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How to complete the door puzzle | Instant News

key point

  • Hu Tao’s story pursuit now lives in “Genshin Impact”
  • It is difficult for some players to open the door in “Perfect Delivery”
  • The following are some tips and tricks on how to solve difficult problems in the exploration of Hu Tao’s story

Walnuts can finally be obtained through the Blooming Moment banner in “Genshin Impact”. Her story mission, called “Perfect Delivery”, is now available and sees players accompany the fire character in a long dungeon, full of monsters, spiders and ghosts. Players who are looking for ways to solve difficult problems in missions can use some of the tips and tricks in this guide.

Yellow sign

In a step called “Follow the Road to the Border”, “Genshin Impact” players will find themselves in a place that looks like temple. Here, they will fight the enemy and open the mysterious door by looking at the yellow sign correctly. This part is not the main problem in the mission, but some players find it very tricky.

Players will find yellow signs on the rocks, and they must look at these signs in a certain way so that they form an icon. To do this, the player needs to stand under a yellowish light on the ground and adjust the camera several times until the sign turns yellow and opens the door. Those who cannot make the sign flash can try to change its position on the ground.

Hehe, did I scare you? ???? My appearance shocked me, so many surprises? Hmm…so should I call this a ridiculous failure-or a brilliant success? Photo: Gebshin Impact official YouTube channel

Master puzzle

The main problem of Walnut’s perfect gift mission is to put the “Genshin Impact” player in a room with a door. They will see a huge spider web on the left and a blue sphere in the center of the room. They should grab the blue sphere, but don’t use it for now.

The player needs to destroy the spider web first and move forward. After that, they must enter the cave and swim to the left until they reach a new place. Path. Following this path will cause the player to be blocked by the box. They should cross these boxes to find the green portal. After that, they should turn left.

Then, the player will find himself in the room with the same mysterious door. Again, they will see the same spider webs and blue spheres. They need to grab the sphere and light the two lanterns near the door to unlock it. After that, the player needs to follow the yellow target point and enter the final cutscene. This is a confirmation that the challenge has been completed.


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Genshin Impact’s new character surprised fans | Instant News

Yuan Zhen shock The official revealed a new figure, Wang Shengsheng, the 77th director of the Yiguan, Hu Tao, who is said to have walked a path between life and death, “shouldering responsibilities that most people do not want to shoulder.” The complete disclosure is not only a trailer for the character, but also some details of Hu Tao.

At the time of publication, apart from the above, little was known about Hu Tao. In other words, most people who have talked about Hu Tao left a negative impression and portrayed him as an untrustworthy person. In fact, a tweet on the game’s official Twitter account warned players to pay attention to the characters.

Now, not only the details of Walnut (which is walnut in Chinese) are scarce, but we don’t know when she will come to the competition. We know she is coming soon, but we don’t know exactly how long it will take. In other words, although she has not joined the game yet, she is already cultivating fans, just like all the characters added to the game.

Yuan Zhen shock Can be used as a free game on PC, PS4 and mobile devices. The game can also be played on PS5 through backward compatibility, but now this is the only way to play on PS5. Developer miHoYo has confirmed that the game will be launched on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, but there is no news about when these versions will be released.

For more information Yuan Zhen shock -Include not only all the latest news, but also all the latest rumors, reports and leaks – click Here.At the same time, as always, feel free to leave a comment or let us know what you think, or hit me on Twitter @TaylorFischer Let me know over there. What do you think of Hu Tao?


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4 star character, release date and other details | Instant News

key point

  • Keqing is the featured character in the “Genshin Impact” wish banner
  • She is the second character in the wish banner released in the 1.3 update
  • According to the leak, Hu Tao is scheduled to arrive on March 2

Game studio miHoYo recently launched Keqing as a featured character in the second banner of the “Genshin Impact” 1.3 update. Despite this, there are still several leaks that provide interesting details about the next character banner, including featured characters, accompanying four-star characters and potential release dates.

Next “Genshin Impact” character banner

According to rumors, Hu Tao is the next featured character in the last banner of “Genshin Impact” 1.3. Although the information about the next character banner has not yet been officially revealed, fans believe that the game’s latest patch notes suggest this. After Xiao and Keqing, these notes imply that more hope banners will be released for version 1.3.

Industry insiders have previously revealed that Hu Tao will be introduced through an investigation.These statements are supported by multiple codes released in the game file. There are also rumors that if it were not for Hu Tao, miHoYo might launch Yaoyao as the next featured character in the game’s upcoming wish banner.

Everyone thinks that Rex Lapis’ rule is as solid as a rock. The Keqing family only regarded Li Yue’s prosperity as a castle built by the beach. However, even she couldn’t predict that the tide would rise so quickly… Photo: Genshin Impact official YouTube channel

Four-star character

Considering that even before Hu Tao officially went live, she was a fan’s favorite character, miHoyo might release a much weaker companion character with her.The overall prediction is that Chongyun, Razor and Fischl or Sucrose may be the next Banners. This is based on multiple concepts, including characters cannot appear in two consecutive patches, accompanying characters cannot share the same elements, and the next banner cannot contain Lisa, Keaya, and Amber.

Release date

According to the leak, Hu Tao plans to arrive at “Genshin Impact” on March 2. This seems to be in line with the Keqing banner schedule scheduled to end on the same day. In addition, if the release model of miHoYo is to be followed, as Xiao Xiao and Ke Qing did, Hu Tao’s banner may last for several weeks.

It is worth noting that these details are informal and unfounded. In other words, fans should relax their expectations and pinch some salt.

“Genshin Impact” is now available on various gaming platforms. This includes PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices. The popular gacha title is in works on Nintendo Switch and PS5.


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Genshin Impact Hu Tao release date and other details leaked | Instant News

key point

  • The next update in “Genshin Impact” is scheduled to be released on February 3
  • Xiao will be the first character banner to appear in Update 1.3
  • Some insiders have revealed some features of this update

Chinese game studio miHoYo earlier revealed some details about the upcoming update of “Genshin Impact”, but did not reveal some of the long-awaited characters in the game. Now, a reliable industry insider has leaked the release date of Hu Tao, one of Inazuma’s characters.

On Tuesday, “Genshin Impact” insider NEP NEP tweeted that Hu Tao will only arrive at the end of the Update 1.3 life cycle, and Keqing will be released on February 17. The insider claimed that the arrival of the five-star role was delayed. It is because of some production problems such as the Spring Festival.Hu Tao will be third banner Insiders added that it will be launched in Update 1.3.

Before miHoYo launched a new five-star character, the “Genshin Impact” character banner lasted for three weeks.Interestingly, Xiao’s secular character invitations can only last for two Week number. People familiar with the matter speculate that Keqing’s banner will follow the same timetable, lasting only two weeks instead of three.

NEP NEP stated that the sudden release of the Keqing banner may be a prank by miHoYo, which may be related to Hu Tao’s nature as a liar. The fans are very happy to be in contact with Hu Tao. In the “secret action” of the game, digital data diggers discovered that the rumors of Wang Sheng Fun’s owner arriving at Liyue in “Genshin Impact” intensified. file.

Earlier, after miHoYo leaked a video showing Hu Tao’s skills and abilities, a closed beta tester was punished by miHoYo. Hu Tao is a five-pointed star with a long-handled weapon. Based on recent leaks, her appearance has changed, but the overall design looks the same. Her elemental skills are called the afterlife guide, and her elemental explosion is said to be called soul soothing.

Xiao is the first character banner confirmed to be launched in “Genshin Impact” update 1.3. After that, miHoyo will start Keqing, and hopes that Hu Tao will be officially launched in the final stage of the update.

Yuan Zhen shock Photo: miHoYo


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