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How to trade inventory | Instant News

One of the hottest video game stocks is preparing to release a report next week.

Activision BlizzardThe report will be released on Tuesday and it has risen 39% this year. For comparison, S&P 500 It only rose by 1%.

Todd GordonThe managing director of Ascent Wealth Partners believes that tailwind will push Activision higher.

Gordon said: “Video games are becoming more and more attractive to the aging population; we are slowly starting to resume the production of Hollywood movies; content creators like Netflix are going deep into their content fields. If Hollywood production continues to be suppressed, video game companies’ Demand will increase.” told CNBC”Trading country” Thursday.

Activision produces popular franchises, including “Call of Duty”, “World of Warcraft” and “Overwatch.”

“When we look at the chart here, I like the resistance level we see here, which is around $85…We really like this trend and it brings such benefits, especially in new family homes. , Work from home environment.” Gordon said.

“If you want to own stocks, it’s definitely a good idea to enter the earnings. If you want to trade options, this is what I prepare for you-until September, once a month, buy 82.5 phones and sell 87.5 phones. “Gordon said.

Gordon said that the $5 spread that expires on September 18 would require approximately $1.90, and explained that “the maximum risk is $190, [to] Earn 310 dollars. “

Activision closed at $82.63 on Friday.

Disclosure: Ascent Wealth Partners owns Activision Blizzard.



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Large tech companies see strong performance in the flu pandemic quarter | Instant News

Large technology companies released strong results on Thursday, highlighting consumers’ reliance on giants such as Amazon during the pandemic and their extraordinary economic strength-the subject of a US Congressional hearing a day ago.

Result from apple, Amazon, Facebookwith Google parents letter -Ironically, the CEO of the same company Antitrust hearing At the Congress meeting this week-much better than expected.

The report illustrates the increasing importance of social networks, digital content and connected devices, which have been regarded as the lifeline of pandemic patients.

Apple profit rose In the three months ended June 27, revenue increased by 8% to US$11.2 billion (approximately Rs 83,800 crore), and revenue increased by 11% to US$59.7 billion (approximately Rs 44.6 billion).

California tech giant’s iPhone Sales, where accessories and services (such as applications and digital content) have grown more significantly.

The CEO said: “In uncertain times, this performance proves the important role our products play in the lives of our customers and Apple’s unremitting innovation.” Tim Cook Said.

Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives (Daniel Ives) said that the results provided the impetus for Apple to prepare new products. iPhone 12.

Ives said in a research report: “This stage is preparing for the upcoming large-scale cycle of the troubled iPhone 12.”

Amazon delivery

Amazon also said Profit almost doubled Reached 5.2 billion US dollars (approximately Rs 38,911 crore), and sales increased by 40% to 88.9 billion US dollars (approximately Rs 66.4 crore).

Amazon founder and CEO said: “This is another very unusual quarter, and I am proud and grateful to our employees worldwide.” Jeff Bezos.

While sales of grocery, video, and cloud computing businesses continue to grow, Amazon has told investors that it hopes to spend all of its profits this year on costs related to keeping employees and customers safe during the pandemic.

Neil Saunders of the research firm GlobalData Retail said: “This amazing result from Amazon shows that during the pandemic, shopping habits in the United States and around the world have changed.”

“As shoppers become more digital and online to meet their various needs, many of these changes are beneficial to Amazon’s advantage.”

“Challenging Times”

Facebook Said It paid huge fines to US regulators, and its profits doubled to US$5.2 billion (approximately Rs 38,877 crore) compared with the same period last year.

Revenue increased by 11% to US$18.7 billion (approximately 13.9 billion rupees), indicating that boycotts of leading social networks have minimal impact on their handling of hateful content and misinformation.

Facebook said its core social network has grown to 2.7 billion, while the total number of users including the “family” app exceeds 3.1 billion.

Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at eMarketer, said that Facebook’s advertising business “has been negatively affected by the global pandemic, but its impact is far from what many people expected.”

Williamson said she believed Instagram Although the details of the platform were not disclosed, it “played an important role in Facebook’s fight against the pandemic.”

Letter swing

letter Reported There was a rare decline in revenue and profit in the quarterly report, but it still exceeded market expectations.

For most online giants that rely on digital advertising revenue, profits fell 30% from a year ago to 6.96 billion US dollars (approximately 520.15 billion rupees).

CFO Ruth Porat (Ruth Porat) said that revenue fell 2% to 38 billion US dollars (approximately 24.8 trillion rupees): “We will continue to struggle with the global economic environment.”

After the release, Alphabet’s stock rose slightly in after-hours trading, while other companies’ stock growth was even stronger.

As the pandemic has forced people to wander at home, Alphabet sees an increase in demand for entertainment content YouTube And its online Play store and cloud services for cloud services are increasingly used for learning, work and online business.

On Wednesday in Washington, the chief executives of four technology companies were criticized by US lawmakers during an antitrust hearing, which may lay the foundation for strengthening the supervision of major Internet platforms.

“In short, they have too much power,” said David Sicilion, a Democrat from the chairman of the Democratic Party of Rhode Island.

Cicilline made it clear at the hearing that these companies “have monopoly power-some need to be broken down, and all need to be properly supervised and accountable.”


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Banco Santander-Brasil: 2Q Income Snapshot | St. Louis business news | Instant News

SAO PAULO SP, Brazil (AP) – Banco Santander Brazil SA (BSBR) reported Wednesday second-quarter profit of $ 382.5 million.

The bank, based in Sao Paulo Sp, Brazil, says it has an income of 10 cents per share.

The financial holding company posted revenues of $ 2.94 billion in the period. Revenue after deducting interest expense was $ 2.21 billion, exceeding Street estimates.

Banco Santander-Brasil shares have fallen 51% since the beginning of the year. Stock has declined 48% in the last 12 months.


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German Economy Suffers Biggest Contraction on Record, but Green Buds Appear | Instant News

FRANKFURT – Germany suffered a record economic contraction in the second quarter as a move to slow the spread of a closed business pandemic and keep consumers home, but European power plants are expected to shrink less and recover faster than other major economies.

German gross domestic product fell 10.1% compared to the previous quarter, the biggest decline since comparable records began in 1970, and roughly doubled the contraction at the nadir of the global financial crisis in 2009, federal statistics …


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Food for Thoughts for Bulls Grocery Online | Instant News

With online food orders getting thicker and faster, e-commerce is a top priority in supermarket meeting rooms. The best model for selling food online may not always be the model that interests most investors.

The proportion of food sold online has increased since the Covid-19 outbreak. By the end of this year, more than 10% of US food ingredient sales are expected to be ordered digitally, double the 2019 level. Larger portions of weekly food stores also move online in the UK and other European markets.


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Building your own home from a low income group has become a reality: Murad – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 26, 2020 19:14

Building your own home from a low income group has become a reality: Murad

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Minister of Communication and Postal Services Murad Saeed on Sunday said that building one’s own house is no longer a dream, because it has become a reality.

In a tweet, he said that for low-income people, building a house through the Prime Minister’s construction assistance package is now very easy. He thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for launching this historic initiative.

He said they even criticized this history for promising “Bread, Capra and Eating” for 50 years but plundering and plundering national resources.


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Latest Brooks Brothers Applicants Want to Bring Italian Talent to American Fashion | Instant News

The race to buy Brooks Brothers from bankruptcy will be a little more crowded with a group of Italian investors who plan to bid on classic American clothing brands and introduce some European talent.

Giglio Group SpA, based in Milan, which helps fashion companies increase online sales, spearheads investors’ groups. If successful, Giglio plans to install Italian managers with experience in the fashion industry and close stores to free up funds to invest in digital. Three US factories Brooks Brothers, which …


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The FBR collection fell 31% in May | Instant News

The decline came due to the suspension of some economic activities due to Covid-19


ISLAMABAD: Tax collection by the Federal Revenue Board (FBR) slumped more than 31% to Rs227 billion in May due to a partial suspension of economic activity, which resulted in the loss of the downward revised target.

In May, the FBR temporarily collected Rs227 billion in taxes, down by Rs103 billion or 31.2% when compared to the same month last year, according to preliminary official figures.

The tax revision target which was revised down three times in May was Rs250 billion, which was passed by FBR with a difference of Rs23 billion. The Rs250-billion target has been set keeping in mind the harsh economic reality due to the spread of the new corona virus in the country.

The Covid-19 pandemic began to affect the Pakistani economy from the fourth week of March, but the FBR’s performance remained below benchmarks throughout the fiscal year.

From July to May of the current fiscal year, FBR temporarily collected Rs3.51 trillion, which is only 6.8% higher compared to the same period of the last fiscal year. The deadly pandemic, which has claimed many lives, has provided an excuse for economic managers who are responsible for this disease.

The Government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) now expect FBR to collect at least Rs3,908 trillion, which will be slightly higher than Rs3.83 trillion collected in the last fiscal year. To reach the revised target three times down, the FBR needs to generate Rs372 billion in June. By June 2019, the FBR had collected Rs578 billion.

Economic activity has been largely restored from the middle of this month and people go shopping before Idul Fitri. The government has now opened almost all economic sectors and the final decision on the remaining closed sectors is expected to be taken by the National Coordinating Committee within a few days.

At the urging of the IMF, the federal government initially set a FBR tax collection target of R5.5 trillion, which should equal 12.4% of gross domestic product (GDP).

The IMF’s target is not realistic because it requires collection growth of 45% from Rs3,829 trillion last year. The IMF then forced Pakistan to take unprecedented income measures of Rs735 billion.

But now public finance is expected to be under significant pressure. The IMF has projected that the budget deficit is estimated to reach 9.2% of GDP this fiscal year due to a decrease in tax revenues and an increase in public spending to support the health care response to Covid-19 and social safety nets for the poor.

However, the IMF estimates that the budget deficit will increase to some extent and will be around 6.2% of GDP in the next fiscal year, because it has proposed a tax collection target of Rs 5.1 trillion. The Rs5.1-trillion target will be 31% higher than the estimated collection this fiscal year, which again will make it difficult for FBR to achieve it.

Low revenue collection will have serious implications for the country’s debt, which the IMF now projects will increase to 90% of GDP in June this year.

Of Rs3.51 trillion, a number of Rs2.2 trillion or 62% is due to indirect regressive taxes, not including withholding taxes which are also in indirect mode. FBR temporarily collected Rs1.44 trillion in General Sales Tax, which is still better than the previous fiscal year and recorded growth of nearly 10%.

Collection due to federal excise reached Rs226 billion in 11 months of this fiscal year, up about one tenth. Billing because import duties totaled Rs550 billion, down by almost 11%. Income tax collection is around Rs 1.3 trillion, which is higher than 11%.

The FBR does not remove all income tax and sales tax returns, which were announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan to alleviate the liquidity crisis of the business community. So far it has removed the return of Rs60 billion compared to the PM’s promise to pay a return of Rs100 billion on April 15.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 31st, 2020.

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Credit Suisse AG Announces the Implementation of Its Right to Call Credit Suisse X-Links® Multi-Asset, ETN High Income | Country | Instant News

NEW YORK, May 21, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Credit Suisse AG (“Credit Suisse”) announced today that it has exercised its right to call Credit Suisse X-Links® Multi-Asset High Income ETN (“MLTI” or “ETN”).

As explained in the related price supplement for MLTI (“Pricing”), Credit Suisse, as an ETN issuer, can, at its choice, call all MLTI units that are issued and in circulation. Credit Suisse has exercised this right by sending notice of a call through the Depository Trust Company on May 21, 2020. Expected date of completion of the call June 12, 2020.

On the call settlement date specified above, MLTI investors will receive cash payments per ETN in the same amount as the call settlement amount. The number of completed calls will be calculated on the call assessment date June 9, 2020 in accordance with the provisions of ETN as stated in the Additional Price. The call settlement amount will include the MLTI coupon amount, if any, in connection with the scheduled coupon valuation date May 29, 2020.

Starting today, Credit Suisse will no longer issue new MLTI units.

Credit Suisse expects that NYSE Arca will allow MLTI to continue trading until June 11, 2020. Investors who buy MLTI at any time greater than the call settlement amount (including paying any premium to the call settlement amount, after this amount is determined) will suffer a loss on their investment. Furthermore, investors who sell MLTI at any time less than the call settlement amount (including selling at any discount to the call settlement amount, after this amount is determined) will incur losses. In both cases, the loss can be significant. Investors will not receive compensation or any other amount for lost investment opportunities holding MLTI and investors may not be able to invest in other securities with the same level of risk and / or which provide investment opportunities similar to MLTI.

No other ETN offered by Credit Suisse was affected by this announcement. All dates referred to above may change, including delays due to certain events.

ETN Title

Ticker symbol


Credit Suisse X-Links® Multi-Asset High Income ETN



Press Contact
Karina Byrne, Credit Suisse AG, call +1 212 538 8361, [email protected]
Credit Suisse ETNs
Phone +1 800 320 1225, [email protected]

Credit Suisse AG
Credit Suisse AG is one of the world’s leading providers of financial services and is part of the Credit Suisse group of companies (referred to here as ‘Credit Suisse’). Our strategy builds on Credit Suisse’s core strengths: its position as a leading wealth manager, specialist investment banking capabilities and a strong presence in our home market Switzerland. We strive to follow a balanced approach to wealth management, which aims to capitalize on the large pool of wealth in mature markets as well as significant growth in wealth at Asia Pacific and other emerging markets, while also serving major developed markets with an emphasis on Switzerland. Credit Suisse employs around 48,500 people. Registered shares (CSGN) from Credit Suisse AG’s parent company, Credit Suisse Group AG, are registered at Switzerland and, in the form of American Depositary Shares (CS), at New York. More information about Credit Suisse can be found at www.credit-suisse.com.


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The FBR sees Rs100bln in revenue from the banking sector in FY2021 | Instant News

KARACHI: The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) is eyeing around Rs100 billion in revenue, during the next fiscal year 2020/21, from bad loans that the banking sector currently considers spending, sources said on Monday.

Sources said the FBR plans to change the income tax treatment of bad loans to generate additional income during the next fiscal year.

At present, banks use bad credit as a fee, which reduces their income tax obligations.

Sources said the provision for advances and off-balance sheet items was permitted up to a maximum of 1 percent of the total down payment according to the seventh schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. Provisions for advances and off-balance sheet items were permitted 5 percent of total progress for consumers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as defined in the prudential regulation of the State Bank of Pakistan. Certificates from external auditors need to be completed by banking companies which state that these provisions are based and in line with prudential regulations.

Furthermore, provisions of more than 1 percent of total advances for banking companies and 5 percent of total advances for consumers and SMEs are permitted to be carried over to the following years.

However, if the provision is less than 1 percent of the down payment, for banking companies, the actual provision for the year will be permitted. If the provision is less than 5 percent down payment for consumers and SMEs, the actual provision for the year will be permitted and this provision will be permitted from the first day of July 2010.

The Karachi Big Tax Paying Unit (LTU), which has jurisdiction over most banks operating in Pakistan for tax purposes, forwarded the budget proposal to the FBR to replace the existing rules relating to taxation on advances.

The LTU of Karachi suggested an amendment to replace sub-rule (c) of Rule 1 of the seventh schedule.

“(C) Provisions, whatever the nomenclature or nature, will be prohibited in the case of article 34 (3) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. Provided that a reversal of the provisions can be permitted as a deduction, if verified through supporting evidence the provisions for the same are prohibited and taxed, “said the budget proposal document.

The LTU of Karachi further suggested that bad credit should be allowed as a deduction, if all the conditions in section (29 of the Income Tax Act, 2001) were fulfilled.

The sources said an individual would be allowed to reduce costs for bad debt in one tax year if it was believed that the debt could not be recovered after all efforts, under section 29 of the Income Tax Act, 2001.

Debts or portions of debt are written off in an individual account in the tax year.

Sources at the Karachi LTU said the proposed amendment would bring equality in terms of treatment and bad credit for all taxpayer classes. The tax unit believes that around Rs100 billion is likely to be generated if the amendment is entered into law through the upcoming 2020 Finance Bill, they said.

The government faces a daunting challenge to meet its revenue collection target of Rs3.9 trillion for the current fiscal year, which was revised down from Rs4.8 trillion given the shocking impact of the lockdown for two months after the coronavirus outbreak. The target was revised down several times in the past because of slowing economic activity adversely affected revenue collection efforts.

Now, the government wants its target to be lower for the next fiscal year, but it must prepare any effort to even meet the previous year’s level with faltering growth.


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