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Brazil fined Apple $ 1.9 million for not including a charger in the iPhone 12 box | Instant News

Brazil’s consumer protection regulator, Procon-SP, has fined Apple for selling iPhone 12 in Brazil without a charger, months after the organization forced Apple to supply the charger it sells in Sao Paolo.

In December, Procon-SP said Apple had to do it provide a charger to anyone who bought an iPhone 12 and asked for it. On March 19, regulators continued to attack Apple, fining the company for failing to adequately explain charger exclusions.

A real 10,546,442.48 fine ($ 1.9 million) was accompanied by allegations that Apple was misleading in its advertising, and selling devices with factory defects, based on Tilt. Apple also allegedly failed to maintain fair contract terms with consumers, and for not repairing devices under warranty.

“Apple needs to understand that in Brazil there are solid consumer protection laws and institutions,” said Procon-SP executive director Fernando Capez. “He needs to respect these laws and institutions.”

In December, Apple notified the agency that charger removal was due environmental problems, because there are too many charging bricks in the world. The removal was also believed to reduce carbon emissions, but the agency at the time was not satisfied with the explanation.

The regulator decided to impose a fine because Apple apparently failed to convince regulators. Apple has the opportunity to ask Procon-SP to re-evaluate its decision, or it can move to the court system for better results, in addition to paying fines and changing its practices in Brazil.

Other complaints, which fall under fines, include allegations of iPhone water resistance not being sufficient for consumers. Regulators received complaints from consumers, that their Phones stopped functioning properly after entering the water, but were also refused repair due to water damage.

Problems after a system update and refusal to repair products purchased overseas within 30 days were also mentioned.


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Apple is paying more taxes in the UK following the lifting of the European Union’s profit diversion law | Instant News

Apple could be made to pay more in taxes on income from Britain, a proposal from Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak suggested, with the repeal of laws that could potentially affect how tech giants manipulate their taxes en route.

The UK Treasury’s annual budget outlines changes to inbound taxes and other policy updates that could affect the way individuals and companies are taxed. One small change has been seen in the announcement that paved the way for bigger tax changes that could affect Apple and other tech companies in the future.

Buried as a line in the budget announcement but further explained by the UK government website, proposal found by Bloomberg repeal laws affecting royalty payments.

The repeal of the provisions in the Interest and Royalties Directive affecting UK companies making “annual interest or royalty payments” to related companies within the European Union. In particular, the repeal removes applicable tax exemptions affecting EU companies when funds are transferred in such a way.

Therefore, EU companies “no longer receive preferential treatment than companies based elsewhere in the world,” the policy said. As a result, companies in EU countries will be treated the same as companies based in other regions regarding royalty payments.

Apple, like other multinational companies, uses tax rules to funnel revenue through the most tax-efficient route, minimizing the amount of tax paid to the government. For UK revenue, this involves paying royalties paid to Apple’s European headquarters in Ireland.

Apple’s use of headquarters in Ireland for tax purposes is very profitable for Apple iPhone maker. Currently in the midst of a prolonged legal dispute with the European Union over a $ 14.4 billion tax rules.

The rule change is unlikely to be a big expense for Apple or others at the moment, as the UK Treasury believes it will only generate an additional 10 million pounds ($ 13.8 million) annually to the government. However, these changes appear to be the first step for the government to implement other changes that can minimize the amount of shifting taxes.

“The lifting will make it easier for the UK to target royalty and interest payments to European tax haven countries if the UK is to set aside the tax treaty, as there will not be a second layer of direction to prevent reimbursement,” said TaxWatch executive director. George Turner. With the UK’s “Brexit” from the EU, there is also no requirement to follow its tax directives.

A Treasury spokesman described the policy as a “post-Brexit technical change,” and will continue to comply with international obligations, such as the Double Tax Treaty. Britain “continues to be at the forefront of global action to tackle tax avoidance, with a series of decisive actions to tackle regulating earnings changes,” they continued.

In February, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz warned of that global tax reform “very likely” introduced in 2021, affecting Apple and other tech giants. Negotiations in the OECD are still ongoing to change tax laws, with an international agreement to close a tax loophole that could potentially arrive in the summer of 2021.


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Australia approves the ECG functionality of the Apple Watch | Instant News

The Australian health regulator has officially approved the use of the ECG function in apple clock, meaning users in that region will soon see the feature activated.

Following the recent approval of the Apple Watch’s irregular rhythm notification, local authorities have is now registered ECG features on the Australian Therapeutic Items List (ARTG).

“The ECG application is a software-specific mobile medical application intended for use with the Apple Watch to create, record, store, transfer, and display a single channel electrocardiagram (ECG) similar to an ECG Lead I,” said the ARTG Documentation, as first seen by 8-Bit.

“The ECG application determines the presence of atrial fibrillation (AF) or sinus rhythm in classifiable waveforms,” ​​he continued, before listing some of the limitations and conditions associated with using the feature.

“The EKG application is not recommended for users with other known arrhythmias,” he said. “The ECG application is intended for over-the-counter (OTC) use. The ECG data displayed by the ECG application is intended for informational use only. The user is not intended to interpret or take clinical action based on device output without consulting a qualified healthcare professional.”

It’s been more than two years since Apple introduced ECG to the Apple Watch, with US health approvals. The feature has just updated, and health authorities around the world continue to add their approval.


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Review: Labodet offers a MagSafe wallet that was born out of high fashion | Instant News

Apple MagSafe the wallet had some competition months after its release. Labodet has launched a fashionable alternative that includes exotic skins and fixes for the most frustrating of wallet design flaws.

House of Fashion

Labodet wallets are crafted in the high-end Parisian fashion tradition, with a focus on quality materials and workmanship. We chose traditional Italian calf hides, but there are many other, more exotic ingredients to choose from. Labodet also offers python, ostrich and crocodile skins in the MagSafe wallet. This is not our preference, but we understand its place in the world of fashion. Exotic leather is also a big difference from traditional Apple leather.

The Labodet wallet is honey brown in color compared to Apple’s Saddle Brown wallet

All skins are green, blue, brown, black, gray, honey, orange, pink and red – with honey as our preferred color. Each color is self-explanatory and looks good, although we chose a color that wasn’t too flashy. It fits best with Apple’s Saddle Brown iPhone 12 leather case.

On the front of the wallet is a small metal badge bearing the Labodet logo. This is steel hand-polished, 18K gold, or black PVD plating. The logo looks pretty good, but stands out too much for us. This creates a hint of sharp lips that can possibly be rounded off in just one more hair.

There are many customization options between skin type, skin tone, and metal jewelry color. 108 of them to be exact.

MagSafe connectivity

The key to this wallet is MagSafe connectivity which keeps it plugged into the back of your iPhone when you need it, and sits at your waitress table when you don’t need it. Your normal wallet-style iPhone case has a card slot that is sewn back and permanently installed. By using a magnetic wallet, the wallet can come off when not needed but can snap into place when you walk out the door.

We have used Apple’s MagSafe wallet and very happy with its convenience. It was very easy to grab the wallet when we needed it but still had the ability to use our MagSafe charger and Belkin MagSafe car mount.

Microsuction pad on the back of the Labodet wallet

Microsuction pad on the back of the Labodet wallet

Apart from the exotic skin, there is one major differentiator between the Apple and Labodet approaches. The Apple wallet has leather on the back. When bumped against the glass back of your iPhone, it could slip slightly if impacted. It’s better to hold a leather or silicone case, but it’s still a concern. Labodet instead uses a piece of microsuction material.

Labodet wallet in Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max leather case

Labodet wallet in Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max leather case

This microsuction material has been previously used in accessories such as battery packs or docks that help keep your phone in place. Here, it helps the wallet maintain its position on your phone. Even though it doesn’t stick too hard, it holds up better than Apple. It does get dirty and dusty when we remove it from our cell phones, but the good part is that it can be cleaned with water or a damp cloth.

That little extra stickiness is even more important because this wallet doesn’t belong to the whole MagSafe setup: an extra syncing magnet. Apple has a lower magnet towards the Lightning port on the phone which is used to help keep the wallet oriented properly and from rotating on the back of the phone.

Pay the price for convenience

The MagSafe wallet is very convenient, assuming you can customize your essential needs with just two cards. We can’t overstate how nice it is not to have to worry about separate wallets and keep everything at our fingertips. We always have our ID and credit card ready whenever Apple Pay isn’t accepted.

The MagSafe wallet does not have to be an everyday carry-on, but rather is used for going out of town at night when you want to avoid large items or items that are easily forgotten.

Assuming you agree with the MagSafe wallet, the question becomes about what options you have. Today, their numbers are few and far between. Apple offers mid-range solutions with its official leather wallets, and Moft offers a budget solution with a wallet and combo stand. Labodet is present in the premium class, fulfilling a good, better, best offering.

  • Fantastic quality
  • Micro cushions on the back for better adhesion
  • Exotic leather options
  • Some colours
  • MagSafe support
  • No alignment magnets
  • High price

Grade: 4 out of 5

Where can we buy it

That Labodet MagSafe leather wallets start at 250 Euros which converts to just around $ 300, but goes up to 400 Euros for the alligator, or around $ 500 US


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Apple launches Back to School promotions in Australia, New Zealand and other countries | Instant News

Apple on Wednesday launched its annual Back to School promotion in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Brazil.

This promotion offers students and teachers a free standard pair AirPods with the purchase of an eligible Mac or iPad device. Customers can also upgrade to a wireless charging case or AirPods Pro for an additional fee.

All of these devices are also available at a discount when purchasing through the educational storefront. Users can also add AppleCare + coverage at a discounted rate of 20%.

The promotion is synonymous with one launched in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and other regions during summer 2020.


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