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Sindh to align property rates for Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur with FBR | Instant News

The Sindh government has enacted laws to align property rates in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur with the valuation table issued by the Federal Revenue Council, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah said Friday.

The chief minister announced this at a meeting with World Bank Country Director Mr Najy Binhussin via video link from CM House.

In July 2019, FBR issued assessment tables for 21 cities in Pakistan, including three Sindh cities, for the collection of Capital Gains Tax. The following table describes the rates subject to property tax.

The scoring tables for Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur are aligned with the FBR table, said CM Shah. The revision will affect the taxes paid on property in these cities.

There are two types of taxes you pay on property transactions: federal and provincial. These taxes are further divided into more categories. Federal taxes include Capital Gains Tax (charged to the sale of property) and Advances Tax (charged to the purchase of property).

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Provincial taxes include Capital Value Tax, registration fees and stamp duty (all three apply to buying property). This tax is charged at the minimum property rate, which has been determined by the FBR. The appraisal rate differs from one area to another and the type of property you own, such as residential open plots, built residential properties, commercial open plots, commercial built properties, industrial open plots and built-up properties, flats or apartments. You can find details on the FBR website.

The FBR’s revised assessment came after the IMF and FATF called Pakistan’s real estate business a system for converting black people’s money to white. Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur are part of the revised valuation table, but federal and Sindh government rates are different. These rates are now being aligned.

On a resilient institution for a sustainable economy, the chief minister said that Sindh had become one of the first provinces to prepare a draft Fiscal Responsibility Law. It includes a Medium-Term Fiscal Framework (MTFF) and periodic updates to the MTFF throughout the year, limits on expenditure growth and the fiscal deficit, he said. The bill has been filed in the assembly.

Regarding the problem of encroachment, CM Shah said that a Resettlement and Rehabilitation Framework would be developed before eliminating encroachment in the province.

The meeting discussed various Karachi projects launched with World Bank assistance to review their progress and streamline their funding.


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Stolen Karachi car found in Hyderabad | Instant News

A car stolen from Karachi was found by highway police in Hyderabad on Sunday.

According to police, the vehicle was stolen from Gulshan-e-Iqbal earlier this month after an FIR was registered.

“On Sunday afternoon, the highway police signaled for the car to stop near Jamshoro,” the investigating officer said. “If not, the police chase after the car.”

The suspects aboard managed to escape, while their vehicles were confiscated. Further investigations are underway.


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Dr. Tayyaba VC first of Hyderabad University | Instant News

KARACHI: Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah has approved the appointment of Dr Tayyaba Zarif as the first permanent Vice Chancellor of Government College Hyderabad University.

Two months ago, the search committee selected three candidates for Vice Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad, namely Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Zarif, Dr Hafeez-ur-Rehman Memon, and Dr Parveen Munshi.

The chief minister of Sindh summoned the three candidates for an interview and chose Dr Tayyaba Zarif as VC based on merit. Hyderabad is the second largest city in Sindh in terms of population where there are no public sector universities.

Murad Ali Shah gave Kali Mori State University the status of a university and officially started it with a female Deputy Chancellor. Dr. Tayyaba Zarif previously served as vice chancellor of Nawabshah University and is currently Dean. He received his MA in Education from Karachi University in 1998 and then MPhil and PhD.


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Hyderabad, Karachi saw a sharp increase in the ratio of positive coronaviruses in the first week of March | Instant News

KARACHI: The two largest cities in Sindh, Hyderabad and Karachi, have seen sharp increases in the ratio of positive coronaviruses in the first week of March.

The ratio measures how many people who test for the coronavirus actually have the virus (test positive) as a percentage of the total tests performed.

According to the Sindh Health Department, Hyderabad has reported the highest positive ratio in the province. The city’s positive ratio has jumped from 2.47% to 8.26% in the first week of this month.

Meanwhile, Karachi’s positive ratio increased from 3.27% to 5.66%.

Meanwhile, the positive ratio in other districts in Sindh increased from 1.20% to 1.80%.

The health ministry said that in the past 24 hours, the positive rate across the province reached an average of 4.58%.

It is said that on January 18th, the positive rate for Sindh was 4.78%. It added that from January 18th to March 7th, the positive rate fell below 4%.

The increasing positive ratio may be a cause for concern for the government as the National Command Operations Center (NCOC) has announced the easing of some of its previously enforced coronavirus restrictions.

However, the NCOC last month said the decision could be revisited given the increasing prevalence of the disease, whenever it deems necessary.


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Kidnapped girl was found raped when police found her in Hyderabad | Instant News

Police on Friday claimed to have found a kidnapped girl from Hyderabad. According to SSP Western District Investigation Abid Qaimkhani, the investigative wing of the West District police carried out a raid on classified information in Hyderabad and found a 16 year old kidnapped girl. The kidnapper, Mannan, was also arrested during the raid.

Officers said that the suspect tortured the victim and raped her during the kidnapping. He added that the kidnapped girl’s brother and the suspect’s sister had married of their own free will, prompting the suspect to kidnap the girl for revenge. The kidnapping case was recorded at the Orangi City police station.

The missing girl is found

A teenage girl who went missing from Karachi 10 days ago was found from the rural area of ​​Sindh on Friday.

According to police, 15-year-old Rumaisa was found from the rural area of ​​Sindh by her family. Police said her father, Qari Aslam, took her to the police station and told them she had found her daughter. He, however, has not given a precise statement to the police. The girl went missing on February 15 when she went to the Sindh Government Hospital, New Karachi, with her mother. The mother of the missing girl told police that Rumaisa went to the drugstore at the hospital to buy juice but did not return.

The girl’s father is a prayer leader associated with the political-religious party. Previously, he registered a kidnapping case at the New Karachi police station.


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