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The challenges of poor children increase as cheap schools continue to be closed forever | Instant News

After educational institutions closed for the second time last year due to the second wave of Covid-19, more than 300 low-cost private schools across Karachi have been permanently closed.

All Private School Management Associations (APSMA) and All Sindh Private Schools & Colleges Associations (ASPSCA) said that most of these schools have operated in underprivileged urban areas.

They say that owners and administrators of hundreds of other constituent schools have approached them for financial assistance, but the association is in no position to help them and save the futures of their thousands of students.

They indicated that around 12 private school associations operate in the province. They also pointed out that permanently closing schools would increase the number of children dropping out of school if the authorities did not take concrete action.

“As an association, we only provide legal assistance and technical support, and help member schools improve teaching and learning activities,” said ASPSCA Chairman Haider Ali. “We can’t solve the financial problems in every school.”

He said his association was collecting data on schools whose owners were unable to run their institutions after the suspension of educational activities during the second wave of Covid-19.

He also said that around 500 low-cost private schools across the province would not be able to reopen. However, he stressed, his party had not completed the closed agency data. “Extensive work like that takes time to complete.”

Agreeing with Ali, the head of APSMA Sindh Syed Tariq Shah said that low-cost private schools continue to close forever as they have to pay rent, salaries, electricity bills and taxes from the fees collected.

However, he pointed out, the parents have refused to pay the fees for the past nine months, while neither the authorities have taken the matter seriously.

He said school owners also frequently reported dropping out of school, an estimated rate of between 20 and 25 percent of enrolled students. He warned that this would continue to increase the number of school dropouts in Pakistan.

Citing Unicef ​​statistics, he said that with 22.8 million children dropping out of school, Pakistan was ranked second on the list of countries where children do not receive an education.

“Private educational institutions help the country provide access to basic education, but the authorities turn a blind eye to vulnerable units struggling to survive the current crisis.”


School owners who recently closed their institutions for good said they were facing financial difficulties because parents refused to pay fees.

“We sent them reminders, but instead of paying tuition fees, some of them took their children out of our school,” said Habibullah, who has been running his school in the Qasba Colony.

He rented a building in 2015 to start his school. Under the usual lease agreement, he is responsible for paying monthly rent, utility bills, and maintenance costs.

“Our school is not one of the institutions established to make money. We just want to give children around access to basic education. “

He said that when educational institutions closed for the first time last year because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 case, “we somehow managed the costs. However the second wave proved more challenging for our school ”. “In addition, the uncertainty about reopening educational institutions forces us to permanently close our schools because we have no money and there is no hope that any government agency will provide us with financial assistance.”

Another school owner named Muhammad Yousaf, who once ran a school in the Ranchore Line neighborhood, said the operating costs of low-cost private educational institutions were too high.

He said such schools are generally run in disadvantaged areas, where if they do not operate according to their daily routine, parents who are mostly working class do not pay tuition.

“Every time we ask parents to pay tuition fees, they argue why they should pay if the school is closed. This is one of the main reasons forcing us to permanently close the institution. “


Shah APSMA said that more schools tend to close permanently because their owners are unsure about reopening educational institutions. He pointed out that the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference will be held on January 14 or 15, after which the owners may revise their decision.

He said the situation was not that simple because school owners needed to manage rent, salaries and other expenses. Therefore, he added, the authorities should pay attention to their problems, especially those running low-cost institutions.


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Rugby: Former All Black Five credit Sopoaga tackles mental health with shape reversals | Instant News


The former All Black Lima Sopoaga provides an insight into what life in England is like for her young family. Video / Wasp

The former All Black first five eighth Lima Sopoaga has opened up about how a therapist helped reverse her form of rugby on British soil, saying it was one of the best experiences of her life.

When Sopoaga left the coast of New Zealand in 2018, he came to the side of Wasps in the Premier League demanding excellence; and by his own standards he felt he had failed to live up to those expectations.

As a replacement for England international Danny Cipriani tent, Sopoaga will have to fill his big boots and fight to gel with a wider squad.

“You have someone special like Danny, he will always be difficult to replace,” Sopoaga told the Daily Telegraph.

Five Sopoaga celebrating a trial for the All Blacks against South Africa in 2017.Photo / Photosport
Five Sopoaga celebrating a trial for the All Blacks against South Africa in 2017.Photo / Photosport

“I’ll never be that man. That’s not me. Besides, I can’t build relationships with the people around me as quickly as I would like to. It’s something people may not understand; that you can’t just become a person. team and click right away.

“Sometimes, I humble myself too easily and it’s just a snowball, at the same time as a group maybe in a place where we are not very confident and it just spreads to the whole club.”

Meanwhile, the appointment of a new head coach is helping his role on the team, along with the support of team doctor Ralph Mitchell and his family; Sopoaga said seeing a therapist about her mental health was an important step in turning her fortunes around.

The stigma surrounding speaking up and opening up as a footie player is beginning to emerge.

“The rugby players are seen as tough macho guys, but really, we are just like everyone else. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

“I would encourage not only rugby players, but men in particular, to get out of your comfort zone. It’s tough, and at first quite scary and scary, but it can also be one of the most liberating things you can do.”

That feeling of liberation has now been translated by Sopoaga into a stunning reversal of form on the pitch in this current Premier League season.

Having lost his place in 10th place to the youngsters of Jacob Umaga and Charlie Atkinson, Sopoaga has turned to full-back where he enjoys greater freedom.

Lima Sopoaga shoots on goal for Wasps against Exeter.  Photos / Photosport
Lima Sopoaga shoots on goal for Wasps against Exeter. Photos / Photosport

Last weekend, he scored 14 points, including one attempt, in the Wasps’ crushing defeat to champions Exeter.

Ahead of this weekend’s game against Bath, Sopoaga has no doubt that he is playing the best rugby of his time in England at the moment.

“I’m probably in the happiest place mentally, and I think that helps my game,” he said. “It’s no secret I’ve struggled a lot, but I’ve learned a lot through the process and struggled to get out of it.”

She also accepted the responsibility of acting as a mentor to Britain’s first toddler at Wasps, passing on the knowledge she had been given to her by Dan Carter and Aaron Cruden.

“I am blessed to have had some bad mentors,” said Sopoaga. “Those people told me, ‘One day, you will be in this position’, and they asked me to do the same for a young boy who was coming. They were right. I am now in this position and it will cost them a lot. . which helps me in my career if I don’t pass on what I know. “

And while there is no doubt that Sopoaga has plenty of technical and strategic advice to offer, his new knowledge of the power of a healthy mental state could be of greatest worth.

– with The Daily Telegraph


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Australian gold miners are scrambling to find funds amid a booming metal market | Instant News

SYDNEY – Australian gold miners brace for 2021 prosperity as high prices for the yellow metal boost profits, prompting a search for a resource that now looks much more promising than it did a year or two ago.

Gold hit a record $ 2,067 an ounce in August. Even though prices have fallen, they remain above $ 1,800 as investors cling to safe-haven assets amid the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing global economic downturn. A weak US dollar and low global interest rates also helped gold prices by minimizing the losses on investing in the metal.

Big gold producers and so-called junior explorers have responded by rushing into capital markets, seeking funds to restart closed mines or explore and develop new projects.

“There is increasing interest in the gold sector as well as an increased desire to fund early stage exploration, which we haven’t seen in a long time,” said Anna Nahajski-Staples, executive director at Moneghetti Minerals, who plans to drill two greenfield exploration projects in the state of Nevada. US and others in Western Australia.

Moneghetti hopes to raise $ 8 million to $ 10 million in an initial public offering on the ASX, the Australian stock exchange, in mid-2021.

Other gold juniors who have recently raised funds for exploration and development in Australia include North Stawell Minerals, Bardoc Gold and DevEx Resources.

“Interest really got down the food chain. Previously it was a market where investor interest was around short-term production or already producing mines, to reduce risk as much as possible,” Nahajski-Staples added. “Now, with such a large margin, they can see the early stages and take a higher risk.”

Even the old gold mines that had stopped producing years ago were resuming production. These include the Katanning project in Western Australia, the Horizon Gold’s Gum Creek project and the Morningstar AuStar Gold mine in Victoria.

Strong investor interest in gold has also enabled fundraising at ASX by companies focused on foreign assets, such as Megado Gold, which is drilling in Ethiopia; Mithril Resources, which is developing a gold-silver project in Mexico; and Sihayo Gold, who explored North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The gold sector accounts for the largest proportion of funds raised among all resource companies at ASX in 2020.

Gold companies raised Australian $ 761 million in the September quarter, and this was followed by another AU $ 812 million in October and November. At least a dozen junior explorers have also entered the market with initial public offerings in the past two months to tie up funding for drilling on prospective projects.

“We see the need for more capital – especially in small to midsize companies – as there are more companies exploring because it is a profitable price to do,” said Romano Sala Tenna, portfolio manager at Katana Asset Management Perth.

Indeed, gold exploration spending touched a record AU $ 1.2 billion in the 12 months to October 2020, a government review found, accounting for 42% of all mineral exploration spending in Australia.

A $ 3.9 billion gold project was “underway” during that period and 17 others reached the “eligibility” stage. If all the projects were realized over time, Australian gold production would increase by a third, he said.

Heavy gold prices and production have been booming for Australian government coffers, with official forecasts predicting that gold will replace coal to become the country’s third largest export after iron ore and gas in the financial year ending June 2021.

Australia produced 315 metric tons of gold in 2019, accounting for about 10% of world production, second only to China.

The continent has nearly 19% of the world’s gold reserves – the largest of any country. But most of them are located in remote locations with limited infrastructure. Rising prices, coupled with technological improvements, have now made it easier to raise money for developing low-class assets or those in difficult locations.

High prices have also encouraged deal-making in this sector. Northern Star Resources and Saracen Minerals, Australia’s second and fourth largest gold producers by market value, agreed to join in October, while smaller players Dacian Gold and NTM Gold agreed to join in November to form a mid-range gold producer.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll see more gold mergers and acquisitions happen over the next year,” said Sherif Andrawes, head of natural resources at accounting and consulting firm BDO.

“Gold companies, when they come together, can actually generate quite a lot of synergies. And gold M&A makes a lot of sense,” said Andrawes. “[It] is about getting bigger, getting access to indices, and getting the attention of gold ETFs. “


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Karachi police are about to purchase respiratory kits amid an increasing number of drunk driving incidents | Instant News

KARACHI: First of all, the Karachi Traffic Police will acquire inhalers to check alcoholism in suspicious drivers throughout the port city.

The move comes amid an increasing number of drunk driving incidents that have caused many fatalities.

DSP Saeed Arain, an administrative officer at the DIG Traffic Police Station, said a tender had already been placed for the inhaler and the purchase would be finalized upon approval from the procurement department.

At least 90 breaths will be obtained and given to police across Karachi in the first phase.

Currently, conventional methods of determining alcoholism are used by the police. The suspected drivers were taken to a government hospital where the medico-legal team conducted tests.

DSP Arain said this old fashioned way left room for doubt because alcohol didn’t show up in tests after some time and the suspect used delay tactics to confirm negative reports.

“But, with the help of new technology, the police can directly test drivers and issue challans or arrest them,” he added.


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The head of JI Karachi again raised his voice for MDCAT 2020 students, demanding 40 days for preparation | Instant News

  • Rehman appealed to the government to control the rising costs of private institutions
  • Demand that the test for medical college in Sindh be taken again
  • Request at least 40 days for students to prepare for exams

KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Hafiz Naeemur Rehman, chairman of the Karachi wing party, spoke once again in support of students protesting against the results of the College Entrance Test for Medicine and Dentistry (MDCAT).

Rehman said that the test for the medical college in Sindh had to be done again.

“The exams have to be taken from the provincial curriculum,” said the politician – who is also a graduate of the NED University of Engineering and Technology -.

“Give students at least 40 days to prepare for exams” if they are going to be reconditioned, Rehman added while protesting here in Karachi. He also appealed to the government to control the increase in private levies.

PM Imran Khan ‘responsible for all this’

Chairman JI Karachi recently joined the cause of 2020 MDCAT students as they demand justice for what they accuse of non-conformity in the exam.

He previously stated that he would approach the court in solidarity with medical students who demanded more exams.

In a press conference last week, Rehman said the commission must carry out an investigation to determine who designed the exam. He said democracy was “slaughtered in the assembly”.

“I will see what Murad Ali Shah does for medical students,” he said, adding that the students had highlighted their concerns but had no success. “The prime minister is responsible for all of this,” he said.

‘Do not accept offers of signs of grace’

The JI leader said the young man had chosen Prime Minister Imran Khan in the hope that their old problems would be resolved but would eventually face new ones.

“We will soon find out who is behind the MDCAT exam,” he claims, demanding to know why the results of Punjab and Sindh medical students are so contrasting.

“We did not accept the grace mark offer. We ask that the test be repeated.”


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