belgian Luxury Fashion Brand That Brings All the Drama | Instant News

Striking and fully modern, meet the fashion labels based in Antwerp, BERNADETTE.

Presented by creative mother / daughter duo Bernadette and Charlotte de Geyter, their clothes can be found in happy places where minimalism meets maximumism.

Shapes and colors are expertly combined to offer a very contemporary luxury through their ready-to-use collections.

His statement, the liquid silhouette along with the color blocks and prints did all the talk (they are also known for their floral designs that were hand drawn by Charlotte). And while he takes care of proportions that are too large, Bernadette, aka the mother of the color master, brings enthusiasm. We learn more about the dream team.

Felicity Carter: What was your first fashionable memory?

Charlotte de Geyter: Perhaps my first fashionable memory is seeing my mother dress every morning as a little girl. I am a very quiet child, an observer who always sees and follows my mother. At that time for a little girl, your mother was the biggest movie fan, they imitated their mother all the time, always trying on their mother’s shoes and makeup. You want to be a woman and can’t wait to have all these fashionable things. This is where I am fascinated by fashion and how it can make you feel feminine.

FC: How, when, why did you enter the industry?

CdG: After graduating from high school and learning something I never liked, I decided to take a chance in the creative world. I want to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After passing a scary entrance exam, my journey began. I really developed and developed my distinctive image and design. I realized this was what I was good at and what made me happy. After getting my master, I moved to London to get experience in the field, but something was missing for me. My mother and I soon realized that together we had a strong story to tell. I moved back and we started our brand together.

How do you summarize aesthetics?

CdG: Creative, colorful, optimistic, forthright, hyper feminine and relaxed.

FC: What is luxury for you?

CdG: Luxury for me is freedom. Clothing that has no time limit, clothing that can last a lifetime is different from mother to daughter, which does not follow trends and it makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

FC: Who are your customers?

CdG: Bernadette’s customers are straightforward and straight to the point but can also be shy and reserved. He has a strange side and likes to see life in a positive way. He has a love for art, and became very excited by finding new and young brands who accepted the challenge to do it their own way. We want to imagine women buying into Bernadette and inspiring others by wearing it. He will become a modern-day muse and appreciate the pieces to be passed on to different generations.

FC: What do you each bring to the brand?

CdG: I want to challenge women to get out of their comfort zones, I like to design loud volumes and work in conflicting colors. I drew all the prints at home and translated them into various color choices with my mother, a color expert. She is truly beautiful and extraordinary, she brings eternity and will always remain calm.

FC: What is the foundation of your company?

CdG: Patience, because we want to take the time to grow. There is a strong foundation of trust because my mother and I made a big decision. We want open communication, have a relaxed environment and make sure everyone does what they like.

FC: What’s on your mood board right now?

CdG: Our current mood board looks calm and calm. This is what we missed during this quarantine. Nature, open fields, refreshing colors and wild flowers. Images that make us dream and travel in our minds. For forms we have many studies of couture. Imagine a very glamorous woman who cannot travel because of the current situation, but she uses her best and dresses every day to drink Martini in her garden enjoying the warm summer breeze.

FC: What are your short-term and short-term goals for your company?

CdG: We are now working in our own webshop for the next collection, we are excited to share other parts of our developing world and build direct relationships with consumers. We want to be a name that is known and can be a small part of many different women throughout the world.

See more at Bernadette website and they Instagram page.


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