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Gautam Gambhir Should Lead More Indian Teams: Irfan Pathan | Cricket News | Instant News

Former India allrounder Irfan Pathan assume Gautam GambhirHis skills as captain are underutilized and he should get more opportunities to lead on the international stage. Between 2010 and 2011, Gambhir led India in six ODI. all of which they continue to win. Also read – Sushant Singh Rajput Wants To Be Like Ms. Dhoni: Ankita Lokhande

However, during that phase, Ms. Dhoni is a leader that doesn’t need to be questioned in various formats. Also read – Petition Given at Madras HC Seeking Arrest of Indian Captain Virat Kohli To Promote Online Gambling

Pathan, despite assuming, Gambhir would be a good leader. Also read – I’m a much better athlete than Richard Hadlee, Ian Botham and Imran Khan Put together: Kapil Dev

“I really respect Sourav Ganguly, I really respect captain Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble and I think Gautam Gambhir should lead the Indian team much better than him,” Pathan said. cricket.com. “He can be a very good leader. I really admire Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, but that does not mean, I do not admire the quality of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. “

Gambhir proved his belief as a leader who led the Kolkata Knight Riders to win two IPL titles, ending his years of low achievement despite having several superstars among their ranks.

Pathan rejects the notion that he is not a fan of Captain Dhoni because he doesn’t talk much about it.

“People don’t talk much about Rahul Dravid. So, people who don’t talk much about Rahul Dravid, do they not like it? Not. Under his captain, India won 16 ODIs in a row while catching up. Sometimes it’s under the wrapper, “he said.

“As a victorious captain, as a result-oriented captain and the one who gets the results, who has a very good team, it is Mahendra Singh Dhoni,” he added.

During his international career, Pathan played under several captains but he rated Sourav Ganguly above everyone because he gave a chance to some young people and made fans fall in love again with the Indian team.

“He (Ganguly) wants to make sure he builds a team. I remember Yuvraj Singh struggling early in his career for several matches. Ganguly supports it. He knew that if I supported this person, some amazing things could happen in the future and of course they did. Not only Yuvraj, Ganguly also supports young people like Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan, “he said.

Ganguly was handed control of the Indian team after a 2000 match-fixing scandal broke out which ended the career of then captain Mohammed Azharuddin.

“He (Ganguly) built a team when the Indian team was in decline. People don’t like cricket because it is a difficult time for cricket in India. To make people like the Indian cricket team again, an award must be given to Sourav Ganguly. That’s why if we talk about the leader, he is the leader of the players. Ganguly has only one agenda. To ensure the Indian team grows. Nothing else, “Pathan argues.


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“I am a better athlete than Botham, Hadlee, Imran,” Kapil Dev-cricket said | Instant News

Captain of the 1983 India World Cup winner Kapil Dev in a recent open chat about the comparisons he faced during his career with the legendary Ian Allam, Richard Hadlee and Imran Khan. The four cricket stars are considered to be some of the best cricket players of all time, and a glance at their numbers will explain the reason.

That said, Kapil reckons that although he may not be the biggest among many, the former Indian captain believes he is a better athlete than Botham, Richard and Imran combined.

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“I would not say I am the greatest, but I am a better athlete than the three,” Kapil told former Indian cricket players and Indian women’s team head coach WV Raman on the Inside Out podcast. “The best bowling belongs to Richard Hadlee – he’s like a computer among the four of us.”

Speaking of Imran, Kapil said the Pakistan captain who won the 1992 World Cup was the most diligent player he had ever seen. “Wouldn’t say Imran Khan is the best or most natural athlete, but he is the most diligent player we have ever seen. When he started, he looked like an ordinary bowler, but then he became a very diligent bowler and he taught himself. And then he does the punch too, “Kapil added.

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Kapil further described the former British star Botham as a ‘true allrounder’. “Ian Botham is really versatile – under certain conditions, he can win the match himself. I wouldn’t say Hadlee is the best batsman, “said the former Indian captain.

“Botham can do damage to the opposition both with bats [and ball]. Imran can run through [opposition] team, but his ability as a leader is much better. To control the Pakistan team, he was challenged. “

Kapil played 356 international matches for India in which he plucked 687 goals and scored a total of 9,031 matches.


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‘Sharing the dressing room with awesome MS Dhoni’: New Zealand Spinner in time at Chennai Super Kings – cricket | Instant News

Chennai Super Kings is one of the most successful franchises in the Indian Premier League so far. With Mahendra Singh Dhoni at the helm, CSK has won three trophies in the last 12 seasons. Playing for CSK is considered a major privilege problem especially with some people who are from the world of cricket. For young cricket players, this is an opportunity to learn from some of the best cricket players such as MS Dhoni, Stephen Fleming, and Michael Hussey.

In a recent interaction, Mitchell Santner, who is part of the franchise opening his time with CSK, said that IPL is one of the best T20 tournaments in the world. “Yes, the IPL, I think, is the highlight of all T20 tournaments and I was very happy when I was picked up [in 2018], “New Zealand spinners said to ESPNCricinfo.

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“There are some world-class spinners in Chennai to talk to and play with – guys like Harbhajan [Singh], which I have watched a lot, [Ravindra] Jadeja and Imran Tahir too, “Santner added.

“When I was injured the first year [2018]I was very disappointed, but I was given the chance last time to go and experience it. This is an untrustworthy tournament and definitely the best cricket match in terms of T20 league. “It’s great to play on a different pitch to New Zealand,” he continued.

Santner added that it was a great experience for him to share a dressing room with MS Dhoni. “I have played against MS [Dhoni] a lot, so to share the dressing room with him and talk to him about how he does something is extraordinary. “Even people like Suresh Raina – you watched it from other teams you joined,” he said.

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Santner’s debut game for CSK last year was in Chepauk against Rajasthan Royals and he was beaten 26 times in 2 overs. Even though Chennai won the game, Santner admitted that it was a difficult match for him.

“Yes, it was a difficult match. We finished very late in the New Zealand summer and had to shoot more than one or two days before the first match, so we didn’t get experience [the dew] until the match, “he said.

“That is a challenge – we don’t have much in New Zealand. I felt like I was bowling almost to my toes and it still came out quite full. But after that we practiced, put water in the ball, put it in a bucket, and learned to deal with it. After that, it might not be that bad, “he added further.


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‘He issued Wagner with a partner’: How Carrom Ball R Ashwin inspired New Zealand spinner Mitchell Santner – cricket | Instant News

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the best spinners in modern times. Ashwin has the ability to constantly reinvent himself and in Test cricket, he has always been a challenge for some of the best opposition in the world. Ashwin’s carrom ball has also proven to be very useful for him over the years, and the variation of the New Zealand spinner he inspired, Mitchell Santner during a 2016 Trial match between the two countries.

When speaking with ESPNCricinfo, Santner was asked about a variation of his mystery called ‘claw’, which is a left-hand carrom spinning ball. In his reply, Santner said, “I remember we were in India for the 2016 Test series, and [R] Ashwin took some carrom balls and I think he got them [Neil] Hang out with a partner.

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“I just feel like in New Zealand, when left-handed players come in, you have to be able to make the ball move in the other direction – something different. “I thought I could get it out and it really worked well at that time,” he said.

When asked about how he can keep variations as a mystery, Santner said: “Throughout the World Cup, I have a sore middle finger. It was very swollen, so I couldn’t open it and had to put it down [the Claw] far. I will definitely bring it this year.

“It’s one where you have to keep bowling because you flicked it. For me, all winter, it’s about bowling the best way I can and trying to disguise it better. The way I bowl, my fingers are slightly attached, so that they are visible to the batsmen. So disguising it better is something I will do this winter, “he added.

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When asked about how the fingers have managed to survive in the modern game, Santner said: “A good wristspinner is very difficult to hit. I think, for me, in the changed goal, you can put it quickly in the goal and it can be difficult to hit. When flat, smooth variations of the wrist can be quite challenging for batsmen while the fingers have to use their speed a little more, fly, and fold. “

“Especially in white ball cricket, you try to use this or cross stitching – whatever you like. But still, fingerpinners and wristspinners have shown good results, and if you look at the ranking, there are a lot of spinners in the top ten, “Santner added.


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‘It doesn’t get worse than this’: Kamran Akmal recalls the match-saving advice from Inzamam in the 2006 Karachi Test against India – cricket | Instant News

The 2006 Karachi test between India and Pakistan was mostly remembered among Indian cricket fans because of Irfan Pathan’s hat-trick. The former left arm sailor became the first Indian to take a hat-trick on the first test. Irfan fired Salman Butt, Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan to put the hosts under pressure. At one stage, Pakistan staggered on 39/6 before Kamran Akmal the goalkeeper went to the middle and scored a ton to revive the innings. Akmal a ton helped Pakistan put a decent total on the board, and finally the host won the match.

Speaking in an interview with Pakistani broadcaster Sawera Pasha on her Youtube chat show Cric Cast, Akmal recalled how advice from former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq helped him in his plans to strike back at Indian bowling.

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“To be honest, I didn’t have anything in my mind when I went to the middle. I am new and I don’t have much pressure on me. Inzy bhai has a back injury and she is rested from the Test match. Irfan Pathan took a hat-trick in the first match and I sat with Inzy bhai in the dressing room. He continued to shift his position while thinking ‘what’s happening’, “Akmal recalled.

“So, Inzy bhai told me, ‘We, play the way you play against India, and the way you played during your century in Australia. Just play your natural game. Whatever happens, it can’t be worse than this. It can only be better. Just play your natural game, and don’t be stressed, “he added.

“When I reach out to the middle, I cut delivery of RP Singh to the limit through the gap point, it motivates me. When 39/6, and you do a shot like that, you automatically gain confidence. So I just built a small partnership with the oppressors.

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“Razzaq bhai score 47-48 runs (Razzaq score 45) with me. Then Shoaib bhai came, and he scored 49 times (Akhtar scored 45). This partnership helped us get past 240. It was an amazing experience, “Akmal said.

“Even today when I think about it, we are 39/6 and we won the Test. That was an amazing performance. And the way bowlers respond, Asif, Shoiab bhai, Denmark, and Razzaq – and then everyone scores runs in the second half. That is an amazing feeling. It was a chapter that I remembered all my life. It feels incredible that we won the Test series in Pakistan, “batsman added.


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