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Thousands of Germans protested against virus restrictions | Instant News

Thousands of people protested in Stuttgart on Saturday against curbing the virus amid heated debate Germany on tightening action in the face of the third wave of Covid-19.

Protesters, some wearing masks, marched from the city center to the main square in northeastern Stuttgart.

Police in the southwestern city said demonstrators ignored requests to wear masks and adhere to social distancing rules, although there were no reports of major incidents.

The movement against social restrictions, known as “Querdenken (Anti-conformist)”, has been holding regular protests in Germany since the start of the pandemic.

It brings together members of the extreme left and far right alongside conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccination groups.

On March 20, 15,000-20,000 gathered in the city of Kassel, causing clashes with police and multiple arrests.

In Stuttgart, demonstrators on Saturday held banners with the slogan “End Covid dictatorship”.

“It is an exaggeration,” said Evelyn, one of the demonstrators who called for “an end to the lockdown”, adding that she did not believe the official figures for Covid cases and deaths.

Rainer’s parade partner said; “I am against mandatory vaccination.”

The protests came against the backdrop of a heated debate in Germany about increasing Covid restrictions in the face of a surge in infections.

The government is “studying” the possibility of introducing uniform measures across German states “to stop a third wave if regional action is insufficient,” a spokesman said Saturday.

Chancellor Angela Merkel supports strict measures to contain the virus, with an incidence rate of 131 cases per 100,000 people over the past week.

In a recent television interview he called for a curfew, which has never been enforced at the national level, and threatened to impose stricter measures at the federal level if regions, which are responsible for health issues, do not take adequate action.

On Thursday he urged Germans to limit their social contact during the Easter holidays.

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Switzerland- Lack of attention has been blamed for the fatal tiger attack at the Zurich zoo | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) An investigation into the incident that occurred last year concluded that the guards did not cover all the barriers.

This content is published March 24, 2021 – 18:21 March 24, 2021 – 18:21 Keystone-SDA / ac

The Siberian tiger’s fatal attack at the Zurich Zoo last July was the fault of the 55-year-old zookeeper, the Zurich prosecutor’s office said Wednesday. There is every reason to believe that the guard accidentally failed to completely close the fence to protect it from the animal, the investigating authorities added. This way, the tigress is able to reach an area the keepers deem safe.

Big cats in zoos are permanently separated from humans. When guards need to enter their enclosures, they have to remotely lock several sliding gates so that the animals do not have access to these spaces.

Investigations have ruled out fraud or technical flaws in the zoo’s infrastructure. As a result, the prosecutor closed the case and considered it a self-inflicted accident at work.

Tragic circumstances

A zoo visitor had alerted emergency services on July 4 last year at around 1:20 p.m. when he saw that the tigress Irina attacked an employee. Arriving at the place, several zoo officials managed to distract the animal so that the guard was released, but it was too late. The woman died at the scene.
‘Wherever people and wild animals are involved, there is always a small residual risk. Even a little carelessness can have serious repercussions. The tragic incident made this very clear to us, ‘said zoo director Severin Dressen.

This is not the first reported animal attack at the Zurich zoo. In December 2019, a male Philippine crocodile grabbed the arm of a zoo keeper during a routine cage cleaning operation. The guard was injured and had to undergo surgery when the reptile was shot.




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The PKK terror group raided the home of the head of the Swiss Turkish Society | Instant News

(MENAFN) Supporters of the PKK terror group have carried out raids on the home of the head of the Swiss Turkish Society, marking the fifth incident in two years.

Anadolu Agency reported that, Seref Yildiz, who heads nearly 100 associations and 13 federations established by Turkey in the country, condemned the attack.

Yildiz said the attacker wrote the name of the PKK terror group commander on the wall of his house.

He said three people wearing ski masks were caught on home security cameras and he sent the footage to the police.

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Two died in the Bara incident | Instant News

BARA: Two people, including a woman, were killed and another wounded in a separate incident in Bara tehsil in the Khyber tribal district, official and local sources said on Saturday.

The source said Gul Nabi and Ahmad Gul exchanged harsh words over the property dispute and shot each other in the Sipah area of ​​Bara tehsil.

Two passersby, Imran Khan and Sabirullah were injured, the source said. The injured were taken to the hospital where Imran Khan died from his wounds. In another incident, a woman committed suicide for unknown reasons in the Shalobar area.


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The items were destroyed in a separate fire incident | Instant News


A large number of items were destroyed in a separate fire incident in the city on Thursday evening.

A fire broke out at a thread and lace factory in New Karachi’s J11 Sector at around 2.30am and was extinguished after a three-hour struggle.

The security guards, who lived on the roof of the factory building, evacuated safely through the stairs with the help of the K-Electric team and local residents and no fatalities were reported.

Meanwhile, the firefighting team dispatched from the Sohrab Goth Fire Station reached the scene with a fire extinguisher, which ran out of water in 20 minutes. By the time the three firefighters reached the site, the fire had engulfed the entire building.

According to a fire department spokesman, it took four fire brigade tenders, a water tanker truck and three hours to put out the blaze.

A firefighter from Sohrab Goth Fire Station said that the New Karachi Fire Station was closed for technical reasons and so the fire brigade tender was dispatched from Sohrab Goth Fire Station.

Although the team was unable to arrive immediately due to a lack of resources, they were unafraid in trying to save people and put out fires in any incident, he said.

According to people present at the time of the incident, an engine caught fire while 15 workers were working at the factory.

The workers made it out of the building in time but they were unable to evacuate the family of the security guard whose residence is on the roof of the building, they said.

Items estimated to be more than 2.5 million have been turned to ashes in the incident.

Then, around 4:00 a.m., a fire broke out in a residential apartment at PIB Colony near Old Sabzi Mandi.

The fire was put out by firefighters using a fire extinguisher. According to eye witnesses to the incident, the fire fighting team had arrived immediately.

The family inside the burning apartment had been safely evacuated by local residents, they said.


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