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Totvs Buy RD Station In Biggest Software Deal Ever, Government Rejects Huawei, São Paulo Vetoes Facial Recognition | Instant News

Welcome to this week’s gathering of Brazil’s technology and innovation, with a selection of three major developments in Latin America’s largest economy. First, the corporate software giant Totvs buy a marketing automation startup RD Station in Brazil’s largest private software M&A. Furthermore, the government gave Huawei cold shoulders again as discussion about the upcoming 5G auction continues, and the proposed bill facial recognition use on the São Paulo subway and rail network was vetoed.

This week has seen the announcement of the biggest-ever deal in the Brazilian software industry, as a corporate software giant Totvs acquired 92% of marketing automation startups RD Station for 1.86 billion (US $ 330 million).

The deal saw the founder and chief executive Eric Santos and four other founders Guilherme Lopes, André Siqueira, Bruno Ghisi and Pedro Bachiega sell some of their stake in the company and get out for Riverwood Capital, TPG, Endeavor Catalyst, DGF, Redpoint venture and Astella Investments, a support group that owns more than 80% of the business.

With an enterprise value of 2 billion (US $ 360 million), the RD Station deal is described by Totvs as Latin America’s largest acquisition of software as a service (SaaS). “The unification of the two startups in the technology market is undoubtedly an unprecedented milestone for consolidating the B2B technology ecosystem in Brazil and the world”, said Dennis Herszkowicz, chief executive at Totvs.

Totvs is one of the major enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems vendors in Brazil, with a market share of around 50%. The company is expanding the scope of its B2B portfolio, which includes management and technology products. Enterprise systems are very popular among small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and enterprises have increased the adoption of their SaaS model.

RD Station is also a relevant player in the SME space and makes an important contribution to Totvs’ goal of expanding the B2B ecosystem, as well as an addressable marketplace and increasing customer loyalty. Founded in 2011 in Florianópolis, this startup built a SaaS platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to digitize customer acquisitions and relationships.

Following the deal, Santos will remain with the company, leading its growth plans which include international expansion. With a projected net revenue of 206 million reais (US $ 37 million) for 2021, RD has more than 25,000 customers in 20 countries with offices in São Paulo, San Francisco, Bogotá and Mexico City.

On Tuesday (9), Brazilian Communications Minister Fabio Faria said Huawei will not be able to supply equipment to its private communication network. Part of a series of guidelines and obligations for telcos regarding the upcoming 5G auction in Brazil, an exclusive network for government use will be built by successful bidders.

At the Congressional working group’s public hearing on 5G on Tuesday (9), the minister said Chinese companies would not be able to engage with the exclusive structures of government, as they did not meet the conditions set by Brazilian telecommunications agency Anatel for participation. in the network, which includes corporate governance compatible with Brazilian public companies. Faria denied the terms designed to get Huawei out of its own structure.

Huawei said in a statement that it had been in Brazil for more than 23 years, “always working with integrity, ethics and transparency” and was committed to “Brazilian clients, partners and digital transformation”. Initially due to be held in March 2020, Brazil’s 5G auction was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is expected to take place in June. Anatel expects 5G technology to be available in all Brazilian capitals by July 2022.

A bill proposing the launch of equipped cameras facial recognition technology the entire subway and rail network of São Paulo has been vetoed. The proposal, which was passed by the city’s Legislative Council in February, is intended as a means of increasing security on the public transport network. Governor of São Paulo João Doria blocked proposals with justifications including that they extrapolate the attributions of companies that run the subway and rail networks.

Initially, the bill required launching cameras, and was later amended to allow rail and underground companies to buy equipment. However, the project has come under heavy criticism for its implications including the potential for misidentification of suspects, as well as other issues such as data protection and privacy rights on public transport. The veto does not include a response to these concerns.


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Huawei P50 Pro leak reveals the largest rear camera!This is what we know | Instant News

Huawei P50 Pro leak reveals a large rear camera: this is what we know (
Screenshot of EnkoreTech YouTube

Although it is reported that Huawei has had a difficult year in 2020 because its sales have taken a huge hit, the same cannot actually be said for the company’s smartphones, because they seem to keep coming up with new things . According to reports, Huawei is now preparing to launch the upcoming Huawei P50 Pro in the next few weeks. However, before that, a brand new report has leaked many new details about the device and photos showing the design.

Huawei P50 Pro specifications leaked

OnLeaks’s fame is its own Steve Hemmerstoffer Shared some alleged information about the upcoming Huawei P50 Pro. Although the specifications are still under high speculation because they are not officially released by Huawei, they are still talking more about the design of the Huawei P50 Pro than its features.

Huawei P50 Pro design leaks

  • The smartphone may have a glass back panel

  • The smartphone may have a metal frame and flat edges on the top and bottom

  • The overall size of the smartphone may be 159x73x8.6mm.

  • The smartphone may be equipped with a new 6.6-inch display

  • The edge of the smartphone may be slightly curved

  • The smartphone may have a center punch for the smartphone selfie camera.

Huawei P50 Pro camera

Although it can still include the crisp, premium appearance that users can get from ordinary Huawei devices, in any case, the ultra-thin bezel and slim chin are two points. However, what really makes the smartphone interesting is actually the appearance of the Huawei P50 Pro camera.

according to XDA developer’s story On March 10 (Wednesday), although Hemmerstoffer has not provided many technical details about the rear camera settings, the leaker will still provide images of its appearance. According to reports, the new Huawei P50 Pro camera will be a huge pill-shaped bump, and there may be many lenses in each of the aforementioned circular cutouts. It is very difficult to arrive at the final specifications based on the video alone.​​​

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Similarities between Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P40

Either way, the design features of the Huawei P50 Pro camera may cause great disagreements among fans. It is also not very subtle, but may provide a certain feature that can make the whole design worthwhile. According to reports, the recent leak is also based on previous information that Hemmerstoffer still shared sometime in December.

According to reports, previous leaks indicate that the device will not start with an electromagnetic earphone speaker system previously discovered in the Huawei P40 series. Instead, it is reported that it will be replaced by a standard earpiece. It is also reported that the device will be equipped with an in-display fingerprint sensor to realize the biometric security of smartphones. Still hope to have more details, such as chipset, battery, camera sensor, and possibly more other details.

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Huawei strives for sales in China: Oppo becomes the largest smartphone brand | Instant News

Recently, Oppo became China’s largest smartphone manufacturer for the first time. This is the result of two factors: the rise of Oppo and the decline of Huawei. The company has also become China’s second largest 5G manufacturer.
(Photo source should read Costfoto/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Recently, Oppo became China’s largest smartphone manufacturer for the first time. This is the result of two factors: the rise of Oppo and the decline of Huawei. The company has also become China’s second largest 5G manufacturer.

Oppo leads Huawei sales

Engadget According to the report, the US trade ban on Huawei has had a very obvious impact on the company’s sales in China. Counterpoint Research now estimates that by January 2021, Huawei’s market share in China will drop to 16%. In terms of background, the technology giant has a 41% share in the first quarter of 2020.

Huawei’s decision to sell the Honor brand played a role in its decline, but Counterpoint attributed its sales to US restrictions. With the shortage of components such as processors and 5G modems, Huawei is focusing on high-end, small-volume phones, such as Mate 40 Pro, to make the most of its limited inventory.

helical gear According to the report, Oppo has reached a point where, in the past few months, the company has beaten all smartphone brands throughout China and achieved amazing growth.

According to the peering point, Oppo’s sales increased by 26% year-on-year compared to the same month in 2020. Oppo smartphone sales also increased by 33% compared to December 2020.

Varun Mishra, a senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, said that Oppo successfully repositioned its product line through the rebranding of the Reno series last year and launched higher-performance devices at a lower price, which helped Oppo at a price lower than its predecessor. Occupy the affordable high-end market segment.

according to GSM ArenaIn July last year, OPPO launched the mid-range OPPO A72 5G, and at the same time began the decline in Huawei’s sales. In December 2020, Oppo also launched Reno Series 5, consolidating its position as the largest smartphone manufacturer in China.

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The publication believes that 5G smartphones accounted for 65% of all mobile phones sold in China in the last quarter of 2020. The company can purchase 4G chips, but for 5G phones, it must rely on chips that it stocked before the introduction of trade restrictions. Take effect. Therefore, Huawei has shifted its focus to high-end markets with higher profit margins (but lower sales).

Huawei’s decline is beneficial to Xiaomi. As the company and the BBK brand advance in different ways-Xiaomi is eating away at Huawei’s online business, Oppo and Vivo are doing better in offline sales.

Huawei’s uncertain future

The decline in the grace period has changed the dynamics of the Chinese market. Oppo became the country’s top brand for the first time in January, with a 21% share, while its sister brand Vivo followed closely behind with only 20%. Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi have a tie ratio of 16%.

Of course, if someone integrates every brand (Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus and others) under the BBK Electronics Group, then they will have a huge control over China and the rest of the world.

For Huawei, the future is not bright. Analysts predict that the company’s decline will continue into 2021. As Oppo plans to release its latest flagship product Oppo Find X3 on March 11, competition will not stand idly by.

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Huawei turned to the pig industry, mining industry, as smartphone sales are expected to drop by 60% in 2021 | Instant News

Huawei is now turning to pig farming and mining, as smartphone sales are expected to drop by 60% by 2021 (
Screenshot of Pexels official website

Although Huawei lost contact with American suppliers as early as 2019, Huawei could have become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, but the company has actually surpassed Apple and Samsung in 2020.

One day about a year later, the US Department of Commerce actually included Huawei on its list of entities, forcing the Chinese company to cease business with Google. Unexpectedly, those foundries using US-sourced technology are no longer allowed to ship to Huawei without permission.

Why does Huawei get involved in the pig industry?

according to PhoneArena’s storyAs early as November, Huawei sold its well-known Honor sub-brand to prevent the latter from being banned from acquiring certain chips and other US components because of its association with Huawei. Huawei actually received 15 billion U.S. dollars in compensation for the above-mentioned sales. This is very much needed. Huawei may still become the seventh largest smartphone manufacturer this year.

BBC report Huawei’s smartphone production may actually fall by 60% this year, although the reported company still cannot confirm any figures. The company is now looking for other sources of income, which is why it was brought to the pig industry. Unexpectedly, Huawei is now raising pigs or pigs.

According to reports, this is China’s main industry, and about 50% of the world’s live pigs or pigs are located here. Huawei also introduced the above-mentioned technology into the above-mentioned pig industry through facial recognition technology to identify individual pigs. The farm also uses other technologies to monitor pigs’ diet, exercise and weight.

Huawei Mining

A Huawei spokesperson discussed the technology company’s new entry into the pig industry. The spokesperson pointed out that pig raising is just another example of the company’s attempt to revitalize some traditional industries and ICT or information and communication technology to create added value for these industries in the current 5G era.

In addition to the pig industry, Huawei now hopes to expand its business and even get involved in the mining industry. The company’s founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei just opened a mining laboratory earlier this month.

Then, Ren hopes to use the new Huawei technology to transform these miners into ordinary white-collar workers and let them wear suits and ties to work. The executive subsequently added that the new Huawei mining will reduce workers, be equipped with higher safety and achieve higher efficiency.

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By 2021, smartphone sales will decline

According to one TechSpot articlesAt present, the company is expected to sell only 700 to 80 million smartphones this year, compared to the previous 189 million in 2020 and 240 million in 2019.

This may be caused by the inclusion of the company on the list of entities by the US Department of Commerce.

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Huawei just made major design changes to its 2021 foldable flagship BGR | Instant News

  • According to the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s forecast, Huawei will launch the Mate X successor on February 22.
  • The new Mate X2 will use a different foldable design and place a flexible display inside the device.
  • Huawei’s Mate X2 may not run Google’s version of Android because Huawei is still prohibited from doing business with American companies.

Huawei Mate X stole this show at MWC in February 2019, and it now looks like it was a lifetime ago. Huawei’s foldable phone was launched after the Galaxy Fold, but the design is much better. When the Galaxy phone is folded like a book, the Mate X folds outward, and the screen remains on the outside of the phone even when the phone is closed. The phone looks great, but it will not succeed in the end.

In the next few months, a series of events will eventually damage the Mate X series. In late April 2019, Galaxy Fold reviewers discovered that the screen could be easily damaged, forcing Samsung to postpone the release to September of that year. Since then, the launch of Mate X has been delayed. In May 2019, the United States prohibited Huawei from conducting business with American companies or companies using American manufacturing technology. Although the ban will not necessarily harm the first generation of Mate X, any subsequent products of Mate X will use other types of operating systems on board. As a result, despite the release of Huawei, there was no real Mate X2 last year Mate Xs refresh. But Huawei is now teasing the new foldable flagship product that will be released on February 22, and this time, we are looking for Mate X2.

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As the epidemic continues, the main event of the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, ​​Spain every February has been moved to late June.Shanghai MWC will be held in late February, which illustrates Huawei’s Weibo Trailer. The company released the picture below, which shows that Mate X2 will hold a press conference on February 22. The day before the official opening of MWC Shanghai.

In addition to the date and product name, the trailer image also provides us with a close-up of the Mate X2 phone. Huawei may not show us the entire phone, but just a glance at the photos is enough for anyone familiar with Mate X to tell you that the sequel will bring huge design changes.

This time the foldable screen is placed inside the phone, just like Samsung’s first foldable phone, the phone will fold like a book. This may increase the durability of the phone, because the main screen will not be exposed like the original Mate X.

It is not clear which display method Mate X2 will use. Samsung moved to ultra-thin glass last year. The screen is still fragile, but better than plastic. In addition, the appearance of the phone is still unclear.

Mate X2 may be equipped with a second display on the outside, so the phone can be used for certain tasks without turning on. Of course, it is always possible for the phone to have multiple hinges. In tablet mode, this will make the Mate X2’s screen larger, and one-third of the screen will be used as a display when folded. This is just speculation, because we haven’t leaked any Mate X2 recently to detail Huawei’s progress in the foldable mobile phone business.

Regardless of the Mate X2’s folding method and the number of display features, it is very clear that this phone is not what Western buyers want. Foldable products already have sky-high price tags, and Mate X2 may also be expensive. But its main problem is software. The US ban is still in effect, which means that the Mate X2 cannot run Google’s version of Android.

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