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Early questions prompted the promulgation of Senate rule when matters were brought down | Instant News

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari addresses a press conference in Islamabad on February 6, 2021. – YouTube / Hum News

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Saturday questioned the government’s preoccupation with announcing regulations that would make constitutional amendments so that Senate elections could be held by open ballot.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad, he said the problem was the sub-judge and the court’s decision was pending.

He promised not to let the government “violate the sanctity” of secret ballots in Senate elections.

The Federal Cabinet today approved a summary to announce the rules for making amendments to the Election Law, 2017 to hold a Senate vote by open ballot.

Based on Geo News, the approval is taken from the cabinet through a summary circulation because there is not much time left for legislation. The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced it will issue a voting schedule for February 11.

Bilawal claimed that the institution was controversial so that the Senate elections could be “rigged for Imran Khan”.

He further criticized the government’s move to encourage open voting, saying: “It seems they don’t even trust their own party members.”

He said PM Imran Khan was “not satisfied with his numbers in the Senate”.

The PPP chairman said the government was “in panic” over the Opposition’s decision to contest the elections.

The PPP chairman said that his party, along with PML-N have always wanted transparency in elections and that the government was really showing “a lack of seriousness”.

“If the government makes serious efforts to amend the constitution, of course the Opposition will also take part in the amendment,” he said.

Bilawal added that amendments could only be made through parliament.

Referring to the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s decision on mass withdrawing from parliament, Bilawal denied that the 11-party Opposition alliance had withdrawn from the move and that the resignation of party members had been submitted to the party head.

But he said that “the democratic way to overthrow the prime minister is a vote of no confidence”.


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Boy was rushed to Starship Hospital after a water incident in Panmure, Auckland | Instant News

Ambulance crew rushed to the scene after a child was injured in a water incident in Panmure. Photo / NZME

A 6 year old boy has been taken to Starship Hospital in serious condition after a water accident in the Auckland suburb of Panmure.

St John said the boy was taken from Lagoon Drive by ambulance to the hospital at around 3:35 p.m.

He is in stable condition this afternoon, said a spokesman for the Auckland District Health Council.

The Herald understands the incidents that took place at the Lagoon Pool and YMCA Entertainment Center in Panmure. A central supervisor will not speak to NZME.

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Seven people have died in water accidents so far this year.

Water Safety New Zealand calls on everyone to make wise decisions around water.

“We know the Kiwis will continue to enjoy our beautiful aqueduct as the warm weather continues. We need everyone to be responsible and think about water safety,” said spokesman Sheridan Bruce.

“Even though our aqueducts are our playground, they can be very unforgiving.”

Key safety messages include always bringing friends, swimming between flags on patrolled beaches, constant active adult supervision of children around the water at all times, watching for rips and always wearing a life jacket on the boat and when fishing from rocks or fishing nets. .

Surf Life Saving’s northern region chief of operations Alan Gibson reiterated calls for people to take basic precautions to ensure daily events don’t end in tragedy.

“We asked if people went fishing so they put on a life jacket and told someone where they were going,” Gibson said.

“If they shower, never swim alone and if you get caught in a tear to ride them and raise their hands in the air and seek lifeguard assistance.”

Observers who witness the people in contention in the water should call 111 or get the coast guard’s attention if they are on a patrolled coastline, Gibson said.

“Unfortunately, in New Zealand, many observer rescues end in double or single tragedy for people who enter the water to save others.”

Last year 69 people drowned in New Zealand. Most of the deaths occurred in the upper North Island.


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Australian gold miners are scrambling to find funds amid a booming metal market | Instant News

SYDNEY – Australian gold miners brace for 2021 prosperity as high prices for the yellow metal boost profits, prompting a search for a resource that now looks much more promising than it did a year or two ago.

Gold hit a record $ 2,067 an ounce in August. Even though prices have fallen, they remain above $ 1,800 as investors cling to safe-haven assets amid the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing global economic downturn. A weak US dollar and low global interest rates also helped gold prices by minimizing the losses on investing in the metal.

Big gold producers and so-called junior explorers have responded by rushing into capital markets, seeking funds to restart closed mines or explore and develop new projects.

“There is increasing interest in the gold sector as well as an increased desire to fund early stage exploration, which we haven’t seen in a long time,” said Anna Nahajski-Staples, executive director at Moneghetti Minerals, who plans to drill two greenfield exploration projects in the state of Nevada. US and others in Western Australia.

Moneghetti hopes to raise $ 8 million to $ 10 million in an initial public offering on the ASX, the Australian stock exchange, in mid-2021.

Other gold juniors who have recently raised funds for exploration and development in Australia include North Stawell Minerals, Bardoc Gold and DevEx Resources.

“Interest really got down the food chain. Previously it was a market where investor interest was around short-term production or already producing mines, to reduce risk as much as possible,” Nahajski-Staples added. “Now, with such a large margin, they can see the early stages and take a higher risk.”

Even the old gold mines that had stopped producing years ago were resuming production. These include the Katanning project in Western Australia, the Horizon Gold’s Gum Creek project and the Morningstar AuStar Gold mine in Victoria.

Strong investor interest in gold has also enabled fundraising at ASX by companies focused on foreign assets, such as Megado Gold, which is drilling in Ethiopia; Mithril Resources, which is developing a gold-silver project in Mexico; and Sihayo Gold, who explored North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The gold sector accounts for the largest proportion of funds raised among all resource companies at ASX in 2020.

Gold companies raised Australian $ 761 million in the September quarter, and this was followed by another AU $ 812 million in October and November. At least a dozen junior explorers have also entered the market with initial public offerings in the past two months to tie up funding for drilling on prospective projects.

“We see the need for more capital – especially in small to midsize companies – as there are more companies exploring because it is a profitable price to do,” said Romano Sala Tenna, portfolio manager at Katana Asset Management Perth.

Indeed, gold exploration spending touched a record AU $ 1.2 billion in the 12 months to October 2020, a government review found, accounting for 42% of all mineral exploration spending in Australia.

A $ 3.9 billion gold project was “underway” during that period and 17 others reached the “eligibility” stage. If all the projects were realized over time, Australian gold production would increase by a third, he said.

Heavy gold prices and production have been booming for Australian government coffers, with official forecasts predicting that gold will replace coal to become the country’s third largest export after iron ore and gas in the financial year ending June 2021.

Australia produced 315 metric tons of gold in 2019, accounting for about 10% of world production, second only to China.

The continent has nearly 19% of the world’s gold reserves – the largest of any country. But most of them are located in remote locations with limited infrastructure. Rising prices, coupled with technological improvements, have now made it easier to raise money for developing low-class assets or those in difficult locations.

High prices have also encouraged deal-making in this sector. Northern Star Resources and Saracen Minerals, Australia’s second and fourth largest gold producers by market value, agreed to join in October, while smaller players Dacian Gold and NTM Gold agreed to join in November to form a mid-range gold producer.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll see more gold mergers and acquisitions happen over the next year,” said Sherif Andrawes, head of natural resources at accounting and consulting firm BDO.

“Gold companies, when they come together, can actually generate quite a lot of synergies. And gold M&A makes a lot of sense,” said Andrawes. “[It] is about getting bigger, getting access to indices, and getting the attention of gold ETFs. “


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Fishermen fear the islands will rush to leave them high & dry | Instant News

HYDERABAD: The livelihoods of the fishermen, who live along the coast of Karachi, Sindh, are likely to find themselves stranded due to the development of loosely regulated housing communities on the nearby islets, where they operate.

Muhammad Hassan Birwani, a fisherman from Ibrahim Hydri, the largest fishing area in Karachi, remembers the past saying he was very young when he started going to nearby islands, including Dingi and Bhandar near the Phitti and Korangi rivers with the elders in small boats. .

Since then he still went there in his boat to catch. They have a traditional fishing technique known locally as “lathe jo ban or ban jali”. Special nets are required in this method for towing and trawling. Thus, this small boat does not need to travel far to the high seas for fishing.

In this practice, fishermen form two groups consisting of five or six groups. One group remained on the boat, while the others took up positions on the island to pull a wide net toward them. It took them two or three hours to complete their catch. On their way back to the landing site, they sort the catch for the market.

Fishermen say certain islands and streams have the potential to catch fish. Whenever they face restrictions, such as weather-related fishing bans, they move their boats to these islands to meet the needs of both.

There are about thirty fishing vessels in the area each carrying 15-16 crew. These small-scale fishermen follow the phases of the moon, looking for natural tides to leave their jetty to catch fish. There is no definite timing for this type of fishing, as it depends on the tides, which they are always monitoring. Once they find them profitable, they go out to sea, sometimes in the morning, and at other times in the afternoon or evening, depending on the situation.

This ship catches all fish species available in the area, including shrimp and crab. Each worker on board can earn Rs1200-1500 daily through this particular fishing method within two – three hours.

Elderly fishermen have fond memories of the past and the changes they witnessed during their 50-60 year career. Apart from the people who use these “ban jali”, several other boats also travel to the islands to stay there briefly to wash nets and other equipment. Otherwise, these islands are uninhabited. However, because of the beautiful scenery, they sometimes attract picnics.

Birwani owns a small boat, which he operates for routine trips. He was aware of new developments on the islands. “We are always challenged on trips to the islands by personnel from certain coastal agencies. But we always choose to compromise and continue to chase our catch because our family needs it to survive, “he said. Commenting on this specific fishing method, Akhtar Shaikh, a community activist and trader, dealing with the seafood business at the pier, said, “Some people have taken this technique to a higher level because now they are using two boats to tow and trawl. where the crew drags the net over the boat, instead of doing it from the island ”.

But the majority of people still use traditional methods of trawling and trawling, which they think are easy to fish, Shaikh said. He said there were also several other island villages off the Karachi coast, including Khahi, Khudi and Paityani, inhabited by a small number of families, living there for generations.

“These places are covered by mangroves all around, providing storm protection for the people who live there.” This island family also uses the same technique to catch fish, which they sell to traders, coming to them every day. Entire families including women and children work to contribute to their survival.

Talking about the twin islands, Dingi and Bhandar, which are located near the famous tributaries of Phiti and Korani, he said, “Both places are considered potential fishing grounds and a small number of people nett their livelihoods from these waters.

There are small patches of mangroves near the islands, but they are uninhabited. There are about 74 islands named by the community. If not, there may be more small and large islands along the Sindh coast, which are spread over some 350 kilometers. Asif Bhatti from the Native Indigenous Fishermen Association (NIFA) from Pulau Bhit, Keamari, said that the development of the island city is bad news for the future of the fishing community.

Nifa represents residents living in the well-known island villages of Baba, Bhit, Salehabad, Manora, and Shamspir near Keamari, the Karachi coast, which is home to mostly fishermen, living there long before the development of the metropolitan city.

“Once the island cities develop, investors may need more land for expansion and they may push all of us out of our homes to reach their targets,” fears Bhatti. “We are afraid to see that we may be relocated and may have to leave our settlements sooner or later. “There is no clear statement in the notification to release the island village,” he said.

When interviewing elderly fishermen, it was found that they only wanted guarantees of livelihood protection. They fear that their traditional routes to potential fishing areas near tributaries and the high seas will be impeded by this development.

Many elderly fishermen have seen the development of Karachi and claim that their ancestors contributed greatly to building the city. Ayoub Shan, who works to promote education among coastal community girls, said, “The majority of fishermen lead a simple life centered on livelihoods. They avoid involvement in socio-political activities ”.

“Poverty and unconsciousness in society can be measured by the fact that many Ibrahim Hydri people never travel to urban areas, not even for pleasure or entertainment.”

Shan said uncertainty has always loomed over them in the form of ups and downs of weather, rain and now the COVID-19 pandemic, which is causing a lot of trouble for fishermen. “They do not realize their rights or take away the fishing area, which they rely on, even though they are natural custodians of these resources,” he said.

He said climate change had made coastal communities vulnerable to disasters and this man-made development may prove to be the final nail in the coffin. “Mangroves, a natural shield from disasters like cyclones, can be destroyed in the name of development. If that happens, it will not only deprive fishermen of their livelihoods, but also leave residents along the coast and in cities vulnerable to heat waves and disasters, ”he said. Shan urged the government to step in and examine the uncontrolled and planned urbanization of these islands, off the coast of Karachi, in the hands of money-minded builders and developers.


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Imran to complete a period of 5 years: Sh Rashid | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Railroad Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Friday ruled on the decision of Pakistan’s Chief Justice Hakim Gulzar Ahmed to establish 120 new accountability courts in major districts that said they would cleanse the country from corruption.

He said that Pakistan would change after the decision of the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court (CJP) added that the CJP had given a greater assessment than the Panama case. He said whatever the higher court said was true and whatever the higher court did was right. He said that 120 accountability courts would clean all impurities in 120 days. He said that Imran Khan would complete a five-year term.

Sheikh Rasheed claims that Shahbaz Sharif is his party and whatever he asks, Shahbaz Sharif will do it. The Minister when giving a speech at a press conference recalled his prediction that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) would be more empowered like Tarzan in July. He hopes the country’s fate will change for the better.

Recalling the days of his illness when he was exposed to the corona virus, he said that he did not get an injection for his treatment.

He thanked the Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal for arranging plasma and eight injections for him.

Speaking of developments in Rawalpindi, he said that there were four universities in the city without water problems which added that the criminals in the city had been restrained.

Speaking of the ML-1 project, he said that it would help control train accidents in addition to generating thousands of jobs.

He said that the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council would likely approve the ML-1 project, which crosses the free path this month.

Travel time from Karachi to Lahore will be reduced to seven hours while it will take two hours from Rawalpindi to Lahore with the inauguration of the project.

Trains on the ML-1 line will make it possible to travel at speeds of 160 km per hour, which can be extended to 200 km.

The Minister said ML-1 was a revolutionary project that had to be completed by the PTI government and would improve the entire structure of the Pakistan Railroad.

He said 10 percent of technical staff such as engineers would come from China while the rest of the workforce would be from Pakistan to complete the project. He said the multibillion project would be completed in five to eight years with Chinese assistance.


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