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Meng Wanzhou accuses U.S. of Canada reported in “unhealthy” trial | Instant News

File photo: Huawei technologies CFO Meng Wanzhou leaves her home to attend the hearing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on may 27, 2020.

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In new court filings in its fight against extradition to the United States, Meng Wanzhou accuses the U.S. government is not only using her as a bargaining chip in negotiations with China, but also misleads the government of Canada and the courts about the evidence gathered against her.

Huawei Technology. LTD. CFO claims abuse of process by the us government and sought the extradition proceedings, the request must be heard in court in early 2021. As expected, it is a reference to comments by US President Donald trump, where he said, “of course, to intervene” in the case of Mengu, if it helps to get a better trade deal with China.

“These things were poisoned. They can no longer be reasonably regarded as fair, regardless of the undoubted integrity of the court” legal Department financial officer of Huawei, said to the new version.

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Ms. Maine, who was arrested by the police on the request for extradition to the United States at the end of 2018 while in transit through Vancouver international airport, free on bail in Vancouver. She faces numerous charges in the US, along with the Chinese Telecom giant, including a violation of U.S. sanctions against Iran. American charges for which she was arrested in Canada is cheating Bank which is a crime in this country and the United States.

In may, Ms. man has lost its first legal proposal for the completion of the extradition process.

Canada the arrest of Ms. Meng led to a break in relations with China, which included Beijing castle two Canadians – Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor – in retaliation and the imposition of restrictions on farm trade goods. China accused Canada to take part in a “political conspiracy” with the United States to undermine Huawei.

In new court documents, Ms. man is a challenging key elements of the case of the United States against her, weakening several occasions when she claims that the Americans distort the facts in favor of their case. She focused on the documents submitted by us prosecutors to describe evidence supporting the us extradition request.

USA “wrongly cut” record of the case against Ms. man “in support of his theory of criminal responsibility,” the new Executive of Huawei’s lawsuits say. This includes selectively quoting evidence.

The United States asserts that Ms. man lied to banks including HSBC about the true nature of the relationship between Huawei and a subsidiary in Iran, called Skycom, and that this deception has led bankers to clean up hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions in violation of U.S. sanctions.

Ms. Meng’s legal team taking aim at a key piece of evidence that the US government has led in order to make his case that Huawei’s CFO lied: in August 2013, the presentation consists of 16 slides that Ms. man spoke with HSBC bankers in Hong Kong.

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The government of the United States, her lawyers say, misled the Supreme court of British Columbia by selectively quoting from this PowerPoint, a copy of which is included in the present document to the court.

They argue that the U.S. record of the case against Ms. Meng and Huawei lowers “very important information” of the two slides and thus leaves the impression that the Executive technician never told h that Skycom has done business with Huawei in Iran or that Huawei and Skycom have had a long business relationship.

The legal team says the slide 6 and slide 16 shows that Ms. the man was much more transparent with HSBC than suggested. Omitted statements “as a business partner of Huawei, Skycom works with Huawei in the field of sales and services in Iran” and Huawei “normal and controlled business cooperation with Skycom”, it was controlled by Skycom.

The lawyers of Ms. Meng to say that these omissions and distortions serious. USA “conduct fell so far below the expected standard of diligence, sincerity and accuracy constitute serious violations of the process,” they say.

In new court documents also claim that since August 2013 the presentation of the Bank HSBC announced that Huawei and Skycom have worked together in Iran, the financial institution was aware that he could not clear Skycom funds through U.S. banks without risking the violation of U.S. sanctions law. “[Ms. Meng’s] The PowerPoint presentation gave h material the information necessary to assess the risk of clearing transactions in U.S. dollars related business Skycom in Iran”.

In addition, the legal team g-man says, there is no need to clear transactions in U.S. dollars through U.S. banks. It provides evidence, including a statement that HSBC has the option clearing funds via the clearing system automated the transfer of a building (chats), an alternative transaction and clearing system is based in Hong Kong,“ which includes in the United States without risk of sanctions.”

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“In summary – the facts not disclosed [United States]: Without cheating. No material omission. No behavior [Ms. Meng] the location of HSBC Bank at risk. No fraud”, her legal team said in the latest court filings.

Recent filings for Ms. man also cite Dec 2019 statement by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to support its argument that the efforts for extradition to the US ruined.

While Mr. Trudeau has repeatedly stated that the canadian extradition process judicial and not political, it opened in December last year that he had asked Mr. trump not cut final trade agreement with China, while there was no resolution in the cases of Ms. Meng and two Canadians.

“The obvious implication of these observations is that the Prime Minister brought to the attention [United States] he supports its use [Ms. Meng’s] the case as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations,” legal Department, CFO of Huawei, said in court documents.

“Statements by the Prime Minister as to strengthen [Ms. Meng] caught in a geopolitical battle, did not depend on the merits of her criminal case.”


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Intervention to free the man Wanzhou Canada would be ‘unreliable’: expert – national | Instant News

Political interference by the government of Canada free Huawei Financial Director Meng Wanzhou from the case of extradition with the United States should see in other countries Canada, one expert says.

In an interview The Western Bloc the host Robin Gill, a foreign policy expert Bonnie Glaser said that if the United States did not regulate the extradition process well, deviating from the terms of the extradition Treaty will leave an indelible stain on the image of Canada.

“The administration trump handled the matter very badly … that said, I think that Canada has significant bilateral relations with the United States,” said Glaser, senior adviser for Asia with a focus on China with the Center for strategic and international studies in the United States.

“A breach of this agreement will harm the reputation of Canada. He thinks that the US and other countries, probably Canada unreliable.”

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Trudeau rejects pressure to make the exchange with China

Trudeau rejects pressure to make the exchange with China

Canada and USA have a long standing extradition Treaty, which sees countries produce about 90 percent of the requested cases.

In this process, the Minister of justice may cancel the authority for trial in cases of extradition at any time.

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Because of this, some members of the foreign policy establishment and former members of the Cabinet of Ministers in the last liberal government called on the government to intervene and order the release of the Meng.

But as the canadian press reported, the Memorandum prepared for the government noted that the authorities to intervene in cases of extradition have never been used for diplomatic or political reasons.

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Instead rare cases when the Minister stepped into the end of the extradition proceedings came to cases such as serious illness or the inability to obtain assurances that the death penalty will not be applied.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has rejected calls to intervene in the case of man, saying that it could put a target on every canadian travelling abroad.

Meng was arrested in December 2018 in Vancouver at the request of us authorities, who accused her and her company with dozens of counts related to accusations of fraud using to skirt sanctions against Iran, and the theft of corporate secrets.

The President of the United States Donald trump publicly talked about the exemption from criminal liability Mengu, if possible it is better to trade with China, which led to accusations in China that the U.S. charges are politically motivated.

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In China detained two Canadians — Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor — a few days after the arrest of the man and held them without access to lawyers and only a limited number of consular visits so far.

“This is what other countries must be ready to stand up for Canada,” Glaser said in the case.

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“She should be on the front of the agenda all.”

She said that while the United States and other countries would “absolutely” do more to support Canada, she doesn’t think any Canada is to be left alone with Chinese retaliation.

She pointed out in a statement U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo two weeks ago condemning China for its “unjustified” detention Kovrig and Spavor.

She added, the global Alliance against China will be most effective.

“Fears China is likely an anti-China coalition,” she said.

“We see that form in such matters as COVID-19 pandemic and that’s another issue where countries need to work together more closely.”

China bullies in the world: Senator Manitoba

China bullies in the world: Senator Manitoba

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