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The Day – The Italians of Norwich celebrate the family on the rededication of the statue | Instant News

Norwich – The descendants of second, third and fourth generation Italian immigrants who gathered on Saturday at the Chelsea Parade for the rededication of the Italian Heritage Monument do not talk about Christopher Columbus’ journey, or the man himself.

They remember ancestors who arrived by ship starting in the 1890s, often spoke no English, and settled in cities close enough to the sea to remind them of the Italian villages or towns they left behind. Italians have emigrated to Norwich from Bologna, in the north, to Sicily, in the south, and many places in between.

Italian Americans say their parents or grandparents learned English, often from their children who learned it at school, and ended up only speaking Italian when they didn’t want their children to know what they were talking about.

Many worked as laborers and masons, while others were skilled in arts, education, science, medicine and agriculture.

Of course, they also carry their love for food.

Leaders of the city’s Italian heritage group acted swiftly last summer when a statue of Columbus was vandalized or toppled in other parts of the state and country by protesters linking it to slavery and genocide.

The name and image of Columbus were removed from the statue, which was erected with private funds in 1992 on the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s voyage.

The newly unveiled carving, which had been covered with a tarp, and later the Italian flag, depicts the Italian and American flags and their dedication to the Italian immigrants who settled in Norwich. The project costs between $ 7,000 and $ 9,000 and is paid for by private donations.

It was never really about Columbus, said many of the 60 or so people gathered on the green. It’s about family, as indicated by the engraving that says, “Onorate i vostri gentori” or “remember your parents.”

“Today we are re-dedicating the monument to our loved ones,” said Art Montorsi, president of the Italian men’s Club of America. “It was never meant to honor explorers, politicians or scientists.”

It’s also not meant to offend anyone of any skin tone, says Montorsi.

The 400 real names of Italian immigrants, whose ancestors were paid $ 300 for inclusion in the statue in 1992, remain, and are read out on Saturdays. About 60 people or so gathered on the green listening to patriotic music from both countries and waiting to hear the names of their ancestors and hometowns.

Three generations of the Jacaruso family are on the green to celebrate rededication. Frank Jacaruso, president of the Italian Heritage and Cultural Committee, has spearheaded renovations and hosted the event. His mother’s name, Adeline Jacaruso, is on the monument. Jacaruso’s two children, Jon and Maria, were present with their children.

“We explained to them from the start that it’s about honoring the sacrifices people make to make our lives better,” said Jon Jacaruso.

Paul Chinigo, a lawyer, spoke of growing up in a three-story apartment house occupied by his parents, grandparents and other family members, being the first person in his family to attend college.

Nancy DiPietro talks about the block of houses on Pond Street her parents can buy for their five daughters, about visiting her aunt every Sunday after church and about a competition to see who can make the best red sauce and meatballs.

They say their ancestors were sometimes mistreated, denied job opportunities and called various derogatory names, but were also welcomed by others and eventually learned the language and became part of the city’s structure.

The revelation of the reconfigured statue was postponed as the Italian company providing the marble was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Monsignor Anthony Rosaforte of Sts Cathedral Patrick blessed the statue with holy water after offering thanks to the Italian ancestors who came to Norwich for a better life.

“You have given us the ability to blend in with the US, but also to maintain our excitement in our heritage,” said Rosaforte. “We are proud to be Americans. We are proud of our Italian ancestors. May God bless Italy. May God Bless America. And may God bless each of you.”

Several critics of Columbus’s removal from statute witnessed the opening, then spoke when the meeting broke up.

Lori Hopkins Cavanagh, who says that his mother emigrated from Senigallia, said that Columbus was a hero and had his image removed from the statue for fear that members of the Black Lives Matter movement would destroy him.

“This is fanatical and vile,” said Cavanagh. “Columbus never brought a slave from Africa.”

The only blacks in the small crowd were also against renovations.

“I don’t see it as a positive thing,” said Getch Dires, who said he came to the US from Ethiopia 17 years ago and considers himself a historian. “The real history is being erased and replaced with a revised history.”

But for many, the move was seen as a sign of unity in a city inhabited by people of all backgrounds.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Richard Longo, whose wife, Diane, was standing nearby, nodding. “It brings people together and shows unity among all races.”

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Migrant workers demand the right to return to their homes in New Zealand | Instant News

Thousands of migrant workers living and working in New Zealand have been trapped abroad since borders closed in March. Unable to return to their jobs and lives, many face severe financial hardship and some have been separated from their spouses and other family members.

The Labor-led government’s cruel treatment of migrant workers exposes media propaganda in New Zealand and internationally portrays Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as an embodiment of kindness and compassion. In fact, Labor and its former coalition partner, far-right nationalist NZ First, have sought to scapegoat migrants for the worsening social crisis.

Thousands of migrants still in New Zealand, who lost their jobs due to the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic, have been denied access to unemployment benefits. Former Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, leader of NZ First, told them to “go home” because the system would not support them, even though the government provided tens of billions of dollars in subsidies to businesses.

Migrants protest in Sangrur, India, calling on the New Zealand government to allow them to return (Source: NZ Stuck Offshore Temporary Visa Holder, Facebook group).

Meanwhile, nearly 30,000 people who have applied for residency face delays of a year or more due to Immigration New Zealand’s willful delay in visa processing. Many people now fear they may not be allowed to stay in the country.

In the run-up to the October 17 elections, which saw the Labor Party return to power by a majority of the vote, the major parties and the media remained mum about the plight of the migrants. Immigration policy was not discussed in the four televised debates between Ardern and National Party leader Judith Collins.

As a sign of the continuing brutal treatment of migrants, New Zealand Herald reported on 28 October that Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi had refused a residence permit for Sanaul Elahi, who was injured during the fascist terrorist attack in Christchurch on 15 March 2019. Despite a recommendation from the ministry’s own Immigration and Protection Court that Elahi and his family should be allowed to live in rural. Elahi originally moved to New Zealand in 2015 and has worked as a halal butcher.


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The Day – Rededication of the monument to Norwich’s Italian heritage to be held 21 November | Instant News

Norwich – The inauguration of the Italian Heritage Monument at the Chelsea Parade will be held at noon on Saturday, 21 November.

The event is open to the public, with masks needed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The monument has has been modified to remove an engraved image of Christopher Columbus and words referring to the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s 1492 voyage.

The monument was dedicated in 1992 by the Italian Heritage and Cultural Committee which marked the anniversary but was designed to honor Italian immigrant settlers to Norwich. The monument was paid for by about 400 of Norwich Italian descent who are registered on the monument.


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The Socialist Equality Group webinar discusses the New Zealand and US elections | Instant News

The Socialist Equality Group (SEG), a supporter of New Zealand’s Fourth International Committee, held a public webinar on November 8 entitled “For a socialist program against the right-wing agenda of the New Zealand Labor government.” The meeting debunked propaganda portraying Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government as a compassionate and progressive government, and highlighted New Zealand’s growing integration into the US war plan.

For a socialist program against the far-right agenda of the Labor Party

Its chairman, SEG member Matthew Carrington, began by pointing out that the meeting was held during the historic crisis of democracy in the United States. Earlier in the day Joe Biden finally announced victory in the US presidential election four days earlier. Seated President Donald Trump refuses to give up and has made the unsubstantiated claim that he lost to “voter fraud.”

Cheryl Crisp, national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) stressed that, contrary to the claims made by Jacobin and another pseudo-left organization, Democrats do not represent lesser crime. Biden is preparing a “form of national unity administration” with direct Republican involvement. Crisp points to the outburst of anger by leading Democrats against socialism, highlighting the party’s ruthless hostility to any policy to tackle social inequality.

Crisp explained that Democrats underestimated Trump’s threat of a coup and his push for fascist militias, because “they are so much more afraid of the movement of workers and young people than of carrying out Trump’s fascist coup.”

Cheryl Crisp

The two sides “approached the pandemic from the point of view not of saving lives but of saving profits,” said Crisp. Democrats support the Trump administration’s multi-trillion dollar bailout for big business – its main response to the pandemic – while rejecting serious steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Nearly a quarter of a million people in the US alone have died from COVID-19 and poverty and inequality are rising as a result of this bipartisan policy.

SEG member John Braddock explained that, contrary to Ardern’s description of New Zealand as “an oasis of calm in a chaotic and difficult world”, the country is not isolated from the worsening global economic, social and geopolitical crisis. In the past three years, the Ardern government has increasingly integrated New Zealand into US preparations for war against China.

International headlines glorify Jacinda Ardern

The Trump administration openly intervened after the 2017 New Zealand election, through its ambassador, to support the formation of a Labor-led coalition that includes the NZ First Party, right-wing nationalists. Washington prefers the Labor-NZ First government because both sides have opposed strengthening business ties with China previously led by the National Party.


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US Election: American families receive good news from Immigration NZ on election day | Instant News

An American family was overjoyed to receive final confirmation that they were allowed to move to New Zealand – and the news came right on the day of the most controversial election in US history.

The Shelton family, from eastern North Carolina, were watching election coverage when Dad decided to check his email.

In his inbox was the news they had been waiting for for over a year: they would finally be able to move to New Zealand.

“Like a beacon of hope in the midst of a raging storm, there is: an email from INZ saying our entry visas were approved, and we were finally able – after nearly two years in the process – to book quarantine hotels and plane tickets,” said the mother of six from North Carolina, Vallere Shelton.

Vallere and her husband PG will move to New Zealand in the new year, along with their children, Ian, nearly 15, Zollie, 13, Ceirdwyn, 10, Eowyn, 8, Micah, 6, and Rohan, 3.

The Shelton family is looking forward to a new start in New Zealand.  Photo / Provided
The Shelton family is looking forward to a new start in New Zealand. Photo / Provided

The family, who spent a year living in New Zealand in 2011/2012, started the process of returning to New Zealand in April last year, submitting job applications.

PG is a child and adolescent psychiatrist – a critical deprivation area – and signed a contract with DHB Midcentral in June last year, but a number of medical setbacks delayed the move, which has been further affected by the pandemic.

With fond memories of their time at Whanganui in 2011, American families now look forward to settling down in Palmerston North, after what had been a rollercoaster of recent years in the US.

“We have been approving resident visas for months, but Covid is causing all kinds of additional bureaucracy and it is very provoking the anxiety that is in limbo; initially, my husband’s start date was in August, so we have spent nearly half a year not knowing his work situation. comes December, “explained Varelle.

“The last few months have been very difficult. Very stressful, my husband and I were exposed to Covid-19 during a visit to the doctor to get our medical examination for a visitor visa to get permission to order MIQ – don’t worry! We have tested positive for antibodies now – we can’t yet. visiting family like we wanted to do before we left because of Covid. Just a lot, “he added.

When Covid-19 hit New Zealand and NZ Immigration was closed during the lockdown, the family was going through the process of getting their New Zealand residence visas sorted.

“We have two children with endocrine problems, and one of them was flagged by the medical, so we have to go through an appeal process, which is also quite long. Then Covid happened, and INZ closed and called back all of its staff from the US. We were finally approved for our residency visas in July 2020, “explained Varelle.

“We can’t just send our passports to the embassy for viewing, so to actually enter NZ, we have to apply for a special exempt visitor visa. Again, my child is marked for a medical examination, and we have to get another medical checkup. for him for a visit visa. During the trip to the doctor, my husband and I contracted Covid. “

The virus is “rough enough.”

“For me, the worst part is the severe headache and extreme fatigue. My husband has higher fever and fatigue as well. We try to stay in our room away from the kids, and luckily, our older kids remain. running the house. We were sick for two full weeks, and then slowly regained our strength. Right at the end of our quarantine period, our 3 year old son fell ill. Thankfully, the only symptom was going to bed and going to bed early. “

Even if they don’t catch the virus, Covid-19 has disrupted their lives more than anyone would want.

Varelle’s husband moved to more telemedicine appointments and, whenever she had to see colleagues or patients, she had to wear full PPE and maintain social distancing.

The lockdown also undermined Sheltons’ plans to spend more time with their extended family and friends in 2020, before moving to New Zealand. Suddenly, they couldn’t say the goodbye they thought they could say.

“For me, as a housewife, we just stay at home. We can’t have a play group or go to the park. Knowing that we are moving abroad, we have planned to spend most of 2020 visiting family and friends., and that was impossible. It made it more difficult for our family to know we were leaving, and not to be able to spend time with us and the children as they wanted. They also knew that they couldn’t just come visit us in NZ like the last time we over there, “said Varelle.

Joe Biden promised to come up with a plan for America to tackle the coronavirus and save lives. Political video / ABC News

In addition, they know many people who have contracted the virus. “We have several extended family members with it, and a number of friends and acquaintances. Most have recovered, but there are some who still have persistent symptoms.”

New Zealand’s handling of the pandemic is helping to strengthen their options for moving.

According to Varelle, New Zealand has always had a good reputation where her family lives, but the handling of the pandemic in the country has people talking about it more. “I would say that most people around here are holding on to NZ a little bit as a pedestal for your pandemic control,” he said.

Bush walks, gimmicks, and L&P

Fully recovered and with residency visas in hand, the countdown begins and families look forward to a fresh start in New Zealand.

Judging by the number of Google searches for “How to move to NZ” coming from US-based internet users, Sheltons is not alone in expecting a fresh start in the country.

Yesterday, election day in the US, Google saw a spike in searches from people wanting to know more about it.

A screenshot on Google Trends captures an increase in Google search.  Photos / Google
A screenshot on Google Trends captures an increase in Google search. Photos / Google

Shelton’s children had mixed feelings about the move. They are happy with New Zealand but also said to leave family and friends behind.

“We are grateful for the technology, so they can still video chat with loved ones at home. The pandemic has given us a lot of practice with it,” said the mother.

As for their other family members and friends, they were mostly “sad, but supportive.” “Almost all of our friends have expressed jealousy and are very happy for us,” said Vallere.

They’re looking forward to New Zealand’s “amazing green hills” – but also a few scoops of hokey pokey ice cream and L&P flavors.

“My older kids, who have vague memories of NZ, want to go back to Te Papa to see the giant squid and they have told all the younger children how much fun it is to play in Kowhai Park in Whanganui. My husband and I I’m both looking forward to all the outdoor activities that NZ has to offer – spending time walking with the family and exploring the beautiful bush walks. She also misses the teamwork on her job in New Zealand. “

2021 will be a sure new beginning for families, from North Carolina to Palmerston North.

“Congratulations, New Zealand,” Vallere concluded. They have quite a lot of work to do.


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