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Three TikTok mode challenges to shake your clothes | Instant News

Not like that Instagram, where posts are usually edited within an inch of their lives, and Indonesia, which is basically just a burning pit of hell that takes where dreams go to die, ICT Tok has quickly established itself as a space where creativity dominates – especially in fashion.

Between the countless chaotic memes and clips that make you ask yourself ‘have I just watched?’, The new Gen fashion enthusiasts use this platform to show their love for clothes in an entirely original way – whether through DIY videos which shows how. The upcycle’s old pieces are lowered to the back of the cupboard, or, at the more raging end of the scale, utilizing whatever they find around the house to make their own pair of ‘Louboutins’ as part of 2019’s #LouboutinChallenge trend (seriously – don’t try this at home).

Not surprisingly, with people all over the world finding themselves having more time on their hands thanks to government-approved locking, between March and April, TikTok noted a 33 percent increase in those who joined the ranks of the platform. And what is the meaning of more users? You guessed it: more mode challenges. Here, we gather some of the most imaginative things happening right now if you want to get involved. We mean, what else is happening?


Chances are you will get used to the premise of this challenge, given a quarantine meme using the premise of doing a round on social media is only a few weeks into lockdowns. Draw on the character selection sequence from the iconic console game of the 90s Mortal Kombat and others like it, TikTokers ‘land’ on the frame as a different character (surprise) and gently sway as if suspended in motion. Usually directed by Gorillaz “Dirty Harry” or the opening title of the classic Nintendo retro Super Smash Bros. Fashion fans have co-opted the concept, using it as a way to cosplay the cartoon and anime characters they want to portray or the types of people they have observed – see what drags fashion students here for this example. However, apart from the others, we live a little Serre Marines cut on the platform. Avant-garde forever, honey.


With many of these videos accompanied by titles along ‘like this makes me all the unlucky day’, those involved dig their clothes to try on a different set of clothes before taking one picture each. Edited together to make longer stop-motion clips, the videos are usually directed by Belarusian post-punk band Molchat Doma “Судно“That has become quite large across platforms in the last few weeks (we see you LoveLeo). In addition to taking your mind off the shitstorm that the world faces today for at least a few hours, this is also a good way to think again and be creative with unloved clothing that you might not consider for a while. Even Noen Eubanks has been involved.


For this special fashion challenge, TikTokers look for aesthetics from various eras and interpret them in their own unique ways. Beginning in the 50s (which usually means swinging circle skirts and cute little scarves, videos run through the 60s (miniskirts and Twiggy style make-up), 70s (Almost famous groupie style inspired appearance, 80s (Molly Ringwald called he wants him to look back), and 90s (minimal sewing), before landing back in the 00s when Juicy Couture reign supreme.

Look inside the LA Hype House where TikTok dreams were made – as seen in the Dazed 2020 spring / summer edition – here, and see the attached gallery below.


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There are no prizes for guessing the most searched items in current mode | Instant News

In just a few months, corona virus the plague has changed the fashion industry in an endless way: from retailers close their doors and global mode event canceled, on the countless labels that diverted their factories to the manufacture of much needed PPE, it is unlikely that everything will be the same again.

Not surprisingly, our relationship with industry and global spending habits has also shifted. As explained in the search mode platform LystThe latest report, the impact of a pandemic has been felt throughout the world, with Virgil AblohPale white face masks decorated with arrows take the top position as the most popular men’s clothing item so far this year.

With a mask search that has risen more than 400 percent in the last four months (no prizes to guess the reason), streetwear labels are sold out everywhere £ 85 (!) Style followed by GucciHoodie and Disneyland limited edition Batu IslandCargo pants as other popular men’s clothing items. In double-whammy, the Virgil label is also listed as the hottest brand in the world today for the third quarter running: according to reports, its social media presence keeps children involved during quarantine.

With Balenciaga and Nike completed the top three brands, including other label rankings Prada, Moncler, and Jacquemus and Rick Owens, both of whom won the top 20 list for the first time (small bags and arrivals Rick Owens Express in Milan clearly does the trick).

Elsewhere the list brings together some of our favorite items, including TelfarTote bag – clear – and Loewe fleece Sports by Timothée Chalamet (because normcore not going anywhere or because we all like Timmy? You decide).

Take a look at the complete list of brands displayed below and revisit the AW20 Off-White show above.

  1. Pale white
  2. Balenciaga
  3. Nike
  4. Gucci
  5. Prada
  6. Moncler
  7. Fendi
  8. Valentino
  9. Saint Laurent
  10. Versace
  11. Burberry
  12. Batu Island
  13. Bottega Veneta
  14. Given away
  15. Jacquemus
  16. Vetements
  17. Raf Simons
  18. Loewe
  19. Thom Browne
  20. Rick Owens


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We ask you: what should replace fashion week? | Instant News

This is what you have to say

From people who question whether events that used to be twice a year have grown out of control (really, are we is it right need pre-fall shows and cruises?) and the pressure on those working in this industry, with the undeniable amount of damage it causes to the environment, the debate surrounding the future of Fashion Week has been raging for the last few years.

Now, the conversation has been taken from our hands. That coronavirus the plague has seen a large number of Fashion Week canceled or postponed, with the next big men’s clothing season, set to take place in June, no longer the case. The question ‘should we cancel the fashion week?’ Quickly switch to ‘what should replace the fashion week’ and ‘where are we going from here?’

More than Dazed Fashion Instagram, that’s a question we ask you – not surprisingly, we were overwhelmed by the response. Here’s what you have to say.


“Slow down. Take this time to process innovative ideas to stay away from fast mode. Make changes happen for the good of the planet. Hire local models to reduce aircraft flight, increase ecological awareness and social responsibility.”


“We must stop producing meaninglessly and return his soul to fashion. This will not happen unless entire industries, from magazines to designers, collectively slow down their output. We have quite brilliant designers out there so if each one only makes one collection a year there will be more than enough clothing. We need to start approaching designers like musicians, who are able to release albums every few years. “



“No more pre-collections, no capsule collections, no more celebrity collaborations, no more sales. Only two collections at reasonable prices. “

@ b0utet

“Years of fashion! One show is more than enough considering that there are so many designers to choose from! “



“Digital and physical alternatives must be explored following the arrangements that must be made beforehand from the industry while keeping creativity and trade balanced. There is no one magic solution but many actions that must be taken. “

@ alban_adam

“Democratizing the vanguard is what will happen. The virtual ability to show clothes is limited, but I’m sure we will see the software used to display upcoming collections. “


“No more pre-collections, no capsule collections, no more celebrity collaborations, no more sales. Only two collections at reasonable prices ”- @ b0utet


“They definitely have to switch to digital formats, such as creative fashion films or live-streams without being real events with many people. It’s time to highlight the damage caused by the environment with such events, and question the overall performance points where live studio audiences are too busy taking pictures and recording videos on their cellphones. “

@ mauricio.alejandr0

“I agree with the idea of ​​virtual shows, social media and web platforms. Every part of this chain must be flexible, creative, open minded! But it all starts with the brand. Brands must look back at their beginnings, their philosophy. Everything is a circle to the DNA label. “


“Be creative with virtual performances. Brands must use the money to pay more staff to talented interns. “



“Use the artist! Fashion illustration, photography, filmmaker, animator etc. Show your performance with new creativity. “


“I still think (and hope) we can still maintain the four main shows for AW and SS in New York, Paris, Milan and London BUT I believe they can better represent and include designers, talents, and other advertising materials that are under-represented for each region. “



“It’s sad, but fashion, as it is, must be extinct”



“Reality TV shows with bad designers jailed and good ones continue into next season …”



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Your guide to everything that is happening in current mode | Instant News

When COVID-19 changed this industry, we gathered all the latest developments in this regard ongoing list

Considering this industry is built on globalization, the movement of people, things, and ideas is fundamental to maintaining the current fashion landscape. However, the past two months, have seen this structure torn from under the feet of industry, as the world is gradually entering near total closure as a result of coronavirus.

The global pandemic has an unprecedented effect on everyone, and the fashion industry is no different. Ranging from student designers who saw their graduate performances canceled, to retailers who were forced to close their stores; luxury brand cancel their blockbuster presentation for garment makers to see their income taken and Factory workers must carry out their work in unsafe conditions, the current situation has affected everyone in the industry on many levels.

Although things continue to shift and vibrate every day, through all this the world of fashion has stepped in to provide as much assistance as possible during this outbreak. This has turned the factory into a production facility make necessary items such as facemasks, have donating money, and has submitted a number online initiative to help maintain enthusiasm during isolation, and in the process, he has established himself as an important player in the fight against coronavirus.

By developing news about what is happening quickly and quickly, understandably, it is quite difficult to keep up with everything. With that in mind, we have made a quick list detailing the events taking place in the industry, who did what, and how they continue to help in the fight against coronavirus, which we will continue to update from now on.


Burberry is funding vaccine research when this happened at Oxford University. The British luxury label has also turned its Yorkshire factory into a facility for making surgical masks, as well as gowns and non-surgical masks.

Pathway has announced his plans for start making masks, once given the green light by the French government. The French label has also donated € 1.2 million in emergency funds to the public hospital system in France, and has guaranteed that workers will pay eight weeks’ salary.

Bootleg label Sports Banger dropped his weekly Nike x batch NHS mash-up shirts, with all the benefits used to provide food for NHS workers in four hospitals in London.

Michael Kors, Versace, and Jimmy Choo has pledged to donate a total of $ 3 million to coronavirus efforts conducted around the world.

In Ukraine, stylist Nadiia Shapoval reaching out to the fashion community to help create equipment after a nurse was fired for refusing to enter a hospital room with a patient suffering from coronavirus, without being given the necessary protective clothing. Now, a team produces 7,000 suits, with 200-300 disposable suits made per day.

Students on the Fashion and Textile course at Central Saint Martins help for non-surgical scrubs for NHS staff. The pattern will be available for anyone to download via the CSM website in the near future.

Hermes promised to donate € 20 million to a public hospital in Paris. The house also said it would maintain a basic salary for its employees.


That Menswear the season, scheduled to start in June, will no longer occur as scheduled. Second London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week has canceled their event, while the Millan event will now take place in September shortly before the women’s clothing season. Pitti Immagine Uomo, set to take place in Florence, will also be postponed until September.

The upcoming AW20 Haute Couture presentation has also been canceled, along with the Cruise event, all of which have been postponed indefinitely.


That Alexander McQueen the label has started a a series called McQueen Creators. Ask followers to create artwork based on image choices, with new artistic challenges announced every week, upload your artwork to social media with the hashtag #McQueenCreators for the opportunity to be displayed on all social platforms at home.

Somewhere, that Sarabande Foundation, an artistic charity founded by Alexander McQueen, has established a a series of free online lectures. With like Molly Goddard, The Walker Team, and Samuel Ross from A-COLD WALL * all taking part, the online course will end Thursday (April 9).


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