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Idaho pulls out of Powerball because Britain and Australia join forces | Instant News

Boise, Idaho – Worried about foreign participation in the Powerball lottery, Idaho lawmakers scrapped a law on Wednesday that would allow big jackpot games to continue in the state after more than 30 years.

The move comes after Idaho Lottery officials are seeking changes in state law as Powerball expands to include Australia in 2021 and the UK in 2022.But current Idaho law only allows lotteries in the state to be played by people in the US and Canada.

Idaho was one of the first states to join Powerball in the 1990s. The lottery has grown to cover 45 states, two US territories, and Washington, DC. The Multi-Country Lottery Association runs the game.

Idaho’s legislature is dominated by Republicans, but objections to change have also emerged from Democrats. The killing of the bill by a 10-4 vote by the House’s State Affairs Committee means the state’s final Powerball withdrawal will be in August.

Republican Heather Scott worries that when Australia joins Powerball, state officials might use the revenue generated for government coffers to support the reasons she fights.

Scott expressed concern there could be “in Australia the anti-firearms, which they think is good and we think is not good.”

Democrat Chris Mathias said Powerball in Idaho is good for business and that the state is taking millions on public education, but he worries that more states might be added to Powerball’s turnout list.

“My concern is the delegation of authority, and basically handing over our sovereignty to the Multi-State Lottery Association,” he said. “I think we should be concerned that they can be persuaded, they can be lobbied by countries that are not very friendly to us.”

Mathias wants the bill to be amended to reflect those concerns, and votes with other Democrats and two Republicans not to kill the bill.

Idaho lottery officials say the game generates about $ 28 million in sales annually in the state, with schools receiving about $ 14 million annually.

The money generated from selling Powerball tickets is kept in the trust until there is a winner. The addition of two new countries and more players is expected to increase the size of the jackpot.

“This is a big jackpot game, so players want to have a big jackpot,” Jeff Anderson, director of the Idaho Lottery, told lawmakers. “One way to do that is by having more players in the game.”

Idaho’s biggest Powerball winners are residents of the small town of Star in the southwest, who won $ 220 million in 2005.

Some Idaho lawmakers said they feared that the Idaho population’s chances of winning would diminish with more players.

But the odds remain the same no matter how many players take part as odds are not based on the number of players, but the odds of a particular number chosen. If there are multiple winners, the jackpot will be divided.

Anderson tried to persuade lawmakers to make changes in state law by convincing them that a country like China – with a legal system different from that of the US, Australia and the UK – would never be allowed to join.

Republican Bruce Skaug says he’s in trouble about $ 3 million annually spent on advertising to try to get people to play Powerball. He proposed a motion that killed the law.

“What we got is 32 years of Idaho people being able to voluntarily participate in the lottery game of their choice,” Anderson said after the vote. “Thirty-two years is fine, not now. This is very disturbing.”

Anderson said Powerball will end up in Idaho on Aug. 23 because of the vote.

He warned that in addition to the money that would be lost to Idaho schools, the state would face “untold amounts in spending to give up all the advertising commitments we have for billboards and point of sale materials and so on. It would be very expensive for that. people in Idaho. “

Officials at the Multi-State Lottery Association declined to comment in an email on Idaho Powerball’s decision.


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Montana men extend their winning streak to 4 games with a win over Warner Pacific Grizzlies | Instant News

Montana opened the second half 9-0, however, getting the production of three different players to push the lead into the double digits, 50-38. The Grizzlies have never let the Knights cut their lead, taking the lead by double digits since then and by as much as 21 points.

The Grizzlies shot .519 from the floor in the second half and .500 for play. Meanwhile, Warner Pacific shot just 0.357 in the second half and 0.383 on the day. Montana also beat the Knights, 21-14, in the second half, having lost the rebound fight in the first period.

“The team that can survive a slow start, and respond to a team that is playing well, is the team that will win next week,” said DeCuire.

The four Grizzlies scored in the double digits, led by a trio of Montana freshmen. Brandon Whitney scored 20 points on 9 of 15 shots, followed by 18 from Josh Bannan and 14 from Robby Beasley III.

It is fitting that the Montana freshmen lead the team on Saturday, as early in the first half the group set the school record for the most points a class of freshmen has ever earned. All three have collected 668 points this season, surpassing the 2002-03 group which previously held the record.

“They stay there and allow us to train them,” said DeCuire. “They have been thrown at the wolves so early in their career and have had everything thrown at them. For them to have this record in their back pocket as they move forward in their Griz career, I think it’s huge, and I can’t wait to see them. continues to grow. “


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Idaho reports its first case of the British variant | Corona virus | Instant News

Health officials in Idaho have confirmed the first known infection in a person in the State of Permata with a variant of the UK coronavirus, which is known to spread more easily and quickly.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare said in a news release that the woman, who lives in Ada County, had traveled out of the state earlier this month and was most likely exposed during her trip.

The variant was first detected in the US in late December, the release said. On Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 1,881 cases of the British variant in 45 states.

Health officials are encouraging the public to get the COVID-19 vaccine because it also protects people from the virus variant.

“As we work to offer the vaccine to more Idaho residents and learn more about how this variant behaves, our best defense is to stay consistent with our health and safety measures,” said Kimberly Link, infectious disease control manager at Central District Health. “We know that the choices we made last year to wear face coverings, keep our distance from other people, wash our hands frequently, and stay at home when we are sick will do well to help us protect us from this. a potentially more severe variant. “

Earlier this month, the health district reported the presence of a British variant in wastewater samples taken from the Boise region in late January. The sample also detected the presence of a California variant, which is currently not receiving national surveillance, the release said.

In other coronavirus news:

Whitman County reported another COVID-19 death on Wednesday, bringing the total to 44. The health department also received three new positive COVID-19 test results.

Public Health – The North Central District of Idaho reported 34 new cases in the five counties it covers, including 31 in Latah County, two in Nez Perce County and one in Clearwater County. The majority of new cases in Latah District are from people aged between 18 and 29 years.

No new cases were reported in Lewis, Idaho, Garfield or Asotin counties.

Schweitzer Engineering Labs will post videos and activities on its website so teachers, parents, and students can participate in “Introducing Girls to Engineering Day.”

Engineers usually visit classrooms as part of a global campaign, also known as “Girl Day”, but in-person visits will not be made this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. This initiative allows technicians to engage with students to help them understand the impact of their work.

To learn more about activities or request a virtual classroom visit from a SEL engineer, visit www.selinc.com/girlday.

Tomtas can be reached at [email protected] or at (208) 848-2294. Follow him on Twitter @jtomtas.


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Ada County wastewater test showing COVID-19 variant from UK, California in Boise | Local | Instant News

“Although we have not detected … the variant in the clinical sample, we suspect it is circulating in Idaho,” said Dr. Christopher Ball, bureau chief for the Idaho Laboratory Bureau, in a news release.

Only 239 samples from the more than 136,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Idaho have been sequenced so far to check for mutations, according to a news release.

“The Idaho Laboratory Bureau is on track to sequencing SARS-CoV-2 samples internally by the end of the month, both of which will speed up time to generate and expand sample sizes in our strain sequencing program. In the interim, we continue to work with clinical laboratories across the state to accept samples for sequencing. “

Evidence B.1.1.7 “British variant” underscores the need for COVID-19 safety

Finding a variant in wastewater illustrates how Idaho’s battle with the coronavirus is far from over, and safety measures such as wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining physical distancing remain essential, according to the release.

“I am grateful we have a wastewater testing program, and it can tell us that this variant is in Boise so that we are reminded, once again, that we are not out of the woods yet,” said Mayor of Boise Lauren McLean in a news release. “We will get through this, and our community will recover, if we remain vigilant about keeping our distance, wearing masks and following other health protocols.”


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A taste of northern Italy in Canyon County | Instant News

CALDWELL, Idaho – The city of Caldwell has seen little growth over the past few years, especially when it comes to dining. And no, foodies have a new upscale option, brought to Caldwell by Chef Steven Topple, a cook who was born “across the pond” but proudly calls the Country Gem home.

His newest restaurant – Buffalo girl – Housed in the former Orphan Annie building on Everett Street, and serves handcrafted pastas and sauces, from chunky marinara to lobster cream sauce to bison stuffed tortellini.

The menu at the Canyon County restaurant centers around northern Italian food, a region favored by the British-born chef during his travels across Europe. Topple recalls, “I just fell in love with sauces and pastas, and sealed in them like raviolis.”

Topple first came to the US two decades ago, honing his craft under famous chefs like Wolfgang Puck. But when he landed in Idaho, he knew he had found his home. “I’m totally in love with Idaho. At McCall’s where I first came, worked at the Shore Lodge.”

Chef Topple opened his first restaurant in Donnelly in 2018: the original Ragazza di Bufalo, which opened in the building that houses the Buffalo Gal restaurant and hence, his name (“ragazza di bufalo” roughly translates to “buffalo gal” in Italian). From there, Topple quickly realized that he wanted to expand into Treasure Valley. He told Idaho News 6, “Come to Caldwell, meet people here, [who are] all very happy and welcoming to have a restaurant here. “

And while the tantalizing menu at the second Ragazza di Bufalo may be Italian-inspired, the ingredients bring out the best of Idaho. “I like to source as much locally as I can,” said Topple, including from the bison farm in Donnelly. “We make bison shortrib tortellini. We boil the shortribs and then we cut them into cubes, mix them with a little truffle oil, chives, a little demi-glace. Make saliva!” Roll over laughter.

Visitors will also enjoy an extensive collection of Italian and Idaho wines, handpicked by the chefs themselves, who enjoy visiting local wineries and meeting winemakers.

And whether you’re eating inside or picking up an order by the roadside, Chef Topple says he’s excited to be part of a community that – even in the midst of a pandemic – has made Ragazza di Bufalo feel welcome. He said, “Idaho is such a special place.”

If you want to see the full menu at one of the Ragazza restaurants in Bufalo, or if you want to make an order online, you can find it and all Topple Chef restaurants at website right here.


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