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New vintage shop focused on sustainable fashion | Regional | Instant News

MISSOULA, Mont. – New vintage shop, Pink Elephant, takes over an empty storefront on the corner of busy Higgins and Broadway. The store’s main focus is sustainable fashion.

They sold vintage clothing from the 1920s to 2008. The store got as much of their stock as possible, through garage sales, real estate sales, and trade-in with customers.

Co-owner Tony Montoya said they weren’t just focused on keeping clothes from being thrown in landfills.

“Anything we can do, you know, [I’m a] strongly believes in recycling, “said Montoya.” Anything you could possibly recycle … from clothes to your household items. If we can provide a way to do it with clothes, we’re all about it. We even have old cameras, old door stopers and old dolls. Anything we can give another life, I’m always about. ”

Sustainable fashion is a growing fashion trend this year. It was seen during the inauguration ceremony. Jill Biden wore earrings from designer Monique Pean, made from recycled platinum. Another viral and ongoing work featured is Senator Bernie Sanders’ gifted mitt made by hand from an old sweater by Vermont teacher Jen Ellis.

Shop owners said they hope to have a massive opening towards the end of January after finalizing some of the last major details, such as putting their sign outside.


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People were flown to hospital in a two-car accident on State Highway 2, near Katikati | Instant News

Police have been called in for a two-car crash in the Western Bay of Plenty. Photos / Files

One person was seriously injured and another was flown to hospital following a two-car accident on State Highway 2 in Western Bay of Plenty near Katikati.

A police media spokesman said police were called for the accident at the intersection of Stokes Rd and Woodland Rd in Tahawai just after 6pm.

A spokesman for St John Ambulance said one person was in serious condition and two other people with minor injuries had been taken to Tauranga Hospital.

One person with minor injuries was flown by helicopter to Tauranga Hospital, he said.

A spokesman for New Zealand’s North and Emergency communications in New Zealand said two people were trapped in a vehicle.

Two pieces of equipment from the Katikati Fire Department were summoned to the scene, he said.

The Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency closes state highways between the Woodland Rd and Kauri Point Rd junctions.

Drivers are advised to follow service instructions on the spot and expect delays.


Due to an accident, SH2 was CLOSED between the intersection with …

Posted by Waka Kotahi NZ Waikato Transport Agency BoP in Saturday, 9 January 2021

The highway has been reopened.

Police thanked motorists for their patience as emergency services worked at the scene.


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The German police chief stopped in the middle of a right-wing scandal | Instant News

The German state police chief resigned Tuesday over a scandal involving left-wing lawmakers who received threatening e-mail after someone accessed his personal details on police computers.

The interior minister of the state of Hesse, a central region that includes Frankfurt, said police chief Udo Muench had asked for an early retirement. Muench was responsible for failures “which he did not have to answer for himself,” said minister Peter Beuth, German Press Agency (dpa) reported.

A prominent politician with the opposition Left Party, Janine Wissler, recently received a threatening letter signed “NSU 2.0.” That is a clear reference to the National Socialist Underground, a right-wing group that killed 10 people, mostly with immigrant roots, between 2000 and 2007. Turkish-German lawyer Seda Basay-Yıldız and comedian Idil Baydar also received death threats from neo. -Nazi group.

It appears that someone had asked for their personal details on the Hesse police computer before the e-mails were sent, but it was not clear who they were. The state government has appointed a special investigator to investigate this case.

In 2018, several threat messages signed by “NSU 2.0” were also sent to Frankfurt lawyers representing the victims’ families in the trial of the only surviving NSU member. Beuth said he could not rule out the possibility of right-wing extremist networks in the regional police.

The German public first learned of the existence of the NSU and its role in the killings in 2011, when two members – Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Bohnhardt – died after a failed bank robbery and police found weapons and extreme literature right in their apartment.

Until 2011, police and intelligence services ruled out racial motives for the killings and instead treated immigrant families as suspects.

While recent revelations show that German domestic intelligence agencies have dozens of informants who have contact with NSU suspects, officials insist that they have no prior information about NSU terror cells and their alleged role in the killings.


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Refugees in Germany band together to help the community in the midst of a viral battle | Instant News

At a community center in Berlin’s Spandau district, two large rooms were filled with noise and the roar of sewing machines, colorful cloth rolls scattered on the table.

About a dozen migrants from countries including Iran and Afghanistan are busy making face masks to donate to the public – and their work is in great demand, with queues stretching down the stairs and out the front door.

Germany has made mandatory masks on public transportation and in many stores as part of measures to control the spread of the corona virus, which has claimed nearly 6,000 lives and caused huge restrictions on public life.

But according to project coordinator Afsaneh Afraze-Ketabi, this crisis has an unexpected negative side for many migrants living in Germany.

Engaging in voluntary work helps them to strengthen their relationships with the community, improve their language skills and build confidence, said the 36-year-old man from Iran.

“Many people have been given the courage to show their skills, show their faces … and strengthen their confidence.”

Germany has seen a large increase in the number of people coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, with more than one million coming between 2015 and 2016 alone.

The entry became a thorny political problem and sparked the rise of the controversial right-wing alternative party for Germany (AfD), now Germany’s largest opposition party.

Cooking, shopping

Thomas Noppen, whose charity Go Volunteer manages a website that matches refugees with voluntary opportunities, wants to show that newcomers can make a positive contribution.

“Many participants see it as a culture given to doing charity,” he said.

Since April 2018, around 500 migrants have applied for voluntary work through the Engagierte Newcomer (Engaged Newcomers) website.

A new section dedicated to the current crisis – newcomer Gegen Corona (newcomer against Corona) – will be launched this week.

“We received a lot of feedback from the refugees that their main motivation was to ‘give back’ to the host community,” Noppen said.

This applies to Jamila Ahmadi, 45, from Afghanistan, who has sewed up to 50 masks a day for the Spandau project.

“Everyone must do something to help if they can,” he said through his own white and gold mask. “Germany is helping us, and now we want and must help the people.”

Across the city, in Oberschoeneweide, Abdulrahim Al Khattab has helped run the COVID-19 environmental volunteer project.

The 31-year-old man from Syria and his two friends have formed a Facebook group and posted notes in the hallways of their building asking if anyone needs help with grocery shopping, medicine or other necessities.

Before they came to Germany five years ago, Al Khattab and his friends volunteered in Syria, helping provide food, clothing, medicines and new homes for people displaced by the civil war.

“This experience taught us a lot,” he said. “In this difficult situation, we think of people (Germans) as we think of our people.”

Meanwhile, in the central district of Schoeneberg Berlin, a large pot full of lamb steak hissed in the kitchen of the empty restaurant Malakeh Jazmati.

With the door closed for customers, this 32-year-old man from Syria has decided to cook a free lunch for supermarket workers – whom he sees as a hero without a pandemic sign.

“I know they live in very difficult situations and they work under pressure, so I want to give them something,” he said.

Jazmati came to Germany in 2015 and opened her restaurant two years ago.

He will add rice and eggplants to the lamb to make one of his signature dishes, known as Makloubeh.

“Right now, volunteering is not something we want to do … or we don’t want to, it’s something we have to do,” he said.

“Everyone must do something now. We must be together.”


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Switzerland – Solution found for an internship test amid coronavirus disorders | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) A solution was found for an internship test amid coronavirus disorders

Apr 9 2020 – 15:40

Thousands of young interns will receive their final certificates and can enter the job market this summer despite disruptions in their training caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, the government announced that a plan had been developed with cantons to assess the practical and theoretical knowledge of trainees in the final year of their training. Those who receive enough grades to graduate will get their federal certificate or diploma and can apply for a job this summer. Around 75,000 young people in Switzerland are expected to complete their initial vocational training at the time.

Several Swiss industry organizations and employees welcomed the agreement. “This will prevent young people with an apprenticeship certificate from having to start their work lives with a negative ‘stamp of crisis’,” the Swiss Trade Association wrote in a press release.

About two-thirds of Swiss school graduates choose an internship, under the country’s dual vocational training system. It combines learning on the job at a company – and paid study fees – with one or two days of theory at school.

+ Swiss vocational training functions as a model for others

New arrangement

Under the new arrangement, students will not take the final exam. Instead, the value of the course work and practical experience will be used to assess professional and general knowledge.

Practical assessments, usually examinations or evaluations at training companies, will be maintained but various procedures are being developed to ensure compliance with the coronavirus health and safety standards imposed by the government.

In addition, a steering body, which includes professional training partners, has been formed to develop solutions for recruitment and job placement. In a statement, the government stressed that the coronavirus crisis should not weaken vocational training and call for training companies to continue recruiting students

Schools in Switzerland are currently closed until April 26 and even longer in some cantons.

On April 2, the Swiss Cantonese Education Ministers’ Conference announced that the school year would not be extended, and high school students would receive their diplomas even though the school was closed due to a coronavirus pandemic. As part of this, Students in their final year of public or vocational school will also receive their diploma provided they pass the course.



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