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The challenges of poor children increase as cheap schools continue to be closed forever | Instant News

After educational institutions closed for the second time last year due to the second wave of Covid-19, more than 300 low-cost private schools across Karachi have been permanently closed.

All Private School Management Associations (APSMA) and All Sindh Private Schools & Colleges Associations (ASPSCA) said that most of these schools have operated in underprivileged urban areas.

They say that owners and administrators of hundreds of other constituent schools have approached them for financial assistance, but the association is in no position to help them and save the futures of their thousands of students.

They indicated that around 12 private school associations operate in the province. They also pointed out that permanently closing schools would increase the number of children dropping out of school if the authorities did not take concrete action.

“As an association, we only provide legal assistance and technical support, and help member schools improve teaching and learning activities,” said ASPSCA Chairman Haider Ali. “We can’t solve the financial problems in every school.”

He said his association was collecting data on schools whose owners were unable to run their institutions after the suspension of educational activities during the second wave of Covid-19.

He also said that around 500 low-cost private schools across the province would not be able to reopen. However, he stressed, his party had not completed the closed agency data. “Extensive work like that takes time to complete.”

Agreeing with Ali, the head of APSMA Sindh Syed Tariq Shah said that low-cost private schools continue to close forever as they have to pay rent, salaries, electricity bills and taxes from the fees collected.

However, he pointed out, the parents have refused to pay the fees for the past nine months, while neither the authorities have taken the matter seriously.

He said school owners also frequently reported dropping out of school, an estimated rate of between 20 and 25 percent of enrolled students. He warned that this would continue to increase the number of school dropouts in Pakistan.

Citing Unicef ​​statistics, he said that with 22.8 million children dropping out of school, Pakistan was ranked second on the list of countries where children do not receive an education.

“Private educational institutions help the country provide access to basic education, but the authorities turn a blind eye to vulnerable units struggling to survive the current crisis.”


School owners who recently closed their institutions for good said they were facing financial difficulties because parents refused to pay fees.

“We sent them reminders, but instead of paying tuition fees, some of them took their children out of our school,” said Habibullah, who has been running his school in the Qasba Colony.

He rented a building in 2015 to start his school. Under the usual lease agreement, he is responsible for paying monthly rent, utility bills, and maintenance costs.

“Our school is not one of the institutions established to make money. We just want to give children around access to basic education. “

He said that when educational institutions closed for the first time last year because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 case, “we somehow managed the costs. However the second wave proved more challenging for our school ”. “In addition, the uncertainty about reopening educational institutions forces us to permanently close our schools because we have no money and there is no hope that any government agency will provide us with financial assistance.”

Another school owner named Muhammad Yousaf, who once ran a school in the Ranchore Line neighborhood, said the operating costs of low-cost private educational institutions were too high.

He said such schools are generally run in disadvantaged areas, where if they do not operate according to their daily routine, parents who are mostly working class do not pay tuition.

“Every time we ask parents to pay tuition fees, they argue why they should pay if the school is closed. This is one of the main reasons forcing us to permanently close the institution. “


Shah APSMA said that more schools tend to close permanently because their owners are unsure about reopening educational institutions. He pointed out that the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference will be held on January 14 or 15, after which the owners may revise their decision.

He said the situation was not that simple because school owners needed to manage rent, salaries and other expenses. Therefore, he added, the authorities should pay attention to their problems, especially those running low-cost institutions.


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Brazil’s watchdog removes IoT tax barriers | Instant News

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) removed tax-based regulatory hurdles surrounding IoT and M2M applications, a move for the segment to have lower taxes than telecommunications to spur its growth.

In a translated statement, counselor Vicente Aquino said reducing the tax burden on IoT is “a guide to the success of the entire digital ecosystem that includes such technology in its value chain”.

Anatel-defined devices that are eligible to be designated devices to offer “value added services” are based on their ability to communicate, sense, and store data.

The watchdog changed its general Portability Rule rules to impose portability obligations for access that are exclusively for IoT device connections.

In addition, regulators will include practical examples of telecommunications and value added services for M2M and IoT exploration in the orientation booklet on IoT and M2M.

In 2017, Brazil’s IoT market is estimated to be worth between $ 50 and $ 200 billion by 2025, according to the government.



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Nick Cordero’s Wife Says Doctors Think He ‘Should Get Up Now’ A Few Days After Amputation – NBC New York | Instant News

Loved ones Nick Cordero patiently waited for him to wake up from the medically induced coma where he had been placed against the corona virus.

The Broadway star’s wife, fitness personality Amanda Kloots, offered another health update via Instagram Stories on Thursday, describing the “waiting game” that she now faces just days after Cordero’s amputated leg.

Following a successful amputation, Cordero undergo an MRI in the brain and spine to assess other possible obstacles to recovery. “The doctors said that there was nothing on the MRI that would indicate that he would not wake up, that was extraordinary news. We are very happy about that because it was a big concern for all of us,” Kloots said.

“However,” he explained, “he hasn’t woken up and hasn’t been given a sedative for 12 days. The doctors think he should be awake now.”

But because Cordero was “heavily drugged” for the previous 13 days, Kloots said he “wished and prayed every day that Nick woke up.”

Starring Coronavirus

“By putting energy and positivity out there, because I’m sure he will do it. He was in Nick’s time and when he woke up, we would all be there to celebrate,” he said.

For now, Kloots said his team of doctors plans to continue to reduce the drug in hopes of removing it from the ventilator so they can then insert a breathing tube to “help him become more comfortable.”

“While we were waiting for him to wake up, while he was still sleeping, they slowly weaned his relief body, which was big news. Little small wins,” Kloots added.

Because Kloots, who gave birth to the couple’s first child less than a year ago, could not be by Cordero’s side through his care. So he spent time outside the Los Angeles hospital where he is currently recovering.

“One day I went to @cedarssinai and stood outside the hospital,” he said recently Instagram. “I talk to Nick, I pray, I play the song and I sing for him! This is the closest to me every day.”

Cordero, whose stage credits included “Servants” and “Rock of Ages,” were first hospitalized in late March after being diagnosed with pneumonia. He was tested negative for the corona virus twice before the doctor took a third test, which was positive.

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