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Hawaii battles contentedly after another storm nears National | Instant News

HONOLULU (AP) – Hurricane Douglas joined a long list of storms that came near the Hawaiian Islands but did not cause major damage.

The Mayor of Kauai, Derek Kawakami, said that such experiences unfortunately help people to be complacent and think disasters will never strike them.

“What we are really worried about is Nature – there is no way you can control it. And once he decided not to send a message but it really had an impact on our island, it will happen when certain people take it lightly,” Kawakami said.

Douglas passes about 45 miles (72 kilometers) north of Maui and may even be closer to Oahu as a Category 1 storm on Sunday.

Although there were previous warnings that Douglas could pass directly through the islands, surfers hit the waves and selfie-takers flocked to the coastline on Oahu.

Chaney Borja went hiking with his adult son in hopes of seeing the waterfall. He chose a ridge where there was flat ground and where he felt he would not be hurt. He also tracks the rain on the radar.

He said people on Oahu keep food, water and supplies but also like to use the opportunity provided by the storm to see big waves in places where there are usually no waves.

“One day we will not take it seriously and will only hit and we will not be ready for it,” Borja said. “And yes, we buy everything, but we still go in the direction of the storm.”

Kawakami said that Kauai’s history of being hit by a huge storm and flooding had left a strong impression on the islanders who took the weather threat seriously.

“Even people who are relatively migrants, in a sense will hear local knowledge, will see people getting ready. And they will only follow, “Kawakami said.

In 1992, Hurricane Iniki damaged or destroyed 41 percent of the island’s homes. Just two years ago, torrential rain triggered a landslide that cut off entire communities on the northern coast of Kauai for months.

Talmadge Magno, civil defense administrator for the County of Hawaii, said he thought most people heeded warnings and would not test nature.

He said Hurricane Douglas offered residents a way to learn how they could do a better job getting ready for such a storm.

“I think this is a good test for the community as well to see where they are in preparedness,” he said.

Meteorologists say that Douglas would be far worse in Hawaii if he was tracked only 20 or 30 miles (32 to 48 kilometers) to the south.

“Not only does it not make landings, it surrounds the islands,” said the National Weather Service meteorologist Chevy Chevalier.

Rarely there are storms that hit islands that are relatively small compared to the extent of the Pacific Ocean.

“You won’t see them being beaten that often,” Chevalier said.

Oahu does not receive much rainfall, but heavy rains and winds hit Maui, uprooting a small tree on the Hana Highway.

Duke Stevens, who lives in Hana at the eastern end of Maui, said there was no more wind on Sunday afternoon and the light rain that kept falling all night subsided.

“I have seen far worse,” said Stevens, who has lived in Maui since 1987.

Antonia Hall, from the city of Kihei in western Maui, said she brought her patio furniture inside, bought food that didn’t last long and filled up her bath tub for emergency water supplies, but storms avoided the area.

“Maui has circled so many storms,” ​​he said. “It’s kind of something we’ve been through here.”

Associated Press journalist Mark Thiessen in Anchorage, Alaska, Brian PD Hannon in Phoenix, and Julie Walker in New York contributed to this report.

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Exclusive: NZ Rugby proposes three concept options for new professional competitions to replace Super Rugby in 2021 | 1 NEWS | Instant News

New Zealand Rugby has proposed three draft options for a new professional competition to replace Super Rugby in 2021.

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The main stakeholders have been presented with a proposal. Source: 1 NEWS | Sky

Documents obtained by 1 NEWS confirm the union’s wishes for the competition of eight or 10 teams with the season starting at the end of February or early March and ending with the June 19 final.

The simplest choice is the eight-team format that will make each team face off and on for 15 weeks of the regular season. With the semi-finals and finals, that means 59 matches played in total.

New Zealand Rugby insists the five New Zealand clubs currently remain involved and, after showing a desire to also include the Pacific Islands franchise, the eight-team format will leave only two places available for Australian involvement. Australian Rugby has confirmed that finding such an option is not fun.

The two remaining options make allowances for 10 teams, but both create an imbalance with a draw. The first choice will see each team play four teams twice and five teams once, the second will reverse that order, with each team playing five teams twice and four teams at once.

Including the semifinals and finals, option one will create a season of 68 matches, all option two will increase that number to 73 matches. Both options can make room for up to four sides of Australia if the parties can agree to the terms.

The deal with Australia is just one of the challenges for Rugby New Zealand as they continue to advance with the development of their own competition. The national body has not clearly established what entities will be created to manage and control the commercial interests of the competition, and this has caused tensions in negotiations with private investors in the New Zealand franchise.

License to run and market the clubs for renewal; private investors demand clarity about what form of “Competition Company” will be formed by NZR.

Another important point is the ongoing discussion at the Rugby World level regarding an efficient global calendar. The 2021 season provides leeway for playing test matches in July, followed by The Rugby Championship and a traditional tour late in the north.

That could change in 2022 with the ‘SANZAAR’ window open mid-July to October followed directly by a cross-section window that runs until the end of November.

New Zealand Rugby has expressed interest in creating a ‘cross-border’ competition in 2022 where the top four teams from their new tournament will face teams from other club competitions, potentially in a knock-out format.

This could open the door to Japan’s Top League, or potentially US MLR, with insiders hinting at a more ambitious global approach.

Super Rugby Aotearoa concluded in only three weeks, which means New Zealand’s Rugby must immediately provide certainty to private investors at this time for next season. It is understandable that they want private investors today to sign new, lasting, licenses.

Investor representatives demanded more details about competitive entities, while some also demanded conditions to increase their capital commitments.

New Zealand Rugby and club representatives are scheduled to meet on Tuesday to discuss the new format and license renewal.


The match will start in late February / early March with June 19 scheduled for the finals

Play all the teams at home and away.

Play 4 teams twice, 5 teams once

Play 5 teams twice, 4 teams once


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Tropical cyclone is expected to strengthen in the Atlantic ocean | Instant News

Miami (AP) — a tropical depression formed on Tuesday in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and is expected to strengthen, although forecasters do not predict landfall.

The national hurricane center, the U.S. reported depression was centered Tuesday night about 1,360 miles (2,188 km) West-southwest of the southern windward Islands. At 11 p.m. EDT, it had maximum sustained winds of 35 mph (55 km / h) and moving West-Northwest at 9 mph (14 km / h).

Forecasters said it could reach tropical storm status somewhere on Wednesday. No coastal watches or warnings depression.

Depression may set the record for earliest named the seventh tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, if it strengthens to tropical storm Gonzalo till Friday. Tropical storm Gert formed on 24 July 2005, making it the current record.

So far this year, Cristobal, Daniel, Edward and faye all records for the earliest named stormed their place in the alphabet.

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The head of NATO supports Germany’s promise to guard a nuclear war-ready US | Instant News

COLOGNE, Germany – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has entered a fiery German debate about a decades-old promise to defend the American atomic bomb in a European country as a way to obstruct Russia.

Stoltenberg believes that simply sticking to the doctrine of “nuclear sharing” will ensure Berlin’s continued seat at the table of strategic decision making in the alliance.

“NATO nuclear division is a multilateral arrangement that ensures the benefits, responsibilities and risks of nuclear prevention are shared among allies,” he wrote in the op-ed which was first posted on the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung website. “Politically, this is important. This means participating allies, such as Germany, make joint decisions about nuclear policy and planning, and maintain appropriate equipment. “

The policy stipulates that a handful of countries in Europe that do not have atomic weapons will host such weapons in their territories and maintain ways to spread them. In the case of Germany, there were 20 B61 bombs that were reportedly kept at the Büchel Air Base in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, western Germany.

If requested, German Tornado pilots will fly weapons into enemy territory and throw them at targets in lofting maneuvers, releasing them during sharp up and back turns to maximize bomb airtime.

Debate has risen in recent weeks about Germany’s nuclear role, following the German Ministry of Defense’s recommendation to buy 30 F-18s for the job, because Tornado fighter jets are expected to reach the end of their useful life by 2030.

Led by Rolf Mützenich, chairman of the Social Democrats in parliament, a group within the ruling coalition’s junior party wants to get out of the NATO atomic arrangement, arguing that the agreement has also outweighed its benefits.

Not so, said Stoltenberg.

“While NATO views its own nuclear deterrent primarily as a political tool, Russia has strongly integrated its nuclear weapons into its military strategy,” Stoltenberg wrote. “This has placed nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad, only 500 km from Berlin. It has threatened allies such as Denmark, Poland and Romania with a nuclear attack. Russia also forcibly and illegally annexed parts of Ukraine, a country bordering the country previously committed in honor of in return for Ukraine giving up her own nuclear protection. “

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, German defense minister and head of the Christian Democrats, also cited the remaining geopolitical tensions as an argument for safeguarding US nuclear power in the country.

“As long as there are countries that possess nuclear weapons that do not want to be part of the values ​​of our community, we need a strong negotiating position,” he said last week, as reported by Die Zeit. “Arrangement of nuclear deterrence-sharing serves that purpose. Those who want to surrender weaken our security.”

For those who don’t know, the mere act of absorbing nuclear debate here can seem like an acid journey through various stages of German age since the Cold War. It’s easy to get lost in the details. The subtleties that are considered as a touch on anything from certifying a new jet to a nuclear mission, the stupidity of trying to run an atomic bomb with a manned jet fighter in the first place, or the value of B61 bomb prevention in Europe when another weapon class will breathe fire that is far more destructive in that continent.

Perhaps that is why the symbolic argument aimed at preserving NATO cohesion seems to be the main one among German decision makers for the time being.

Or as Stoltenberg said: “All allies have agreed that as long as nuclear weapons exist, NATO will remain a nuclear alliance.”


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One person dies in Florida as a hurricane, South tornado pummel | Instant News

  • One person killed by a fallen tree in Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Several tornadoes were reported crossing North Florida.
  • Damaged buildings and power outages were reported throughout the region.

At least one person was killed on Thursday when a tornado and deadly storm swept through the Deep South for the second day in a row.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office in Tallahassee, Florida, said a tree fell on a man around 7 pm on the northeast side of the city. The victim died when the first respondent arrived at the scene. Another person suffered minor injuries.

Several fallen trees and power outages were reported throughout the city. The crew is still working to clean and restore power on Friday morning.

Parts of Florida were again under threat from bad weather on Friday, when heavy rains and storms moved across the central part of the state. About 15,000 people were without electricity throughout the state Friday morning, according to poweroutage.us.


North Florida was hit by strong winds and several tornadoes Thursday night and evening. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said several trees fell after a tornado reported moving across the county around 3 pm EDT. There were also reports of damage to several buildings in the area.

Photos posted to social media show debris and damage in Panama City, Florida.

Hurricane damage was also reported Thursday in Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama, while flooding flooded the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, where 5 inches of rain fell on Thursday.

Fire department and EMS department member in Anniston, Alabama, transported to the hospital early Thursday morning after they were injured while rescuing a resident from a house where a fallen tree had fallen. A civilian was also moved, EMS Anniston said in a statement on Facebook. The injuries are not life threatening.

In Georgia, a tornado was reported near Moultrie, in Colquitt County, about 42 miles northwest of Valdosta at around 12:40 a.m. Thursday. A Regional 911 Colquitt officer told weather.com there were extensive damage reports in the southern part of the county, including trees and electrical cables going down and damaged buildings. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Damage also occurred 23 miles east in Adel, Georgia. A representative from the district’s emergency management agency told weather.com that there were a number of minor injuries reported.

Adel’s old railroad depot was heavily damaged and traffic lights knocked down, Valdosta Daily Times reports. The storm was blamed for two traffic accidents: an overturned semitractor trailer on Georgia Highway 37 and a vehicle crashing into a crossing bridge on Interstate 75. The roof is tore up several buildings in the city center, Adel News-Tribune reports.

In the Mitchell District, the Pelham Parkway Nursing Home in Pelham, Georgia, is maintained damage to the window and roof, WTXL-TV reports. The staff there confirmed that all residents were safe, but the facility was operating on generator power.

Mitchell Regional Emergency Management Director, Jamie Sullivan told WALB-TV a a tree fell through a house at Pelham and trees were torn down throughout the county.

Missionary Baptist Church Lewis at Pelham also suffered damage.

Some areas of Mississippi were damaged early Thursday morning due to straight-line winds or possible tornadoes.

The National Weather Service Office in New Orleans is confirmed one tornado near McComb in Pike County around 3:20 pm Thursday, Clarion Ledger reported. Some homes and businesses suffered damage. Fallen trees and debris litter the streets, parking lots and yards.

About 20 houses were damaged or inaccessible, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. Forty roads are closed.

A family member of a resident on County Barn Road in Jones County, Miss., Was seen sawing a tree after a tornado was seen touching Thursday morning, April 23, 2020. Bad weather was moved south of Mississippi and Alabama after a tornado was torn. through parts of Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

(James Pugh / Laurel impact via AP)

Damage was also reported in the town of Brookhaven in Lincoln County.

Elizabeth Jackson said she and her three children had to crawl to the back of their home after the ceiling collapsed during a storm.

“I could hear things about windows at first and then suddenly, as I said, I just hear that collision sounded and looked up and the ceiling was fair, like coming over to me, “Jackson told WAPT-TV.

(MORE: Supercell Brings Tornadoes When Tracking Nearly 300 Miles in 3 Countries on Wednesday)

Flash floods caused problems in Hinds, Madison, and Rankin and other parts of central Mississippi.

Heavy rain caused flash floods in several Byram neighborhood, Reported WAPT.

“The water is one foot above Gary Road. My firefighter was here around 3am and went to every house and knocked on the door. Some houses already have water in them,” said the mayor of Byram, Richard White.

“We brought a family. A woman meets her mother here. He has a child and we brought him, “White said.

David Maynard filters debris looking for his wallet, Thursday, April 23, 2020, in Onalaska, Texas, after a tornado destroyed his home the night before. Maynard was in his house when a tornado destroyed the area.

(Brett Coomer / Houston Chronicle via AP)

Significant storm damage was reported Thursday morning in Louisiana in the year Pointe Coupee, Port Allen and Zachary parishes, KAFB-TV reports.

A canopy above the gas pump collapsed on Circle K on Highway 19 and Highway 64 on Zachary. A tree hit a house in Port Allen. A family fell asleep at the time, but no one was hurt, KAFB reported.

Hails ranging from one inch to one inch and half in diameter were reported by the National Weather Service in parts of Watson, Maringouin, and Livonia.

There are at least 31 reports of tornadoes in the South from Wednesday night to Thursday morning. On Wednesday, a tornado killed at least five people and injuring dozens more in Texas and Oklahoma, while a hurricane in Louisiana killed at least two people.

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A large fallen tree is located in the yard of a resident on County Barn Road in Jones County, Miss., After a strong typhoon landed on Thursday morning, April 23, 2020. Bad weather moved through southern Mississippi and Alabama after a clear tornado. through parts of Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. At least six people have been killed. (James Pugh / Laurel impact via AP)

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