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The increase in electricity rates is burdening the masses, said Marri | Instant News

KARACHI – The secretary of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and MNA Information Center Shazia Atta Marri said on Friday that the electricity tariff hike had weighed on the pockets of the masses.

“Residents are forced to sell household appliances to pay large electricity bills. Once Imran Khan Niazi said he was going to kill himself but didn’t want to go to the IMF for a loan, “he said in a statement. Marri said in his statement that Imran Khan did not commit suicide but he did force people to commit suicide due to rising inflation in the country.

He further said that most of the country’s economic decisions were made by the IMF because of the incompetence of the government in power. He added that Imran Niazi’s ATM machine is actually an IMF facilitator. He questions from Imran Khan that where are the 200 expert economists who are behind the implementation of the anti-mass policy. “An incompetent PM has become a burden to the state and society wants to get rid of an incompetent government,” he said.


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AAA provides travel advice before planning a summer vacation | Instant News

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – People are ready to travel. AAA said 70% of people have now been ready to leave their homes since the start of the pandemic. More and more people are pulling out their sunscreen and their suitcases to start their summer vacation. According to the Destination Analyst Survey in April, 77.7% of people said they actively dream of planning their vacation. Melissa Norris, senior travel agent with AAA at Beckley, said that with the rollout of more vaccines, many people are comfortable planning a summer getaway. “I think the reason we’re seeing the big tick up right now, and the interest of people in wanting to travel, is because the vaccine has come out and more people are being vaccinated,” Norris said. . Norris said the AAA has a COVID-19 travel restrictions map for its customers. She also recommends using a travel agent when booking your next trip. “There are certain requirements that we always want to meet for travel guidelines. For example, use a travel agent because we will know the most recent requirements for openings, ”continued Norris. Norris said that even though people are getting the vaccines, some restrictions are still in place. “Restrictions on being quarantined and what is needed for you to access these places.” You may need a COVID test 72 hours before travel, and you will need a COVID test to return to the United States, no matter where you go outside, ”Norris said. .

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PM has avoided making changes during the rising price, fuel, LNG crisis | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: When Senate elections for the seat of Islamabad were held, there was not even the slightest indication from the governing hierarchy that Dr Hafeez Sheikh would be called upon immediately.

In fact, Prime Minister Imran Khan has personally lobbied hard for his success. He even held rare interactions with members of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) National Assembly (MNA) and its coalition partners. There are almost no MNAs that Imran Khan has never met during the session. The prime minister worked hard to get Hafeez Sheikh elected as senator, showing that until recently, he wanted him to continue as finance minister.

When Hafeez Sheikh left the advisory position as a consequence of the Islamabad High Court ruling, he was sworn in as finance minister so he could continue for another six months without being elected senator.

What prompted Imran Khan in the 18 days between March 12 and March 30 to force him to just send Hafeez Sheikh packing? Would Hafeez Sheikh be retained as finance minister if he won the Senate seat? No compelling reasons have been put forward by government spokespersons or cabinet ministers for their sudden dismissal from office. Most spokesmen had projected queues that he would be sent home because he failed to control rising prices and inflation.

However, other factors – such as strict and controversial steps taken by the government that lead to heavy taxes requiring greater price increases, and the excessive independence granted to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) make it the ‘king’ it does not have. . a $ 500 million fund from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – has been cited as the main reason behind Hafeez Sheikh’s ouster. But clearly there is more to it than that which will become clearer with the passage of time.

If former PML-N minister Zubair Khan is to be believed, it is not really the finance minister but the SBP governor who is responsible for the price increases, and Hafeez Sheikh is just the scapegoat.

Hafeez Sheikh has always been persuaded by successive governments to return to Pakistan from abroad to improve the health of the national economy, which has been in constant crisis. But never before had he been simply eliminated. As finance minister in the past, he’s always looked through the government terms – whether military or civilian – he served. This is the first time he has been removed only midway through a government term. It is now impossible for him to stay in Pakistan after recovering from the Covid-19 infection he suffered a few days ago. In the past, he always left the country after completing his cabinet duties.

Hafeez Sheikh has never responded to deadly criticism of him by the opposition, particularly the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Muhammad Zubair during his campaign for the Senate seat. More than once, former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has demanded that the finance minister’s name be added to the Exit Control List so that he cannot leave the country and continue living in Pakistan. The Nadeem Babar case is no different. The prime minister has remained steadfast despite harsh criticism of Sheikh and Babar from the opposition and the media demanding their dismissal. Babar has always been accused of having a conflict of interest because his line of business is related to the petroleum industry under the ministry he leads. Babar is now officially declared to have been released so he cannot influence the investigation of the failure to import oil and LNG. No previous punitive action by Imran Khan and his aides has continued to defend Hafeez Sheikh and Nadeem Babar as the opposition and others condemn both of them for rising prices, economic damage and oil and LNG fraud that is harming the public and the public. heavy cat.

Even though he was directly elected, Asad Umar was basically a technocrat and a child of PTI posters. It was decided long before the PTI came to power that it would eventually head the finance ministry. But even though Hafeez Sheikh was overthrown all of a sudden, Asad Umar has not been brought back to finance. Hammad Azhar, who is a purebred politician, was chosen as his replacement. However, the task given to him was a tough task for an inexperienced young man.

Hammad Azhar is the son of Mian Muhammad Azhar, who was the first president of the king’s party – PML-Q – after being carved out of PML-N by Pervez Musharraf. The Chaudhrys of Gujrat immediately outsmarted him and took over PML-Q. Unlike her son, Mian Azhar has always been quiet.

In the 2002 general elections held during Musharraf’s term, Mian Azhar was a strong candidate for the post of prime minister, but he faced defeats from the two seats he won in Lahore and Sheikhpura. Without a parliamentary seat, he was replaced by Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain as president of PML-Q. He also failed to win a seat in the 2008 election. He then joined PTI.

Previously, Mian Azhar remained in touch with the Sharif family for decades. During Sharif’s reign, he held various senior government positions before falling out with them. He was the Governor of Punjab from 1990-1992. He also served as mayor of Lahore between 1987 and 1991.

He was awarded a National Assembly ticket to the NA-95 Lahore when the seat was vacated by Nawaz Sharif after the 1988 vote. He won the election as candidate for Islamic Jamhoori Ittehad. In 1990, following the ouster of Benazir Bhutto’s first government, he replaced General (retired) Tikka Khan as governor of Punjab. He, however, left that position due to differences with Sharif. In the 1997 election, he was selected as an MNA with a PML-N ticket from NA-92 Lahore. His relationship with Sharif grew bitter and eventually after the removal of Nawaz Sharif’s government in 1999, he became head of PML-Q.


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PPP leaders hoisted electricity tariff hikes | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Pakistani People’s Party (PPP) president Humayun Khan on Saturday rejected the electricity price hike and urged the rulers to withdraw the decision.

Speaking with reporters here, he said that inefficient and corrupt rulers were trying to deceive the nation through empty claims and repeatedly raising prices for daily necessities.

Feeling unfair with the poor, he asked the rulers to withdraw their anti-people decisions.

“The rulers have made life miserable for the poor during their two and a half years of rule and now the masses will force them to leave the government,” he added.

PPP leaders hold Prime Minister Imran Khan responsible for the plight of commoners, saying the country’s economy is deteriorating every day despite collecting billions from the country through taxes.

The so-called state champion Medina is sucking the blood of the poor as the blue-eyed people of Imran Khan become richer.

He said the lives of the poor were made miserable through a conspiracy but the PPP would force the rulers to step down and get rid of the immature and inefficient nation.


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Corona increased | Instant News

The Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse in Pakistan as the number of positive cases increases day by day – the latest high-profile case is Prime Minister Imran Khan himself. Therefore, it is imperative that standard operating procedures (SOPs) and precautions to curb the growing number of cases are adhered to. Lately we have seen that people have shown greater disregard for most of the precautions WHO says we should follow. If this trend continues, it will result in a dangerous and painful situation for the whole country. The third week of March has shown that Pakistan has reported the highest number of daily cases since July. With thousands of cases being reported every day, the medical facilities that were available were about to collapse. The country reported 3,876 cases in 24 hours as of March 19. This is the highest figure since July 2, 2020, when 4,432 cases were reported.

Punjab has the dubious difference in the lead with around two thousand cases each day. In terms of population ratio, Islamabad also presents a troubling scenario – with an average of 300 positive cases every day. For a small town like Islamabad, this figure is quite disturbing, especially considering that this city is the center of government. If the number of cases continues to increase in Islamabad and Punjab with the same level of positivity, then it won’t take long for the numbers to see exponential growth in other provinces as well. There is an immediate and urgent need to reduce the country’s caseload which has risen sharply in the past two weeks. Data coming from almost all corners of the country should scare us, but it seems that it is being taken lightly. We have seen a nearly fifty percent increase in daily cases week by week.

With a positivity rate of nearly 10 percent now, federal, provincial and local governments must require all large and small businesses, departments, educational institutions, general stores and industry to comply with SOPs. Hospital facilities need an urgent upgrade to accommodate and vaccinate the large numbers of people arriving for vaccinations. Current vaccination rates are not fast enough to prevent further spread of the virus. So, there needs to be a strict SOP imposition, coupled with rapid vaccination, and finally the availability of more ventilators at health points so that victims of this virus are not rejected by the hospital. Any neglect in dealing with this challenge will be a great threat to people. In this regard, we hope that all relevant departments come together and work together to solve this problem.


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