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Inspur Information Releases Global Computing Index Report 2020 | Business | Instant News

SAN JOSE, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 25 Feb 2021–

Inspur Information, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, has sponsored the International Data Corporation (IDC) white paper on the Global Computing Index 2020 (hereinafter referred to as Report ). As the world’s first index report on computing, Report reveals the relationship between computing power and economic development and serves as a reference for prospects for the global digital economy.

The global digital transformation has entered a phase marked by exponential growth in innovation, with the size of the digital economy projected to continue to increase. As one of the key factors underlying the development of digital technology, computing is now increasingly determining the productivity of the digital economy era. Based on Report, economic growth is directly correlated with computing development – one point of growth in the computation index translates to a 3.3 ‰ increase in the size of the digital economy and 1.8 ‰ GDP growth. In particular, the share of the AI ​​computing market is projected to continue on this upward trajectory. Research on the computing market in sample countries shows that the AI ​​computing market share has grown from 7% in 2015 to 12% of the total computing market in 2019 and is expected to reach 23% by 2024. With the largest number of hyper-scale data centers in the world, the United States has demonstrated strong infrastructure support for computing power growth, ranking first on the index ranking with a score of 75. In second place with a score of 66 is China, followed by Japan (55), Germany (52), and Great Britain (47).

Global Computing Index is a year-long joint effort by Inspur Information and IDC. Report, covering Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States, offers a comprehensive assessment of computing power in four dimensions: compute capacity, compute efficiency, application level and support infrastructure.

Zhang Dong, vice president of Inspur Information, noted that “the adoption of emerging technologies, especially AI, will drive computational advancement. As data volumes and algorithmic complexity continue to increase, computing will become the determining factor for the upper frontier of AI development.”

Computing Defines Productivity in the Digital Economy Era; Synchronized Development of Developing Technology Applications and Computing will Drive Economic Growth

Emerging technological and computing developments are mutually beneficial because computing power provides infrastructure support for emerging technologies, which in turn drives the evolution of computing. IoT, AI and big data are some of the main emerging technologies.

By 2020, global spending on AI by companies is estimated to be US $ 49.87 billion, and this figure is estimated to reach US $ 96.28 billion by 2023. AI development is driven by advances in computation, data and algorithms, and required computing power. to process large amounts of data using complex algorithms. Widespread adoption of IoT will drive the rapid advancement of edge computing, which has reshaped IT infrastructure and will revolutionize computing, storage and networking. Cloud computing is the most important way to increase computing efficiency. An IT infrastructure that supports cloud and edge development at the same speed will enable the application of emerging technologies, increase computing power, and ultimately reap greater economic benefits. AI, IoT, cloud computing and other new technologies will be the main drivers of IT spending in the future.

Inspur Empowers Increased Computing Power through Investments in Open Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Report builds a comparative formula between computing power and economic development and serves as a reference for countries to improve their computing power and economic competitiveness. The digital economy is an important component of GDP and computing is the foundation for the development of the digital economy.

As a leading force in new technology, Inspur is the only server vendor to have joined all the major open computing organizations, including OCP (Open Compute Project), ODCC and Open19, and is an OpenStack Gold Member. Inspur leads the OpenRMC subproject, which focuses on next-generation data center management standards, and is an active member of the OAM, Project Scorpio, and OTII specifications for setting edge computing standards.

In artificial intelligence, Inspur is the chairperson of SPEC ML, the Machine Learning Technical Committee under the international evaluation organization SPEC. While working with leading technology companies in AI systems and applications, Inspur leads SPEC ML in the development of AI Test specifications and related benchmarks. Today, Inspur has the most complete line of GPU servers in the industry with nearly 20 computing platforms that support GPU numbers ranging from 4 to 64. Inspur also provides GPU servers with the best designs such as the Inspur NF 5488A5, a record 19 times server-set in the MLPerf benchmark. Inspur currently offers full-stack AI capabilities including the AI ​​Computing Platform, AI Resource Suite, and the Algorithm Toolkit.

Please click for more insights from the report.

About Inspur Information

Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., LTD is a leading provider of data center infrastructure, cloud computing and AI solutions, ranked among the world’s top 3 server manufacturers. Through engineering and innovation, Inspur delivers cutting-edge computing hardware design and extensive product offerings to address critical technology arenas such as open computing, cloud data centers, AI and deep learning. Performance optimized and purpose built, our world-class solutions empower customers to handle specific workloads and real-world challenges. To learn more, please visit www.inspursystems.com.

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Kioxia’s latest NVMe™ SSD is now available on SupermicroPCIe®4.0 server and storage platforms | National | Instant News

Tokyo-(Business Wire)-February 24, 2021-

Is about to fully transition to PCIe®4.0, and Kioxia CorporationThe global leader in memory solutions leads the way forward.Today, the company announced its KIOXIA CM6 and CD6 series PCIe®4.0 NVM Express™ (NVMe) product lineup ) Enterprise and data center solid state drives (SSDs) have been approved for compatibility with Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Supermicro) PCIe® 4.0-based platforms, which include a wide range of enterprise-ready rack-mount systems, including Ultra, WIO, BigTwin, FatTwin, SuperBlade, 1U/2U NVMe™ all flash arrays, GPU acceleration system and SuperWorkstation.

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KIOXIA CM6, CD6 series PCIe®4.0 NVMe™ SSD (Photo: Business Wire)

Users are turning to NVMe™ SSDs to meet enterprise performance requirements, cloud-based data center architectures, and performance-centric and latency-sensitive applications. The center of this trend is the growing demand for NVMe™-based storage. PCIe®4.0 is the latest performance upgrade, while Kioxia’s CM6 and CD6 series SSDs provide these enhanced features.

Although NVMe™ SSDs are penetrating server platforms at an ever faster rate, the interoperability between the two cannot be taken for granted. Kioxia’s commitment to bringing innovation to customers includes ensuring that customers’ data storage works as expected, and Kioxia works with vendors such as Supermicro to ensure correct operation and complete functionality.

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* PCIe is a registered trademark of PCI-SIG.

* NVMe and NVM Express are registered or unregistered trademarks of NVM Express, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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*Other company names, product names and service names mentioned here may be trademarks of their respective companies.

About Keosha

Kioxia is a global leader in memory solutions, dedicated to the development, production and sales of flash memory and solid state drives (SSD). In April 2017, its predecessor, Toshiba Memory, was spun off from Toshiba, which invented NAND flash memory in 1987. Kioxia is committed to improving the world of memory by providing products, services and systems that create choices for customers and memory-based products. Value to society. Kioxia’s innovative 3D flash memory technology, BiCS FLASH™, has shaped the future of storage in high-density applications, including advanced smartphones, PCs, SSDs, automobiles, and data centers.

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Leading UK Landfill Service Operator Brings Insights on Data-Driven Gas Detection to Blackline Collective | Business | Instant News


Blackline Safety Corp. (TSX.V: BLN), a global leader in gas detection and connected safety solutions, announced today that Enovert has joined Blackline Collective. Enovert is one of the leading landfill and waste resource management companies in the United Kingdom (UK). As the first organization to officially join the Collective, Enovert shares insights on its data-based approach to safety and preventing gas exposure among its workforce.

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Enovert, based in the United Kingdom, joins the Blackline Collective to share best practices on data-driven insights and gas detection (Photo: Business Wire)

“We view data collection and analysis as a current and future industrial sector,” said Mark Silvester, CEO of Enovert. “When an organization has the ability to track and use data to improve operations, improve work practices, and mitigate risk, employees are safer and our communities are more sustainable. Joining the Blackline Collective allows us to share how we have adopted a data-centric approach to safety, which we hope will help others around the world operate more safely and responsibly. “

Managing more than 2.3 million tonnes of waste annually and producing renewable energy from biogas, Enovert employees regularly extract landfill gas for energy generation. As these gases consist primarily of methane, Enovert has invested heavily in gas detection and data analysis solutions to ensure worker safety. This strategy equips Enovert with real-time and historical data on employee presence and gas hazard levels, allowing them to adjust fluids to operations that enhance workplace safety.

In addition, Enovert’s data-centric approach to gas detection plays an important role in sustainability and helps the UK meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using data proactively to track and improve its gas capture rate, Enovert regularly exceeds compliance standards and provides accurate reporting to local environmental agencies. These practices ensure the safe and secure disposal of waste and generate essential electricity to power 75,000 homes across the UK in a responsible manner.

“Enovert’s work in mitigating the risk of gas exposure among its workforce has set the standard in modern gas detection, connectivity and workplace safety,” said Simon Rich, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia & Eastern European Zone Manager for Blackline Security. “Organizations in Great Britain, North America and other regions around the world can learn valuable insights from Mark and his team. Whether it’s practicing to monitor methane gas hazard levels in real time to protect workers, or using analytics to improve reporting to environmental agencies, this insight is the main reason we formed the Blackline Collective – to empower others with experiences and lessons they wouldn’t otherwise have. have.”

The Blackline Collective creates a community for leaders in any industry to share experiences, best practices and strategies with each other that have helped improve the safety and productivity of their respective organizations. To learn more about Enovert’s security program and its strategy to better protect its people through data analytics, visit Collective.BlacklineSafety.com.

About Blackline Safety: Blackline Safety is a global connected safety leader who helps ensure every worker gets their job done and returns home safely every day. Blackline provides wearable security technology, personal and area gas monitoring, cloud-connected software, and data analytics to meet demanding security challenges and increase the productivity of organizations in more than 100 countries. Blackline Safety wearables provide a lifeline for tens of thousands of men and women, having reported more than 140 billion data points and initiated more than five million emergency responses. Armed with cellular and satellite connectivity, we ensure that help is never too far away. For more information, visit www.BlacklineSafety.com and connect with us Facebook, Indonesia, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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VELO3D Appoints Jon Porter to Lead Expansion of European Commercial Operations | Instant News

CAMPBELL, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 16 Feb 2021–

As a metal additive manufacturing (AM) leader based in California VELO 3D continuing on its accelerated growth path, the company has announced the appointment of Jon Porter to lead its commercial operations in Europe. Based in the UK, Porter will oversee VELO 3D’s ongoing expansion efforts into this key strategic area.

This press release features multimedia. Check out the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210216005070/en/

Jon Porter, new head of European commercial operations for VELO3D (Photo: Business Wire)

Porter came to VELO 3D from Renishaw, where he worked on the AM division business development team. While there he was also directly involved with international organizations (SAE, ASTM and BSI) that are developing new standards for the industrial 3D printing sector.

Porter’s initial introduction to AM occurred in the 1990s working for renowned engineer-entrepreneur James Dyson. As the company grew from a successful startup to a leading flooring and equipment business, Porter became involved in his early investments in AM technology. “I see the potential of AM as a ‘bridge to manufacturing’ that allows for significant time compression and reduces risk of product development and tool manufacturing cycles,” he said. “Throughout my experience with several other companies as AM has grown since then, the value of 3D printing as a robust final product manufacturing process has become increasingly clear.”

VELO 3D founder and CEO Benny Buller views Porter’s appointment as an opportunity to better support existing customers across Europe while educating others about the growth potential of AM VELO 3D technology. “With Jon at the helm of our European operations base, manufacturers in the region now have the same time zone access as someone who knows AM inside and out – and who is also experienced, firsthand, how adopting this technology can make all the difference in capabilities. companies to innovate and compete, “he said.

Jon Porter holds a degree in Engineering Product Design from South Bank University in London. He is currently based in Gloucestershire, UK and available in [email protected], phone number +447436597017.

About VELO 3D

VELO 3D empowers companies to imagine more and additively produce almost anything. Bringing together comprehensive and integrated software, hardware and process control solutions, VELO 3D technology for 3D metal printing provides unmatched quality control for serial production and improved part performance. With VELO 3D Flow ™ print preparation software, Sapphire® laser powder AM system, and Assure ™ quality assurance software, manufacturers can accelerate product innovation, be more agile and responsive to market needs, and reduce costs. The first in the industry to introduce SupportFree metal 3D printing, which made geometry possible before possible, the company is based in Silicon Valley and is privately funded. For more information, please visit https://www.velo3d.com/.

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Cities in New Zealand will be under lockdown for 3 days after the virus is discovered | Instant News

New Zealand’s largest city of Auckland will be under lockdown for three days starting before midnight Sunday following the discovery of three unexplained coronavirus cases in the public.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the move after an urgent meeting with other prominent lawmakers in the Cabinet. He said they decided to take a cautious approach until they found out more about the outbreak, including whether it was from a more contagious variant.

The lockdown is New Zealand’s first in six months and represents a significant setback in the country’s largely successful efforts to contain the virus.

New Zealand has successfully eradicated community spread, and many people elsewhere in the world look enviously when New Zealanders return to work and start attending concerts and sporting events without needing to wear masks or take other precautions.

Indeed, Ardern had planned on Sunday to attend Big Gay Out, an Auckland festival that celebrates the rainbow community and attracts tens of thousands of people. He finally abandoned the plan and returned to Wellington to deal with the outbreak.

“I ask New Zealanders to continue to be strong and kind,” Ardern said at a hastily arranged press conference on Sunday evening. “I know we all feel the same way when this happens. We all feel ‘Not anymore’. But remember, we’ve been here before and that means we know how to get out of this again, and that together. “

New Zealand’s greatest vulnerability is at the border.

New cases are regularly found among returning travelers, all of whom are required to undergo a two-week quarantine. Despite precautions, there have been several times the virus has leaked out of the border before being brought under control again, and officials are trying to determine if it is happening again.

In the most recent case, an Auckland mother, father and daughter contracted the disease. Officials said her mother worked for a catering company that washed clothes for airlines, and officials were investigating whether there was a link to the infected passenger. Officials said the woman did not board the plane herself.

Officials said all of New Zealand outside of Auckland would also be placed under increased restrictions, although they would not be isolated.

“We are gathering all the facts as fast as we can, and the system that served us so well in the past is really ready to do it again,” said COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins.

He described the cases as new and active. He said scientists were doing genome sequencing to see if it was a variant, and also to see if it matched the infected passengers.

“New Zealand has been keeping COVID-19 better under control than almost any other country,” said Hipkins. “But as we keep saying, there is no such thing as no risk.”

New Zealand, with a population of 5 million, has reported a total of more than 2,300 cases and 25 deaths since the pandemic began.


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