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Responsibility the court accepts a plea of guilty to PC1.95б | Instant News


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Action against illegal points of sale animals | Instant News

Lahore:Commissioner of the division of Asifa Lahore Bilal Maliha led officers ÁL to take tough measures against the illegal sale points of sacrificial animals.

He said that all the actions recommended by the concerned departments in respect of Covid-19 will be implemented in spirit and letter in 12 locations of Lahore. He said that Deputy Commissioner will check the quality and the provision of all services and activities in the field of sales. He said that the number of sacrificial animals at the time of sale will be conducted by area, point of sale and places for animals to be allocated in accordance with the SOP.

He said the temperature of each person will be checked before entering the sale items. He also asked the staff to put all the machines in the field for discharge of storm water during the rains. He said LWMC full support will be given to the purity of ID.

He said this while chairing the various meetings of the organization Monsoon and sacrificial points of sale of animals in the city. The Danish DC Afzal, WASA MD Sayed appropriate Zahid Aziz and other officers also attended the meetings.


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Chan employees/GEO GROUPS continue to protest against the illegal detention of Shakeel-ur-Rahman world | Instant News

Rawalpindi/Lahore/Peshawar: jobs and Jang group, along with journalists organizations, civil society and political workers held demonstrations against the illegal and unwarranted arrest of editor-in-chief Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman Saturday and demanded his immediate release.

The protest of the workers of geo and Jang group has continued for the past four months (120 days). On Saturday protesting journalists chanted slogans and raised placards For the release of Shakeel-ur-Rahman, peace and media freedom in the country.

The protesters condemned the illegal and unwarranted arrest of Shakeel-ur-Rahman world. They said that they are one with their editor-in-chief and will continue to fight for media freedom in the country. The demonstration was attended by the Secretary General of PFUJ Nasir Zaidi, chief reporter Jang Rawalpindi Rana Ghulam Qadir, PML-N leader Imtiaz the Rawalpindi Taji, employees of Jang group Amjad Ali Abbasi, Malik Nusrat, Munir Shah, Laeeq Shawkat Kamal Shah and other employees of the Jang and the news.

In Lahore, senior journalists, civil society leaders, heads of media associations and trade unions, Zhang party strongly condemns the illegal detention of Shakeel-ur-Rahman world in a politically motivated case in the last 120 days.

They staged a demonstration at the Jang offices on Saturday in protest announced camp jobs, Jang and the news staff, set up on the call of joint action Committee and Jang employees Union for the release of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman at the 96th day in a row.

They expressed regret that those who claim to make Pakistan Madina-as a state prisoner of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman only to the prosecution, although there was no progress in the investigation of 34 years, the property exchange of the charges against him have no formal case was registered.

They demanded of the chief justice of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of gross injustice Shakeel-ur-Rahman world. They pledged to continue their protests until the release of Shakeel-ur-Rahman world. They warned the government against restricting freedom of the press. They threatened to launch anti-government movement across the country if the chief editor was not immediately released.

Those who participated in the protest camp included Chan works Union General Secretary Farooq Malik, senior journalist and news editor of Pakistan times, the Zahir Anjum, Chan, chief reporter Maqsood butt, Amir Taimur Malik, Awais Yaryk, Sher Ali Khalti, Amjad Farooq kallu, Naseem Qureshi, Riaz Hussain, Sohail Iqbal, Aziz Sheikh, Shahid Aziz, Munawwar Hussain, Muhammad Naeem, M. N., Muhammad Wajid, Wahab Khanzada, Akmal Bhatti, Hafiz Assad, Muhammad Ali, Afzal Abbas and others.

Anjum Zaheer banged PETITE authorities as a fascist and the worst kind of authoritarian regimes. He said that the government was bent on gagging the voice of independent media to prevent corruption and mismanagement from the public.

Maqsood butt said fake and fabricated case against Shakil-ur-Rahman, the world must be reversed and he should be released immediately.

Amjad Farooq kallu said that the arrest of Shakeel Mir was not only a conspiracy against geo and Jang group, but also the first step to disable all voices of independent media.

The participants chanted slogans against the PTI government and denounced the illegal and anti-media tactics that are used by the rulers via government agencies, including the National Bureau of accountability.

In Peshawar, media workers continue to protest against the illegal detention of Chan/editor in chief of the Group of companies geo-Shakeel-ur-Rahman world.

The protesters were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans to highlight requirements. They chanted slogans against the government and the National accountability Bureau (NAB). The protesters said the chief editor of the largest media groups in the country, was arrested for the last 122 days without any crime.

They said Shakeel-ur-Rahman Mir has been arrested, even if the investigation 34 years, it never ended. Speakers, including Arshad Aziz Malik, Shakeel Farman Ali, Shah Zaman and others have said, Shakeel-ur-Rahman “the world” has partnered with NAB and all the documents were in the possession of the Bureau, but still, he was deprived of justice.

They said that the government would be the responsibility of corrupt officials and those involved in mega-corruption scandals.


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A protest against the illegal arrest of Shakeel-ur-Rahman “the World” continues | Instant News

Karachi/ Lahore: the Federation of students national the former President Sheikh Faisal said on Sunday that the detention of Shakeel-ur-Rahman world will cause the fall of the Federal government, because tyranny can not prevail. Sheikh said that already the public has become fed up with the government’s policy to privatize the country and will not allow this to happen. He added that the coronavirus bought this power even for some time she’d already left.

He said that Pro-democracy forces and transparency in the country have United against this government, because every thing has a limit. He noted that the government is waging a campaign of retribution against political opponents and independent media. He added that the attack on the Jang Group of companies geo is a confirmation of the government’s policy to not allow any free press to prevail in the country. He said that National accountability Bureau had concocted the case against Shakil-ur-Rahman world to put pressure on him not to drop his independent editorial policy.

Meanwhile, in Lahore, protesters, expressing solidarity with Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman, said that democracy cannot exist without free media and added that the editor in chief is fighting for the freedom of all media that is its biggest crime, in accordance with this fascist regime. Protesters paid a rich tribute to Shakeel-ur-Rahman world for his stance against the enemies of press freedom. They also shouted slogans against the fascist regime and condemned the illegal and anti-media tactic used by the rulers through the NAB.

Those who spoke on this occasion included group editor Jang Shaheen Qureshi, Maqsood butt, Shahab Ansari, Awais Yaryk, Anjum Zaheer Mohammad Farooq Aziz Sheikh, Wahab Khanzada, Akmal Bhatti, Hafiz Assad, Munawar Hussain Mohammad Afzal Ali and Abbas.


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Illegal plasma sales booming in Lahore | Instant News

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Lahore: After a surge of confirmed cases of coronavirus and a significant increase in the number of patients recovering, the black market for blood plasma has appeared throughout the country, especially in the capital.

People sell blood plasma of patients who have recovered from coronavirus to tens of thousands of rupees, the Express Tribune learnt on Saturday.

Blood plasma or plasma is currently tested as a possible treatment of the disease syndrome in different countries, including Pakistan, as it contains antibodies developed by the immune system of people who won in the battle against the virus.

Although a large number of patients overcoming the disease is ready to donate plasma for free, some black sheep using the popular social media platforms to connect with seriously ill by the coronavirus of patients seeking care for a donation.

A patient who wanted to sell his blood plasma after its recent restoration, said, “I don’t want to make money, but to recover the costs incurred for treatment, as thousands of rupees have been spent on medication, counseling and food. I believe that there is no harm in reimbursement, while people sell their blood plasma for tens of thousands of rupees in the city.”


Other people involved in unethical trade also has its reasons. Thousands of posts available in social networks, pointing out that illegal activity takes place openly, without fear of law enforcement and accountability.

On 13 June, a Twitter user posted his thoughts on the matter: “people make money selling their plasma for patients in Pakistan.

Humanity is dead.”Meanwhile, many people believe that there is nothing wrong with it. They noted that people sell kidneys and blood.

In addition to blood plasma, people sent the demand for medicines, such as Remdesivir, Besimivir and other drugs considered to be useful in the treatment of the syndrome. To save the lives of their loved ones, some people have already expressed their willingness to pay any amount for these drugs is barely available. In may, the national Institute of blood diseases (nibd) confirmed that the first patient with a coronavirus, which were processed with plasma treatment recovered.

Selling oxygen tanks are also on the rise in online black market. 6-litre bottle with regulator and stand for Rs23,000, while the 8-litre version sold for Rs28,000 and 12-liter equipment for Rs35,000.

Speaking to the Express Tribune, trader of oxygen cylinder, Rashid Malik said that the prices have tripled due to very high demand. “Basically these cylinders are imported from China, Turkey and Russia. In normal days, we have been selling a 12-liter bottle is for Rs12, 000 to Rs15,000 and 6-liter for at RS6,000 to Rs7,000,” he disclosed.

The Ministry of national health services has already announced a campaign against illegal trade in blood plasma and black marketing of life-saving drugs used for patients with coronavirus in the country. Experts in the field of health warned citizens not to pay donors of blood plasma, since it is still experimental therapy.

In accordance with the transplantation of human organs and tissues act 2012, commercial business and trade bodies and human tissue is illegal in the country.

Article 11 of the law stipulates that whoever makes or receives any payment for the supply or supply, any human organ; seeks to find someone who is willing to supply for payment any human organ; or offers to supply any human organ for payment shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term up to 10 years with a fine of up to a million PC1.

Published in the Express Tribune, 28 Juneth, 2020.


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