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The German government cites US relations in the selection of F-18 aircraft for a stalled nuclear mission | Instant News

COLOGNE, Germany – German defense officials have finally admitted their vision to buy several dozen F-18 warplanes that were upgraded, citing transatlantic relations as one of the reasons for the election.

The 45 aircraft made by Boeing will replace part of the Tornado aircraft in the country, take on the sensitive role of sending US atomic weapons under the so-called NATO nuclear sharing doctrine and purge enemy air defenses to follow the next wave of air forces.

In addition, proposals sent to lawmakers on Tuesday afternoon require the purchase of up to 93 Eurofight aircraft made by Airbus, which will carry out most of the kinetic missions that fighter aircraft tend to carry out.

The defense ministry described the decision as a compromise. On one hand, officials argued, the aim was to prop up a European defense industry which was busy laying the foundation for the Franco-German Future Combat Air System. On the other hand, the F-18 in the Super Hornet and Growler variants will help prevent gaps in the contribution of important capabilities that Germany has to NATO, they wrote.

“This decision strengthens the transatlantic partnership, and it sustains our credibility within NATO,” the statement said to member states.

Even so, the decision remained controversial. Supporters of the domestic industry argue that Eurofighter can take on the role of electronic warfare, where the government’s proposal envisions 15 Borer, by dispatching Airbus’s own disruption package. In addition, according to that argument, Germany can support the British program, other Eurofighter countries, to equip the aircraft with the necessary kits.

As for the nuclear sharing mission, the F-18 decision signifies that German defense leaders want to play it safe, at least as long as Berlin remains committed to the pact in the first place. While the latest F-18 variant hasn’t been certified to carry American B-61 gravity bombs stored here, ordering a fleet of 30-strong turnkey apocalypse bombers from the Pentagon promises to be far more stress-free than trying to get Eurofighters ready for the job.

The nuclear mission, however symbolic, gave Germany a kind of atomic gravity in NATO that had been enforced by the previous government even when public opinion was not supportive.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on Wednesday was careful to frame separate purchases as mere proposals. The Tornado fleet will be able to survive until 2030, which means an acquisition program must be in 2025, with parliamentary approval planned for 2022 and 2023, he said.

“We have not yet chosen the source,” he told reporters after emerging from a closed meeting of the Bundestag defense committee.


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Severe Thunderstorms with Tornadoes, Damaged Winds and Heavy Rain Expected in the South | Instant News

Arrangements for bad weather Sunday in the South.

  • Great lightning is expected to occur in the South Sunday to Monday morning.
  • Strong tornadoes, destructive hurricanes, and massive hail are threats.
  • Flash floods are also a serious problem.

A severe storm outbreak will hit Southern Sunday to Monday morning with the possibility of strong tornadoes, strong winds and massive hail. There is also a serious threat of flash floods in several areas.

Happening now

A group of rain and thunderstorms pushed east through parts of Mississippi and Alabama this morning. There are no bad weather watches at this time.

weather forecast

The biggest opportunities of bad weather exist today and tonight from east-central Texas to northern and southern Louisiana and central Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. This is an area where NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center has issued a moderate risk, which is the second highest severe threat category.

Supercell storm maybe before a large group of storms, also known as a mesoscale convective system, eventually developing and sweeping eastward with destructive storms and hail. Several tornadoes are expected, both produced by supercells and embedded in a squall line severe storm.

(MORE: Tornado Nighttime More Than Twice the Deadly Possibility)

Sunday Night Severe Storm Forecast

(Shaded on the map above is the possibility of a violent storm, according to the NOAA Hurricane Prediction Center. Note that not all categories apply to severe risks on certain days.)

Some strong tornadoes may occur Sunday afternoon into the night from northern Louisiana to central and southern Mississippi, central and southern Alabama, southern Georgia, and southern South Carolina.

In addition, there is a high level of threat from destructive gusts of wind that spread widely from southern Alabama to southern Georgia. This is an area where the storm line is expected to develop in the afternoon and evening.

Severe threats will mostly end at midday Monday, with the exception of several severe isolated storms that may linger Monday mornings in eastern Carolina and eastern Georgia.

Strong winds that blow are possible and isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out.

Monday Morning Severe Hurricane Forecast

(The nuance in the map above is the likelihood of a violent storm, according to the NOAA Storm Prediction Center. Note that not all categories apply to severe risks on certain days.)

Rainfall Forecast

Most Southern regions can expect rainfall of 1 to 3 inches until Monday. The central sections of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia can hold more than 3 inches of rainfall.

Locally higher totals are possible where there are recurring thunderstorms or when storms move more slowly.

That the land is saturated in most areas given recent rainfall. This increases the chance of flash flooding.

The NOAA Weather Prediction Center issues moderate risks – their second highest risk category – for excessive rain on Sunday and Sunday nights from central Mississippi to South Carolina.

A short break from the storm was anticipated earlier this week in the South before another system moved to the Plains. This next system is also likely to bring violent storms to some parts of the Plain and South, maybe on Tuesday in some areas.

(MAPS: U.S. Daily Forecast Next 7 Days)

Severe threats over the next few days are not unusual for this year, because March and April are the peak times for tornadoes on Dixie Alley.

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Severe Weather and Corona Virus: Do I Shelter?

If you do not have a safe place to seek protection from storms, should you find a public shelter at the age of COVID-19?

Simple answer: yes.

However, protection may be more difficult over the next few months.

“Don’t let the virus prevent you from seeking protection from a tornado,” said the American Meteorological Society statement issued on April 9. “If a public tornado shelter is your best shelter from bad weather, take steps to ensure you follow the CDC guidelines to maintain physical distance and prevent disease.”

But you need to know where to go and IF you can go to a shelter BEFORE the storm threatens.

“Most government entities use schools … You can only get so many people in those schools,” Steven Still, director of emergency management in New Hanover County, North Carolina, told weather.com.

Of course, many schools are closed during this pandemic, so your normal place of residence may not be open. And sanctuaries that are open may not receive many people.

In all cases, if you are in a mobile home, really find different shelter options.

The main journalistic mission of the Weather Company is to report the latest weather news, the environment and the importance of science to our lives. This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM.


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Tornado Disasters Disasters in Mississippi | Instant News

1 out of 25

Mamie, left, and Katrina Harper sat near their destroyed house where they rode a tornado that struck Bassfield, Mississippi on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. On Monday they said they counted blessings and collected their belongings. (Julie Dermansky)

On Sunday, April 12, 2020, when the family celebrated Easter, a series of tornadoes ripped south, from Texas to North Carolina. On April 15, it was confirmed that from April 12 to 13, at least 107 tornadoes has invaded areas from Texas to Maryland. While preparing for a violent storm is frightening, cities that are threatened with another challenge: How do we offer public shelter during a pandemic?

Because the decision to open a community shelter was made at the local or regional level, the availability of housing varied greatly throughout the region last weekend. These decisions also sometimes conflict with the recommendations of the public health department. For example, the Alabama Department of Public Health official warned that people were more likely to be affected by tornadoes than the COVID-19 virus so they had to seek protection, but they also noted that many public shelters might remain closed in the midst of a pandemic, so local residents had to “check with their community residence managers” to make sure one nearby is open. This causes confusion, and because the population naturally worries about exposing themselves to the virus, it might have influenced people’s decisions about what to do.

In Soso, Mississippi, Gail Smith, her husband and 95-year-old grandmother decided to stay home and take shelter in their aisles. They finally need to be saved by their neighbors.

Gail Smith with Easter Bunny grass decorations

((Julie Dermansky / Weather.com))

The Smith family was affected by one of the more deadly tornadoes that struck southern Mississippi on Sunday. First landed only about 28 minutes before the others did it nearby. Both are “long-way” tornadoes, which travel a considerable distance northeast, forging almost parallel paths. According to the National Weather Service, a tornado that is a little farther north goes about 82.6 miles; the south traveled 67.8 miles. The latter was later rated as an EF-4 tornado by the NWS.

Jonathan Erdman, Senior Meteorologist for Weather.com, notes that this long path tornado is not something you see every day. “An average tornado is only on the ground for less than 10 minutes and maybe a mile or two,” he said. A longer tornado path means more chance to be destroyed. This can clearly be seen in satellite imagery from the scars left by the EF-4 tornado. On the ground, the damage is very deep and extraordinary.

A house thrown from its foundation in Soso, miss.

((Julie Dermansky / Weather.com))

Weather.com distributes photojournalists Julie Dermansky, a climate journalist, to capture damage in two affected cities in southern Mississippi. He saw many houses that had been completely destroyed. Some cars seemed to be picked up and overturned, while others were crushed by debris in the vicinity. Horses and stray dogs roam free through the rubble as homeowners try to collect their lost belongings.

However, at the same time, he saw neighbors gathering to help one another overcome the destruction. Many of them wore masks, and kept social distance. Disaster management officers set up a station where they offered bottles and water supplies. Utility companies put up signs to remind people to stay six feet apart. Members of the Cajun Navy helped remove large tree debris from people’s yards. Even during this unprecedented time when resources had spread so thinly, people still found ways to support when destruction occurred.

Brother Mitch helped the Cajun Navy in Denham Springs, LA., Clearing debris in Soso, Miss.

((Julie Dermansky / Weather.com))

We are now heading for the most active months for tornadoes in the US and more severe storm storms like this are likely to occur. As a result, this is a good time to decide how and where you will take shelter if necessary. Individual community decisions about public shelters will continue to develop as the pandemic spreads throughout the country. If a public shelter is your only choice, be sure to continue checking with your local official to find out which updates will be available. If you can take shelter in your home, that is the CDC’s recommendation. If your home is not safe, consider checking with neighbors who have basements or residences, and formulating a joint protection plan that includes pandemic prevention measures.

“Don’t let the virus prevent you from seeking protection from a tornado,” he said American Meteorological Society declared in a statement issued on April 9, 2020. If you have a prior plan, it will help you make a decision quickly when it’s taken into account.


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BBB Reports Drastic Increase in Complaints Travel Trip Refunds – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | Instant News

Pandemic has hit the travel industry hard.

And if you have already booked a summer vacation, you are
might feel the pain too.

The Better Business Bureau gets a big increase in
complaints about travel companies and their refund policy. We were told
hundreds have been filed in North Texas alone.

The misery of travel is very difficult at school and
parents who have planned an educational trip for students at the end of school

For example, Texas International Leadership, charter
a school with many locations throughout Texas, has so many students who are excited to travel
next month to places like New York, Washington, D.C. and Costa Rica for 7,
Students in grades 8 and 11.

But the pandemic destroyed the plans and parents found out how to get their money back or guaranteed that their money could be used for future school trips with the travel company, EF Educational Tours. Those who want a full refund will be able to get all their money back, minus $ 1,000 for cancellation fees.

“I don’t know anyone who has an extra thousand dollars
in their back pocket they can throw. I know of course not, and
we are a family of five, “said the parents, who did not want to reveal their names
but talked to NBC 5 about his experience. “I haven’t received anything for what
I already paid. ”

He is just one of hundreds of local parents who feel that right now. He said that he paid nearly $ 3,000 in advance for the EF Educational Tours company trip for his son’s high school trip to Costa Rica and also bought travel insurance but found a good print, legally excluding pandemic.

“I feel like I have to jump through a circle, I feel that way
even though it’s not an easy and easy process, “he said.” I feel like us
punished. Such a punishment. I have something else to do, I have
kids at home that I’m homeschooling. ”

Parents have several other options if they want to keep it
their investment in the whole trip, including getting the travel voucher
lasts two and a half years, transferring vouchers to other children for other children
travel, or transfer vouchers to other families.

However, for parents who have children to graduate later
years or who do not have other children who are eligible for travel in the next two years
over the years, the voucher might not be worth it. Vouchers are also taken into account
non-educational travel if the whole family wants to use it, but some say
Financial pressures in the economy and job loss may not be the best
option now.

Fortunately, schools say they have sought more solutions
with the company and able to cut cancellation fees by more than half.

What can travelers
To do?

The Better Business Bureau said this experience highlights the big problems facing the travel industry today.

“That is a challenge. What we say to people is to be patient and try hard to work with those companies specifically. Everyone knows that when this ends, the company will still need customers, “said Phylissia Clark, VP Public Relations for BBB Serving North Central Texas. “Be careful with the fact that businesses take this balancing act and try to do their best to make consumers happy. But it can be very, very difficult if they want the lights to remain on their doors open,” Clark said. .

Be persistent. It might take a lot of negotiation but
The company makes adjustments to respect the return of money when the situation develops.

“They might want to bend whatever the contract says
try and fix a customer service dispute, “Clark said.

If that doesn’t work, dispute the fee to your bank.

“They must give you detailed receipts for everything
that you’ve spent money if they try to charge you, “Clark said.” Worth it
ask the company to give you all the documents and have all the evidence
things have been spent. And persistently, continue to dialogue
with those companies. ”

And if all else fails, submit a complaint to the BBB or the Prosecutor’s Office
General Office.

“Tell us that this company does not respect the return of their money
policy or not work with you, “Clark said.” Because in some ways it is
can be a deceptive means. ”

When it comes to travel insurance, Clark explains why many
the policy does not cover cancellations and claims are denied.

“The real problem is that it’s usually in those contracts
there is something called force majeure. It says if there is
some kind of disaster – which usually means a storm or tornado or
some weather events that will stop something happening – usually it is
will trigger that clause and you will get a refund because everyone understands
it’s out of people’s control, “Clark said.” But the difficulty is now
whether a global pandemic is one of those situations. Because
no one will write a ‘global pandemic’ orally or into terms and conditions
contract conditions are therefore not a priority for anyone. Oh, I see
debated now, legally, whether the cabinet was triggered or not. ”

In the end, Clark said that everyone struggled
across the board.

“Types of companies that provide existing services
financially canceled. In many cases this is very
reputable companies that want to work with you, but they maintain a balance
payroll for their employees, trying not to lay off people and deal
with their expenses, “he said.

EF Educational Tours says cancellation fees exist because travel companies book flight tickets, hotel and tour costs in large quantities in advance, an investment that comes with a set of own costs.

The company issued the following statement to NBC 5 with information they share with parents from school trips and other travelers at this time.

The health and safety of our travelers and staff have been our top priority for more than 55 years. We are closely monitoring the situation of COVID-19, continuing to communicate with our offices throughout the world, and actively following the guidance of all relevant authorities.

The long-term impact of the COVID-19 virus on global travel is unclear, and the situation is changing and changing every day. Given these circumstances, we now offer our tour groups with travel plans until May 31 cash refunds (less than $ 1,000 per person) as an alternative to transferable travel vouchers, which, of course, also remain an option.

We also continue to adjust our Peace of Mind program and flexible re-order options, our voucher program, and our cancellation policy by instituting a freeze on fees and an extended schedule to cancel or re-order the tour.

Specifically, we now offer our tourists the expanded options below. You can see more details about how travel vouchers work here. We also have general FAQs and special vouchers here and here.

All travelers with trips until May 31 will automatically receive travel vouchers that can be transferred in full amount paid (including all payments that are normally non-refundable) until 30 September 2022.

Travel vouchers can be used by individual travelers for EF products including tours for adults and young adults, language travel programs, and new tour packages that we have designed specifically for senior graduates.

The full amount of the travel voucher can also be transferred to other people in the family or school traveler community.

Individuals or groups can also exchange their vouchers for a cash refund of less than $ 1,000 per person. The $ 1,000 fee allows us to partially cover costs related to non-refundable payments to suppliers and staff, while funding flexible reorder options in our Peace of Mind program.

For travelers departing June 1 or newer, know that all tours remain scheduled according to plan. Depending on how the current situation develops, we are committed to offering similar options. We advise individuals and groups who have expressed interest to travel before the end of the year to postpone the cancellation for now.


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Tornado watches remain until midday for the Piedmont Triad | Instant News

LIVE WATCH: FOX8 Meteorologist Emily Byrd tracks the Tornado Warnings in the Triad.

Tornadoes confirmed on land were reported about 10 miles south of Graham in Alamance District just before 7am, according to the National Weather Service.

Western Piedmont is under increased risk for severe thunderstorms.

A tornado watch remained until noon for the Piedmont Triad.

Previous story:

The storm is expected to hit the Piedmont Triad around midnight Sunday and lasts approximately until 11 noon on Monday.

The most severe weather is likely to reach between 5 am and 10 am on Monday.

This storm will bring gusts of wind between 35 and 50 mph. The most severe storms will be able to produce wind gusts that damage more than 60 or 70 mph and also tornadoes are isolated.

A severe weather warning will most likely be issued Sunday night to Monday morning.


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