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PM makes announcement but does not fulfill promise: Murtaza Wahab – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in April 16, 2021 15.45

Imran Khan accepts donation for Shaukat Khanum from Sindh and leaves.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) spokesman Murtaza Wahab said Friday that Prime Minister Imran Khan only made the announcement but did not fulfill his promise because previous projects were still pending.

PPP spokesman held a press conference and said Imran Khan’s interest in Sindh grows every year in the month of Ramzan. He says prime minister came in holy month, took donation for Shaukat Khanum Hospital and left. A similar process will be repeated today, he stressed.

Murtaza Wahab also criticized the federal government for not heeding the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the corona virus. He said the regime in power must vaccinate the entire population if it is to continue holding such gatherings.


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Netizens slammed Imran Khan’s government for the social media ban | Instant News

From calling Pakistan the “second North Korea” to questioning the thought process of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, internet users are expressing their ‘frustration’ with the unprecedented and unplanned temporary internet ban imposed by the government amid the ongoing crisis and protests. anti-French. According to a notice issued by Pakistan’s Interior Ministry on April 16, the Telecommunications Authority of Pakistan (PTA) has been directed to temporarily block access to social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Telegram from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (local time).

While the Pakistani government did not mention the reasons behind the temporary ban, internet users as well as media reports said it was linked to several days of unrest in the country which affected businesses in major cities.

On April 15, the government also imposed a ban on Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). Pakistan’s Interior Ministry on Thursday declared TLP a banned organization as protests continued in the country which resulted in at least two fatalities. Despite this background, internet users have slammed Imran Khan’s government for their ‘lack of planning’ and how Pakistanis have to rely on ‘VPNs’ to access the internet. One internet user also questioned, “When will Pakistan be banned?”

Pak’s government banned the TLP leader

Strong anti-French sentiment has simmered among Pakistani states for several months now and is also fueled by French President Emmanuel Macron’s support for the right of the French Weekly magazine to republish a caricature depicting the Prophet Muhammad that Pakistanis consider blasphemy. The French embassy warned its citizens after the Pakistani government on April 14 banned Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) whose leader, Saad Rizvi had called for the expulsion of the French ambassador.

As per reports, Rizvi was detained for hours after making his demands of promoting anti-French sentiment and bringing thousands of TLP supporters onto the streets across the country. Several videos appeared on social media and some showed protesters beating and dragging police and pedestrians away. According to Dawn’s report, at least two police officers were killed in the clash that saw water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets used by law enforcement to control crowds. Reportedly, Islamabad was ‘stopped’ by TLP supporters in November 2020 when demonstrating against the French government.

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Amid the protests, Pakistan has temporarily suspended social media platforms without specifying a reason | Instant News

The action was carried out after a letter was sent to the chairman of the PTA by the ministry of the interior. The ministry, in the letter, has asked the PTA to take action on the matter “immediately”.

Updated: Fri, 16 Apr 2021 1:29 PM IST

Islamabad (Pakistan) | Jagran News Desk: Amid the ongoing chaos in the country, Imran Khan’s government on Friday suspended all social media platforms – including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – across Pakistan for four hours. However, the Pakistani government did not mention the reason for the termination of the service.

The action was carried out after a letter was sent to the chairman of the PTA by the ministry of the interior. The ministry, in the letter, has asked the PTA to take action on the matter “immediately”.

“I am directed to refer to the subject quoted above and to state that complete access to social media platforms can be blocked from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 16, 2021, across the country,” wrote Abdul Razaq, the ministry’s section official in the letter.

“It is requested that immediate action be taken on the subject that was informed to this ministry,” he added.

A PTA official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Geo News: “In order to maintain public order and safety, access to certain social media applications has been temporarily restricted.”

However, according to various media reports, social media sites were closed in Lahore because law enforcement agencies expected TLP rioters to take to the streets after Friday prayers.

The TLP is protesting the arrest of their leader Saad Hussain Rizvi, who was detained earlier this week, and the blasphemous caricatures published in France. The protests have turned violent and several casualties have also been reported.

At least three people – including two policemen – have died in the protests, according to Geo News.

The demonstrators demanded that the French ambassador be returned and the import of goods from the country was prohibited.

According to media reports, the Pakistani government of Tehreek-i-Insaf led by Imran Khan signed an agreement with the TLP in November agreeing to expel the French ambassador.

The TLP staged massive protests in November last year against the cartoons, but broke up following a deal with the government to expel the ambassador in February. The deal was extended until April 20.

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PM Imran announced the Rs446b development package for Sindh | Instant News

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will announce a huge construction package worth Rs446 billion for Sindh in Sukkur tomorrow (Friday).

In a tweet on Thursday, Fawad said that the amount would be an additional Rs1,100 billion from the Karachi package.

He said that the next two years would be development years as the PTI government took all possible steps to end the feeling of deprivation among the Sindh people.

Sources tell Express News that the prime minister will make an announcement during his one-day trip to Sukkur and Karachi.

They said that PM Imran will attend the Kamyab Jawan Program and will also visit the Ehsas Kafalat Program cash center.

The source revealed that the prime minister will meet Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and its allies members of the Supreme Democratic Alliance (GDA) in Sukkur.

In Karachi, they said, PM Imran would attend an iftar banquet to raise funds for the Shaukat Khanum hospital.

On Wednesday, PTI Vice President and Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said that the prime minister’s announcement of the Sindh package would be the start of development in the province.

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He said that the federal government will provide soft loans to young people to start entrepreneurial projects. “We want to do more for Sindh, but the sword of the 18th Constitutional Amendment hangs over us,” added the PTI leader.

He said that while his party supports amendments ensuring the transfer of power to provinces, many people have used it to protect their corruption.

He said that during the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government gave Rs60 billion to Sindh, but these funds were also plundered. He said the PPP government wanted all funds for corruption.

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PM Imran Khan officially handed over the information ministry’s portfolio to Fawad Chaudhry | Instant News

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry. – PID / File
  • PM Imran Khan reappointed Fawad Chaudhry as information minister.
  • SAPM Shahbaz Gill, Senator Faisal Javed confirmed the development.
  • This is the second time Chaudhry has been given his portfolio.

Prime Minister Imran Khan formally handed over the Ministry of Information to federal minister Fawad Chaudhry, Special Assistant to PM for Political Communications Shahbaz Gill said Thursday.

Gill, calling him a good choice, said Chaudhry was a popular figure for his political awareness, intelligence and people-friendly style.

Earlier, Senator Faisal Javed Khan, chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting, confirmed that Chaudhry had been reinstated as federal information minister.

He congratulated Chaudhry on being reappointed and wished him all the best.

This is the second time Chaudhry has been awarded a portfolio in 2.5 years. The first time was in August 2018. Furthermore, in April 2019, he was assigned to the science and technology ministry.

It is unclear whether he will remain minister of science and technology.

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Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan was appointed as special assistant to PM for information and broadcasting after Chaudhry, but was replaced by Senator Shibli Faraz in April 2020.

After the Senate elections, Prime Minister Imran Khan made some changes to the cabinet and gave Chaudhry an additional fee from the information ministry was one of them.

Fawad Chaudhry meets PM Imran Khan

Shortly after Khan’s congratulatory tweet, it was reported that Chaudhry had summoned Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The two reportedly discussed the political situation in the country.

PM Khan told Chaudhry about giving him additional responsibilities, sources said.

Chaudhry is expected to receive a notification from the Ministry of Information today, the source added.


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