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Substitutes: The demand for foreign embryos, eggs, sperm is increasing in New Zealand | Instant News

The demand for embryos to be sent to New Zealand from abroad to bear children has increased due to Covid-19. Photo / 123rf

Demand for embryos, eggs and sperm to be shipped to New Zealand has increased as Kiwis are no longer able to travel for fertility treatment abroad due to Covid-19.

But getting valuable cargo into the countryside in an attempt to create babies has become much more difficult.

Finding surrogate mothers or egg or sperm donors in New Zealand can be difficult, partly because paying them is illegal here. Most of the surrogate is someone parents know, but there is an increasing trend of people turning to the internet to find someone.

Prior to Covid, many expectant parents went to specialized clinics abroad where commercial surrogacy was legal and where embryo transfers would take place.

Dr Mary Birdsall, group director of Fertility Associates, said parents should rethink the process.

“We are seeing more and more demand from all kinds of different fertility treatments involving offshore clinics. So, people who want to send eggs, sperm, embryos around the world … and to New Zealand. I think Covid has made it a very nice landscape. more challenging. “

Specialized companies that usually have staff accompanying goods on board cannot provide that service, which creates a risk.

“The options for transferring embryos around the world are becoming much more limited and more expensive.

“What used to happen before Covid was you basically paid a courier to personally carry your embryos in a small portable freezing device. You can’t do that right now, unless they’re ready for quarantine.”

It is also likely that the operator will not receive an exemption from the New Zealand Government from being allowed into the country.

Some companies do offer unaccompanied transport services, Birdsall said, but he warns: “When they are so valuable, it only adds to the element of risk.”

The director of the Fertility Association group, Dr. Mary Birdsall.  Photo / Provided
The director of the Fertility Association group, Dr. Mary Birdsall. Photo / Provided

Fertility Associates makes 80 percent of surrogate applications to the New Zealand Assisted Reproductive Technology Ethics Committee, the body that considers and approves them for fertility clinics.

An Ecart spokesperson said they were still counting the number of substitutes approved in 2020 but there were 15 in the year to June 2016 and 14 in the year to June 2019.

Fertility Associates said the company submitted 25 applications to Ecart for surrogacy last year. All are approved, and one is suspended.

Attorney Margaret Casey QC, who has acted for targeted parents involving the birth of more than 100 children born via surrogacy in recent years, at home and abroad, said the US had been popular with Kiwis for finding surrogacy and for transfers. embryo. Most of the states were called “surrogate friend states.”

Attorney Margaret Casey.  Photo / Provided
Attorney Margaret Casey. Photo / Provided

“This means that it is regulated in that state, usually resulting in the parent in question having the first US birth certificate. There are still a few states in the US that transfer parents by adoption. Canada, Ukraine, and Georgia are also countries where People parents in New Zealand are looking for. If New Zealanders have cultural links with a country where surrogacy is approved, I also look at cases of surrogacy in that country. For example, South Africa, Namibia and Vietnam. follow so that surrogacy occurs legally. “

Many countries do not recognize surrogate mothers. In some countries, such as New Zealand, parents must adopt a child born through a surrogate mother, even if it is their biological child.

But she said it was difficult to see trends in surrogacy over the past year because of Covid.

“Obviously it is difficult to travel to other countries to make embryos with your genetic material during this time of Covid. It is difficult for surrogate mothers to go to the clinic for transfer due to internal travel restrictions and it is a very stressful time trying to manage a pregnancy remotely. “

Producing birth certificates and passports in countries that have been covered by Covid is also “very stressful”.

“The irony is because Covid surrogacy is more attractive in some overseas countries simply because the pace of life is slowing down and it might be a good time to get pregnant if that is something you are considering.”

She is calling for changes around reimbursement of a woman who agrees to act as reimbursement for pregnancy expenses.

“It doesn’t commercialize the pregnancy – it just prevents a person from going backwards because of the contribution. It’s too difficult to meet these costs under the current rules and that has to change.”


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PM Imran Khan rejects the proposed increase in gasoline prices | Instant News

Petrol is filled in the car. – AFP / Files

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s proposal to raise prices for petroleum products, Geo News reported on Monday.

OGRA submitted a summary to the prime minister a few days ago, asking for an increase in the gasoline price of Rs14.07 per liter and Rs13.61 per liter for the price of high speed diesel.

The authorities also recommended an increase in the kerosene price of Rs10.79 per liter.

Sources have previously confirmed to Geo News that the price of petroleum products is expected to rise after February 15.

According to sources, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has sent a summary for the revised tariff to the Petroleum Division.

The source also said that OGRA was basing its recommended tariff on a levy of Rs 30 per liter and had suggested that the price of gasoline be increased by Rs 16 per liter.

In a summary forwarded by OGRA, diesel is recommended to be priced at Rs14.75 per liter more, the source said.

They added that currently petroleum levies of Rs21.04 apply in addition to charges of Rs22.11 per liter for diesel.

Last month, at the turn of February, the price of gasoline increased by Rp2.70 per liter.


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New Zealand Broadband traffic is surging under a new lockdown but manageable – Chorus | Instant News


Broadband traffic is up 55 percent today compared to last Tuesday with Auckland residents stuck in the Level 3 lockout which was responsible for much of the increase.

The Auckland area saw a 96 percent increase in traffic, while the rest of New Zealand saw a 13 percent increase, Chorus said in a statement.

The dominant copper and fiber line operator UFB said broadband traffic on its network peaked at 1.75 terabits per second (Tbps), which is still far short of the company’s maximum peak capacity of 3.5Tbps.

At the end of March 2020, at the start of the first Level 4 lockdown in response to Covid-19, traffic reached 3.03Tbps per second.

Upstream traffic, which has increased with higher use of applications such as video conferencing, across the country increased 41 percent today to 0.236Tbps.

The Auckland area saw a 61 percent increase in traffic, while the rest of the country had a 14 percent increase.

“The little spike that occurs every half hour, seen in the second chart below, appears to coincide with the start of the online video conference.”

The increase in traffic is expected as households across the country enter alert status 2, with those in the Auckland area at alert level 3, said Chorus.

Technicians use appropriate PPE when working at homes and businesses and maintain social distancing, the company added.

In Auckland, Chorus will screen customers to check whether households have someone with Covid-19 symptoms or who is a confirmed case. The technician will only go to a house where the customer is comfortable for them to attend.

“There’s no jam on the Chorus network.”


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Switzerland – Addiction is increasing during the pandemic | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) The current Covid pandemic in Switzerland has increased the risk of addiction, according to a new report.

This content is published on 10 February 2021 – 11:09 February 10 2021 – 11:09 swissinfo.ch/ug View in other languages: 1

People who are vulnerable to substance abuse or gambling, as well as those who are under pressure at work or in their families, are especially vulnerable, says a recent survey by the foundation Addiction Switzerland.

Experts find that excessive alcohol consumption is one of the main problems. They added that most smokers also increased their daily count.

The reportExternal link also notes online gambling trends especially among the 18 to 29 year age group.

There are an estimated 250,000 alcoholics in Switzerland. About 19% of the population are regular smokers and more than 3% are addicted to gambling according to the report.

Experts recommend that people who feel unable to cope with their addictive behavior seek outside help.




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PPP-PTI feuds escalated when the farm houses of Haleem Adil Sheikh’s relatives were destroyed | Instant News

The feud between the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) escalated on Saturday after the Malir District government together with the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) apparently launched anti-encroachment operations against only two farmhouses. at Memon Goth in the district.

PTI vice president and opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh provincial assembly later claimed that the farmhouses belonged to his brothers and cousins. But Regional Government Minister Nasir Hussain Shah said the operation was against encroachment in Malir district.

Shah said that this anti-encroachment operation was part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s policy towards land grabbing in the country. He asked the PTI leadership to support the operation against the land grabbers. According to SBCA officials, more than 30 farmhouses in the area will be demolished.

A statement issued by the Malir District deputy commissioner’s office said the operation was carried out on the orders of DC Gahanwer Ali Laghari in the Shah Mureed and Murad Memon sub-divisions in coordination with the Anti-Encroachment Force and district police.

Assistant Commissioner Shah Mureed Ashraf Sangri and Murad Memon Goth AC Ghulam Farooq Soomro oversaw the operation. AC Kota Gadap said their target was to demolish around 30 farmhouses by Saturday, as the 30-year lease term for the plots on which the houses had been built had ended.

He said they didn’t know the owner of the farmhouse, and all they knew was that they were built illegally. He also said that the notification had been given to the farmhouse owner but they refused to accept it.

The SBCA anti-encroachment team said the operation was being carried out against Palm Village farmhouses and the Country Club. They said that the operation was carried out at the direction of the court, adding that it would continue through Monday.

However, the operation was stopped after residents attacked the police and the anti-encroachment team. Protesters also blocked the Super Highway near the Toll Plaza, causing traffic jams on both tracks for hours.

A group of men also threw stones at SBCA’s heavy equipment. The district government has started an operation to demolish all illegally built farmhouses in the area.

‘Out of the bag’

Speaking to media outside the PA, Sheikh said the “corrupt” Sindh Government had begun destroying the “legal” structure of PTI leaders in Malir to silence opposition voices.

He said that they would not tolerate any “pressure”, and that they would continue to “dismantle the Sindh corruption mafia inside and outside the assembly”.

Flanked by PTI’s Firdous Shamim Naqvi, Khurrum Sher Zaman and parliamentary party leader Bilal Ghaffar, Sheikh said the cat had now been removed from the bag.

He explained that when they started to uncover “the corruption of the PPP leadership, the Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah started demolishing the houses of the peasants led by PTI in Malir District on the orders of Deputy Chairman of PPP Asif Ali Zardari”.

He said that on national holidays, action was taken even on “my relatives’ official lands”. He added that his poultry farm spread over four hectares was affected by the operation, “despite the fact that we have applied for 99 years of lease”.

Sheikh said a residence order against the anti-encroachment operation had been obtained from the court for the demolished farmhouses. He gave an example, action was taken on Saturday because the court remains closed on Sunday. He said they had proper documents and other relevant documents regarding the farmhouse of his brother Azeem Adil Sheikh and his cousin Tariq Qureshi.

He appealed to the Supreme Court and Sindh High Court to set up a judicial commission for land grabbing in the province. He claims that CM and the minister LG are involved in the illegal distribution of land among their blue-eyed boys.

He also claimed that around 5,000 hectares had been encroached on in Jamshoro, Malir and Thatta, while CM was involved in a major corruption scandal of the sugar mill, Roshan Pakistan and the Omni Group.

Naqvi asks why the action was taken despite the stay order. He said that if the farmhouse was illegal, why did the government allow its construction in the first place. He also accused the anti-encroachment team of looting valuables from the farmhouse.

‘No politics’

Sindh government spokesman Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that anti-encroachment operations had been taking place throughout Karachi, including in Malir District, clarifying that they were not aimed at any politician but against the mafia involved in land grabbing.

Wahab, who is also CM’s legal advisor, spoke with the media during his visit to the Kidney Hill Park under construction. He advised the Sheikh to appreciate the ongoing efforts to free the city’s land from illegal occupation instead of getting angry.

“Has action been taken against Haleem Adil Shaikh? Instead, measures have been taken against those who rented it [of land] has been canceled, as the process to vacate government land is ongoing. “

He said the same opposition party had praised similar anti-encroachment efforts in Punjab, but that accusations had been leveled in the Sindh case.

He advised that such double standards should be avoided because it implied that the anti-encroachment movement in the Lahore case was right but that carrying out a similar campaign in Karachi was wrong. He warned that legal action would be taken against anyone who obstructed anti-encroachment efforts.

Wahab claims that the Malir property in question has not been announced by the Sheikh before the General Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP). He said he would approach the ECP if the claim that the land belonged to the PTI leadership turned out to be true.

He said that the anti-encroachment movement was not aimed at anyone. He clarified that the land had been provided for setting up a poultry farm, but their lease had been canceled in 2015.

“If action can be taken against encroachment at Kidney Hill, then why can’t the same push be done at Gadap?” he says. He also clarified that there is no political party affiliated with any group that is involved in land grabbing, because it is individuals who are wrong, not political parties.

The advisor said that legal action should be taken against all guilty people, regardless of their political affiliation.

He remembers that a year has passed since starting the revival effort for Kidney Hall Park and launching an action against encroachment on his land.

He said that in the past garbage littered the park but now 110,000 saplings are planted there to develop it. He gave an example, the construction of Kidney Hall Park will pave the way for urban forest development in the middle of the city.

The spokesman said that a similar tree planting program had been launched near the Clifton coastal strip. He informed the media that another campaign would be launched on February 15 to plant trees along the main highway.

He said that Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and all district municipal companies had helped the provincial government to improve the city environment.

‘Land for farming’

Manpower Minister Saeed Ghani said that thousands of hectares in Malir District had been provided on rent for 30 years for agricultural or poultry farming purposes, but using the land to build farmhouses, housing projects or residential units was illegal.

In a press conference, Ghani said that the Revenue Council is empowered to take action against any illegal activity carried out on the plot of land even if the lease is valid.

He said the Sheikh was obliged to explain how the construction of a farmhouse on a plot of land in Malir district was legal.

He also said that it is wrong to assume that anti-encroachment operations have been launched against only two specific farmhouses in the district. “The fact is that action is being taken against thousands of hectares of land like that in two Dehs Malir District.”

The minister said that action was being taken against such land in the district whose 30 year lease term had expired or which was used for purposes other than those predetermined.

He said the Supreme Court had issued a strict order against the land. “In fact, the chief justice of Pakistan himself has summoned deputy commissioners from all districts to issue directives.”

He also said that it was ridiculous to claim that such measures were being taken for political victimization. He claimed government records showed that the land his actions took did not belong to the Sheikh or other PTI leadership.

Ghani echoed Wahab’s opinion that political parties who had previously praised anti-encroachment efforts in Lahore had tried to turn a similar move in Karachi into controversial by calling it an act of political revenge.

He claimed that the action had been going on from July 2020 to January 2021 to clear 1,200 hectares of government land in Malir District. “So, it is unfounded to give the impression that the new push has been launched since Haleem Adil Sheikh became leader of the opposition.”

He said that the Sindh government would continue to take action against all elements involved in extorting millions of rupees from the Karachi community through the construction of housing projects or by carrying out other illegal activities on the plot of land provided at 30- year leases.

In response to a question, he said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had asked for details of the investigation carried out by the Sindh Anti-Corruption Establishment into the 400 hectares of government land allegedly occupied by the Sheikh. Ghani said he did not know whether NAB would take further action in the case.


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