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2 weeks after the election, the effect of the direct election on COVID-19 spread is unclear Local government | Instant News

Democratic Government spokesman Tony Evers did not respond to emails on Tuesday morning looking for comments about the Milwaukee infection.

Election effect?

Public health agencies find potential links between cases of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, tuberculosis or foodborne diseases such as salmonella or norovirus, by interviewing people who have become ill or positive test results, and asking where they have been and who they have been in contact with. Through contact tracing, they talk to contacts and see if they experience symptoms.

If a location or event, such as a restaurant, party or mass meeting such as an election arises, the disease investigator studies the possibility, assesses other factors and determines whether there is a link.

“Hollywood often describes the process of investigating this contact as complicated – think of a bulletin board with hundreds of strings originating from patient centers,” Madison and Dane County Public Health words in a blog post at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wisconsin. “Even though following up on contact is time intensive, it’s rather easy for us. Remember we do this every day for certain infectious diseases! “

Palm said health departments across the state viewed the election as a possible link between new cases because they would have other potential factors. The state has trained around 150 state employees who normally do other jobs to become contact tracers and plans to employ 1,000 other contact tracers throughout the state as part of the Badger Bounce Back Evers plan to reopen the economy.


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The Alton Spouse Shares a Look in Service and Business in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | Instant News

Alton Spouse Shares Look in Services and Businesses in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | RiverBender.com


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16 This Country Has No Corona Case (COVID-19), Here’s The Explanation | Instant News

OTOSIA.COM – Corona virus (COVID-19) was first discovered in Wuhan China. It did not take long for this virus to spread in mainland China, even the surrounding countries.

Reported by Liputan6.com, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 1.9 million people infected with the virus. Meanwhile, the number of deaths globally worldwide has now reached 125,000.

Although there are 470,000 people in the world recovering from COVID-19, the number of cases is still quite large and continues to grow every day.

In only about 4 months, Aljazeera reported that at least 185 countries were infected with the Corona virus. However, among the countries in the world, it turns out there are 16 countries, which until now there has been no reported Corona cases.

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16 Countries Without Corona Cases

Aljazeera reported that there were 16 countries where no Corona virus cases have been reported to date. These countries are:

– Comoros
– Kiribati
– Lesotho
– Marshall Islands
– Micronesia
– Nauru
– North Korea
– Palau
– Samoa
– Sao Tome and Principe
– Solomon Islands
– Tajikistan
– Tonga
– Turkmenistan
– Tuvalu
– Vanuatu

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Reasons There Are No Cases yet

However, the Diplomat reported the absence of Corona cases in several countries such as Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, Kiribati, Micronesia, Tonga, the Marshall Islands Palau, Tuvalu, and Nauru that does not mean there are absolutely no cases at all.

The reason is, in the Diplomat’s special report, there is a possibility that governments in these countries deny the Corona case.

“In other Diplomat reports, it is easier to believe that governments are denying cases (the Corona virus) and taking several steps to prevent the spread of the Corona virus,” the Diplomat wrote on Friday (3/4/20).

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North Korea Isolation

Meanwhile, North Korea has indeed isolated itself and taken precautionary measures earlier. In fact, the Diplomat wrote, there were a number of other precautions taken by North Korea, including closing the border with China in January 2020 and refusing foreigners.

It’s just zero cases there are still being doubted. North Korean observers doubt that the country has not had a single case to date.

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Tajikistan and Turkmenistan

Meanwhile, observers and the Diplomat also doubt the number of zero cases in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Equivalent to North Korea, Turkmenistan has carried out isolation ahead of other countries.

In addition, the location is also not so close to China. In addition, the number of travelers entering the country is also not much. So it makes sense if the virus did not enter this country.

However, the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, according to the Diplomat has a poor health system. Thus, this city is considered to have less capacity to conduct Corona virus testing.

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Tinkering with the Travel Border System

Meanwhile, Tajikistan has indeed been tinkering with various external-oriented travel restriction systems. That is, they have anticipated to minimize the number of travelers or foreigners who enter the country. Unfortunately, the President of Tajikistan, Rahmon, often appears at large gatherings where there are so many traditional dances and small children attending the event.

But since last March the country has announced the blocking of foreigners from 35 countries confirmed COVID-19.

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